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Title of ProfilCountryType Date
German company looking for partners for testing technology for searching of local parking spaceGermany OFFER 2016-02-02
Technology for efficient management and monitoring of smart grid solutionsGermany OFFER 2016-02-02
New methods to reduce water consumption and reuse water for food industryDenmark REQUEST 2016-01-25
CULT-COOP-08-2016: Looking for partners for the creation of a virtual museum for pathology specimens Greece RESEARCH 2016-01-22
URGENT EUREKA France – Spain Joint R&D Projects: Technology for data protection from internal threatsSpain RESEARCH 2016-01-21
H2020 call:FTIPilot-01-2016 - Partners sought to develop a solution for biometric work time trackingLatvia RESEARCH 2016-01-29
Radio transmission technique with two free space modesGermany OFFER 2016-02-03
A Japanese electronics manufacturer is seeking a technology for the miniaturisation of power supply systemsJapan REQUEST 2016-02-03
Adaptive controller algorithms to reduce non-productive time and operational costs of complex industrial processes.Latvia OFFER 2016-01-22
Incubator is looking for innovative software testing solutionsAustria REQUEST 2016-01-26
Interactive soft device pillow-shaped for supporting the therapy of children with autistic disordersItaly OFFER 2016-02-01
Multifunctional, fast Next Generation Sequencing data analysis platform to facilitate research, clinical and pharmaceutical applicationsSwitzerland OFFER 2016-01-15
Algorithms to generate optimum solutions in complex and uncertain situationsSpain OFFER 2016-01-26
Set of tools, apps and activities for oral language learningSpain OFFER 2016-01-27
Machine vision system for counting people in enclosures with access control.Spain OFFER 2016-01-26
Picking automation solution in the area of supply chain automation (pharmaceutical and cosmetics)Greece OFFER 2016-02-02
Medium/large companies or research centres needed to develop a design and production platform for nano-micro satellites for a proposal under the H2020 call NMBP-22-2017Italy RESEARCH 2016-01-28
Authoring toolkit for digitization of textbooks and a Learning Management Platform for a comprehensive administration of educational communitiesSpain OFFER 2016-01-26
Development of high level control system for Industry 4.0Netherlands REQUEST 2016-01-27
Smart parking solution based on image analysis and computer vision.Switzerland OFFER 2016-02-08
H2020-FTI: Industrial partners sought for the development of a minigym complexIsrael RESEARCH 2016-01-21
Industrial partners sought for data-driven, manufacturing process optimisation, research project.United Kingdom RESEARCH 2016-01-18
Process for the recycling of permanent magnetsGermany OFFER 2016-01-20
System to collect, connect and analyse mass data in industrial environments to improve processes in production, energy and qualityGermany OFFER 2016-01-19
Wide area monitoring based on sensor netsSpain OFFER 2016-01-29
A Finnish IT company is looking for licensees for white label website production platform for large volumes of websitesFinland OFFER 2016-01-20
Big Data Management for marketing and sales improvementFrance OFFER 2016-01-19
Resource and project planning tool in SaaS modeFrance OFFER 2016-01-21
Digital transition assistance to take the digital shift with confidenceFrance OFFER 2016-01-21
Innovative system for automatically handling larvae grafting operations in beekeepingItaly OFFER 2016-01-18
Development of highly integrative database and software systems for individual control and evaluationGermany OFFER 2016-01-18
A Chinese company is looking for environmental monitoring instrument for "ultra low emission" and "trace"China REQUEST 2016-01-21
A new 2D/3D Advanced Image Analysis Processing technology for Medical and Industrial environment.Spain OFFER 2016-01-25
Spanish start-up looking for a manufacturer of a hands motion detector device Spain REQUEST 2016-01-06
Web tool for the monitoring of a website, online store or portal, to detect any incident and alert the ownerSpain OFFER 2016-01-14
A Greek SME provides new integrated solution to transport telematics and fleet management Greece OFFER 2016-01-21
Mechanical flag and banner unfurling technologyLatvia REQUEST 2015-12-21
Simple, economic, long range wireless, accurate, real time, secure and remote reporting on all machine processes and asset movementsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2016-01-27
New transmission technology to aid unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to transmit high definition video, audio and data over a wireless networkUnited Kingdom OFFER 2016-02-08
A German SME developed a chart- and trading platform for foreign exchange markets and futures options and is seeking partners for commercial and technical agreementsGermany OFFER 2016-01-11
Device for rapid measurement of spectral responseSpain OFFER 2016-01-14
Automated energy and heat metering, cloud data management and billing for multiple occupancy dwellingsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-12-29
Graphical model-driven software engineering suite for embedded software development in the field of technical automationNetherlands OFFER 2016-01-07
An innovative fire management information systemGreece OFFER 2016-01-15
Expertise of web browser programming company requestedGermany REQUEST 2015-12-18
A smart home automation solution for monitoring and control of electrical systems and devices.Macedonia OFFER 2016-01-08
Actively controlled sliding bearings with high performance, precision and high rotational speedCzech Republic OFFER 2016-01-14
A fully automated contact printer for nanopatterning based on soft lithographyFrance OFFER 2016-01-13
Virtual training simulators for manual skills learningFrance OFFER 2016-01-14
H2020: SMEInst Phase1 - R&D partners thought for research activities in brain cancer tumor biology and provision of anonymized patient data about multifocal glioblastomasRomania RESEARCH 2015-12-15
A fully automated and adaptable cloud-based solution for ambient monitoringMacedonia OFFER 2016-01-22
Innovative central tire inflation system Bulgaria OFFER 2016-02-03
Open Source Satellite Network Simulator Finland OFFER 2016-01-13
Method for the determination of frauds produced by a magnetic fieldItaly OFFER 2016-01-12
Plug and play universal relay switch for home automationItaly OFFER 2016-01-14
Innovative Trainer Biofeedback Device for Prevention and Treatment of Spinal DeformityBulgaria OFFER 2016-01-29
Innovative banking kiosk Serbia OFFER 2016-01-12
Innovative LED floodlights and LED panel lightsSerbia OFFER 2016-01-12
Suite of mobile app solutions for mobile workforce tracking and fleet management.United Kingdom OFFER 2016-01-12
Acoustic echo cancellation softwareSweden OFFER 2015-12-18
Dynamic analysis tool to detect bugs in sophisticated software stacks to prevent critical software errorsNetherlands OFFER 2015-12-23
Hybrid or battery driven drivetrain technology sought for innovative custom executive sports utility vehicleUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-12-29
The development and production of advanced wireless track & trace and telemetry applicationsNetherlands OFFER 2016-01-06
Romanian company is looking for an innovative renewable powered heating system to enable wind masts to perform properly in icy winter conditionsRomania REQUEST 2016-01-12
An innovative application for Android device to monitor the security of alone workersItaly OFFER 2016-02-08
Mobile system and mapping method for accurate mapping of objects or their components placed at a long distance from roads Romania OFFER 2016-01-07
Smartphone app predicts harmful algal blooms in in-land watersGermany OFFER 2016-01-13
A Spanish software engineering company offers operator training simulation, R&D services and innovative solutions in the simulation industry for power industry and transportation.Spain OFFER 2016-01-25
New camera technologies developed to aid unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) used for surveillance available through commercial agreements with technical assistanceUnited Kingdom OFFER 2016-02-08
Electronically controlled actuators for future-proof applications – German company seeks partners in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and BelarusGermany OFFER 2015-12-09
Wearable system for remote collection and self-management of health data for healthy or ill individualsCzech Republic OFFER 2015-12-14
Innovative software for agricultural enterprisesSerbia OFFER 2015-12-21
A Korean SME offers internet of things platform technology related on connectivity and managementSouth Korea OFFER 2015-12-24
Compact and mobile sensor system for sensitive on-site detection of individual substances in liquid samples Netherlands OFFER 2016-01-04
A Dutch company offers Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy and Training to agencies abroadNetherlands OFFER 2016-01-13
Eurostars project: Ophthalmologic biomedical device that maintains a constant micro-climate with high relative humiditySwitzerland RESEARCH 2015-12-08
Bracelet with tracking deviceLatvia REQUEST 2015-12-08
Transport and distribution of radioactive nuclides in human body - modeling and simulation.Lithuania OFFER 2015-12-09
Urgent H2020 PS. Partners required for demonstration activities in residential buildings or houses in the context of a project proposal for the H2020 Energy Efficiency call (topic EE-07-2016-2017)Spain RESEARCH 2015-12-14
Biosensor device for simultaneous detection of several biological samples in solutionSpain OFFER 2016-01-04
Barrier management and access control to maritime areas innovative technologySpain OFFER 2015-12-24
Highly-sensitive hydrogen gas sensor working at room temperatureSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-12-09
Integrating route planning web cloud serviceGermany OFFER 2015-12-09
Slovak company active in a field of manufacturing of office machinery and equipment is offering all-in-one resistant personal computerSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-12-22
Novel systems and methods for the improvement of turbo codesSpain OFFER 2015-12-22
Efficient arithmetic units for application specific circuits and processorsSpain OFFER 2015-12-22
Printed Circuit Board manufacture and assemblySpain REQUEST 2016-01-06
URGENT-H2020 PS. CuBBee-Customized Building Automation Platform for Driving End-Users Behaviour towards Energy Efficiency (Call: H2020-EE-2016-2017, Topic: EE-07-2016-2017)Spain RESEARCH 2015-12-07
Advanced simulation services for packaging developmentFrance OFFER 2015-12-09
Independent smart machine-vision based cargo counting moduleEstonia OFFER 2015-12-16
Multidirectional collector for carried particles by windSpain OFFER 2016-01-06
3-D platform for enhanced learning.Sweden OFFER 2016-01-11
Method and device for impedance analyzer with binary excitationEstonia OFFER 2016-01-13
Method and device for acquiring stream of the precisely time-stamped imagesEstonia OFFER 2016-01-18
Simple and efficient digital tools development for specific working experience, dedicated to SMEs (Benelux and UK partners)France OFFER 2016-01-13
Multimedia image processing technologyItaly OFFER 2016-01-21
Novel biodegradable TV remote controllerSpain OFFER 2015-12-01
Innovative project management and risk analysis with IT servicesHungary OFFER 2015-12-14
Hybrid energy storage solution with high power and high energy densities.Spain OFFER 2015-11-29
Cartographic data, flow data for traffic flow, GIS solutions and services Slovenia OFFER 2016-01-18
Innovative technology solution for the management of weather stationsSpain OFFER 2016-01-05
Medical on-line software for both scheduling appointments and managing delaysFrance OFFER 2015-11-28
Software tool for the translation of sign language to voice or text and vice versa in real timeSpain OFFER 2015-12-01
Pocket-size device for precise, real-time monitoring and wireless transmission of biologic and technical signals of humans Czech Republic OFFER 2015-11-27
Web tool for the analysis in real time of the competitors online advertising strategySpain OFFER 2015-12-04
Social geo-tracking through SIM card, works without GPS, data-plan or Wi-FiGreece OFFER 2015-12-14
Innovative cloud platform for the implementation and management of business processes that focus on peopleItaly OFFER 2015-12-14
Bespoke electronic capacitor design and manufacturing technology offered for automotive, transport, aerospace and military applications.United Kingdom OFFER 2015-11-27
Metallised dielectric film technology sought for high performance capacitor development.United Kingdom REQUEST 2015-11-28
Technology offer for systolic array architecture for fast internet protocol lookupTurkey OFFER 2015-12-08
Cost-effective and sustainable cloud compute platform Netherlands OFFER 2015-12-11
Touch Screen Interface for Visually Impaired PeopleTurkey OFFER 2015-12-08
Seeking partners to develop an embedded monitoring solution for hospitalized patients (H2020 call: IoT-01-2016)Italy RESEARCH 2016-01-13
H2020: searching for drivers- and safety-related associations/stakeholders Spain RESEARCH 2015-11-23
Cooperation sought for drum roll embedded sensor development France REQUEST 2015-12-04
Innovative traceability system applicable to agro-food enterprisesItaly OFFER 2015-12-09
Humidification and control systems solutions and knowledge in the HVAC/R sectorItaly OFFER 2015-12-07
Control module for multiple mixed-signal resources management offered for licensing, joint venture agreements or further research and development under H2020 projects.Portugal OFFER 2015-12-07
Diagnosis of the Building Pathologies by qualified and quantified images.Spain OFFER 2015-12-14
Use of artificial intelligence to shorten the time in the wind turbine design process. Spain OFFER 2015-11-24
A mobile advertising white label for WiFi network ownersUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-11-27
A Korean SME has developed a technology of location control solution.South Korea OFFER 2015-12-07
Location system and navigation assistance for blind people using artificial vision.Spain OFFER 2015-11-28
Application for Cancer Genetic CounselingSpain OFFER 2015-12-07
Online medical diagnostic tool using automated video responses to all pertinent questions on a specialist medical topicUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-11-26
Technology that identifies baby’s reason for crying.Spain OFFER 2015-11-27
Technology for identification of the mood of the persons in 3 seconds.Spain OFFER 2015-11-28
Recycle & Waste Management SoftwareTurkey OFFER 2015-12-07
FTIPilot-1-2015: Italian SME looking for end users in the medical sector for new sterilization process based on Radio Frequency (RF) technologyItaly RESEARCH 2015-11-13
Innovative shape sensing technologyGermany OFFER 2015-11-18
H2020-EUK-02-2016 Korean partners sought with expertise in Internet of Things (IoT) security and communicationsSpain RESEARCH 2016-01-08
A prototype door lock controlled via a mobile phonePoland OFFER 2015-11-25
Advanced nutritional inference engine for making personalized dietsSpain OFFER 2015-12-01
Outdoor lighting solution as Smart City enablerGreece OFFER 2015-11-23
Improved cooling components for high-durability, industrial use LEDsAustria REQUEST 2016-01-20
UK company providing research and design services to help create user-centred interactive products and services is looking for technology partners, content partners and beta testers United Kingdom REQUEST 2015-11-17
Wi-Fi HD camera access pointSpain OFFER 2015-11-10
An accurate and affordable device for real-time monitoring of wine’s temperatureSpain OFFER 2015-11-17
Preparation of liquid crystal polymers (elastomers) for use in small electronic devicesSlovenia OFFER 2015-11-19
French SME offers a self-powered technology to detect frost on roads.France OFFER 2015-11-10
LED illuminating equipment for visualization, video recording and obtaining sharp image details of motion of fast moving objects under optical microscopesCzech Republic OFFER 2015-11-16
Thermo-sensitive chain traceability technology offered under license agreementFrance OFFER 2015-11-16
Multisensor fusion system for actionable intelligenceIsrael OFFER 2015-11-18
Smart bin providing information on its filling rate to optimise waste collection time and cost. France OFFER 2015-11-17
Immersive 3D audio technology for interactive applications and virtual realityGermany OFFER 2015-11-02
Resistant industrial tablet - mobile touchscreen computer for hard conditionsSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-11-20
H2020: Entities in charge of a self-management chronic disease program are sought for the development and implementation of an online training tool addressed to citizens with chronic diseases and/or their caregivers to empower individualsSpain RESEARCH 2015-12-17
New X-ray imaging technology to find stow-away pests in cargoHungary OFFER 2015-11-09
Detection of phoning while driving Slovenia OFFER 2015-11-19
Train positioning system for passenger and freight rail operators.United Kingdom OFFER 2015-10-30
Looking for alternatives to lead (Pb) for piezo component solderingFrance REQUEST 2015-10-28
H2020 NMBP-02-2016: Industrial partners in electronic component design and power electronics manufacturing are sought to establish a consortium.Turkey RESEARCH 2015-11-06
Portable laser device for rapid characterization and analysis of chemical elements in solid materialsGreece OFFER 2015-11-23
Smart home and energy efficiency Internet of Things platformGreece OFFER 2015-11-23
Unique connectivity platform for Internet of ThingsGreece OFFER 2015-11-23
H2020-MSCA-ITN-2016 – Industry partners sought with expertise in space technology and/or big data United Kingdom RESEARCH 2015-10-27
H2020-FTIPilot-2015-1:- Expertise in producing, processing and storing dried fruit and researchers of post-harvest ecosystems are neededGreece RESEARCH 2015-10-28
Seeking partners for the development of building information modelling-based fire safety management software moduleSingapore REQUEST 2015-10-25
Wristband pulsometerPoland OFFER 2015-10-28
Method for enhancing nitrogen removal efficiency in aerobic granular sequencing batch reactors in sewage treatment plants.Spain OFFER 2015-10-22
Open source web application for Internet of Things platformsItaly OFFER 2015-10-27
Converter for registration of signals from percussion instrumentsPoland OFFER 2016-01-29
Novel digital infrared thermometer using a smartphone via jack plugSpain OFFER 2015-11-17
Magnetic device for measuring distance and displacement from ferromagnetic ground Poland OFFER 2015-10-27
Decision-support system for monitoring critical infrastructure utilizing a team of unmanned aerial vehiclesCzech Republic OFFER 2015-10-19
New digital product development environment for the creative industries.Ireland OFFER 2015-10-21
High-tech soldering technologies and materials for (micro)electronics. Netherlands OFFER 2015-11-13
Turkish SME offers PVC Window / Door Production Automatization softwareTurkey OFFER 2015-11-05
Complete smart bus stop stand solutionSpain OFFER 2015-10-19
New technologies for exploitation of drones in modern cities for surveillance purposesPoland REQUEST 2015-10-16
Mobile health: Home care telemonitoring system for the elder and chronic patientsSpain OFFER 2015-11-17
True color X-ray imaging by dual-energy photon counting using standard contact image sensorsBelgium OFFER 2015-12-10
Innovative software for sustainable urban retrofitting assessmentsGreece OFFER 2015-11-05
Spanish company looking for a smartwatch manufacturer with specific features Spain REQUEST 2015-10-15
Digital restaurant menus that stimulate upselling through recommendations and reduce food waste via dynamic pricing. Switzerland OFFER 2015-10-28
Modern WiMAX antennasPoland OFFER 2015-11-18
Cloud based route management for SME´s business fleetSpain OFFER 2015-10-15
Innovative solutions for Smart CitiesPoland OFFER 2015-10-19
Digital marketing company looking for text analytics partnerBelgium REQUEST 2015-11-05
Smart sound-aware assistantSingapore OFFER 2015-10-12
Seeking image processing technology for targeting systemUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-12-09
Seeking advanced gyroscopic systemsUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-11-28
New X-ray imaging technology to assay sedimentation, foaming and corrosion in oil pipes of refineriesHungary OFFER 2015-10-20
Interreg Danube Transnational Programme: DANSCAN – Scanning the Danube river quality – partners for data collection, on-line real time accessibility and chemical monitoring neededSlovenia RESEARCH 2015-10-15
Customer traffic counting system for optimizing sales and marketing productivityTurkey OFFER 2015-10-12
Seeking unobtrusive vital signs monitoring technologySingapore REQUEST 2015-10-12
ICT-platform for large-scale mobility analysis and awareness raising for electric mobility potentialsGermany OFFER 2015-10-07
Control system allowing drones autonomous flightSpain OFFER 2015-10-09
Smart vehicle management solution based on Geographic Information SystemSouth Korea OFFER 2015-10-19
H2020 – 'LEOPARD' LEarning OPtical Accuracy Reconnaissance Device – manufacturer of machine tools and related optical systems soughtGermany RESEARCH 2015-11-13
New X-ray imaging technology to lower X-ray dose in angiography and fluoroscopy applicationsHungary OFFER 2015-10-08
Technical partners required to further develop an innovative water leak detectorUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-10-29
Heat treatment technologies applied to Low-Temperature Polycrystaline Silicon(LTPS) and Oxide Thin Film Transistor (TFT)South Korea OFFER 2015-10-05
License agreement for time-table communication software offered– generate, visualize and communicate the steering processes of multiple automotive supply chainsGermany OFFER 2015-10-05
Complex and customizable product configuration software technology for manufacturing companies running over semantic architectureSpain OFFER 2015-10-05
Combustion enhancement and emissions reduction device for internal combustion enginesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-10-05
Smart advertising: audio-visual tool that provides the best time and place to insert publicity in entertainment videosSpain OFFER 2015-09-29
Open-Web Foreign Exchange Solutions Belgium OFFER 2015-10-15
Offer of monitoring system to vessels operational parameters Greece OFFER 2015-11-26
Eurostars Project: Development of a thermal fogging disinfection system against Aspergillus for ventilation ductsSpain RESEARCH 2015-09-24
Dutch company looking for real estate companies for testing intelligent parking platform that allows inner-city drivers to access underused private parking places and garagesNetherlands OFFER 2015-09-28
Automatic fare collection system for smart ticketing South Korea OFFER 2015-10-19
Smart LED lighting control node with wireless communicationSouth Korea OFFER 2015-09-30
IoT(Internet of Things) cloud platform that enables to secure and manage customers' asset efficientlySouth Korea OFFER 2015-10-05
More precise real time location system based on UWB (ultra wideband)South Korea OFFER 2015-10-12
3D based integrated security solution for the soft city cultureSouth Korea OFFER 2015-10-06
Life-saving smart evacuation systemSouth Korea OFFER 2015-10-15
Licensing agreement for real time differentiation: successful integration of a multipurpose, economic and light sensorFrance OFFER 2015-10-05
Healthcare SME required from the Netherlands with airline industry expertise and contacts to develop an inflight medical emergency healthcare solution.United Kingdom REQUEST 2015-09-25
Rework chemicals for display panelsSouth Korea OFFER 2015-10-06
H2020 Partner sought; Logistics operator using trucksIceland RESEARCH 2015-09-22
Quantum random number generator based on silicon nanocrystals LEDItaly OFFER 2015-10-01
An intelligent device for power management that is able to cooperate with bi-directional DC / AC converter.Poland REQUEST 2015-12-31
Inertial measurement unit for motion tracking and characterization.Sweden OFFER 2015-10-05
Technology for manufacturing a bi-directional DC / DC converter with implemented to track maximum operating point of photovoltaic module soughtPoland REQUEST 2015-12-02
Advanced technology for image processing in automotive, machine vision, broadcast, agriculture and health careNetherlands OFFER 2015-09-23
Smart toy technologies with mixed reality environment for pre-school childrenTurkey OFFER 2015-09-29
Advanced software for distributed control systems for industrial automation significantly reducing engineering efforts and therefore costs Austria OFFER 2015-09-23
An insulated DC / DC converter used for charging and discharging of batteries.Poland REQUEST 2015-12-08
Plug&play sensing and control platform for smart homesSpain OFFER 2015-09-21
Urgent - ecommerce solutions and new delivery business models to increase the online sales of diapers in Central Europe.Belgium REQUEST 2015-09-18
