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Ocean-wave power station technology

Title of ProfilOcean-wave power station technology  


11 LV 58AD 3KLK
Country of originLatvia
Entry/Update2011-03-11 / 2011-03-11
StatusThis profile is expired! For further details, please contact your local EEN office. (2012-02-25) 


A private inventor from Latvia has worked out a technology for a highly efficient ocean-wave power station. Sensitive and moving receivers transform the wave energy into electrical power. The inventor is looking for partnership and financial resources.


The main advantage of the wave power station is that receivers of the energy change orientation according to the wave direction. The active elements are pipes with special valves. The energy is transferred to hydraulic mechanism before transforming to electrical power. The calculated efficiency coefficient is ~30%. The power station is constructed as a float, taking into account the depth of the sea, wave parameters and other factors of local situation. The additional advantage of the technology is a possibility to use the power station as a docking place for sea transport. The inventor offers “know-how” of the technology and is looking for financial resources and partnership.

Innovative Aspects:
- The sensitive wave receivers guarantee a high efficiency.
- The wave receivers are able to change orientation according to the wave and wind direction.
- Simple maintenance of the power station.

Technology sector

- Energy production, transmission and conversion
- Hydropower

Market application

- Alternative Energy

Stage of development

Development phase - Laboratory tested  

Patent Rights (IPR)

Secret know-how  

Cooperation type

- Financial Resources

Type of partner sought: financial sector

Specific area of activity of the partner: investor working in the field of renewable energy

Task to be performed by the partner sought: investment

Organisation type

Industry      Org. Size: < 10  

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