A cross-media technology platform for the production of converging media works and post-production activitiesBelgium OFFER 2015-09-24
Innovative characterization and modeling of silicon based semiconductor materials and devicesBelgium OFFER 2015-10-01
A complex web environment for rapid creation and easy maintenance of customer database application solutions for intranetSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-09-18
Conductive inks suitable for printed electronics applications for paper, polymer and textile substrates. United Kingdom OFFER 2015-09-14
A technology for manufacturing a DC / AC ConverterPoland REQUEST 2015-11-19
Input bandwidth adjustment system for time-interleaved analog-to-digital convertersSpain OFFER 2015-09-16
Probabilistic digital system for the efficient exploration of huge datasetsSpain OFFER 2015-09-16
An innovative software for enterprise social networking Macedonia OFFER 2015-09-16
Software Tool for Demand Planning and Inventory OptimisationGermany OFFER 2015-10-05
Knowledge based farm management softwareCroatia OFFER 2015-10-27
Advanced screening and surveillance software for the diabetic eye screening programmes. United Kingdom OFFER 2015-09-21
Methodology for the synthesis of novel nanomaterials Greece OFFER 2015-09-14
Ultra high resolution weather forecasts for webpages and applicationsAustria OFFER 2015-09-15
Provision of personalized product recommendations using Big Data and machine intelligenceBelgium REQUEST 2015-09-11
Croatian electronics company offering robotics teaching aid is looking for partnersCroatia OFFER 2015-12-09
New approaches/methodologies and technologies for beauty care sampling.Belgium REQUEST 2015-09-09
License agreement for quick authentication of liquids and gasesFrance OFFER 2015-10-21
Fast download technology for video gamesGermany OFFER 2015-09-14
EUREKA: R&D partner sought on eco-friendly composites utilizing cellulose based nano fibre South Korea RESEARCH 2015-11-25
System for submersible pump managementPoland OFFER 2015-09-14
Method and mobile equipment for measuring road layers' thickness Romania OFFER 2015-10-07
Contactless displacement and velocity measurement system Spain OFFER 2015-09-15
Structure for a microphone array with variable configuration to pick up stereophonic sound from 360ºSpain OFFER 2015-09-14
Multmedia-supported virtual learning and event management application for adult learning Hungary OFFER 2015-09-14
Trend matrix: ICT expertise tool for design trends analysisSpain OFFER 2015-09-15
Autonomic and adaptive embedded sensor and control systems for E-health, energy management and assistive livingUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-10-05
Improved computational fluid dynamics tools for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning applicationsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-10-05
Thermal management expertise and technologies for semiconductor devices soughtUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-09-03
Prototyping expertise sought for hardware-solution to prevent Row Hammer Errors in DRAMUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-09-07
Centralized backup and data repository solution for pharmaceutical and other industry.Croatia OFFER 2015-10-26
Flexible X-ray fluorescenceBelgium OFFER 2015-09-18
Digital services distribution system (E-goods) Croatia OFFER 2015-10-06
Eurostars2 - R&D partner sought on piezoelectric MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) microphone (Mic)South Korea RESEARCH 2015-11-25
Electrochemical and microfluidic tools and approaches for neuro-engineering.United Kingdom OFFER 2015-09-01
Innovative data protection software for companies and public authoritiesGermany OFFER 2016-01-15
Mobile software for fleet management, vehicle tracking, route optimization and resource allocationGreece OFFER 2015-09-02
H2020 NMP-25-2015-1: SME sought for a flexible and re-programmable automated manufacturing cell for arc welding processes suitable for manufacturing products in large and small lot sizesEstonia RESEARCH 2015-08-27
Seeking rich object search technologies to locate object of interests in imagesSingapore REQUEST 2015-08-26
Inertial sensors based health monitoring systemIndia REQUEST 2015-11-05
Technology Development for future internet technology: Internet of Things (IoT) Sensor, Machine to machine (M2M) for Smart city India REQUEST 2015-11-05
Smart device for food management and intelligent shopping.Czech Republic OFFER 2015-08-31
Expertise in Internet of Things (IoT), cloud technologies, operational intelligence & predictive analyticsIndia OFFER 2015-09-02
Environmental consultancy looking for technologies in renewable energy and smart citiesUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-11-06
Measuring device to measure water content of meat Czech Republic OFFER 2015-08-28
New kinetin derivative with significant biological properties on plant and human cellsCzech Republic OFFER 2015-10-01
Glycosyl derivatives for plant micropropagation and biotechnologyCzech Republic OFFER 2015-10-07
Coastal and shallow-water monitoring through innovative low-cost technologies offered by a Greek SME-instrument-funded company to public authorities and investors for applications in the MediterraneanGreece OFFER 2015-08-28
A UK ultrasound simulator company seeks collaboration with partners to create 3D and 4D imaging to improve its existing and future medical simulations.United Kingdom REQUEST 2015-08-20
UK company seeking six degrees of freedom (6 DoF) motion tracking technology plus technical assistanceUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-09-11
Autonomous and underwater electronic wall to protect swimmers and surfers at the beach from sharks in coastal areasFrance OFFER 2015-10-06
Hyperspectral imaging device providing simultaneously high spectral and high spatial resolutionBelgium OFFER 2015-09-07
Multicore hard real-time operating systems (RTOS) for safety critical applications combining reliability and efficiency. Belgium OFFER 2015-08-25
Versatile and adaptable multi sectional modular lighting deviceGreece OFFER 2015-09-11
German IT company with advanced technology for high efficient hybrid search on distributed data sources is looking for technical expert partners for joint project development and application detectionGermany OFFER 2015-09-14
High resolution mapping of surface shape, optical power, deformation and roughness with an improved schlieren method Belgium OFFER 2015-09-03
Management system for controlling electrical power of home appliancesSouth Korea REQUEST 2016-01-05
Barcelona homologated drone centre test siteSpain OFFER 2015-12-09
Machine learning framework for high added value and smart web and mobile applications. France OFFER 2015-08-18
Enterprise information management software company seeks partners for commercial, services or licensing agreementsCanada OFFER 2015-08-05
Customized computer-assisted microscopy systems and image analysis solutions and services for digital pathology, laboratory diagnostics and biomedicineGermany OFFER 2015-10-12
IT security and eLearning software based on a human firewallAustria OFFER 2015-08-12
Multi-platform software for information security managementSpain OFFER 2015-09-25
Electronic wheel truing assistant for spoke wheels (bicycles, motorbikes, etc.)Spain OFFER 2015-11-05
Secure, anonymous and transferable electronic ticketSpain OFFER 2015-09-03
Deep analysis of big data used for modelling, simulation and prediction. Semantic analysis of textual data from various sources and languages. Belgium OFFER 2015-08-11
UK company offers licence agreement for unique real time localised performance measurement software for packet data networksUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-08-12
Aerial for a system locating atmospheric dischargesPoland OFFER 2015-08-14
Stereoscopic system for virtual visionSpain OFFER 2015-12-11
New parking control systemSpain OFFER 2015-12-14
Interactive visual and sound informative device.Spain OFFER 2015-12-14
Controller and manager systems for moorings on sailing harboursSpain OFFER 2015-12-16
Family products of 868 or 915 MHz, wide or narrow bands of 25 mW radio front-end specially suited for OEM integrators whose wireless designs have specific size requirementsSpain OFFER 2015-12-16
3D Virtual interactive tours system for cultural heritage or other related buildings, with a high level of customization.Spain OFFER 2016-01-13
High capacity tactical unmanned aircraftSpain OFFER 2015-08-08
Estonian SME with an innovative solution to manufacture personalized supportive shoe inserts for high-heeled footwear is looking for SME partners for H2020 SME Instrument Phase II proposalEstonia RESEARCH 2015-08-13
Digital eLearning and content distribution platformCroatia OFFER 2015-08-25
Ultra-fast Earth observation telemetry analyserCroatia OFFER 2015-08-26
Satellite ground station monitor and controlCroatia OFFER 2015-08-27
Mobile application for satellite terminal commissioningCroatia OFFER 2015-08-26
Customizable platform for mesh generation and user interface development in the field of computational fluid dynamicsCroatia OFFER 2015-09-01
Bioplastics for flexible applicationsGermany OFFER 2015-07-31
Secure and transferable e-ticketsSpain OFFER 2015-09-15
Correction filter to reduce the fattening effect on stereoscopic imagesSpain OFFER 2015-09-15
Cluster partners sought for Stage 2 proposal to INNOSUP-H2020 (4 year project) Supporting SME innovation, through clustersUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2015-07-31
Slovak research institute is offering pressure-sensitive adhesives with permanent stickiness which can be used for protection of trees from crawling insects by direct application on the tree trunkSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-07-31
Efficient data processing, software engineering and lossless data compression systems for Big Data scenarios.Spain OFFER 2015-11-23
Polish group of investors is looking for partner who wants to transfer the technology /production to Polish Poland REQUEST 2015-08-18
Secured and flexible Android NFC device for vertical business applicationsFrance OFFER 2015-09-09
Sensing technology to control input/outputSouth Korea REQUEST 2015-12-24
An interactive geolocalisation application for crowd and flux managementBelgium OFFER 2015-08-04
Proven open-source platform and technical support for Smart City solutionsSpain OFFER 2015-11-23
Zero energy consumption standby mode solution for electronic componentsFrance OFFER 2015-08-05
H2020-FTI: Industry, train operator and sensor developers sought for a predictive system due to reduce service stoppage in the rail networkSpain RESEARCH 2015-07-24
Virtual Reality (VR) motion simulator with visual immersion and physical feelings of accelerations Belgium OFFER 2015-07-30
Optimization services, tools and expertise applicable in strategic and operational decision making processes in different domains/sectors Belgium OFFER 2015-09-08
New phytohormonal preparates for skin rejuvenationCzech Republic OFFER 2015-08-04
Novel customer retention automation software-as-a-service (SAAS) with applications in ecommerce, online gaming, travel and financeUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-08-18
CAD/CAM - Software for robot supported composite laying systemsGermany OFFER 2015-08-04
Encapsulated wireless sensor for continuous monitoring and evaluation of human body temperature in hospitalsCzech Republic OFFER 2015-07-30
Tips coated with graphene for conductive atomic force microscope.Spain OFFER 2015-12-17
Fast & easy portable rescue device for locating avalanche victimsSpain OFFER 2016-01-25
Wrinkle- free graphene electrode for a nanogeneratorSpain OFFER 2015-12-17
Device to enhance wireless power transmission.Spain OFFER 2016-01-25
Highly ordered mesoporous high-k dielectric magnesium niobate achieving a higher surface areaSpain OFFER 2015-12-17
UHF-RFID Near-field Antenna for Retail ApplicationsSpain OFFER 2015-10-20
Long Read-Range UHF-RFID Tags for Optical DiscsSpain OFFER 2015-10-20
H2020-FTIPilot-1-2015: Novel self-learning system for automatic recognition of best practices and common solutions in mobile app developmentGreece RESEARCH 2015-07-23
3D and auto-adaptative 3D interconnect technology for the integration of miniaturized electronic systems and high performance 3D inductive devicesFrance OFFER 2015-08-07
Platform dedicated to green logistics, messenger fleets and urban deliveriesBelgium OFFER 2015-08-05
Telematic system and device for geolocalisation of vehiclesLuxembourg OFFER 2015-09-09
Innovative uses for plastic wasteUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-07-17
Control system of two computers using one wireless mouse and keyboard & its interface methodSouth Korea OFFER 2015-10-08
Smart Urban Planning (SUP) to efficiently design and distribute urban landSpain OFFER 2015-07-31
Software portal for storage, annotation, management, analysis and sharing of electrophysiology experimentsCzech Republic OFFER 2015-08-05
Crowdsourcing, decision supporting and feedback softwareUnited Kingdom OFFER 2016-01-14
H2020-DS-5-2015-Trust e-Services. Proposal under development urgently looking for coordinator Spain RESEARCH 2015-07-20
Visible Light Communications System for the Access to Information Contained In Motor Vehicles Spain OFFER 2016-01-25
Durable porous surfaces for driveways and paths from recycled tyresUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-07-28
Manufacturers sought to implement self-service cloud powered remote video surveillance systemNetherlands OFFER 2015-11-26
Public body sought as a partner for a H2020 project on seismic shields - topic DRS 13-Critical infrastructureItaly RESEARCH 2015-07-22
Innovative website content management systemUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-07-28
Looking for disposable Electroencephalography (EEG) electrode patch expertiseNetherlands REQUEST 2015-07-29
SME Instrument phase 2 ICT proposal needs 3 partners to complete the consortiumItaly RESEARCH 2015-07-15
Advanced monitoring and process control systems to increase the performance and safety of pharmaceutical, bioprocessing, waste water treatment and nutritional manufacturing plants. United Kingdom OFFER 2015-07-30
Seeking an ISO 13485 medical device manufacturer/integratorFrance REQUEST 2015-07-30
A distributed repository platform that is applicable to unstructured data management, smart grid and smart city South Korea OFFER 2015-08-04
UK University seeks industrial partners for 3d modelling research collaborationsUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-07-23
H2020-FTIPilot-2015-1 French SME is looking for partner from game and digital content industryFrance RESEARCH 2015-07-07
Innovative solution to manufacture personalized supportive shoe inserts for high-heeled footwearEstonia OFFER 2015-07-30
The biotechnological method of extraction of rare and heavy metals from the waste products of coal industry and energetics Ukraine OFFER 2015-07-30
Software for prediction of target and safety profile of pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, agrochemicals, and environmental pollutantsSpain OFFER 2015-07-30
Estimation and analysis of solar resource in potential locations to make use of solar energySpain OFFER 2015-07-30
Body holder and harness system for easy hands free use of Mobile DevicesSpain OFFER 2015-08-03
Integrated engineering services and product lifecycle management solution for innovative companiesItaly OFFER 2015-08-05
iDecideIndia REQUEST 2015-10-07
An innovative sand filter for using water and sewage treatmentSouth Korea OFFER 2015-07-29
Automatic indoor air purifying windowsSouth Korea OFFER 2015-08-03
Software algorithms and expertise to support early detection of human joint diseases of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis based on bone microstructure analysisAustria REQUEST 2015-08-24
Innovations in electro-optic, infra-red and radio frequency technology for the defence sectorUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-08-24
H2020-SME Instrument: Manufacturer for automatic bike storage boxItaly RESEARCH 2015-10-22
Automatic storage technology: looking for manufacturersItaly REQUEST 2015-10-28
Intelligent High-Security Physical Access ControlSlovenia OFFER 2015-08-04
Homogenous flat-light sources as add-ons for plate readersCzech Republic OFFER 2015-09-22
Non-invasive real-time control of inner body temperature variables during therapeutic cooling or heatingSlovenia OFFER 2015-08-21
Intelligent virtual assistant for natural language conversationSlovenia OFFER 2015-09-08
Ubiquitous care system to support Independent LivingSlovenia OFFER 2015-07-29
UK company offers a comparison engine for texts and documentsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-07-07
Healthcare information application for mobile devices seeks technical cooperation and license agreementsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-07-22
Dutch company operating in the field of backlight solutions seeks German partners for the development of their next generation backlight technologyNetherlands REQUEST 2015-07-31
Development of an innovative e-store website Macedonia OFFER 2015-10-01
Advanced geodata science toolSpain OFFER 2015-10-13
Automation software applicationMacedonia OFFER 2015-11-06
Highly accurate and ultra fast 3D shape measurement sensor for industrial and research applicationsGermany OFFER 2015-07-17
UK company offering patented content in context knowledge discovery tool United Kingdom OFFER 2015-07-07
Biotechnological method of remediation of oil-contaminated acidic/alkaline soils with a high degree of mineralization.Ukraine OFFER 2015-07-30
New method to tune speech synthesis systems based on unit-selection algorithmCzech Republic OFFER 2015-08-03
Solar energy register method for large area detection of high potential solar roofsGermany OFFER 2015-08-10
3D information system – fully automated method to generate 3D models with additional informationGermany OFFER 2015-08-18
Building recognition – fully automated, large area based method to detect building data with additional informationGermany OFFER 2015-08-18
EUREKA or joint R&D partner sought on 3 dimensional non-touch safety sensor South Korea RESEARCH 2015-11-26
H2020-FET-OPEN: Discovery of novel compounds promoting health beneficial microbiota through metric molecular modelling-looking for partners and coordinatorBulgaria RESEARCH 2015-07-06
EUREKA : An R&D partner (company) sought on second screen game interaction technology & content for smart devicesSouth Korea RESEARCH 2015-07-07
Innovative control handle for all kind of man-machine interface applicationsFrance OFFER 2015-09-10
Soap bubble blowing technology for toy industryLatvia REQUEST 2015-06-26
Technology and know-how of manufacturing of small wastewater treatment plants and proprietary wastewater treatment technology for decentralised solutions on offerSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-07-15
Partners sought for H2020 proposal on DRS-13: Demonstration activity on tools for adapting building and infrastructure standards and design methodologies in vulnerable locations in the case of natural or man-originated catastrophesTurkey RESEARCH 2015-06-30
Context-based human activity recognition using a single wearable sensorSlovenia OFFER 2015-07-24
New way of production fibers as biomass carriers in waste water treatment plants Czech Republic OFFER 2015-07-29
[R&D partner sought] A power optimizing technology for a 25% increase in the energy efficiency of photovoltaic systemSouth Korea OFFER 2015-08-03
Urgent - Sustainable packaging for food deliveryBelgium REQUEST 2015-07-20
Near field communication tags applied in clothingsSouth Korea OFFER 2015-08-03
H2020-FCT-04: End-users (national law enforcement agency Forces, Ministry of Interior, etc.) for a proposal on internet forensics to combat organized crimeSpain RESEARCH 2015-06-30
H2020- FCT-06: End-users (Law Enforcement Agencies, Ministry of Interior, etc.) for a proposal aimed to detect and analyse terrorist-related content on the InternetSpain RESEARCH 2015-07-02
Advanced charging station for supporting infrastructure connectionCzech Republic OFFER 2015-07-30
Disinfection system for domestic lung ventilators.Germany OFFER 2015-07-30
Danish company offers license agreements for patented survey rating through new photo trigger button technologyDenmark OFFER 2015-08-03
Bluethooth network based electronic shelf label system and service operating platformSouth Korea OFFER 2015-08-04
Underwater communication systemRomania OFFER 2015-08-03
Novel interactive web-based lean dashboard system for applications particularly on the manufacturing floor areaUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-08-05
H2020 – SEAC – 2014/15: The podcast as a science media toolGreece RESEARCH 2015-07-07
Automatic meter management system for water, gas and electricity meters. Turkey OFFER 2015-08-18
Partner sought for clinical investigation of dermatological treatment with trans-dermal applicationGermany REQUEST 2015-06-26
Integrated technologies for museums' accessibility of people with special needsItaly REQUEST 2015-07-30
Technology of an aerator for water destratification and aeration is offered.Poland OFFER 2015-08-02
Integrated solution for the management of geographic information collected by dronesSpain OFFER 2015-08-03
An innovative user friendly and effective tool for shoppers offered by Turkish SMETurkey OFFER 2015-08-02
A new object driven information systemItaly OFFER 2016-02-02
Cable-less TV-inspection of pipelines with integrated leak detectionAustria OFFER 2015-06-19
Partners sought for: H2020 FCT-06-2015 call: Law Enforcement capabilities 2: Detection and analysis of terrorist-related content on the InternetGermany RESEARCH 2015-07-14
Support system for decision for infrastructure vegetation projectsFrance OFFER 2015-08-03
Software application for environmental impact assessmentSerbia OFFER 2015-09-01
Sustainable waste water treatment system sought for large hotel Germany REQUEST 2015-06-17
Energy saving smart power cutting switch for domestic electric appliancesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-07-02
Optimizing the logistic of waste collection by applying a transceiver system indicating the fullness level Hungary OFFER 2015-07-29
Design and development of Human Machine Interfaces for public and professional devices in aeronautics, health care, energy and homeland defenceFrance OFFER 2015-10-05
Video-based digital human resources cloud services.Turkey OFFER 2015-08-08
Turkish company offers interactive and gamified learning application for companies and educational institutions.Turkey OFFER 2015-09-16
Innovative toll system technologyAustria OFFER 2015-07-29
Automotive manufacturers (big and small companies) for Fast Track to Innovation project requestedGermany RESEARCH 2015-06-30
Technology to reduce the food waste in retail: research partners and end users for test phase searched.Germany OFFER 2015-07-30
Variability facultative anaerobic (VFA) system for sewage treatmentSouth Korea OFFER 2015-07-29
Cyclic Fluidized Anaerobic Reactor (CFAR) to produce biogasSouth Korea OFFER 2015-07-20
Novel network service system for an extended home platformGermany OFFER 2015-07-30
Innovative interactive solutions in the field of visual communicationPoland REQUEST 2015-07-20
Open disaster management with free GIS componentsGermany OFFER 2015-12-17
Innovative hybrid interfaces for usage with electrochrome materialsGermany OFFER 2015-07-24
Autarkic closed-circuit television (CCTV) system to use at meteorological stationsGermany OFFER 2015-07-24
Development of a tool for the valuation of public green and open spacesGermany OFFER 2015-07-24
Lightweight component model for flexible software development in small and medium-sized companiesGermany OFFER 2015-08-03
COS-TOUR-2015-3-04: Route of astronomical sites in EuropeSpain RESEARCH 2015-06-23
Fire protection for storage tanksHungary OFFER 2015-07-29
ESA: Global Navigation Satellite System - Galileo Code Receiver (GCR)Portugal OFFER 2015-08-17
Intelligent fault alarm system (IFAS)Portugal OFFER 2015-08-18
H2020: Searching for a company involved in the use of coal and coal-derived liquids for the development of novel carbon materialsSpain RESEARCH 2015-06-11
A technology for processing straw into cellulose fibrous semi-productUkraine OFFER 2015-07-30
Advanced spreadsheet programmingPoland OFFER 2015-10-05
EUREKA Bilateral Call (TR-UK): Companies working on robotics applications for elderly and/or visually impaired care are sought.Turkey RESEARCH 2015-05-29
Anti-aging charging technology (renew cell battery regeneration system)South Korea OFFER 2015-07-28
A clinical coding text analytics and medical content classification software solution United Kingdom OFFER 2015-05-31
Novel electronic data collection notebook for clinical research purpose.Spain OFFER 2015-10-13
Romanian company, solution provider and integrator of complex IT systems, offers a customized IT solution for the monitoring and management of manufacturing systems during the whole production cycle and with full traceability on the production chain.Romania OFFER 2015-09-07
Innovative precision moulding company offers specialised manufacturing services for novel medical, industrial or electronic productsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-07-28
Radio frequency identification (RFID) based read and/or write hardware for integration into terminals and systemsGermany OFFER 2015-07-28
Intelligent system of active diagnosis and prediction of degradation state of buildings in complex polluted environment Romania OFFER 2015-09-04
System to create an eco-friendly noise reduction cabinSpain OFFER 2015-07-29
On-site recycling of drilling emulsions and lubricants from metal processingGermany OFFER 2015-07-03
Looking for an electric and thermal energy system technologySpain REQUEST 2015-10-22
Advanced industrial LED solution Croatia OFFER 2015-08-27
Small rescue vehicle to access difficult-to-reach locationsGermany OFFER 2015-07-17
Immobilisation of contaminants and sealing of rock by using time dependent crystallisation - Provoked mineral synthesis Germany OFFER 2015-07-17
EUREKA: Online Psychological Counseling and Guidance SystemTurkey RESEARCH 2015-08-19
Driver copilot - cloud based connected car platform.Croatia OFFER 2015-08-26
A unique software solution for personal trainers that allows them to manage the whole process. Croatia OFFER 2015-08-27
Interactive digital platform for tourist accommodation units Croatia OFFER 2015-08-27
Web app for recording of client treatment and expert-client communication where multidisciplinary expert services are provided.Croatia OFFER 2015-09-09
Data centre securityCroatia OFFER 2015-09-14
UK SME which has developed a financial data analytics platform for SME Lending, seeks partners for technical agreementsUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-07-14
Medical imaging analytics company with platform for rapid medical imaging analysis seeks partners for commercial agreements with technical assistanceUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-07-17
New technology to produce biodiesel and other biofuels from glycerolSpain OFFER 2015-05-21
UK company looking for software to generate transcripts from audio and videoUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-09-24
H2020-INSO-01. City governments sought to create new mobile services with the direct involvement of the citizen to open the city governance towards themSpain RESEARCH 2015-05-18
Seeking manufacturer for innovative oil spill recovery vesselUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-05-18
Experts in Software Defined Networking (SDN)Sweden REQUEST 2015-07-14
Digital resistive area sensing technology for large, flexible, multi-contact, force sensing touchscreensUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-05-22
Customer retention automation software-as-a-service (SAAS) with applications in ecommerce, online gaming, travel and financeUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-05-22
Novel low cost and low environmental impact system for the suborbital or Low Earth Orbit (LEO) launching of nanosatellitesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-05-22
Underwater robots technology for high-resolution and fast distributed water sensingSwitzerland OFFER 2015-07-14
Method for producing graphene sheetsSpain OFFER 2015-07-28
Digital system for stereotaxic biopsiesSpain OFFER 2015-09-03
Global navigation satellite system software for receivers, simulators and indoor navigation solutionsIsrael OFFER 2015-07-29
Rarefied gas flow and plasma simulation by Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) and Particle-in-Cell Monte Carlo (PIC-MC)Germany OFFER 2015-05-13
Civil participation safety networkNetherlands OFFER 2015-06-18
Highly innovative knowledge management software that creates knowledge profiles fully-automatedGermany OFFER 2015-06-19
Filtration system for treatment of water to potable levelCzech Republic OFFER 2015-07-14
3D spatial data-based security control solutionSouth Korea OFFER 2015-07-28
Software tool for text data analysisCzech Republic OFFER 2015-07-14
EUROSTARS2: Looking for R&D partners on the supercapacitor with multi-functional smart grid solutionsSouth Korea RESEARCH 2015-07-06
A compacted and high efficiency wastewater treatment systemUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-05-31
Speech recognition and dialogue management software to create smart voice-activated and interactive solutionsFrance OFFER 2015-12-09
Artificial Intelligence for cobotics: cognitive systems for information search and semantic analysis for help in advanced decision makingFrance OFFER 2015-12-09
Integrated system of technical infrastructure management for water and sewerage companiesPoland OFFER 2015-06-29
Innovative people counting solution Lithuania OFFER 2015-04-29
LED screen control systemPoland OFFER 2015-07-13
Cloud based monitoring platform to track energy generation and consumptionLithuania OFFER 2015-04-29
Fast method for the detection of somatic coliphages, used as indicators of water fecal pollutionSpain OFFER 2015-07-24
Monitoring, Prognostic Health Management (PHM) for industrial systems offeredFrance OFFER 2015-09-14
Solutions for valorization of waste emulsion from metal machining processing requestedRomania REQUEST 2015-05-12
Digital precision instruments for industrial use for blind peopleGreece OFFER 2015-09-14
Machine-to-cloud management system of distributed heterogeneous devicesSpain OFFER 2015-06-18
Testing environment for developers and users of intelligent video analytics applications for licensingGermany OFFER 2015-06-19
Innovative silent, visual vehicle alarm system with jammer-proof tracking capabilityUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-07-10
Platform for indoor positioning and navigation using Bluetooth Low Energy BeaconsIceland OFFER 2015-07-24
App or library that produces tamperproof and certified photos for mobile phonesIceland OFFER 2015-08-21
Supercapacitor with multi-functional smart grid solutionsSouth Korea OFFER 2015-07-30
Augmented-reality based virtual fitting technology with digital mirrorSouth Korea OFFER 2015-07-15
Technology to manufacture solar photovoltaic invertersIndia REQUEST 2015-12-22
The future roadway to grow the grass, permeability road to discharge rainwater, eco-friendly road to reduce ths use of de-icerSouth Korea OFFER 2015-08-03
Face changing technology for videosSouth Korea OFFER 2015-07-15
Automatic 3D avatar generation technologySouth Korea OFFER 2015-07-16
Physics simulation graphic engine for mobile platformsSouth Korea OFFER 2015-07-21
Design & construction of built-to-order analytical instruments & laboratory equipmentGreece OFFER 2015-07-24
Biomedical information navigatorHungary OFFER 2015-06-05
Dutch company offers software tools to translate big data into useful informationNetherlands OFFER 2015-07-20
A new visual and interactive format to describe and explain any kind of topic and convert information into purchaseBelgium OFFER 2015-07-27
EUREKA : Development of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) to meet European standardsSouth Korea RESEARCH 2015-10-08
Software for the evaluation of segregation in the high-carbon steel wire rodCzech Republic OFFER 2015-06-26
A new visual and interactive e-learning and micro-learning format to categorize, describe and explain any kind of topicBelgium OFFER 2015-07-14
Solutions for reducing septicity in pumped sewer rising mainsUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-05-05
High value-added recycling technologies for the minerals collected from fly ashSouth Korea REQUEST 2015-05-05
Optical/Intelligent Character Recognition systemSpain OFFER 2015-07-07
Advanced 3D Industrial Inspection SystemSpain OFFER 2015-07-07
Optimized Production Planning ToolSpain OFFER 2015-07-07
Production scheduling optimization toolSpain OFFER 2015-07-07
Routing Problems and Fleets Optimization ApplicationSpain OFFER 2015-07-07
Filter media for wastewater treatment plants to improve aerobic treatment of waste water and sewageUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-05-04
Smart city: monitoring vehicular flow in roundabout through reliable software for vehicle trackingItaly OFFER 2015-07-14
Advanced orthopedic and trauma navigation systemSlovenia OFFER 2015-07-22
Mobile wastewater filtration device for on-site recycling of process waterAustria OFFER 2015-05-07
Industry 4.0 technology sought for innovative factory managementSouth Korea REQUEST 2015-04-27
Full web based modular telemedicine platform designed by and for physicians that enables sound, precise and transparent tele diagnosis on several medical specialtiesFrance OFFER 2015-09-24
Hybrid technologies for poultry litter management and power generationIndia REQUEST 2015-06-01
Ocular protector for screens of electronic devicesSpain OFFER 2015-07-13
Fault-adaptive monitoring and control system for complex distributed dynamic systemSouth Korea REQUEST 2015-04-27
Technology enabling production of precisely positioned single nanofibers and microfibers for application in tissue engineering.Czech Republic OFFER 2015-05-19
Interactive technology for showcases Spain OFFER 2015-07-15
Collaborations sought for development of Polymer reactorUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-07-10
3D utility mapping solutionSpain OFFER 2015-12-16
Communications cost management technologySpain OFFER 2015-07-17
6-axis force/torque sensors based on an optical technologyHungary OFFER 2015-06-09
Adaptive learning environment for human resource development in companies and administrationsGermany OFFER 2015-06-15
H2020 SC5-20-2014/2015 Smart electro-valve for domestic water leaksItaly RESEARCH 2015-04-23
Highly active and self-cleaning photocatalytic coating to improve air qualityCzech Republic OFFER 2015-07-08
New invention for the ultrasound diagnosis of lung diseases Croatia OFFER 2015-07-29
New meat industrial waste treatment procedureHungary OFFER 2015-04-16
H2020 - SC5-07-2015 AFORD++: Alternative Forestry Resources DevelopmentSpain RESEARCH 2015-05-05
Low-cost, miniaturised, multi-parameter sensor arrays for online condition monitoring of water and soilCyprus OFFER 2015-07-17
Special heavy duty clockworkNetherlands REQUEST 2015-04-10
Radiation level management system for diagnosis of diseases soughtSouth Korea REQUEST 2015-04-17
IoT (Internet of Things) based body composition analyzer sought South Korea REQUEST 2015-05-05
Anti-corrosion bolt cap to be mounted on the bolt and nut fixing partSouth Korea OFFER 2015-04-27
Eurostars2 project seeks partners for additive enhanced purification of fire water contaminated with aqueous film forming foams (AFFF) via compact mobile process unitsGermany RESEARCH 2015-04-22
Secure open-source personal cloud for organizationsSpain OFFER 2015-09-17
Data analyzer - automatic & interactive analyzer for complex communicating systemsFrance OFFER 2015-07-14
Automatic validation of critical configuration dataFrance OFFER 2015-08-05
Unique multi-mount for microphonesSweden OFFER 2015-07-24
An online translation platform to be integrated on complementary websitesFrance OFFER 2015-05-05
Nanonetworks based on molecular communication field: research and technological agreement soughtSpain REQUEST 2015-09-18
Optical multiple input multiple output data transmissionGermany OFFER 2015-04-07
Wide area wireless sensor monitoringSpain OFFER 2015-09-11
Estimated ship arrival time service increasing just in time deliveryNetherlands OFFER 2015-06-11
Access control system using the radio-frequency identification (RFID) card and finger vein recognitionSouth Korea OFFER 2015-10-08
Innovative UV water disinfection/treatment productIsrael OFFER 2015-05-27
Waste leather processing techniques and applicationsUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-04-22
H2020-PHC-28-2015: Hungarian SME is looking for an automatic visual object recognition algorithm developer.Hungary RESEARCH 2015-04-01
H2020-FTI Pilot-2015-1 - Seeking partners with high power testing expertise and energy efficiency management software and modelling development capability for railways power electronics applications.United Kingdom RESEARCH 2015-04-17
Thick (>1 μm) boron layers on semiconductors with good adhesionSpain OFFER 2015-07-15
A visible range titanium dioxide (TiO2) based photo catalyst for up to 30 times faster degradation of organic pollutionUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-04-07
Innovative analysis expertise and software for solid waste process design and optimizationFrance OFFER 2015-04-14
Set of solutions for mobile data capture and verificationSpain OFFER 2015-06-11
Industrial process design and optimization: biomass processing, microalgae production, biorefinery and green chemistryFrance OFFER 2015-06-23
Innovative services and software for process design and optimization in the mineral and metallurgical industriesFrance OFFER 2015-06-23
The system for wireless measurement of analog signals Croatia OFFER 2015-07-22
Software for fast and user friendly creation of professional websitesMacedonia OFFER 2015-07-07
Smart module for accurate measurement of velocity and acceleration of rotational movementCzech Republic OFFER 2015-05-05
Medical image processing softwareTurkey OFFER 2015-06-18
High-end technology wood pyrolysis boiler with ultra-low emissions and high efficiency for small and medium level applicationsGreece OFFER 2015-06-26
H2020-EURO-6-2015 “Building open government at local level”Lithuania RESEARCH 2015-03-20
Novel 3D printing and prototyping for rapid prototypingLithuania OFFER 2015-03-20
H2020-TWINN-2015: INTERGRECO - Integral approach to study ecosystem functioning in response to anthropogenic pressureSlovenia RESEARCH 2015-04-01
The system of troubleshooting management and diagnostic of industrial equipmentRussia OFFER 2015-07-08
Innovative vehicle tracking deviceGermany OFFER 2015-05-28
Novel surgical planning, training and simulation solution based on virtual reality technologySpain OFFER 2015-07-17
Call for strategic partner to join ERASMUS+ proposal related to specialized digital training community platformGreece RESEARCH 2015-03-27
Tale pillow - an innovative solution in the foreign language education Hungary OFFER 2015-06-25
HERA JRP ‘Uses of the Past’ - multimedia and multimodal recoding of national identity for recovering a cultural and linguistic European heritage in educational contexts - universities are soughtItaly RESEARCH 2015-03-31
Indoor location- based platform Italy OFFER 2015-07-17
FTI: SME with expertise in digital customer experience sought a European SME for test and make use of the ‘enhanced innovative platform’ during the project life,Italy RESEARCH 2015-12-15
A new medical planning software for trauma and orthopedic surgery planningSlovenia OFFER 2015-05-19
Automated document issuance – a solution for civil biometric data handlingLatvia OFFER 2015-03-27
Optimization of properties of fluids for cooling and lubricatingCzech Republic OFFER 2015-05-05
Surgical guiding templates for precise surgical drilling and sawingSlovenia OFFER 2015-05-19
Seat with adjustable pressure profileCzech Republic OFFER 2015-07-14
Machine to produce special 3D textilesCzech Republic OFFER 2015-07-14
Intelligent control system tool for sheet drawingCzech Republic OFFER 2015-07-14
Mobile stabilized platform for medical care or security applicationsCzech Republic OFFER 2015-07-14
Electronic shelf label system using bluetooth low energy network soughtSouth Korea REQUEST 2015-06-19
Bluethooth network based electronic shelf label system and service operating platformSouth Korea OFFER 2015-06-19
Innovative hotspot platform for internet access managementSpain OFFER 2015-07-08
Non-toxic lead-free fishing weights and sinkers Netherlands OFFER 2015-04-22
H2020-PHC-25-2015 - Dutch company seeks an SME that can develop and operate e-learning systems for an integrated care system AnticoagulationNetherlands RESEARCH 2015-04-07
Organic micropollutants removal system for wastewater treatment plantsSpain OFFER 2015-05-18
Software for wind-speed and solar-radiation forecast with application to renewable energy generationSpain OFFER 2015-05-31
Ecological filter based on zeolites for obtaining drinking waterRomania OFFER 2015-05-31
Turkish company specialised in developing academic information systems for universities and educational institutions is looking for partners to set up a joint venture agreement or license agreement.Turkey OFFER 2015-06-25
Wireless medical sensorsSpain REQUEST 2015-06-11
New method to remove boron from water by precipitation.Spain OFFER 2015-06-19
PS - call ICT-16-2015 Smart Plant Disease Identification (SPDI): A fast anamnestic and photo system for geo-plant disease identification and predictionItaly RESEARCH 2015-03-14
New digital system for cooling tower water treatment without toxic chemicalsSpain OFFER 2015-03-18
PS-H2020-FTI Pilot-2015-1: Revolutionizing virtual storytelling for everyone Germany RESEARCH 2015-04-16
Low-cost, high performance semiconductor imaging technology for scanning applications France OFFER 2015-06-18
People counter application for automatic detection of foot trafficTurkey OFFER 2015-06-18
Decentralized system for saving drinking waterSpain OFFER 2015-07-16
Advanced geotechnologies applied to engineering and architectureSpain OFFER 2015-03-20
H2020, SCC 2015 Future-oriented resiLient Urban Intelligent Districts planning in Europe and Mediterranean Area: Paradigms and Practices - FLUID APP. SMEs and municipalities are soughtItaly RESEARCH 2015-03-24
Universal methodology for crop system classification from multitemporal remote sensing imagery and census parcelsSpain OFFER 2015-03-24
UK University seeking partner for Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie-rise-2015: Developing advanced PDE-based geometric modelling and image processing for 3D shape reconstructionUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2015-04-16
Clinical decision support system for osteoporosis and autoimmune diseasesIceland OFFER 2015-06-19
H2020-NMP-2015-two-stage (NMP-24-2015): Membranes from Carbon nanotubes for water purificationGreece RESEARCH 2015-03-14
Innovative and integrated device to collect, grind and compress organic and inorganic wasteItaly OFFER 2015-03-31
H2020- Galileo-2-2015: End-users in the field of waste collection and/or street cleaningSpain RESEARCH 2015-03-14
Video analytic software for indoor customer behaviour Turkey OFFER 2015-03-14
Innovative open source web framework Italy OFFER 2015-03-14
Expertise in Big Data, High Performance Computing and Cloud Technologies is soughtGermany OFFER 2015-03-22
Cloud storage for file sharing platformTurkey OFFER 2015-06-18
Inspection and service motion robot for special applications on the vertically oriented wallsCzech Republic OFFER 2015-06-24
Innovative miniature spectrometers and optical sensors for use in water recycling and waste water treatment, and towards relevant H2020 bidsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-05-11
Unique touchless replaceable switchesSlovenia OFFER 2015-03-11
Innovative semiconductor chip-based spectrometer for new applications in beam delivery and electronic-photonic integration, and towards relevant H2020 bidsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-03-12
Adaption of innovative semiconductor chip-based spectrometer towards new sustainable exploration technologies and geomodels and within relevant H2020 bidsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-03-12
Novel semiconductor chip-based spectrometer with applications in space habitat management, as well as towards relevant H2020 applicationsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-05-11
Building dike reinforcements with dredged sedimentsNetherlands OFFER 2015-06-05
Drag and drop software to build your own supervison control and data acquisition - SCADALuxembourg OFFER 2015-07-08
COS-CLUSTER-2014-3-03 Cluster go international - smart citySpain RESEARCH 2015-03-23
Total Solution of AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure)South Korea OFFER 2015-10-08
ERASMUS+ - KA2: Development of an information literacy model for teachers and students of secondary educationGreece RESEARCH 2015-03-23
A sustainable and innovative freight delivery system for urban areas -- Interreg Central Europe 2020 Specific Objective 4.2Italy RESEARCH 2015-03-23
Looking for partner for Horizon 2020, ICT-19 Technologies for creative industries, social media and convergence - test of a multiservice urban station for mobile and digital broadband network France RESEARCH 2015-03-25
Technology for production of a household appliance for automated preparation of drinking melt water without artificial filters and chemical additivesRussia OFFER 2015-03-22
Integrated microwave photonic antenna system technology for the fifth generation (5G) and broadband satellite communication applicationsNetherlands OFFER 2015-03-09
First holistic solar cadastre method calculates solar potential of facades and roofs of urban landscapesAustria OFFER 2015-03-16
H2020 BES-03-2015 partner search: R&D/pilot production of a light optionally-piloted multi-purpose vessel for maritime border surveillanceGreece RESEARCH 2015-03-24
Contents production pipeline management solutionSouth Korea OFFER 2015-10-08
License agreement sought for electronic controlled olive harvesting machine.Turkey OFFER 2015-07-03
Novel group workout real-time monitoring systemSpain OFFER 2015-10-13
A Polish company has developed a new method for acoustic analysis of noise sources in industrial plantsPoland OFFER 2015-06-04
High-precision ultrasonic flow measuring unit Czech Republic OFFER 2015-03-05
H2020-EE-2015-2-RIA: A Polish company is looking for a partner for developing technology for thermal insulation of buildingsPoland RESEARCH 2015-05-07
Innovative technology for objective hand disinfection controlHungary OFFER 2015-10-28
H2020-ICT-20-2015: MultiED - A multi-modal presentation and education toolSlovenia RESEARCH 2015-02-26
Novel semiconductor chip-based spectrometer with wide range of applications, including within bids for the H2020 call “ICT Technologies for creative industries, social media and convergence”.United Kingdom OFFER 2015-03-09
An internet of things (IoT) based monitoring solution for soundness of social infrastructuresSouth Korea OFFER 2015-06-04
Cloud-based multi-satellite navigation chip and server South Korea OFFER 2015-06-04
Heavy equipment safety system using wireless communicationsSouth Korea OFFER 2015-06-04
Video surveillance analysis system France OFFER 2015-06-22
Wireless Energy Transfer SolutionsNetherlands OFFER 2015-04-22
Novel advanced technology for realtime physical activity monitoringSpain OFFER 2015-02-25
Solution for hotels, communication services through touchscreens and mobile and web APPsSpain OFFER 2015-07-10
Online grain auction platformSpain OFFER 2015-07-15
High rate strobe / uniform low consumption lightingFrance OFFER 2015-08-14
Complex of voice data input for the results of diagnostic examinations and surveys of patients and autocompletion of documents based on technology of continuous speech recognitionRussia OFFER 2015-06-03
Process for separating ( glas-, carbon- and aramid) fibers and resins in composites for reuse in new products.Netherlands REQUEST 2015-02-25
Sensor technology sought for real-time performance monitoring protective helmetUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-03-16
PS – H2020 - FETOPEN - Organic conductors for high speed electronics and radiation detectionFrance RESEARCH 2015-03-02
Application for automation of foreclosures (debt collection) suitable especially for banks or other institutions that are obliged to communicate with bailiffsSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-05-29
Platform for tracking and improving fermentation during the process of wine production.Slovenia OFFER 2015-03-04
German company offers electronic object scanner for plant measurementGermany OFFER 2015-05-04
Further joint development of platform for tracking and improving fermentation during the process of wine producing.Slovenia REQUEST 2015-05-19
Complex for the automated integrated assessment of the cardiovascular system functional state with cloud computing and data storageRussia OFFER 2015-05-28
Debt manager - the application which supports the process of debts collectionSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-05-28
Complex automation system (CAS) of power factor correction for minimizing harmonic distortion in systems for reactive power compensation Bulgaria OFFER 2015-05-29
An Indian company is looking for technology in integrated performance modeling of water, energy and hydrology for increased efficiency of pumping utilitiesIndia REQUEST 2015-10-12
H2020-FETOPEN-2014-2015-RIA: SME partners sought for developing and commercializing novel optical materialsSweden RESEARCH 2015-06-01
Factory automation system for printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturingSouth Korea OFFER 2015-06-04
Wind vibration control device for versatile constructed structuresSouth Korea OFFER 2015-06-19
Photocatalytic material with superior properties suitable for water and air purification applications and a method for its preparationSlovenia OFFER 2015-06-08
H2020 ICT 19 - 2015: Technologies for creative industries, social media and convergence: Semi-automatic translation from spoken language into sign languageAustria RESEARCH 2015-03-03
Algorithm for analyzing the electricity consumption of the appliances of an household from a single point of measurement Switzerland OFFER 2015-02-23
Nitrogen separation/purification from animal fat Finland REQUEST 2015-02-23
H2020-Water-1-2015. Governmental entities or associations for implementation of EU legislation are sought to collaborate within a low cost biological processes for complex industrial wastewaters project proposalSpain RESEARCH 2015-03-24
H2020-BES-2015: Partner sought to develop a hardware solution for a biometrical identity multi-modal and universal data acquisition system (BIMS-AQS)Latvia RESEARCH 2015-08-07
Seeking partners to develop innovative waste management solution improved with smart wireless communication network (H2020 - WASTE-6A-2015)Italy RESEARCH 2015-03-12
H2020: Industrial partners and enterprises experienced on e-learning are sought for a project on better human learning and teachingSpain RESEARCH 2015-03-06
Industrial panel personal computerSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-05-27
Touch POS terminal designed for retail environmentsSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-05-27
Technical cooperation sought for big data new generation emergency care application developmentFrance REQUEST 2015-05-29
Comprehensive solutions for secure mobile communicationSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-07-10
Low cost flywheel energy storage systemItaly OFFER 2015-05-21
Disruptive High Speed Wireless Internet Access via LightUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-02-18
A software tool for validation of emissions dataSpain OFFER 2015-03-02
Cloud management solutionSouth Korea OFFER 2015-07-30
Modelling and simulation platform to predict and optimize the behaviour of complex systems such as smart cities, smart grids or multi-factorial diseasesFrance OFFER 2015-05-27
LongRange ISM Gateway: from 3G to Internet of Things (IoT) marketFrance OFFER 2015-12-09
Device for sorting fragments of materials by their colourCzech Republic OFFER 2015-03-17
A method and a system for enhancing nitrogen removal in granular sequencing batch reactors (GSBR)Spain OFFER 2015-05-18
IoT(Internet of Things) based indoor service platform which could prevent from and evacuate in case of fireSouth Korea OFFER 2015-07-30
Sensitive health data management software back-end solution for connected-health SMEs wanting to reduce time to market and IT expensesSwitzerland OFFER 2015-06-16
Test & validation equipment for space sectorGreece OFFER 2015-07-20
New technology for neutralisation of industrial wastewater, concentrated solutions and solid waste containing heavy metalsPoland OFFER 2015-02-13
Visible light communication – double use of white-light LEDs as lightning and wireless high-speed transmitterSwitzerland OFFER 2015-04-28
Wireless technology of high-speed digital radio transmission with long-range and low latencyFrance OFFER 2015-12-09
Safety-Critical software in the real-time operating systemSouth Korea OFFER 2015-07-30
Dental 3D (three dimensional) and HD (high definition) inside-mouth camera requiredPoland REQUEST 2015-08-28
Reducing environmental risks of solid wasteHungary OFFER 2015-05-12
Sophisticated web-based software system for the entire control of water, waste water or air quality measurement networks allowing immediate hazard detection and responseGermany OFFER 2015-06-18
WATER-2b-2015: SMEs and Universities sought for a proposal on the assessment of climate change impacts on Water-Land-Energy Nexus at multiple spatial scalesGreece RESEARCH 2015-02-11
H2020 PHC-28-2015: Self-engagement in eye health for blindness and visual loss prevention - clinical partners required.United Kingdom RESEARCH 2015-02-17
Environmental information for research projectsGermany OFFER 2015-04-08
A Turkish chemical company is searching for the most economical drying system for the waste sludge of the soda plant.Turkey REQUEST 2015-05-07
Document management and workflow systemTurkey OFFER 2015-05-07
Turkish textile company is looking for a new technology to reduce their huge water consumption in manufacturing process.Turkey REQUEST 2015-05-07
Turkish metal processing company seeking a new technology to modify and reduce high rate of water and chemical consumption in their manufacturing process.Turkey REQUEST 2015-05-07
WASTE-6a-2015: SMEs and Universities sought for Green Material Exchange System (GMES) Greece RESEARCH 2015-02-17
SMEs and universities sought to complete the partnersip for a H2020-PHC-30 proposal named - In silico cancer patientItaly RESEARCH 2015-02-27
A Japanese company is seeking a supply partner in the EU of Application Specific Integrated Circuit for satellites Japan REQUEST 2015-03-09
B to C (business to consumer) E-commerce logistics platform : solution for the last mile logistics France OFFER 2015-06-19
Development of algorithms applied to building energy efficiency through intelligent data analysis. Spain OFFER 2015-04-29
Inducing the electro-optic effect in silicon: Cost-effective manufacturing of electro-optical componentsGermany OFFER 2015-04-29
H2020-HCO 2015 Partner Search: prevent and restrain tobacco smoking in earlier stages using alternative methods & communication strategiesGreece RESEARCH 2015-02-11
Innovative components for a system producing energy from renewable resources.Italy REQUEST 2015-04-17
Innovative impulse resistant fuse for electrical circuitsSpain OFFER 2015-05-12
Mobile contract system (eform solution)South Korea OFFER 2015-07-28
Electronic signature and paper document securitySlovak Republic OFFER 2015-07-10
Efficient technology for eco-fuel production Poland OFFER 2015-04-27
Technology for catalytic cracking of polyolefin (plastic) wastePoland OFFER 2015-04-27
Technology for waste processing (metalized polyolefin film)Poland OFFER 2015-04-27
Terrace/carport canopy with variable and adjustable photovoltaic lamella soughtAustria REQUEST 2015-02-26
Micro-electro-mechanical systems(MEMS) scanner chips for endoscopic optical coherence tomography (E-OCT)South Korea OFFER 2015-05-07
Innovative heat exchangers for waste heat recovery from fumes and micro gas turbinesBelgium OFFER 2015-05-12
Nanocomposite conductive profiles are offeredPoland OFFER 2015-04-21
PS -urgent- Horizon 2020: Consortium is looking for a coordinator from industry with expertise in smart grid/home automation technologies for project on micro grids related to building blocksGermany RESEARCH 2015-04-17
Industrial end-user partners sought for H2020-ICT-2015 project aimed at using new short-pulse laser sources in UV (ultra-violet) and IR-B (short-wavelength infrared) wavelengths to improve materials' process applications Germany RESEARCH 2015-02-12
Tiny Ultrasonic Linear Actuator(ultrasonic motor) applicable to exact science, medical device, or microbot South Korea OFFER 2015-04-22
Smartphone software design and development capacity and competence, including, but not limited to iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8. Hungary OFFER 2015-04-21
Food contamination analysis systemUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-04-28
Industry grade process control computerSerbia OFFER 2016-01-20
Novel and simple productivity cloud based IT tool for providing access to all the information generated by an organizationSpain OFFER 2015-06-01
Humanoid robots simulation platformSerbia OFFER 2015-04-21
Waste water sampler with advanced graphical interface for the manufacturing and processing industriesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-04-21
One-shot localization of 3D targets in photoacoustic / thermoacoustic imaging France OFFER 2015-06-19
EUROSTAR2 R&D partner sought for the commercialization of Security vulnerability scanner for the Internet Cloud systemSouth Korea RESEARCH 2015-09-02
The innovative technology for thermal conversion of waste and sediments of different originPoland OFFER 2015-04-22
Operating, billing and infrastructure consulting services for electric vehicle infrastructures (e-mobility)Austria OFFER 2016-01-26
User-friendly kinetics suite for thermal analysis and material characterization France OFFER 2015-06-19
Web solution for remote control submission of printing jobs with centralized interface and print management France OFFER 2015-04-16
Technological system for protection of cutting fluids based on photodynamic inactivation of microorganismsCzech Republic OFFER 2015-02-02
Partners with sensor and device development expertise sought for H2020 Personalising Health Care proposalItaly RESEARCH 2015-03-16
Novel and flexible multi-touch screen software solution for retail and service areas enabling search / display / check out tasksUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-04-17
An open architecture automatic vehicle location systemSerbia OFFER 2015-04-15
Personal biometric encryption mechanism for the protection and management of cloud-based data for lay usersUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-05-22
Coordinator of a H2020 health self-management project seeks partners with expertise in cancer epidemiology, patient information platforms, and/or mobile applications for patients.Germany RESEARCH 2015-02-12
Custom-made shoes manufacturing system using a 3D printer and a 3D scannerSouth Korea OFFER 2015-04-15
Data mining analysis tool for business intelligence France OFFER 2015-04-15
A multiband system antenna with maximal decoupling and easy configurationFrance OFFER 2015-04-15
Building information modelling systemSouth Korea OFFER 2015-10-08
Innovative social robotPoland OFFER 2015-04-22
Data acquisition tool for small and medium enterprises (SME)Germany OFFER 2015-04-13
Automated fat and oil skimmer for efficient and cost effective removal and recovery of oil and fat from waste water, processing tanks and systems.United Kingdom OFFER 2015-05-11
EUROSTARS: Urgent R&D performing SME in order to track and preserve digital contents from companyies and individualsSpain RESEARCH 2015-02-04
E-commerce gateway for SMEsGreece OFFER 2015-04-14
Delay free full-HD wireless solution for smartphone applicationsSouth Korea OFFER 2015-07-30
Intensive care unit management softwareGreece OFFER 2015-05-08
Software developers sought for testing innovative software applicationsGermany REQUEST 2015-10-09
Innovative airborne wind energy plantGermany OFFER 2015-07-06
Next generation 3D surround sound solution for cinemaSouth Korea OFFER 2015-10-08
Platform for real time acoustic signal acquisition and data processingSerbia OFFER 2015-07-13
Musical instrument digital interface (MIDI-) based controllersSerbia OFFER 2015-07-13
Global positioning system real-time clockSerbia OFFER 2015-05-31
H2020 Self-management of health and disease facilitated by decision support systems based on predictive computer modellingGreece RESEARCH 2015-01-27
EUROSTARS: Urgent R&D performing SME sought in order to develop a cross-cutting amplification layer for Corporate Social NetworksSpain RESEARCH 2015-02-05
Call for research SMEs to join H2020 bid to supply service robotics for the elderlyGreece RESEARCH 2015-02-05
Interreg North West – Looking for research institutions to join consortium on low carbon projectUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2015-02-04
Seeking Digital Health SMEs for Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance project.United Kingdom RESEARCH 2015-02-04
PS Smart Cities and Communities solutions - Horizon 2020 call SCC1-01-2015 Italy RESEARCH 2015-02-12
Machine with multifunctional tools for gardening, landscaping, communal care and emergency servicesGermany OFFER 2015-04-13
Simple wireless rececording microphoneSerbia OFFER 2015-04-13
New imaging system for cartilage diagnosis and repairFrance OFFER 2015-04-20
Innovative telemonitoring web-based application for remote monitoring of patientsGreece OFFER 2015-05-08
Compression algorithms for still image or videoGreece OFFER 2015-05-20
Behaviour robot for the treatment of autism disordersItaly OFFER 2015-02-13
Design, development and manufacturing of tailor-made smart machines for original equipment manufacturerBelgium OFFER 2015-02-11
Audio watermarking: the most cost-efficient and precise technology to synchronise broadcast media with second screen apps, interactive toys etc.United Kingdom OFFER 2015-03-09
Battery-powered FM receiver for NAVTEX (navigational telex) and weather fax soughtAustria REQUEST 2015-01-26
Marking machine for punching identification numbers and lettersHungary OFFER 2015-07-10
Novel communication protocolGermany OFFER 2015-04-07
Stable water/diesel micro-emulsions leading to significant reduction of particulate matterGermany OFFER 2015-04-07
Interactive digital shop assistant for physical stores usable in fitting roomSpain OFFER 2015-04-16
Novel customizable high-security lock combining electronic and mechanical technologiesSpain OFFER 2015-10-15
Scientific services in the field of applied bioinformaticsItaly OFFER 2015-07-09
Software for energy-efficient and robust electric motor current controller seeks partners in the automotive sectorCanada OFFER 2015-08-12
Drinking water treatment supported by mobile solar power plantAustria REQUEST 2015-07-20
Thermo-acoustic, fire-fighting facade panel with surface treatmentSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-04-01
High permittivity silicone for dielectric elastomer actuators and its synthesis process offered for licensing and technical cooperationSwitzerland OFFER 2015-07-06
Substation automation for Smart GridCroatia OFFER 2015-03-24
Graphene on silicon carbide for high-demand electronic applicationsSweden OFFER 2015-09-25
Educational digital platform for students education managementSpain OFFER 2015-06-23
CEF 2014-2020: Research of information systems for risk management and environmental protection in ports Slovenia RESEARCH 2015-01-14
H2020 ICT-30-2015: eLIoT – enhanced Logistics Internet of ThingsSlovenia RESEARCH 2015-02-03
Eurostars: digital learner-based solution to support knowledge transfer from training to the workplace is seeking partners on artificial intelligence, big data, psychometrics and learner profiling expertise.France RESEARCH 2015-01-28
Software for measurement range of hospitality and feeling-at-home France OFFER 2015-06-19
Flexible solution for virtual machine placement in datacenter looks for licensing or tehnical collaborationFrance OFFER 2015-06-19
Real-time multi-criteria decision analysis to solve complex problems, offered in frame of license, research cooperation and technical cooperation agreementFrance OFFER 2015-06-19
Autonomous vehicles for transport of materials in warehousesSpain OFFER 2015-05-04
Web-based application for the management of 3D digital buildings representations France OFFER 2015-07-08
Sophisticated security solutions in areas of critical infrastructure, hazardous/sensitive sites, border protection and transportation - searching for partners in advanced video processing, security management, border protection, deep data analysisSlovak Republic REQUEST 2015-07-10
Compact closed loop evaporator for effective heat transferSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-03-24
Instrumentation for remote-monitoring and telemetry solutions in environmental sector: sensors - data loggers - web servicesFrance OFFER 2015-12-09
Experimental test bed station for control design of heterogeneous robot-sensor networksSerbia OFFER 2015-03-26
Wireless home automationSerbia OFFER 2015-03-26
Blackboard- based expert system toolkitSerbia OFFER 2015-07-10
Autonomous stereoscopic camera systemSlovak Republic OFFER 2016-01-04
Innovative flow/level and water quality measurement instrument for the waste water treatment and processing industriesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-04-28
Improving video performance while reducing storage and transmission costs France OFFER 2015-07-08
User-friendly toolbox for field-programmable gate array design France OFFER 2015-07-08
One-shot localization of 3D targets in photoacoustic / thermoacoustic imaging France OFFER 2015-07-08
Statistical analysis of large scale cells or biological tissues databases France OFFER 2015-07-08
Laboratory Information Management SystemGermany OFFER 2015-03-23
Industrial partner sought for prototype development of ICT-enabled modelling, simulation, analytics and forecasting technologies in sawmills (H2020-FoF-08-2015).United Kingdom RESEARCH 2015-01-09
WASTE-7-2015: SMEs sought for preparing a proposal on integrated processes of agricultural waste valorization along the entire value chainGreece RESEARCH 2015-02-05
Looking for new needs and new technologies in relation with infrared technology, to develop new productsFrance REQUEST 2015-01-16
Intuitive tools for standard annotation and reporting in medical imagingBelgium OFFER 2015-06-17
Optimized powerline communication system Germany OFFER 2015-03-18
Intelligent 24 hour web-based mobile paging solution designed for healthcare institutions and veterinary hospitalsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-03-23
Co-development of hardware system for automatic testing in Electronic Control UnitsItaly REQUEST 2015-01-09
Mobile trial simulator unit with digital elevation modelItaly OFFER 2016-01-14
Applications of picosecond range timing systemsLatvia OFFER 2015-01-13
Surveillance, alert and warning system for potential causes of public dangersSerbia OFFER 2015-06-15
Photography application for mobile phonesLatvia REQUEST 2014-12-30
An innovative mobile/web software solution that comprises a new age marketing tool and loyalty program functionalitySerbia OFFER 2015-07-02
Tool for automated assessment by quiz testsRomania OFFER 2015-09-02
Innovative Animal Feed Optimization and Management SoftwareSerbia OFFER 2015-06-22
Innovative vehicle tracker device – continuous monitoring of vehicle locationSerbia OFFER 2015-06-18
Advancement of gas powered motor vehiclesSerbia OFFER 2015-06-24
Novel integrated technology for processing rice husks in order to turn them into carbon / silicon - containing materials with added valueBulgaria OFFER 2015-05-31
Innovative real-time moisture meter applicable for grains, vegetables, tobacco, coffee, food for animals, fish and others. Bulgaria OFFER 2015-05-29
High precision, real time 3D cameraTurkey OFFER 2015-06-03
Granite-like sintered glass-ceramic tiles from hazardous industrial wastesBulgaria OFFER 2015-05-27
Innovative ceramic tiles made from industrial wastes with improved propertiesBulgaria OFFER 2015-05-27
Specialised boron carbide ceramic sheets applicable for nuclear waste containers Bulgaria OFFER 2015-06-16
Online speech therapy program integrated on cloud based platform for personal and work computers and handheld devicesEstonia OFFER 2015-06-22
Innovative software that manages fully automated parking billing Serbia OFFER 2015-06-22
Multi-frequency impedance spectroscopy measurement technologyEstonia OFFER 2015-08-17
Sensor Network Management System for environmental data collection using Hardware & Software PlatformsEstonia OFFER 2015-06-15
A French company seeks PCB (Printed Circuit Board) for electronic productFrance REQUEST 2015-05-05
Software for farm management and fieldwork planningEstonia OFFER 2014-12-22
Wireless child-saving safety system for motor vehiclesItaly OFFER 2015-12-18
Urgent - Creep Resistant Polymer MaterialsBelgium REQUEST 2015-01-21
Non-electric domestic sewage treatment systems wantedUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-03-25
Cost efficient and environmental friendly structure for dual axis solar tracking, suitable for photovoltaic and solar thermal panelsItaly OFFER 2016-01-11
Energy saving technology enabling a smart management of artificial lighting.Italy OFFER 2015-01-09
Investment Planning SolutionSerbia OFFER 2015-04-18
High reliability translator for existing models of systems from specific application to real-world applicationItaly OFFER 2015-01-06
Innovative ecotoxicological technology for the measurement of the degree of toxicity of environmental aqueous matrices.Italy OFFER 2015-01-06
Business Intelligence – user friendly reporting, dashboarding and data visualization softwareCroatia OFFER 2015-08-28
Novel modular technology to ease the transfer of substrates, materials and tools in glove-boxes environments.Italy OFFER 2015-01-06
Innovative technology enabling handwritten document retrieval by text searchItaly OFFER 2015-12-22
Highly-interactive e-learning technologyItaly OFFER 2015-12-22
Seeking for suppliers of micro mechanical parts, electric machine winding and magnets for high speed applicationsItaly REQUEST 2015-01-09
H2020-INSO-1-2015: E-government pilot on transparency through public open data Greece RESEARCH 2015-02-04
A clever yet simple controller that makes use of all excess energy from a photovoltaic (PV) solar system and nearly triples the savings from itUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-03-10
Flexible plastic photo sensor technology in different sizesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-03-10
High speed/low memory reversible debugger for Linux and Android developers working on complex software, e.g. electronic design, financial softwareUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-03-09
Integrated systems of comprehensive energy management at the UniversityUkraine OFFER 2015-06-22
Innovative non-destructive measurement technology for magnetic properties of electromagnetic components and systemsGermany OFFER 2015-07-02
H2020-EURO-6-2015: Processes and technologies for public sector transparencyGreece RESEARCH 2015-02-04
Video distribution system with bi-directional control for sauncompressed 4K ultra high definition and 3D videoFinland OFFER 2015-03-26
Ultra high definition audio-video matrix switcher and processor for professional video, broadcasting and medical applicationsFinland OFFER 2015-03-26
Software and hardware development for high definition video and audio systemsFinland OFFER 2015-03-25
A cost-effective and environmentally friendly technology for shore protection and stabilizationUkraine OFFER 2015-04-15
Non-invasive procedure and device for measuring thermal diffusion Romania OFFER 2015-05-05
Method and device for monitoring the behaviour of metallic structures to the mechanical actionsRomania OFFER 2015-09-15
H2020-ICT-19-2015: SME looking for research partners for an augmented reality content visualisation project and seamless indoor/outdoor location positioning for creative industriesGreece RESEARCH 2015-02-04
H2020-ICT-20-2015: SME looking for research partners on augmented reality technologies for better human learning and teachingGreece RESEARCH 2015-02-04
H2020-ICT-19-2015: SME conducting research on automated rights-clearing process for digital content re-use uptakeGreece RESEARCH 2015-02-04
H2020-ICT-16-2015: Big data for an integrated e-government decision support systemGreece RESEARCH 2015-02-04
Joint development on miniaturization, integration of sensors dedicated to monitoring of pollutants in waterFrance OFFER 2015-03-23
Advanced oxidation processes for wastewater treatment from different sectorsSpain OFFER 2015-07-01
H2020-SFS-11B. Real time ammonium analyser in seawater towards a sustainable aquaculture. Spain RESEARCH 2015-01-22
Software developer for 3D printing sought for H2020 project on next generation 3D printingGermany RESEARCH 2015-01-08
Manufacturer/developer of medical devices sought for H2020 project on next generation 3D printingGermany RESEARCH 2015-01-12
ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership: A Greek SME seeks institutes in education, culture and creative industries to implement creative and innovative strategies for the teaching of literature.Greece RESEARCH 2015-02-04
Technology for music visualization with 3D images on the sub-woofer speakerLithuania OFFER 2014-12-16
Robot for composition of flowers bouquetsLithuania OFFER 2014-12-16
Mobile book for obituaries Lithuania OFFER 2014-12-16
Remote door lock monitoring systemLithuania OFFER 2014-12-16
Innovative methods and/or devices for beauty and health service provisionLithuania REQUEST 2014-12-16
Η2020-PHC-21-2015: Early detection of risks associated with ageing using ICT partner search by an association of clinicsGreece RESEARCH 2015-02-04
Η2020-PHC-25-2015: Healthcare association is looking for partners interested in building an Integrated multi-channel and multi-parameter Decision Support System Greece RESEARCH 2015-02-04
Η2020-PHC-28-2015: Looking for partners interested in building a personalised healthcare decision support system for common diseasesGreece RESEARCH 2015-02-04
Greek SME is looking for technology partners to develop a demonstrator for digital content reuse through a storytelling applicationGreece REQUEST 2015-01-29
An Indian company seeks joint venture partner with European company having experience in implementing projects in waste to gas, gas scrubbing, bottling of gas.India REQUEST 2015-02-05
An unique multi-stage surge protectionMacedonia OFFER 2016-01-22
Innovative testing approach leading to the certified validation of automotive embedded systems Germany OFFER 2015-01-26
H2020: Manufacturer/developer of electronic consumer goods sought for H2020 project on next generation 3D printingGermany RESEARCH 2015-01-12
Technology for collection management and digital repositoriesGreece OFFER 2015-01-29
H2020-MG-6.3-2015: Greek SME is looking for stakeholders in the transport industry for a joint research proposalGreece RESEARCH 2015-01-20
Greek start-up company is offering an innovative school bus routing, scheduling and planning solutionGreece OFFER 2015-01-29
H2020-SFS-11B: Controller for the desinfection of aquaculture purposes' water. Spain RESEARCH 2015-01-22
H2020-FoF-09. Contribution to develop new mobile solution for more efficient manufacturing processes. Consortia and partners soughtSpain RESEARCH 2015-02-02
Customised hardware & software for analytical instruments & embedded engineering systemsGreece OFFER 2015-01-29
An integrated and full-featured legal practice management softwareMacedonia OFFER 2016-01-27
Energy-efficient and eco-friendly wastewater treatment solutionSpain OFFER 2015-07-02
H2020 DS 2015 1 Project Proposal on Privacy & Trustworthy Interoperability Services on top of Network Function Virtualization and Software-driven Networks (CyBeLaw) is looking for partners in the field of telecommunicationGermany RESEARCH 2015-07-31
Mobile cloud-based solution for outdoor employees increasing their productivity and safety.Czech Republic OFFER 2014-12-19
Image Recognition technology Macedonia OFFER 2015-12-07
Innovative cybersecurity technology dedicated to industrial control system protectionFrance OFFER 2016-01-04
Miniature high performance movement control technologyNetherlands REQUEST 2014-12-19
Innovative intelligent dynamic logistic buffer and order picking system.Netherlands OFFER 2016-02-09
CEF 2014-2020: Research of information systems for risk management and environmental protection in portsSlovenia RESEARCH 2014-12-12
H2020 ICT-30-2015: eLIoT – enhanced Logistics Internet of ThingsSlovenia RESEARCH 2014-12-12
Innovative product designed to eliminate the problem of tangled earphones Cyprus OFFER 2014-12-18
EINFRA-9-2015 - BioInformaticsResourceome (BIR): Bioinformatics research resources in actionItaly RESEARCH 2014-12-11
Multifunction distributed system for lighting control, with light intensity variationRomania OFFER 2014-12-17
H2020-PHC-28 Development of predictive and patients’ decision support systems and personalized platforms. Partners and consortia soughtSpain RESEARCH 2015-03-20
Customizable online interactive business intelligence dashboard for software platforms Turkey OFFER 2014-12-17
H2020-REFLECTIVE-5-2015: Greek Museum is looking for cultural institution and partners with expertise related to World War 2Greece RESEARCH 2015-03-13
H2020-REFLECTIVE-6-2015: Greek Cultural Operator is looking for cultural institutions and partners with expertise related to OperaGreece RESEARCH 2015-03-13
Mobile system and mapping method for objectives placed at a long distance from the roadRomania OFFER 2014-12-17
Autonomous data logging systemsGreece OFFER 2015-12-16
Subcontractors sought for manufacturing of mechanical parts of satellite antenna systemsSweden REQUEST 2015-02-06
Web based integrated system for the management of transport services.Italy OFFER 2014-12-16
Fiber plants shredding technologyLatvia OFFER 2014-12-03
Flue gas condenserLatvia OFFER 2014-12-03
Parking Guidance and Monitoring TechnologyTurkey OFFER 2014-12-15
Industrial partners for the realisation of smart and flexible rail freight wagons.Italy REQUEST 2014-12-10
Social food integrated platform Italy OFFER 2015-12-09
H2020 : Integrated approach to retrofitting of residential buildings (EeB-08-2015): developing a new methodology for the deep renovation of existing residential buildingsItaly RESEARCH 2014-12-03
H2020-MG.5.5b: reducing traffic congestion and improve the mobility systems of people and freight. Experienced partners in sustainable systems sought. Spain RESEARCH 2015-04-07
Energy efficiency system to monitor, manage and reduce energy consumptions in smart home environments.Italy OFFER 2014-12-10
Partners specialised in sensors for an innovative and integrated freight wagons management system.Italy REQUEST 2014-12-10
Security in Wireless Sensor Networks Italy RESEARCH 2014-12-17
H2020-ISIB-4b-2015 Forest management and climate change awareness dissemination campaignsSpain RESEARCH 2014-12-17
Water treatment with nano-structured titanic ceramic electrodesLatvia OFFER 2014-12-03
Hyper – elastic pressure sensorLatvia OFFER 2014-12-03
Vehicles performance on-line monitoring technologyLatvia OFFER 2014-12-03
Light electric vehicle producer looking for heart-rate monitoring solutionsLatvia REQUEST 2014-12-03
H2020-ICT-24A-2015. Precise localization in buried infrastructuresSpain RESEARCH 2015-02-10
H2020-INSO-9-2015. Support to innovative SMEs for the design and creation of innovative apps for the public sector. SMEs submitting a proposal within this topic on phase 2 soughtSpain RESEARCH 2014-12-15
Driver for LED lamps with application in smart lightingSpain OFFER 2015-01-30
Cultural heritage preservation system against moisture, dampness and water seepage of walls and rooms Germany OFFER 2014-12-10
Microchip based technology for determination of phytopathogens and veterinary diseases using real-time polymerase chain reactionRussia OFFER 2014-12-09
Modern and ergonomic traffic and urban environment management systemLatvia OFFER 2014-12-30
Polish company developed an algorithm and is looking for partners from industry.Poland RESEARCH 2015-01-06
H2020-SPIRE-6-2015: Organic waste integration into industrial feedstock to achieve improved efficiency in the building industryGreece RESEARCH 2014-12-09
Seeking novel advanced oxidation technologies & materials for detoxification of water from cyanotoxins & other pollutants Greece REQUEST 2014-12-03
Technological expertise and custom support options for a wide range of analytical instruments & lab equipmentGreece OFFER 2014-12-09
A French SME is looking for partnership in new technologies to develop new range of smart heating clothesFrance REQUEST 2016-01-08
Unique user-based online information sampling instrumentLatvia OFFER 2014-11-27
A technology that enables mobile handsets applications to record and share voicesMacedonia OFFER 2015-12-03
H2020-ICT-2015: Collective awareness platform for air pollutionGreece RESEARCH 2014-12-09
Computational modelling and simulation for device characterization to deliver cost cutting solutions for industries and research institutes designing and building very small (nano) devicesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-09
Motor-integrated damping of spindle vibrations for cutting machine toolsGermany OFFER 2014-12-05
Novel process for steam gasification of various solid (residual) biomass feedstock to obtain a H2-rich gas (> 60%) for fuel synthesis and combined heat and power generationGermany OFFER 2014-12-05
H2020-REFLECTIVE-6. Access, reuse and exploitation of digital cultural resources meeting real user needs through a social networkSpain RESEARCH 2015-05-08
H2020-INSO-1-2015: SMEs, universities, R&D institutes and relevant stakeholders sought for a gap analysis and identification of potential applications for their implementation in the public sectorSpain RESEARCH 2015-05-08
Multi-information Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in arterial spin labelingNetherlands OFFER 2014-12-09
Customized software solutions that perform security tests at high speed in order to uncover security bugs and vulnerabilities in software and firmwareSpain OFFER 2015-12-01
H2020-PHC-30 Dissemination of scientific information to general public and specialised professionals. SMEs, research institutes and universities soughtSpain RESEARCH 2015-03-20
Complete sensory survey solution to meet the needs of food production businessEstonia OFFER 2014-12-08
An Electronic System Design for Diagnosis and Treatment of ConstipationTurkey OFFER 2014-12-09
Technology for manufacturing of prostheses and spinal jackets with 3D scanning and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machiningPoland REQUEST 2015-02-12
COS-TFLOWS-2014-3-15: development of a tourism product facilitating European transnational tourism flows in the low and medium seasonsItaly RESEARCH 2014-11-26
AC Motor Vector Speed Control TechnologyTurkey OFFER 2014-11-28
Eureka-Eurostars-2015: Autonomous hybrid tractor for a greener and efficient transport system. SMEs and industry within the electric vehicle field soughtSpain RESEARCH 2014-12-08
RF(Radio Frequency) components for Telecommunication, Military, and Aerospace applicationSouth Korea OFFER 2014-12-05
Portuguese engineering company is looking for commercial and technical partners for its maintenance management software application, specially designed for service buildings, in Southern Europe and North AfricaPortugal OFFER 2015-12-01
Near field communication bracelets integrating technology in fashion designsSpain OFFER 2015-12-02
Geolocalized social internet radio for smartphone, tablet, web and automotiveItaly OFFER 2016-01-08
Free & open bike sharing Italy REQUEST 2014-12-03
H2020-LEIT-BIO-2015-1: The European Agriculture-Plant Microbiome ProjectSpain RESEARCH 2014-12-16
Real-time safety risk analysis and early warning system for workplacesTurkey OFFER 2014-12-02
Agent-based intelligent and integrated control of sewerage networks and wastewater treatment plantsGermany OFFER 2015-11-06
ERANETMED-JC-Energy-2014: Biomass products from local and cheap raw materials free of toxic impuritiesGreece RESEARCH 2014-11-28
Deep semantic technology for analyzing opinions in social mediaCzech Republic OFFER 2014-12-01
The SME is seeking partners from the industrial sector to develop and demonstrate the solution.Poland RESEARCH 2014-12-05
Ensuring functionality of transformer pitsSweden OFFER 2015-11-24
Procedure and system for the determination of epicardial fat volume from tomographic images, and related computer programItaly OFFER 2015-11-09
Lightning-safe power supply method for condition monitoring of wind turbine rotor blades Germany OFFER 2015-11-16
Registration system of water variables, like level and flow, based on smartphone pictures, to support management of water resources Netherlands OFFER 2015-11-18
Autonomous On-line Active Vibration/Noise/Flow Control SystemsGreece OFFER 2014-11-26
Electro fluidic based dynamic lens technology is offered to system integrators of camera modulesNetherlands OFFER 2015-11-17
Electrohydraulic valve with linear and rotational actuationItaly OFFER 2014-11-26
e-platform for Health & Quality of Life AssessmentGreece REQUEST 2014-11-27
Device for supporting and for adjusting the position of a patient's head during surgeriesItaly OFFER 2015-01-07
EUREKA: Partners sought for development of high speed small package sorting systemTurkey RESEARCH 2014-11-26
Device of biometrically secured telephonyRomania OFFER 2014-11-27
A unique cloud based software for smart metering and remote monitoring of energy consumption at buildingsTurkey OFFER 2014-11-25
System for reducing energy consumptionSweden OFFER 2014-11-28
H2020-EeB-2015: Italian research institute is looking for SMEs, R&D institutions and public authorities for smart retrofit and regeneration of buildings and citiesItaly RESEARCH 2014-11-24
Development and production of a multifunctional water meter – Partner from electronics industry soughtGermany REQUEST 2014-11-21
H2020-SC5-12b-2015: partners from th aerospace industry and oil&gas industry are sought for a project on innovative solutions for reducing the consumption of oil in machine tool chain Italy RESEARCH 2014-11-25
Free visual and contributive encyclopediaBelgium OFFER 2014-12-02
Augmented Reality Educational Technology for several industriesSpain OFFER 2015-03-11
Radio frequency identification device (RFID) system to prevent misfueling of vehicleIreland OFFER 2014-11-26
Fail-safe power supply method for electrically operated applicationsGermany OFFER 2015-11-16
Cross-platform interactive problem book on chemistry for schoolsRussia OFFER 2014-11-21
Technology for chemical polishing the objects made of sapphireUkraine OFFER 2015-11-16
Intelligent 3D environments for embedded visualisation and simulation systems of the human body for medicine and scienceAustria OFFER 2014-11-25
Universal software tool for facility and staff maintenanceCroatia OFFER 2014-12-03
Mobile system and mapping method for accurate mapping of objectives or their components placed at a long distance from roadsRomania OFFER 2014-12-10
Technology for strengthening of windows made of optical ceramics for devices operating in the infrared spectral rangeUkraine OFFER 2015-11-02
Advanced smart Big Data solutionSpain OFFER 2015-11-12
System for measurement and management of customer behaviour metricsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-12-04
Advanced faecal station supervisory and control systemCroatia OFFER 2014-11-25
A Platform for Real-Time Event Modelling for the optimsation of structural and functional integrity of Complex Cyber-Physical SystemsUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-12-04
Intuitive method and electronic device Romania OFFER 2014-12-08
A propulsion/drive system of aquatic vessels.Poland OFFER 2014-12-17
Innovative IT engine for integration of Health Information SystemsSpain OFFER 2015-05-20
Technology for nano-joining precision parts from glass-ceramics with practically zero coefficient of linear expansionUkraine OFFER 2015-10-30
Innovative cloud based platform for a full service Graphic DesignSpain OFFER 2015-03-11
Multi-channel smoke detector based on the phenomenon of plasmon resonanceUkraine OFFER 2015-10-30
Optical chip technology with extreme precision Netherlands OFFER 2015-11-19
Fully interactive information and self-service platform for various self-service and customer relations management activitiesEstonia OFFER 2014-11-25
Technology of ion plasma deposition of stainless steel corrosion-resistant coatings that maintain the composition of consumed materials.Russia OFFER 2015-04-17
High-precise gauge pressure sensors for fluid aggressive media with silicon membrane sensing elements with protective diamond-like carbon nano layers.Russia OFFER 2015-04-17
Organic green hydroponic forage system for animal green grass feedMacedonia OFFER 2014-11-17
Seeking co-developers of new lightweight, extremely compact and robust solid-state semiconductor chip-based spectrometerUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-11-16
Paper folding technology, specifically for toilet tissue and paper towel dispensers in the sanitary sectorAustria OFFER 2014-11-20
New application for optimisation of human resourcesSlovenia OFFER 2015-12-08
New generation 3D situational centerRussia OFFER 2015-04-17
Software products family for informational support of state structures activity in the combating organized crime field. Russia OFFER 2015-04-20
Simultaneous phase and amplitude control using triple stub topology and its implementation using RF MEMS technologyTurkey OFFER 2015-05-06
A high performance, low power Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)-based computation acceleratorsPoland OFFER 2014-11-25
Specialist expertise offered for the design and development of medical products and devices associated with laser applications.United Kingdom OFFER 2014-11-17
Rechargeable zinc cell printed batteries for off-grid solar photovoltaic (PV) applicationsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-11-12
Application for Eurostars - German SME sought for project within Competetive Intelligence CentreNorway RESEARCH 2014-11-19
A dedicated high performance vision systems for research and industryPoland OFFER 2014-11-25
Method and equipment for testing road longitudinal profiles in dynamic regimeRomania OFFER 2015-11-09
Telemedicine compatible mobile health technologies and solutionsTurkey REQUEST 2014-11-17
Cyber security questionnaire and assessment technologyNetherlands OFFER 2014-11-19
Biomedical imaging data managementFrance OFFER 2014-12-03
Multi-bit hardware decoder in safety-critical applicationsGermany OFFER 2014-11-25
Customer tailored solutions and products for technical simulation (CAD/Computer-Aided Design)Germany OFFER 2015-11-12
Innovative platform that uses global data for local weather prediction.Greece OFFER 2014-11-17
Device and method for acquisition and transfer of signalsSlovenia OFFER 2015-10-29
Novel advanced ecologically acceptable system for ballast water treatmentCroatia OFFER 2015-07-08
The complex method and the device based on surface plasmon resonance for the diagnosis and monitoring of treatment of oncologic diseasesUkraine OFFER 2015-10-22
Interactive and modular floor with programmable wooden tilesItaly OFFER 2016-01-08
Interactive and multifunctional furniture systemItaly OFFER 2015-10-27
Innovative technology for the simultaneous production of electricity, hot water and air-conditioning.Greece OFFER 2014-11-17
Discreet Bluetooth enabled technology to be built in clothe and accessoriesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-11-13
Analytics and real time model of geo-referenced data from mobile devices applicationsItaly OFFER 2016-01-08
Secure Electronic AuthenticatorTurkey OFFER 2015-10-27
H2020-SC5-4-2015: Development of technological options to improve the air quality in cities and reduce the carbon footprintSpain RESEARCH 2014-11-26
Cointainer Finder - a system for verifying the number of containers in a stack and related methodItaly OFFER 2014-11-18
Developing software for public lighting maintenanceCroatia REQUEST 2014-11-24
Clinical outcome modellingUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-11-18
H2020: SC5-7-2015. dissemination of awareness campaigns regarding climate change and sustainabilitySpain RESEARCH 2015-03-20
Geo Information System for drilling data managementRussia OFFER 2015-10-26
Mobile robots programmingPoland OFFER 2014-11-07
Seeking partners to join H2020 bid to deliver a new approach to whole-house, deep energy efficiency retrofitting of residential buildings United Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-11-11
Horizon2020-SIE-01-2015-2 - search for a leading drone service company, preferably SME, well introduced in the market, for leading the work package ‘UAV platform development’. Italy RESEARCH 2014-11-13
Public transportation mobile application platformEstonia OFFER 2014-11-13
Complex Automation System (CAS) of power factor correction for minimizing harmonic distortion in systems for reactive power compensationBulgaria OFFER 2014-11-07
Virtual agents: technological systems for natural language processingItaly OFFER 2014-11-05
Automated system for light signalisation of pedestrian crossing / walkway with traffic and safety controlBulgaria OFFER 2014-11-03
Forensic Laboratory Information Management SystemTurkey OFFER 2015-10-15
Wireless network for household and industrial utility meters readout and data acquisitionBulgaria OFFER 2014-11-05
Parking Behavior solution - Track, Locate and Retrieve your vehicle.Israel OFFER 2015-10-14
A leading Israeli technology of vehicle tracking device is especially designed for Stolen Vehicle Recovery operations (SVR)Israel OFFER 2015-10-14
Driving behavior and accident black-box unit to enable better monitoring of driver’s activity and allow massive decrease of fleet expenses Israel OFFER 2015-10-22
Spectrum engineering and frequency management toolkitUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-10-19
Technologies for automatic speech recognitionSweden REQUEST 2015-04-29
H2020: SDF. Smart data framework: a framework for sematic big data analyticsSpain RESEARCH 2014-11-03
H2020-PHC-2015-single-stage: Semantic Electronic Health Record (SEHR)Spain RESEARCH 2014-11-03
Italian company has developed a new wireless sensor technology extremely flexible and robust Italy OFFER 2014-11-03
Software for recognition of patterns on distorted surfacesSweden REQUEST 2015-04-29
New technology of revitalization of the heavily polluted small water reservoirsPoland OFFER 2014-11-04
Smart gaming software combines artificial intelligence system to help increase physical activitySweden OFFER 2014-11-17
KIC InnoEnergy innovation project partner requested for front-end software development /designGermany RESEARCH 2014-10-28
A prediction method for vehicle availability in free-floating car sharingItaly OFFER 2014-10-31
Roof safety product with internal energy absorber for fall protectionNetherlands OFFER 2015-04-22
Bonding of a wide variety of materials at room temperature.Netherlands OFFER 2014-10-31
Monitoring system for truck-trailer combinationNetherlands OFFER 2014-10-31
Optical fibres based load monitoring technology for rotor blades of wind turbinesNetherlands OFFER 2014-11-06
Surgery operation planner Slovenia OFFER 2014-11-05
Modular system for processing and analysis of analogue signalsPoland OFFER 2014-11-19
Interactive tool for the implementation of environmental legislation in nanoparticle manufacturersSpain OFFER 2014-10-30
Software solution for maintenance of public lightingCroatia OFFER 2014-11-25
Energy monitoring system for industrial applicationsEstonia OFFER 2014-10-27
Linguistics-based tools for high quality textsFrance OFFER 2014-10-30
Electronic portable interface for epicortical activity acquisition and stimulation Italy OFFER 2014-11-19
Advanced barcode control of airport boarding passCroatia OFFER 2014-11-25
Intelligent CAN (controller area network) bus interface for telematics systemsHungary OFFER 2014-10-30
H2020: ICT-20-2015. Proactive Social Platform ProjectSpain RESEARCH 2015-01-16
H2020: ICT-24. Echolocation Bionic System for Blind PeopleSpain RESEARCH 2015-01-16
Lifting station for sewage homogenized by the stream of sewagePoland OFFER 2014-10-27
Automatic legionella detection in drinking water systems Germany OFFER 2014-10-20
Inline and online sensing device that allows for continuous monitoring of changes in fluidsNetherlands OFFER 2015-04-22
Training simulator for truck drivers with account for specificity of cars from various manufacturersRussia OFFER 2014-10-17
Easy casting simulation softwareSpain OFFER 2016-01-18
Nanofabrication facility platformFrance OFFER 2014-11-06
Magnetic system with novel polar and field attributesGreece OFFER 2016-02-01
Innovative business process management software solution for the shipping industry.Greece OFFER 2014-10-27
Smart battery management systemSpain OFFER 2015-11-12
E-government platform supporting the integration of government servicesSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-10-15
Robot fishLatvia OFFER 2014-10-30
Η2020-SC5-WATER-5-2015: Combined use of advanced oxidation technologies for cost-effective, sustainable water treatment and recyclingGreece RESEARCH 2014-10-24
UK specialist offers technical documentation services in Aerospace and Defence.United Kingdom OFFER 2014-10-27
Industrial lifecycle visibilityFrance OFFER 2014-10-27
High mobility eight wheel robotized platformLatvia OFFER 2014-10-30
H2020-NMP-19-2015: Materials with high thermal dissipation and electrically conductive/insulating for microelectronics and electric applicationsSpain RESEARCH 2015-03-16
Partner in an online browser-based software for entrepreneurship learning United Kingdom OFFER 2014-10-24
Clinical decision support system for migraine and cephalalgy diagnosisItaly OFFER 2014-10-24
Knowhow in agro and food sectors needs for R&D cloud platform remodellingSpain REQUEST 2015-10-15
Use of Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) layers for electrical/semiconductor applicationsSwitzerland REQUEST 2014-10-13
Coordinator/partner sought for H2020 call ICT-39-2015: international partnership building in low and middle countries.Romania RESEARCH 2014-10-22
Innovative automatic vehicle location system improved with low energy wireless sensorsItaly OFFER 2014-10-22
High resolution compact sounder for atmospheric remote sensingSpain OFFER 2015-01-23
Flexible Nanostructured Bio-Sensors based on Nano-Structured electrodes Italy OFFER 2014-10-31
Highly effective catalytic exhaust filter designed to reduce the harmful emissions of exhaust gases from vehicles equipped with diesel engines and wildly used burnersBulgaria OFFER 2014-11-05
Wireless diagnostic systemPoland OFFER 2014-10-24
Collective interaction tool using smartphone or tablet as interfaceFrance OFFER 2015-10-13
Collective interaction tool based on laser pointerFrance OFFER 2015-10-28
Digital content production dedicated to collective interactionFrance OFFER 2015-10-28
Telemedicine for the marine sectorGreece OFFER 2014-11-06
Cryogenic linear positioning actuatorNetherlands OFFER 2015-09-23
Innovative business research software to search, collect, organise and share relevant online content most efficientlyGermany OFFER 2015-09-23
Cost saving and efficient industrial flue gas cleaning systems for NOx reductionAustria OFFER 2015-01-20
Technology to collect, connect and analyse mass data in industrial environments to improve processes in profuction, energy and qualityGermany OFFER 2014-10-22
H2020-SPIRE-7–2015: Construction and validation of a process for extraction of valuable metalsSpain RESEARCH 2015-01-14
Membrane switches for front panels of various devicesLatvia OFFER 2014-10-13
Web platform for clinical trials managementFrance OFFER 2014-10-13
Sensor interface silicon chip with multiple input channels for current and voltage sensors Croatia OFFER 2014-10-27
PS: H2020 WATER–2015-DRYWATER – Dry anaerobic digestion of waste water treatment plants sludgeSpain RESEARCH 2014-10-29
Small metrology chamber for 450mm Wafer-X-ray analyticsGermany OFFER 2015-10-08
Material for ceramic filters for the filtration of various liquidsLatvia OFFER 2014-10-09
Smart and cost cutting holiday provider selection platform - search for technical development and commercialisation partnersUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-10-24
Wireless distance measurement technology based on low power battery driven radio transceivers for a huge range of applicationsGermany OFFER 2014-11-21
Sensory joining systems for multiple unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to obtain informationSpain OFFER 2015-08-03
A method for manufacturing zeolitesPoland OFFER 2014-10-24
Sample for the calibration of outgassing rate measurement systemsGermany OFFER 2015-10-07
H2020 ICT-25-2015: Generic micro- and nano-electronic technologies: Probability based hardware/electronic/system developmentUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-10-02
Portable cleaner for vegetables and fruits South Korea OFFER 2015-01-06
System for communication between USB modem and router's RJ-45 WAN portPoland OFFER 2015-07-17
Light Guide Panel (LGP) imprinting pattern coating chemicals and system solutionSouth Korea OFFER 2014-10-07
Rework chemicals for display panelsSouth Korea OFFER 2014-10-07
Next-generation software for high-speed and very accurate computer-based simulations of very large and complex mechanical structures Switzerland OFFER 2014-10-02
SMIVO - Real-time volumetric measuring system in road trash containers Italy OFFER 2014-10-06
Industrial institute looking for partners in European research projectsPoland OFFER 2014-10-27
Gamma and X-ray radiation detection and spectra measurementsLatvia OFFER 2014-10-24
Flow profile with debossed boundariesSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-03-25
Automated brewing system for micro and medium sized breweriesSlovenia OFFER 2014-12-22
Optimization of flow air carrier for air blast sprayer outputFrance OFFER 2014-10-02
Partners sought for HORIZON 2020 project - “Valorization of Lignin and Cellulose from agricultural residues - Complete utilization for sustainable chemistry”Germany RESEARCH 2014-09-25
Seeking advanced technology for emanation of a vapour / gas / fragrance into the atmosphere at a constant rate throughout product lifetimeUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2014-09-25
Multilayer ribbons based on metal alloys suitable for use in the field of actuators and sensors or in electrical engineering, medical, automotive or chemical industrySlovak Republic OFFER 2015-09-21
LIFE - Recycling wood, foams and textiles from end-of-life vehicles and municipal bulky wastesSpain RESEARCH 2014-10-07
Cetane number improvement additive for diesel or biodiesel fuelsSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-10-01
Looking for a chipless RFID tag design & manufacturing technologySouth Korea REQUEST 2014-10-01
Semi or fully automatic food processing technology for production of filled (stuffed) meat rollsLatvia REQUEST 2014-09-30
Connecting businesses through integration processes based on Web, Cloud and Mobile TechnologiesCroatia OFFER 2014-10-22
SMEs and research centers are sought for a PHC-25-2015 project aiming at designing and developing a cloud-based integrated platform to support medical diagnosis of rare children diseases.Italy RESEARCH 2014-11-18
Waste water system with separation and filtrationSlovenia OFFER 2015-09-16
Consulting/Coaching services in software engineering for software testing automation (STA) and design for testability (DFT) techniques.Italy OFFER 2014-09-29
Analysis of zebrafish larvae in a controlled flow systemNetherlands OFFER 2015-04-22
H2020: experts sought in oil/water separation for development and evaluation of coatings and surface conditions to reduce the impact of oil spills in the seasItaly RESEARCH 2014-10-01
Topsoil substitute made of mining/quarry mineral wasteFrance OFFER 2014-09-30
Virtual robot for using computer application through a natural user interfaceSlovenia OFFER 2015-09-18
Unique vector map for fast access to cartographic and tabular review of entire territorySlovenia OFFER 2014-10-22
H2020-PHC-11-2015: Spectroscopic imaging techniques applied in endoscopy for cancer diagnosticsGreece RESEARCH 2014-09-22
Microbial contamination screening for the water sectorNetherlands OFFER 2015-04-22
A complex ICT support solution to practice and simulation based healthcare or defence educationHungary OFFER 2014-09-29
Advanced technology for sea water desalination (Range: 40 mld – 200 mld)India REQUEST 2014-10-24
Process for recycling carbon fiberFrance OFFER 2014-09-25
Method and instrument for ultra-sensitive multi-elemental analysis of liquids by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)Italy OFFER 2014-09-23
Selective filtering with smart materials for the galvanic industryItaly REQUEST 2014-09-25
Smart foot laser scanningItaly REQUEST 2014-09-23
Thermal Management System for Improving Soot Sensors based on Particle CollectionNorway OFFER 2014-09-24
PS - H2020-BB. VC3.D4-2014 - Integrate process for valorisation of agro-food residues for production of high added value functional additives, polymers and compositesSpain RESEARCH 2014-09-16
H2020. FoF 13-2015 Material scientist partner required who specialises in material reuse/recyclingUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-09-22
High performance substrates for electronics at lower costUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-11-24
Computer-controlled system for production control and product quality designated for the 5 layer polyethylene foils.Poland REQUEST 2014-09-22
Indoor positioning solution that provides the accurate real time location and movement of mobile devices within a building using adapted Wi-Fi technologiesIreland OFFER 2014-10-22
Precise car park administration, route optimization and cost reductionRomania OFFER 2014-09-22
Open source backup technology for server virtualization software.Spain OFFER 2014-09-25
Determination of the biological age Germany OFFER 2015-08-27
A new approach to accounting with an artificial intelligence supported software Slovenia OFFER 2015-09-03
Risk assessment tool for increasing information securitySlovenia OFFER 2015-09-04
Solar powered ground water pumping and street lighting solutions sought for agricultural and urban projects in emerging markets.United Kingdom REQUEST 2014-09-22
A French start-up offering connected objects for the preservation of natural resources and energy management is looking for commercial agency agreements or technical/research cooperations.France OFFER 2015-10-15
Modular or tailored solar driven reverse osmosis desalination plantsSpain OFFER 2014-09-18
Horizon 2020 – PHC11: Solving the brain-shift problem in neurosurgeryItaly RESEARCH 2014-09-16
Biometric keyboard technology offered for licensing.Poland OFFER 2014-09-18
Online serious game dedicated to animated film and digital images for children and young peopleFrance OFFER 2015-09-07
Video mapping technology and workshop for citizens participation.France OFFER 2015-09-07
Indoor positioning and navigation platform offeredUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-09-18
Hardware device / software framework optimizing engine and all exterior and interior noises of a car Germany OFFER 2015-09-14
Protective antifouling foil for maritime vesselsGermany OFFER 2014-09-29
Integrated junction control systemTurkey OFFER 2014-11-24
Eureka: development of Chipless RFID/NFC Tag for high frequency bandSouth Korea RESEARCH 2014-09-24
Projected augmented reality system for remote expert assistanceFinland OFFER 2014-09-16
Service provider for medical screening/pharmaceutical drug discovery sought for field testing of knowledge management systemGermany OFFER 2014-09-15
Affordable atomic scale scanning for everyday productsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-09-15
Micromechanical dry exfoliation deviceSpain OFFER 2014-09-16
Corrugated and porous graphene for use in supercapacitorsSpain OFFER 2014-09-16
Passive sensor for in situ detection of amines in airSpain OFFER 2014-09-16
Complete framework for developing database-backed web applications Romania OFFER 2015-09-01
Professional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) web-based application for improving sales, marketing, customer service and supportSlovenia OFFER 2015-08-31
Safety system to avert the consequences of runway overrun accidents at airportsGreece OFFER 2014-09-11
Technology platform for the development of electrical bioimpedance-based applicationsSpain OFFER 2014-09-12
Technology for waste water treatment containing oil, fat, pigments, organic and anorganic componentsNetherlands OFFER 2014-09-12
Algorithms for image processing to be used in video surveillance systemsPoland OFFER 2015-09-08
HORIZON 2020: Human-robot interactive weldingCroatia RESEARCH 2014-10-16
Innovative hybrid dust collector with high performance and low costSouth Korea OFFER 2014-09-18
H2020:WATER-2015-two-stage-Water innovation: Croatian university is looking for research cooperation agreement to research influence of phytoplankton biomass on the lowering and sequestration of carbon dioxide as industry productCroatia RESEARCH 2014-12-16
Portable analyser for the determination of anionic surfactants in industrial effluentsCroatia OFFER 2014-09-10
Urgent (Call: COS-TSUST-2014-3-15) Coordinator and partners sought for Sustainable Transnational Tourism ProductsGermany RESEARCH 2014-09-08
A novel system for Cultural Heritage documentation based on 3D modeling workflows.Greece OFFER 2014-09-09
Software development and Data analysis solutions based on Growth Hacking and Big Data ManagementFrance OFFER 2015-09-01
Operation-related notification system for manufacturersHungary OFFER 2014-09-10
Meat stretching technology for production of filled (stuffed) meat rolls. Latvia REQUEST 2014-09-10
Software company offers modern and highly integrated information system to hospitals and clinicsGermany OFFER 2014-09-08
Tunable Radio Frequency (RF) solutions for wireless communication systems.United Kingdom OFFER 2014-10-13
Software for the computer-based sign language translationRussia OFFER 2015-08-25
A German company developed an innovative Bluetooth Smart technology for gadgets and toysGermany OFFER 2015-08-31
Access control systems for social establishmentsRussia OFFER 2015-08-25
A Swedish company offers a new technological breakthrough for compressing styrofoamSweden OFFER 2014-09-11
H2020 - Fast Track to Innovation: German SME is looking for partner for a project in the field of Big Data, Smart Grids, Privacy and TechnologyGermany RESEARCH 2014-09-05
A comprehensive over-the-top media solutions portfolio for travel, retail, media and entertainment industriesEstonia OFFER 2014-09-09
USB-Powered Film Characterization at the Point-of-NeedGreece OFFER 2014-09-04
Intelligent monitoring system for oil and gas wellsRussia OFFER 2015-08-21
Improvement of injection lasers characteristics by the use of asymmetric barrier layers in the waveguideRussia OFFER 2014-09-30
Epitaxial growth of novel type injection lasers – lasers with asymmetric barrier layers (ABLs)Russia REQUEST 2014-09-18
Numerical simulation of characteristics of novel type injection lasers – lasers with asymmetric barrier layers (ABLs)Russia REQUEST 2014-09-18
Vertical gardens in building façadesGreece OFFER 2014-09-02
Software as a service (SaaS) platform for collaborative project management (sharing, reviewing and approving all type of files and documents) France OFFER 2015-09-01
Origin & Destination automatic traffic analysis systemFrance OFFER 2015-10-02
Decision-making software for road damage monitoring and maintenanceFrance OFFER 2015-09-29
Advanced retail software for point of sale (POS) terminals Slovenia OFFER 2014-08-29
System of services for building IT-infrastructure of airports and airlines on a cloud platformRussia OFFER 2015-08-20
Co-development and manufacture of innovative medical devicesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-09-01
Internet-based system for transport logistic management and routes planningRussia OFFER 2015-08-21
Express analyzer for low-temperature properties of oil productsRussia OFFER 2015-09-04
Vacuum-insulated geothermal probe designed for energy and cost savingsAustria OFFER 2014-08-29
Burner for simultaneous combustion of liquid and gaseous fuels of unstable qualityCzech Republic OFFER 2014-08-28
CO2 technologies for different applicationsNetherlands OFFER 2014-09-03
H2020: FoF 13-2015. Manufacturer or remanufacturer of electronic products, turbine blades, aircraft components soughtUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-09-18
H2020. FoF 13-2015. Partner required to carry out product life cycle assessmentUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-09-16
H2020: FoF 13-2015. business consultant partner is required to provide cost estimation and business modelUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-09-16
Electronic ID and trust services seeks partners Norway OFFER 2015-09-07
Software as a service (SaaS) platform to optimize creative operations managementFrance OFFER 2015-09-01
UK company specialising in the manufacture and printing of ID cards with additional technologies seeks partners who sell and install access control systemsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-09-03
Bottom-up water profiler for difficult to access areasItaly OFFER 2014-10-23
Mobile stabilized platform intended for medical/social care and/or security/defense usageCzech Republic OFFER 2014-08-27
R&D partners for further development of a portable solar energy-on-the-go pack for disaster recovery, emergency & rescue, and outdoor activitiesIsrael REQUEST 2014-08-26
A complete software solution for hyperspectral and multivariate image analysisSweden OFFER 2014-09-01
Novel high frequency band diodes capable of operating at cryogenic temperatures.United Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-23
London specialist in SharePoint and .NET looking for reseller opportunities in the UK United Kingdom REQUEST 2014-09-03
A scaled central processing unit for controlling of gas detectors statePoland OFFER 2014-08-22
Partners and coordinator sought for R&I project: HORIZON 2020: WASTE-7-2015 – Sustainable use of agricultural waste, co-products and by-productsGermany RESEARCH 2014-08-22
Large scale high precision monitoring of subsidence and deformation by satelliteNetherlands OFFER 2015-08-26
Joystick with hydraulic force feedback for simulationNetherlands OFFER 2015-09-21
Development of Innovative Floating Ecosystems for water quality enhancement, water treatment, waterscape architecture and habitat creationUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-09-09
Advanced technology regarding generation of pure water from sea water by membrane processes. India REQUEST 2014-09-22
Advanced technology for Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) based real-time Wide Area Measurement System (WAMS)India REQUEST 2014-09-23
An innovative flexible gas-liquid contacting system providing more efficient gas absorption and pollutant gas removal and easier handling than currently used systems.United Kingdom OFFER 2014-08-18
Solutions required for leakage of Water Tower assetsUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2014-08-12
Eco-efficient technology for walnut processing industrial line, from post-harvest to drying, offering rational use of water during the process and wastewater reuse and managementPortugal REQUEST 2014-08-18
URGENT - Robust and efficient simulation capability for application to 3-dimensional interactions of deformable hyperelastic solids with non-Newtonian fluid materialsBelgium REQUEST 2014-08-18
Novel methodology using radical compounds of nitrogen and hydrogen to produce hydrogen as a fuel for vehicles United Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-23
Novel non radiation security scanning portal imagerUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-01-02
H2020: UK university seeking SME partners for PHC-11-2015: Development of new diagnostic tools and technologies: in vivo medical imaging United Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-08-08
Advanced and efficient visualization software and components for medical, scientific, and technical/engineering applicationsGermany OFFER 2016-02-05
Patented award winning clean technology for large scale ground decontamination United Kingdom OFFER 2014-08-18
FETOPEN 1 - 2014: In situ soil and groundwater remediation by plasma dischargeGreece RESEARCH 2014-08-26
Looking for web and social analytics products to incorporate in B2B networking platformGreece REQUEST 2014-08-26
PS: H2020-WASTE-2015 - Utilization of fly ash and dust from dedusting equipment of waste incineration plant for light aggregates production Poland RESEARCH 2014-09-09
PS: H2020-WASTE-2015 - Recovery of yttrium and europium compounds from WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)Poland RESEARCH 2014-09-17
Integrated system for the remote control of clinical parametersItaly OFFER 2016-01-08
Lаser range finder - electronic unitBulgaria OFFER 2014-08-13
Highly specialised medical system designed for examination of the neuro-regulating changes in human organism on earth and in space conditionsBulgaria OFFER 2014-08-13
Specialised scientific device for assessing the effectiveness of operators performing activities in extreme conditionsBulgaria OFFER 2014-08-13
Specialised scientific device for diagnostics and treatment of psychiatric disorders with the method of eye movement desensitization and reprocessingBulgaria OFFER 2014-08-13
Ultra-compact and high precisional quartz crystal blank technologySouth Korea REQUEST 2014-08-14
Microorganism Technology and Technology for Minimizing Noise and Odor South Korea REQUEST 2014-08-14
New way of detection Cryptosporidium and Giardia protozoa.Poland OFFER 2014-08-18
Digital processor for scintillation detection systemsSlovenia OFFER 2014-08-18
PS-LIFE-Recycling of polymer wastes into valuable materials cement based products with improved technical propertiesSpain RESEARCH 2014-08-05
Complex Dataset Modelling and ManagementUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-08-13
Integration of a wireless remote sensor transmitter of data via high range radio emission (up to 10 km) on electronic deviceFrance OFFER 2014-08-13
High-power ultrasound technology for intensifying the efficiency of wastewater treatment plantsGermany OFFER 2015-08-17
High-power ultrasound technology for intensifying the efficiency of farmland biogas plantsGermany OFFER 2015-08-17
Indian company is looking for advanced technology regarding tertiary treatment of sewage and further recycling/ reuse in industrial application. India REQUEST 2014-08-14
Personalized trip planner – virtual tourist guideSlovenia OFFER 2014-08-19
An intelligent door surveillance systemSlovenia OFFER 2014-08-22
Application for complex analysis of mass spectrumPoland OFFER 2015-03-26
Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems integrated with a Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging scannerItaly OFFER 2016-01-07
Cloud-based software to streamline psychological researchGermany OFFER 2014-08-13
Partner Sought for an EU funded call in Anti Corrosion Coatings to Steel Barriers United Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-09-05
A UK based company, looking for licensing its technology, offers a mobile software application that that helps to locate and protect workers during shifts.United Kingdom OFFER 2014-09-18
Voice recognition and Intelligent and Audiovisual Navigation Systems technologies for mobiles, Personal Navigation Devices and tabletsGreece OFFER 2014-08-22
Expert systems integrated in in-vitro diagnostics/indirect immuno fluorescence medical devices/equipments Italy OFFER 2015-07-22
H2020: DS-03-2015: Development of malware analysis, modelling and simulation techniques aimed at critical infrastructure and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systemsUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-08-19
H2020-ICT-2014-2 Partners sought for the development of smart appliancesAustria RESEARCH 2014-08-06
Haptic substitution for robot assisted surgeryFrance OFFER 2014-08-07
Multichannel contents delivery through digital signage and social mediaItaly OFFER 2014-08-07
ICT platform for the fashion industry able to manage business and production processes Italy OFFER 2014-08-07
Partners sought for H2020 PHC-25-2015: A system of automated and unobtrusive sensors to monitor functional-health parameters Slovenia RESEARCH 2014-08-13
Adding value to refractory metals industrial scrap and waste by converting them into high value chemical productsFrance OFFER 2014-08-22
Novel Medicinal Compound for Gaucher disease treatment.Spain OFFER 2014-11-10
New system for super computing platform remote management by web.Spain OFFER 2015-11-12
New procedure for the elimination of printed ink from plastic filmSpain OFFER 2014-08-07
High accuracy indoor location method for mobile devicesLuxembourg OFFER 2014-08-19
EURIPIDES 2: Sensor developer, clothing producer, energy harvesting systems company, conductive auxiliary textiles developer and functional woven textiles developer are sought for Euripides 2 project focused on development of intelligent textilesCzech Republic RESEARCH 2014-09-10
State of the art push sensor technology with a built-in mini cameraSouth Korea REQUEST 2014-08-06
Smart Machine to Machine (M2M) Terrestrial Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and satellite tracking technologyNetherlands OFFER 2014-08-05
hydrogen-powered 3kW uninterruptible power supplyHungary OFFER 2015-08-07
Novel technology for lightweight aggregates made of recycled masonry rubbleGermany OFFER 2014-08-05
Rapid development hardware for roboticsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-07-28
Technology of LCD monitors utilization is sought.Poland REQUEST 2014-08-04
Energy saving power control system for welding applicationsItaly OFFER 2014-09-10
Statistical tool for the analysis of quantitative proteomics dataSpain OFFER 2015-11-02
New system for real time detection of Escherichia coli in waterSpain OFFER 2014-07-28
Enterprise application performance management (APM) solution.Spain OFFER 2014-07-25
RF-MEMS (radio-frequency micro electromechanical systems) devices for strategic and harsh environments as battery-less and wireless sensorsFrance OFFER 2015-07-10
Cigarette butts recycling and valorization solution sought France REQUEST 2014-07-30
Novel text searching tool Netherlands OFFER 2014-07-24
Method for graphic parallel computing of an image deviceItaly OFFER 2015-07-14
Novel technology for numerical simulation and optimization of orthopaedic and dental implantsGermany OFFER 2014-07-30
Integrated system to control and manage accesses to waste processing plants and ecological platforms.Italy OFFER 2015-07-29
New method of magnetic separation to obtain the proper magnetic fraction France OFFER 2014-07-30
Medical practice (clinic) management software requiredPoland REQUEST 2014-07-30
Optoelectronic express analyzer of waxes and wax-like substances in vegetable oilsRussia OFFER 2015-07-23
Large tactile graphics display for blind peopleGermany OFFER 2014-07-30
High performance water based antigraffiti coating and outstanding resistances and 100% biodegradable graffiti cleaning productsSpain OFFER 2014-07-28
Technology for measuring energy consumption based on a wireless sensor networkSpain OFFER 2014-07-28
Urgent: FP7-SME-2013 SPABRINK running project - A novel advertising tool that can be printed and wiped off, while the ink itself can be reused for further printingHungary RESEARCH 2014-07-18
Environmental phytostabilization of heavy metals in soilsFrance OFFER 2014-07-22
H2020: WATER-1b-2015 or WATER-5c-2015 – Innovative and chemical-free disinfection of drinking, process and waste water by photocatalytic technologyHungary RESEARCH 2014-07-24
Secure document warehouse (Oracle-based)Austria OFFER 2014-07-28
Remove and reuse of nitrogen oxide to nitric acid using the principle of fuel cell South Korea OFFER 2014-08-04
Integrated Clinical Management System to Prevent Catheter Related InfectionsSpain OFFER 2014-10-06
Engineering company/academic staff for improving phytodepuration technologies are sought for H2020-Water Innovation: Boosting its value for Europe callItaly RESEARCH 2014-07-18
H2020 - FET-Open : Image processing platform for on-line/real-time reconstruction France RESEARCH 2014-07-22
Sustainable lead phytostabilisation process in contaminated soilsFrance OFFER 2014-07-22
Integrated autopilot and sensor platform for drones, for successful operation of sensors on drones.Netherlands OFFER 2015-07-28
A tool for managing stem cell pre-transplant processSpain OFFER 2015-11-02
Simulation-tool for Offshore Wind LogisticsGermany OFFER 2014-07-31
H2020 PS: GENO. GEne Networks Optimization: Big Data Processing for Knowledge Discovering in Gene Regulatory NetworksSpain RESEARCH 2014-07-17
H2020 – Hybrid light and heavy duty vehicles - New light and compact automatic transmission with integrated hybrid functionFrance RESEARCH 2014-07-22
Innovative cleaning device with low pressure steam technology for removal of chewing gum or severe pollution in inner city areasAustria OFFER 2014-07-24
Context-aware push notification platform for mobile appsSpain OFFER 2014-07-24
Biometrical secured digital patient platform for the exchange of didactic information on diseases and treatments seeks industrial partners for further developmentNetherlands OFFER 2015-04-22
Development opportunity for new water flood barrier systemUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-23
HORIZON 2020 - Equipment for mosquito lifelong monitoring of movements and activitiesCroatia RESEARCH 2014-09-03
Flexible fixture for safe single man repairs of windows without external access equipmentUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-07-18
Innovative indoor & outdoor location-based services for touristic venues through augmented reality mobile applicationGreece OFFER 2014-07-24
Looking for indoor positioning technologies and solutionsGreece REQUEST 2014-07-24
A new technology of saving energy resources and reducing CO2 emissions for large-scale energy systemsPoland OFFER 2014-08-01
H2020: NMP-21-2014 (2nd stage). Development of a plasma-based technique and protective coatings for the restoration, disinfection and preservation of museum objects, art, archive and cultural heritageSpain RESEARCH 2014-09-16
Front electric self-launch and sustainer system for glider aircraftSlovenia OFFER 2015-07-13
Telescopic winch driven masts for antennas, photography equipment, lightning equipment, GPSSlovenia OFFER 2015-07-22
Turn-key automated control system for the gas regulation stations, transfer gas stations and underground gas storagesCzech Republic OFFER 2016-01-06
Software solution for business analytics.Italy OFFER 2014-07-24
Novel decision-making toolbox to optimize the on-site redevelopment for environmentally burdened, unused properties and brownfieldsGermany OFFER 2014-07-31
Wireless monitoring and real time interaction system for optimizing the management of the farming activity from agronomical, environmental and economical scopes. Spain OFFER 2015-06-18
Mobile anchor point and barrier system providing safe construction site conditions via work restraint, fall arrest or industrial rope accessUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-07-15
New kind of sensor for the aircleaning sectorItaly REQUEST 2014-07-21
Communication node required, based on a AVR microcontroller able to integrate different communication protocols and adapt to sensors and serial busesSpain REQUEST 2014-07-25
Request of Ion selective microelectrodes of solid state for the continuous measurement of the concentration of nutrients in hydroponic solutionsSpain REQUEST 2014-07-25
Innovative software application for lawyers and judges Poland OFFER 2014-09-01
Online technology solution designed for organisers and managers of large-scale sporting events such as marathons, track and field and Olympic events United Kingdom OFFER 2014-07-23
Revolutionary instrument for measurement and 3D modellingSpain OFFER 2014-07-23
Transportable device for on-site quality control of PV panelsLuxembourg OFFER 2014-08-25
H2020 PS: System for smart management of waterSpain RESEARCH 2014-07-16
Expertise in new mobile and web Application development sought for new mobile health oriented productUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2014-12-23
Cost-effective gas sensorSlovak Republic OFFER 2016-01-05
Wide area monitoring based on sensor netsSpain OFFER 2014-07-22
A Turkish R&D company offers a software solution for analysing location-based expenditure trends of customers for banking sector.Turkey OFFER 2015-07-13
Device to eliminate unpleasant smells from waste bins using organic productsItaly OFFER 2015-07-13
Clinical research management web toolsSpain OFFER 2015-06-19
PS- REFLECTIVE-7-2014 - Archaeological analysis in Collaborative Semantic Environments using 3D technologiesItaly RESEARCH 2014-07-16
Thin electric motor with a novel winding conceptSlovenia OFFER 2015-07-13
Method of synthesis of phosphonium sulfates(VI) Poland OFFER 2015-07-02
Integrated system for waste material and energy recovery from non-recyclable fractionsItaly OFFER 2014-07-22
Technologies for automation of energy cogeneration/polygenerationSpain OFFER 2014-07-25
Universal telematics platform for commercial motor vehiclesCzech Republic OFFER 2014-07-07
A Slovak company specialised in development of wireless electronic communication and control systems is looking for partners to conclude manufacturing or technical agreementsSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-07-21
Fast and light distance measurement sensorFrance OFFER 2014-07-21
Material processing technology for ferrite manufacturingSouth Korea REQUEST 2014-07-23
Plug and Play 3D printer for plastic printing with precision extrusion 50 micronsRussia OFFER 2015-04-16
Development of the methods for automatic real-time lie detection based on video analysisRussia OFFER 2015-04-20
Remote human body temperature measuring methodRussia OFFER 2015-04-17
H2020 SME Instrument: burner design with a gas sensor for automatic cut-off systemTurkey RESEARCH 2014-07-07
Reflex control systems of technical devicesUkraine OFFER 2015-12-18
The technology of product planning of projectsUkraine OFFER 2015-12-18
Intelligent floor tiles with step sensorsHungary OFFER 2014-07-16
Real time processing platform offering payment solutions for prepaid products is looking for partners in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.Netherlands OFFER 2014-07-16
Technology for profitable recycling of used tires with valuable side productsDenmark OFFER 2015-05-20
Optoelectronics materials productionSouth Korea REQUEST 2014-07-22
Integrated anti-dust ingress protection and backflow manhole coverSouth Korea OFFER 2014-07-24
SMART Measurement systemItaly OFFER 2014-09-23
Advanced battery monitoring algorithm for portable devicesSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-07-21
H2020-FCT-2014 Enhancing cooperation between law enforcement agencies and citizens - Community policingAustria RESEARCH 2014-07-07
Method for production of transistors with high electron mobilitySlovak Republic OFFER 2016-01-05
Non-oxide Ceramic Materials for the Semiconductor ProcessingSouth Korea REQUEST 2014-07-18
Software platform for on-line personal B2C communication Czech Republic OFFER 2014-07-25
Sealing and waterproofing of foundations and subterranean parts of residential and historical buildingsGermany OFFER 2014-07-07
Preventing tree roots from damaging the underground infrastructureGermany OFFER 2014-07-04
Technology for restoring original sound from compressed audio signalFrance OFFER 2014-07-07
Proven open-source platform and technical support for Smart City solutionsSpain OFFER 2014-07-11
Data management tool for industrial plantsTurkey OFFER 2014-07-18
Volumetric recovery in active dumping grounds Italy OFFER 2015-06-30
Robust and compact power semiconductor module for applications with high environmental stress.Switzerland OFFER 2014-08-07
H2020-WATER-2015- WATER INNOVATION-Italian company looking for project partners for operational solutions to solve water pollution challengeItaly RESEARCH 2014-09-01
Multibiometrics sensor for identificationSpain OFFER 2014-07-11
Novel static technology for Iris recognitionSpain OFFER 2014-07-11
The Sale Fashion AdvisorPoland OFFER 2014-07-16
Polymer Melts Filtration UnitRussia OFFER 2015-06-30
Composite material with nanoadditives for restoration of clay-containing architectural- museum objects Russia OFFER 2015-07-01
Zigbee solutions for domotics applicationsItaly REQUEST 2014-07-15
H2020: partner sought to develop applications of piezoelectric micro generators into road signaling systemsRomania RESEARCH 2014-06-26
Location based services platform for easy development of any kind of context-aware mobile applicationsSpain OFFER 2015-06-29
Innovative fixed-wing drone with electronic flight controlItaly OFFER 2015-12-15
Microwave facility for disinfection of medical wastesRussia OFFER 2015-06-30
Facility for recycling of polyethylene terephthalate wastesRussia OFFER 2015-06-30
New system for aerial firefightingSpain OFFER 2014-07-15
Data transmission device with use of quantum particlesRussia OFFER 2015-07-08
Rotating cell biofilm reactors technology for wastewater treatmentsItaly OFFER 2014-10-01
RNA interference to combat viruses infections France OFFER 2015-06-19
Production of fruits extracts enriched with ellagitannins France OFFER 2015-06-19
Liposomes: an innovative system for animals vaccination France OFFER 2015-06-19
Non-destructive x-ray analysis to be used in the field airport security Netherlands OFFER 2014-07-08
Italian company seeks investors to complete development of its innovative low-impact wind energy generation systemItaly OFFER 2014-07-11
Compostable profiles for LED applicationsGermany REQUEST 2014-07-09
H2020 FET-Open - Novel ideas for radically new technologies - Research ProjectsNetherlands RESEARCH 2014-07-24
Innovative cross-platform tool for visualizing and processing electrophysiological signalsFrance OFFER 2015-02-20
Simulator texture software for generating anisotropic texture of medical images and helping diagnosisFrance OFFER 2015-06-01
PS H2020: Semantic Electronic Health Record (SEHR)Spain RESEARCH 2014-06-30
Superior polymer nanocomposites and a manufacturing method for multifunctional filmsSwitzerland OFFER 2014-07-07
Ecological Water Elevation System (WES) Greece OFFER 2014-07-08
Innovative Wi-Fi system based on photovoltaic energyItaly OFFER 2014-07-08
Nano-precision linear/rotating piezoelectric motors Sweden OFFER 2014-07-10
Production of porous microcellular materials from ligninFrance OFFER 2014-07-17
Technology for preparation of optical fibers from polydimethylsiloxaneSlovak Republic OFFER 2016-01-08
Electronic towbar-automatisation of series production vehicles for convoy drivingGermany OFFER 2015-06-25
Service Robot for Motion and Special Applications Realized on the Vertically Oriented WallsCzech Republic OFFER 2014-06-27
Development of a hardware-software complex for remote individual monitoring of the functional state of human cardiovascular systemRussia OFFER 2015-06-18
Multifunctional complex for providing a safe exploitation of production premises of enterprisesRussia OFFER 2015-06-19
The microwave radio-absorbing thin coating –the broadband protection from electromagnetic radiationUkraine OFFER 2015-12-01
Pyrolysis technology for the recycling of waste tyre.Hungary OFFER 2014-07-04
Innovative health-friendly, antibacterial ecoperlator – water use reduction product familyHungary OFFER 2014-07-04
Mobile station for radio-ecological monitoring Russia OFFER 2015-06-25
Innovative analysis expertise for process design and optimization, including technical, economical and environmental aspectsFrance OFFER 2015-02-20
new technology and equipment for high-quality steel wire scraps mining from used tires by magnetic shock methodUkraine OFFER 2015-07-06
Video surveillance analysis systemFrance OFFER 2014-07-04
Conversion of cellulose into high quality compound for injection partsGermany OFFER 2014-07-04
Integral solution for big data managementSpain OFFER 2015-06-29
Leptospirosis rapid diagnostic for humans and animals France OFFER 2015-06-19
Viral detection & quantification solution of all HIV-1 groups France OFFER 2015-02-09
Technical applications of heating textiles on a basis of carbon-coated polymer threadsGermany OFFER 2015-06-16
Clamp on heat meter for exact measurement of heat quantity Germany OFFER 2015-06-16
Advanced search technology for high efficient search on distributed data sources and the internetGermany OFFER 2014-07-04
Indoor moisture eliminating deviceSlovenia OFFER 2015-06-22
Load and overload control systemItaly OFFER 2014-07-09
H2020-Water-1-2015. Sustainable and innovative solutions based on low cost biological processes for complex industrial wastewatersSpain RESEARCH 2014-09-26
Innovative system for polluted or sea water treatmentItaly OFFER 2014-07-04
Innovative system for drying sludgeItaly OFFER 2014-07-04
UK based entrepreneur seeking brain computer interface technology specialists to apply for Cybathlon 2016 United Kingdom REQUEST 2014-07-04
Innovative waste-water treatment for spent metal working fluidsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-07-23
ERA-NET Plus – SMEs active in the fields of sensors, software and monitoring technologies sought for project aiming at increasing the safety of bridges with a new monitoring systemGermany RESEARCH 2014-06-26
Low energy, low cost wastewater treatment technologyUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-07-02
Security minuature computer for Internet identify protectionEstonia OFFER 2014-10-22
Carbon fiber reinforcements postmaking process's cuttingsLithuania REQUEST 2014-12-15
H2020 PHC-11 - An innovative computational chemistry platform to find and optimize peptide based molecular candidates for new imaging solutionsIsrael RESEARCH 2014-06-18
Selective filtration technology for the recovery of precious metalsFrance OFFER 2015-06-25
Seeking for flexible and thin batteries or supercapacitors to integrate in smart cards France REQUEST 2014-07-01
Supervisory system able to detect faults in tool machinesItaly OFFER 2014-07-09
PHC-27-2015 Self-management of health and disease and patient empowerment supported by ICTPoland RESEARCH 2014-06-16
Enhanced binarization of highly damaged images France OFFER 2015-02-09
Innovative and low-cost transducer for micro-sensors France OFFER 2015-02-09
3D scenarios creation and real-time interactions within a virtual environment France OFFER 2015-02-09
Automatic and accurate characterization of textures of digital images France OFFER 2015-02-09
Space related test and simulation systems to achieve high reliability in critical applications in several sectorsNetherlands OFFER 2014-07-02
Solar tracking control technologyGermany OFFER 2014-07-02
Light, efficient quadrirotor helicopter with precise control of the orderItaly OFFER 2014-07-02
3D modelling software from 3D scannersSpain OFFER 2014-10-23
Tool for testing database applications at the same time Spain OFFER 2014-10-28
Printed paper electronics and displays for smart packaging and labelsSweden OFFER 2014-07-11
Optical sensor for public lightingItaly OFFER 2014-07-04
Equipment for low-cost, non-chemical patterning of flexible substrates and foilsSweden OFFER 2015-10-12
Intelligent spyhole with anti fraud systemItaly OFFER 2014-09-10
The complete 4G network coverage with full in- & outdoor wireless communication Israel OFFER 2015-12-15
Sensors and medical devices for a telemedicine platformItaly REQUEST 2014-06-17
Expertise in developing a new web Application sought for mobile communicationsUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-01-02
A Cloud based software solution to ensure food and beverage processing safetyUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-06-23
A water dam - innovative solution for flood protectionCroatia OFFER 2015-07-01
Bio-based re-usable vacuum bagging technology for composite productionNetherlands OFFER 2015-02-18
Pharmacy self-learning platform for students and professionalsSwitzerland OFFER 2014-06-26
Drought and salt tolerant plantsGermany OFFER 2014-06-12
Robot based Driving and Operation Simulator for research on assistant systems and human machine interfaceGermany OFFER 2015-12-11
Three-dimensional machine vision systemRussia OFFER 2015-06-18
Expertise in developing Solid waste management & Waste-Water Treatment soughtIndia REQUEST 2014-07-01
Scottish SME offers bespoke 3-D animated graphics for visual communication of scienceUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-07-31
PS H2020 Reflective Societies: Platform for management of cultural and historical heritageItaly RESEARCH 2014-10-03
Water Treatment: Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration Membranes France OFFER 2015-06-24
Innovative semantic web technology for semantic data management and knowledge extractionItaly OFFER 2015-06-18
Synchro to Digital Converter for aerospace shipping and marine applicationsGreece OFFER 2015-12-14
Novel management platform for cultural heritage sitesItaly OFFER 2016-01-07
Fine particle filter for wood-fired combustion systemsGermany OFFER 2015-05-26
H2020 Active and Assisted Living 2: UK SME seeking social care and biosensor manufacturer partners for Impactful Self Treatment of Older People projectUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-06-04
Video-based hydrometry – A new solution for the measurement and monitoring of free surface water (i.e. flood warnings) by image analysisFrance OFFER 2015-05-04
Technical, talent and resource collaboration sought with companies having expertise in data analysis and predictive model with visualizationIndia REQUEST 2014-07-16
Detector of humidity and wire cuts in case of mechanical pipe damageCroatia OFFER 2014-07-14
Device for the remote reading of heat consumption metersCroatia OFFER 2014-06-23
Social networking platformCroatia OFFER 2014-06-23
Teaching aid for roboticsCroatia OFFER 2014-06-23
Detection System to process data on traffic flows intensityItaly OFFER 2014-06-24
Readout integrated circuits for multi-channel photomultiplier arraysSpain OFFER 2014-06-24
Fast integrated Photomultiplier tube (PMT) & Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) readout electronics with high dynamic rangeSpain OFFER 2014-06-24
ICT Decision Support System to optimize business and organizational processes.Italy OFFER 2014-06-23
Distributed system for environmental monitoringItaly OFFER 2014-06-24
H2020-FCT-14-2014: Factors and behaviors affecting the citizens collaboration with european police forces through a cybercommunity application platformSpain RESEARCH 2014-06-04
White Labelled Platform to run Entrepreneurship ProgrammeUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-06-17
People Counting SystemItaly OFFER 2014-06-24
Geographical information systems design and developmentPoland OFFER 2014-06-20
New red Lasers 20% more energy efficient than traditionalPoland OFFER 2014-06-24
H2020 DS-06-2014 : industrial end-users from energy or connected vehicles looked for, to test innovative solutions against cybersecurity threats and incidentsFrance RESEARCH 2014-06-06
The visual leaflet, a novel concept for the information supply of pharmaceuticalsNetherlands OFFER 2014-06-06
Modulators of the unconventional protein secretion in Alexander Disease (AxD)Germany OFFER 2015-12-01
Remote sensing telemetry units for oil and gas sectorNetherlands OFFER 2014-06-06
Automatic sound recognition in the presence of background noiseUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-06-06
High performance drones and remotedly piloted aircraft systems, tailored for complex tasks in the field of defence, police or maintenance of large industrial and petrochemical installations and offshore applications.Netherlands OFFER 2015-07-30
Bespoke high-tech scientific instrumentation to increase effectiveness of R&D projectsCzech Republic OFFER 2015-12-03
Integral ticketing system for public transport via smartphones.Spain OFFER 2014-06-19
A Portuguese Engineering SME search companies to design and produce AC/DC current transducersPortugal REQUEST 2014-06-18
Combined energy accumulator for electric power systems of transport vehicles operating under low temperature conditionsRussia OFFER 2015-06-18
Media Asset Management (MAM) solution to store and catalogue video and multimediaIreland REQUEST 2014-06-25
EUREKA: Smart, Integrated, and High Tech LED Lighting System Design and DevelopmentTurkey RESEARCH 2014-06-06
H2020-EE-2015-3-Market Uptake - Topic EE-14-2015: Removing market barriers to the uptake of efficient heating and cooling solutions - Heating networks for a low carbon futureUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-05-27
Software solutions to analyze and optimize vehicle fleets which include electric vehiclesGermany OFFER 2014-05-29
Research group with utra miniature force/moment sensor with large range interested to find partners in packaging and productionNetherlands OFFER 2014-06-03
FP7: Hybrid composites: Road safety barriers from polymer hybrid composite materialLatvia RESEARCH 2014-06-06
Hollowed heat sinks manufacturing technologySouth Korea REQUEST 2014-06-12
On-demand software developing technology for industrial computers (for Linux, Android or Window OS)South Korea REQUEST 2014-06-12
A Japanese electrical & aerospace company is seeking a supply partner of application specific integrated circuit in the EUJapan REQUEST 2014-07-10
Customised image analysis solutions and services for medicine, laboratory diagnostics and biomedicineGermany OFFER 2014-06-16
Innovative R&D company for prototyping with ability to enter commercial production fast afterwardsNetherlands OFFER 2014-06-06
Nanostructures written by single photons – directly without a maskGermany OFFER 2015-05-26
Biofilm process to treat industrial effluents containing up tp 150 g/L saltGermany OFFER 2014-06-16
Sawn-timber assorting equipment, for static assortment made by destruction-free measurementHungary OFFER 2014-06-16
Real-time high-resolution weather forecasting and productsSpain OFFER 2014-06-16
Web Content Management System for the automatic generation of native applications for smartphones.Spain OFFER 2014-06-16
Electronic thermal and sensory stimulatorsSpain REQUEST 2014-06-16
Projections of climate change impacts at regional and local scalesSpain OFFER 2014-06-16
Device and system for the automation of stocks repositioningSpain OFFER 2015-06-09
Unique disaggregation technology providing appliance itemised, single point energy monitoring and electricity distribution grid intelligenceUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-06-06
Photolithography equipment manufacturing technology for semiconductors, Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)South Korea OFFER 2014-06-13
Synthesis and development of radiolabelled and fluorescent peptides, proteins and antibodies Netherlands OFFER 2014-06-11
Single board computerLatvia OFFER 2014-09-29
Implicit model of water in computer simulations of biopolymersSlovenia OFFER 2014-12-22
H2020-SFS-2014-2a: SME lead for work package in the field of ‘System integration, Laboratory testing and Fabrication of integrated units for agricultural field trials’United Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-06-02
Income generating mobile device software designed for university and college campus environmentsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-06-10
Processing of raw materialsGermany OFFER 2014-06-10
Secure advanced solution for data storage even in public cloudSpain OFFER 2015-07-09
E-Ticketing Solutions for private or public transportGreece OFFER 2014-06-10
Fleet Management Technology for public and private sectorGreece OFFER 2014-06-10
Resource-saving technological complex for water purification using the upstream and membrane filter elementsRussia OFFER 2015-12-02
Multichannel extension of IEEE 802.15.4 protocol for multihop radio networks of sensor-actuatorsFrance OFFER 2014-07-08
Research and development in biomedical engineering, wearable and ubiquitous healthcare electronics, energy harvesting, non-invasive (optical) sensing.India REQUEST 2014-07-24
Remote monitoring service for respiratory rate/flow, activity, falls, gait patterns using a single on-body plaster United Kingdom OFFER 2014-10-22
Software to facilitate the exploration of sequence databanks and related dataFrance OFFER 2014-06-10
Specific Know-How and IT Tools for Numerical Simulation, Finite ElementsFrance OFFER 2014-06-10
A radical new solution against rodents (rats, mice, squirrels, martens, weasels...) for use in agrofood industries and warehousesFrance OFFER 2014-06-10
Portable and autonomous maritime infiltration detection radar for the military, Police or Customs useFrance OFFER 2014-06-10
Designing and manufacturing of high performance test benchesFrance OFFER 2014-06-10
High performance self-operating beacon dedicated to geolocation on the railway marketFrance OFFER 2014-06-10
New natural active ingredient with antioxydant and anticholesterolemic properties improving the cognive functionsFrance OFFER 2014-06-10
Electrochemically activated modification of biopolymers for leather and fur manufactureUkraine OFFER 2014-11-17
CO2 neutral production of light metals, hydrogen or syngas by a low pressure solar reactorSwitzerland OFFER 2014-06-06
Efficient thermoelectric device for low-cost large-scale applicationsSpain OFFER 2014-06-06
Inertial system for cerebral palsy diagnostic and rehabilitationSpain OFFER 2014-06-23
Laser complex for diagnostics and treatment of mouth and parodentium diseases by laser coagulation and photodynamic therapyRussia OFFER 2015-06-02
H2020 call: Click’nGo: Save Energy, Decrease Emissions and Make Money, all with just a single click Call: New ICT-based solutions for energy efficiency EE-11-201Italy RESEARCH 2014-05-27
Development of a tool for the valuation of public green and open spacesGermany OFFER 2014-06-10
Garbage truck for rubbish burningPoland OFFER 2014-06-10
Filter media at exhaust gas using foam coating technologyHungary OFFER 2014-06-16
Efficient indoor positioning and asset trackingSweden OFFER 2015-07-01
Smart labels for intelligent textilesGermany OFFER 2014-06-10
Modular designed container for the retrofitting of a biogas plantGermany OFFER 2014-06-10
Novel network service system for an extended home platformGermany OFFER 2014-06-06
Lightweight component model for flexible software development in small and medium-sized companiesGermany OFFER 2014-06-06
Open disaster management with free GIS componentsGermany OFFER 2014-06-06
Autarkic closed-circuit television (CCTV) system to use at meteorological stationsGermany OFFER 2014-06-06
More energy efficiency and competitiveness in electro mobilityGermany OFFER 2014-06-06
Innovative Hybrid Interfaces for usage with electrochrome materialsGermany OFFER 2014-06-06
Intelligent industrial LED lighting systemSlovenia OFFER 2015-05-19
Bio-based solution for pollution & heavy metals clean-up France OFFER 2015-02-09
Intelligent transport system to support traffic management and operationsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-06-10
Autarkic closed-circuit television system to use for traffic supervisionGermany OFFER 2014-06-06
Autarkic Closed Circuit Television system for animal watching and panorama observationGermany OFFER 2014-06-06
High-end machine for development and a small-scale manufacturing of advanced products based on polymeric nanofibers.Czech Republic OFFER 2014-06-04
Innovative role playing tool for the decision making process.Italy OFFER 2014-06-05
Web based tool for the evaluation of skills.Italy OFFER 2014-06-05
Looking for a method to control and regulate the spread of the Asian predatory wasp (Vespa Velutina)Spain REQUEST 2014-06-05
Cutting-edge medical image computing and visualisation - especially for early detection and diagnostics of cancerGermany OFFER 2015-08-31
Technology of a safe animal transporter is offeredPoland OFFER 2014-06-03
Versatile algorithm for vision-based detection of object approaches and collision threadsSpain OFFER 2014-06-30
Electronic system for safety and control of people working in underground risky conditions or large enclosed spaces that solves actual communication and positioning systems limitations.Spain OFFER 2014-06-06
Recycling of drilling emulsions and lubricants Germany OFFER 2014-05-29
Quality and accessibility tool for the development of web contents and applications addressing disabled peopleSpain OFFER 2015-07-09
Multi-core digital signal processing payload architectureNetherlands OFFER 2014-06-05
Technology to support decision making process in collision situation for maritime ships' navigators is offered.Poland OFFER 2014-06-04
Innovative mobile applications for the tourism sector.Italy OFFER 2014-06-05
Solution for effective management of safety at work activitiesCroatia OFFER 2015-05-19
More efficient exhaust gas heat recoveryGermany OFFER 2015-05-21
Digital pulse-width—modulation gate driver Germany OFFER 2015-05-27
A comprehensive webcasting solution with advanced audio and video automatic indexing, referencing, editing and publishing capabilities.Switzerland OFFER 2015-06-01
Power electronics equipment applied to the integration of renewable energies Spain OFFER 2014-06-04
Power Management Software for Microgrid and smartgridSpain OFFER 2014-06-04
VoIP Call RecorderRomania OFFER 2015-05-24
Weather & Wave forecasts: Global vessel routing services for commercial shipping and yachtsGreece OFFER 2014-06-03
Vision systems for the total control of the Photovoltaic Supply Chain.Italy OFFER 2014-06-05
Wireless sensors for traffic flow monitoring and parking spaces occupancy detectionItaly OFFER 2014-05-27
Optimum control of substrate blend and operation in anaerobic co-digestionSpain OFFER 2014-06-05
Remediation equipment technology for soilSouth Korea OFFER 2014-06-04
Eco-friendly Zinc Metal SeparatorSouth Korea OFFER 2014-06-04
Technology for data asset management and data preservation solutionsGreece OFFER 2014-06-04
Living biosensing multi-platform for health threat monitoringItaly OFFER 2014-06-17
Innovative Visual Electronic Technology for triage and field reporting in disasters and mass casualty incidents (MCI)Israel OFFER 2014-07-01
Controlled synthesis of high-quality, monolayer grapheneSpain OFFER 2014-06-04
Middleware for improved exchange of information in collaborative technology projectsGermany OFFER 2014-05-22
Enterprise social network as intranet portal for SMEsGermany OFFER 2014-05-22
IT rules and policy management system for collaborative projectsGermany OFFER 2014-05-22
A robust, versatile and cost-effective method for the production of metal and alloy nanoparticlesNetherlands OFFER 2015-02-18
Innovative small device and sensor technology suitable for the design and development of mobile, personalised kits based on open Hardware (HW)Greece REQUEST 2014-06-02
Workflow and Content Management Platform for Organizations and Governments. Greece OFFER 2014-06-04
New production planning systemLithuania OFFER 2014-10-27
New Optical Multiplexers for Metro TransportIsrael OFFER 2014-06-05
New method for an automatic translation of natural language to formal descriptionsGermany OFFER 2015-01-19
Endothermic counter-reaction solution against exothermic oxidations with high heat release (fire, explosion)France OFFER 2014-06-02
Innovative treatment of chemical organic wastesIsrael OFFER 2015-05-13
H2020: CANVAS - A collaborative toolkit of emerging and social media technologiesGreece RESEARCH 2014-05-21
Device for scanning and recognition of eye iris and eye retina for biometric and ophthalmic useCzech Republic OFFER 2014-06-03
Mobile sales solution with biometric contract signature process and legal validitySpain OFFER 2015-07-09
Disinfection system of flow generating parts of domestic lung ventilatorsGermany OFFER 2014-06-23
Innovative solutions to measure moisture in energy and waste treatment processesFrance REQUEST 2014-06-05
Eco sorbent for multiuse water- and air-filters Russia OFFER 2015-04-20
Smart underwear technology project - healthcare sector partner searchCroatia RESEARCH 2014-05-13
H2020: Next Generation Navigation System by exploiting real-time crowdsourcing of transport and sensory dataGreece RESEARCH 2014-05-20
Innovative promotional platform and app for quality wines and foodItaly OFFER 2014-05-27
Technology to transform plastic and rubber wastes into dieselSpain REQUEST 2014-05-27
Innovative online events platform for the healthcare sectorBelgium OFFER 2014-06-04
Innovative application on Augmented Reality for the field of building, architecture and interior design.Italy OFFER 2014-07-29
A French SME developing solutions to capture floating pollution is looking for a technical partner to provide digital simulation of supernatant skimmingFrance REQUEST 2014-05-26
Innovative Robot - IT System Administrator (The RITS)Israel OFFER 2014-05-26
Integrated Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System (Regional or National)Israel OFFER 2015-06-18
A Novel Oil Spill CleanerIsrael OFFER 2014-05-26
Expertise in designing low cost efficient Material Recovery Facility (MRF) sought.India REQUEST 2014-05-16
Looking for partners in validating sampling pillNetherlands REQUEST 2014-05-19
Remote sensing telemetry units for oil and gas sectorNetherlands OFFER 2014-05-23
Tailor-made Decision Support Systems for the Market-oriented ActivitiesItaly OFFER 2014-10-16
Expertise in Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Technologies, Operational Intelligence & Predictive Analytics is soughtIndia REQUEST 2014-05-12
Index Video Data automatically for (translated) Subtitles, Entity/Keyword Extraction and Video SEOGermany OFFER 2015-01-19
New generation high performance profilometer for measuring roughness and optical form of various surfaces with nm resolution, representing results as 2D and 3D imageLatvia OFFER 2014-06-18
Miniature inductive encoder kit for linear or rotary position measurementSwitzerland OFFER 2014-05-22
Control technique for underfloor heatingCzech Republic REQUEST 2015-05-11
Measurement system of plants hydric stressItaly OFFER 2014-05-27
Internet of things platform Italy OFFER 2014-05-27
Innovative access control for wellness and spa.Slovenia OFFER 2014-08-20
Horizon 2020 call SCC1 partner search: Creation of integrated mobility environment (lighthouse project) using Mass Transit, Electric Vehicles (bikes and/or small four-wheelers), Photovoltaic generation and Smartphones.Greece RESEARCH 2014-05-20
Software Development and Advanced Precision Optical System Design Image Processing Netherlands OFFER 2014-05-19
Characterisation and treatment of agroindustrial waste for biogas productionSpain OFFER 2014-05-20
Integrated Advanced Methodologies and Technologies for Landscape and Historical Heritage Surveys, Documentation, Restoration and Protection.Italy OFFER 2014-11-11
Generation of exams and questionnaires with automatic correction Spain OFFER 2014-05-19
New software solution for gas stationsGermany OFFER 2015-01-19
Serious gaming, elderly and exergameNorway REQUEST 2014-05-12
Technology for automatic speech recognition on the basis of lips movement analysis in video surveillance systemsRussia OFFER 2015-04-28
Online IT tool for post-market food safety monitoringFrance OFFER 2014-05-22
Mainframe Applications ReengineeringIsrael OFFER 2014-05-22
Stereoscopic 3D codec chip supporting HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding)South Korea REQUEST 2014-05-06
Versatile visual data capture technology using smartphone cameras for process optimisationGermany OFFER 2014-05-14
3D force sensor with compliant surface, highly overloadableHungary OFFER 2014-05-15
Portuguese "Call’shirt" business idea is looking for potential partnersPortugal REQUEST 2014-05-15
New bioinformatics technologyFrance OFFER 2014-05-16
Hardware-software complex for thermal characteristics measurement of LEDs and LED unitsRussia OFFER 2015-06-18
Novel Concept of Web SearchSlovenia OFFER 2014-05-12
Highly integrated, very low power and small footprint analytical microchip for converting chemical into digital outputsItaly OFFER 2014-05-22
Innovative electronic instruments used in industrial and consumer electronic goodsPoland OFFER 2015-05-11
Evidence Based Decision Model for Personal Health RecordSlovenia RESEARCH 2014-05-12
Improvement of the energy performance of ancient fireplacesItaly OFFER 2014-05-15
French radar simulation software and simulation on-demand service to be distributed in Western EuropeFrance OFFER 2015-05-19
French maritime simulation software to be distributed in Western EuropeFrance OFFER 2015-05-19
Suppliers quality management portalFrance OFFER 2014-05-15
Network independent mobile tracking technology facilitating accurate indoor tracking (distance, height and direction) of tagged items Ireland OFFER 2014-05-19
Rail Logistics SystemPoland OFFER 2015-12-09
Recycled Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) / glass fibers compositesGreece OFFER 2015-05-04
Cement composites incorporating end-of-life aircraft insulation materialsGreece OFFER 2015-05-04
Clay bricks incorporating recovered glass fibers.Greece OFFER 2015-05-14
Accurate 3D autofocus system for microscopes France OFFER 2015-02-09
Novel system for variable speed control of a vehicle using GPS technologiesSpain OFFER 2014-05-23
Seeking innovative game technologiesTurkey REQUEST 2014-09-15
A new biological method for soil disinfection without using chemicals or steaming: Soil ResettingNetherlands OFFER 2014-05-12
Waste water reclamation technology producing disinfected reusable waterFrance OFFER 2014-04-23
Italian ICT company focused on open source and cloud ready technology on telemedicine is looking for partners.Italy OFFER 2015-04-30
Mobile device integrated queue machinesTurkey OFFER 2014-05-21
A Turkish conglomerate seeking innovative technologies in waste to energy to be applied in TurkeyTurkey REQUEST 2014-05-28
Innovative lead sulphide removal method from low-grade molybdenite South Korea OFFER 2014-06-03
Interactive LearningUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-06-10
Conditional Access System (CAS) and Subscriber Management System (SMS) for digital televisionSweden OFFER 2014-05-12
Innovative web-based application for the mobility managementItaly OFFER 2016-01-07
Thermo-mechanical digestion of biogenous refuseGermany OFFER 2014-05-14
Low-cost fibre spraying module for renaturation of industrial areasGermany OFFER 2014-05-14
Photocatalysis and double ionization technologies for air purificationFrance OFFER 2014-05-20
Next generation web based recruitment portalTurkey OFFER 2014-09-12
Non-electric sewage treatment system for domestic waste waterNetherlands OFFER 2014-04-24
Intuitive solution for Integrated Healthcare IT needs/ Health Care Information Management SystemsIndia REQUEST 2014-05-06
Aerobic Granular Biomass technology for the Treatment of Municipal- and Industrial wastewaterNetherlands OFFER 2014-05-12
Belgian SME offers advanced condition monitoring solutions for offshore wind foundationsBelgium OFFER 2014-05-14
Belgian SME offers innovative condition monitoring solutions for roadside service stationsBelgium OFFER 2014-05-14
Remote monitoring solutions for cathodic protection systems of buried or underwater structuresBelgium OFFER 2014-05-14
SIE-01-2014-1 - Stimulating the innovation potential of SMEs for a low carbon energy systemUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-06-06
Distance Learning Platform for UniversitiesTurkey OFFER 2015-12-30
Innovative system to reduce engine consumption by means of automatic use of their kinetic energyBelgium OFFER 2014-06-10
PS H2020 EE7 - New governance model for distribution of energy at local level Italy RESEARCH 2014-04-30
Control Systems Design & Engineering ServicesNetherlands REQUEST 2015-04-22
H2020 -GV-2-2014 Green Vehicle 2014 Li-Ion Battery Pack SOC/SOH Virtual Sensors for Battery Management Systems Italy RESEARCH 2014-05-12
Cost-effective base and sealing layers for waste disposal sites, brownfield sites and fallow landGermany OFFER 2014-05-12
Briquetting technology for improved recycling in metalworking industriesGermany OFFER 2014-11-17
VELOZ - Critical infrastructure protection topic 7: SME instrument topic: “Protection of Urban soft targets and urban critical infrastructures” (DRS-17-2014-1)Spain RESEARCH 2014-04-15
Innovative can open products suitable for system IntegratorsItaly OFFER 2014-05-12
Innovative multi-functional pet hygiene device for animal waste clearanceUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-05-09
Innovative and unique publication software for social media platforms and networksUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-05-12
EUREKA: Smart house technology integrator for speech-to-speech natural language interface mobile app for home controlRomania RESEARCH 2014-05-14
Innovative anti hail rocket propelling charge production from military wastes Serbia OFFER 2015-05-05
Outdoor sound propagation calculation software Cyprus OFFER 2015-05-21
Eco-efficiency Management Platform for Industrial unitsPortugal OFFER 2014-07-10
Small rescue vehicle to access difficult-to-reach locationsGermany OFFER 2014-05-07
Method and capacitive sensor for counting aerosol nanoparticlesSlovenia OFFER 2015-05-06
Embeddable device for Energy Harvesting from thermal sourceSpain OFFER 2015-04-24
New technologies wanted to reduce resource consumption in retail units, data centres, industrial units and large office complexes.United Kingdom REQUEST 2014-05-02
Innovative device for delivering water France OFFER 2014-05-07
Selective Electro Dialysis (SED) for nitrate removal from ground water- unique and proven Nitrate removal solution for potable water for municipalitiesIsrael OFFER 2015-04-22
Technology for optimal utilization of agricultural waste and energy recoveryMacedonia OFFER 2015-06-02
H2020 NMP-PILOTS-2014 Open access pilot lines for cost-effective nanocompositesUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-04-22
Suppliers quality management portal in SAAS modeFrance OFFER 2015-04-22
Connecting innovative water technologies with major water utilities and investorsUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2014-05-12
Low cost micro loop-gap resonator device for application in high performance atomic clocks and frequency standardsSwitzerland OFFER 2015-05-11
Expertise in thermo management for e-mobility components and systems requestedGermany REQUEST 2014-05-02
Machine to produce special 3D textilesCzech Republic OFFER 2014-05-14
Acoustics code libraryCyprus OFFER 2014-05-21
Shot peening and sandblasting systems for surface treatmentItaly OFFER 2014-06-19
H2020-DRS- 18-2014 Interoperable next generation of broadband radio communication system for public safety and security - Pre-commercial Procurement (PcP)Spain RESEARCH 2014-05-05
Temporary bio-sourced road paint France OFFER 2014-05-12
Software for image analysis of block copolymer line patternsSpain OFFER 2015-04-27
Web platform for reliable diagnosis of bus regularityItaly OFFER 2016-01-12
Real time cost-control solution for smartphone fleetSpain OFFER 2015-05-14
Development of a classifier uplearning technology for pattern recognition systemsRussia OFFER 2015-12-23
Optimized logistics performance with autonomous planning and controlGermany OFFER 2014-07-22
Interdisciplinary researches on the ecological utilization of the waste water sludge from the textile industry for EUREKA Research Programme Romania RESEARCH 2014-05-07
Stocks and assets monitoring systemSpain OFFER 2014-05-13
New active magnetic suspensionsItaly OFFER 2014-07-10
Bank of fungal biodiversity Italy OFFER 2014-07-10
New mechatronic systems for automotiveItaly OFFER 2014-07-10
Innovative mobile robotics and unmanned vehiclesItaly OFFER 2014-07-10
New electrodynamic bearings for passive magnetic suspensionsItaly OFFER 2014-07-10
Magnetic bearingsGermany OFFER 2014-05-02
Open source software platform for automotive sector and several hardware architectures Italy OFFER 2015-05-06
Monitoring and testing platform for telecommunications operators servicesSpain OFFER 2015-07-09
Innovative technology of micro- and nanoflotation.Poland OFFER 2014-09-30
On-demand coherent cache for multi-core central processing units (CPUs)Germany OFFER 2014-04-03
Server room - fire extinguishing systemPoland OFFER 2015-05-04
Solarsensor with MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems) technology for satellite applicationsSpain OFFER 2014-05-27
New weighing systems are soughtFrance REQUEST 2015-04-07
Diamond coating on the 32’’ glassPoland REQUEST 2014-04-03
Textile thermoelectric device for generation of voltage (Seebeck effect) and/ or temperature difference (Peltier effect)Germany OFFER 2015-05-05
Cost effective flood door for instant, remote control flood defenceNetherlands OFFER 2014-05-02
Cost effective rapidly deployable, high quality, temporary flood barrier for both rural and urban situationsNetherlands OFFER 2014-05-02
A neuroprosthetic device for tremor managementSpain OFFER 2014-05-06
Technology and pilot plant for obtaining biogas by using the anaerobic digestion processRomania OFFER 2014-05-13
Technology for using cellular phones as a “walkie-talkie”Spain OFFER 2015-07-09
3D technologies for digital creative solutions Belgium OFFER 2014-05-14
Polish company looks for a supplier of sapphire coating on the 32’’ glassPoland REQUEST 2014-05-13
Innovative, Agricultural 2.0 Collaborative Management PlatformIsrael OFFER 2014-07-01
System to remove free oil, suspended solids and dissolved hydrocarbons from produced water resulting from oil productionLuxembourg OFFER 2014-05-15
An Icelandic SME has developed a web platform to get prices from multiple printing companiesIceland OFFER 2014-04-29
3D measurement technology for rail concrete sleepersSpain OFFER 2014-05-13
Catalogue of products and services based on 2D and 3D online mapsSpain OFFER 2014-05-12
Ultra stable signal source (oscillator / clock) with an incomparable relative stability for space, astronomy and metrology applicationsFrance OFFER 2015-04-29
PS H2020 Personalizing Health & Care: Tablet-based ICT management solution for seniors and the disabled, to be integrated in health & care systemsFrance RESEARCH 2014-04-04
World-leading company in modern marine/naval simulators, software and hardware for maritime training looks for new international partners.Italy OFFER 2014-07-04
Technology for text analysis in media asset management toolsSweden REQUEST 2014-03-28
Tethered unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with unlimited flight durationFrance OFFER 2015-02-09
Technology for video analysis in media asset management toolsSweden REQUEST 2014-04-22
Amine separation and catalyst recyclingGermany OFFER 2014-05-02
Expertise in Video Codecs, Scalability, Adaptive Video architecture , Mobility, Scalability, Compression, Network and Security components, expertise on IPv6 is soughtIndia REQUEST 2014-05-12
Water intake systems for industrial- and power plantsNetherlands OFFER 2014-04-02
Large scale storage and cover systems for water and liquidsNetherlands OFFER 2014-03-28
Belgian SME seeks partners to submit a H2020 proposal on Energy smart solutions applied to co-working spaces (EE11)Belgium RESEARCH 2014-04-28
Belgian water utility seeks innovative and cost-efficient sensors to monitor large particles presence in its water networksBelgium REQUEST 2014-04-11
Mobile financial services through simple phone or smart phone France OFFER 2015-02-09
UV-C technology for disinfection of liquids (water), surface and air treatmentNetherlands OFFER 2014-05-02
Centrifugal extractor (decanters) and vertical centrifuge (separators) for industrial and waste water applicationsNetherlands OFFER 2014-05-02
Expertise in smart metering technology, meter data management/ meter data acquisition software solutions is soughtIndia REQUEST 2014-05-02
Novel class of potential therapeutic agents to be used in chemotherapyItaly OFFER 2015-05-06
Novel and educational realistic welding trainer simulatorSpain OFFER 2015-05-04
Reuse of filter backwash water based on ceramic membranes from drinking waterNetherlands OFFER 2014-07-02
Treatment of digestate with ceramic membranesNetherlands OFFER 2014-07-02
Mobile near field communications/contactless transactions platform for various applicationsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-04-02
From any text to any voiceSpain OFFER 2015-12-18
Wireless sensor networking in a new levelHungary OFFER 2014-05-23
Advanced platform for health information managementUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-03-26
PS H2020 - Proposal: Knowledge as a Service: exploring the Big Data paradigm towards knowledge generation for smart and advanced technological applicationsSpain RESEARCH 2014-04-14
Real-time analytics driven, patient centric population health management solution United Kingdom OFFER 2014-04-29
Innovative development platform for business and logistics IT solutionsSpain OFFER 2014-03-26
(ESA) MOVE - an autonomous electrical vehicle (no driver) to be used in short-distance journeys in private environments (hospitals, rehabilitation centers, fairs, exhibition parks, theme parks, airports, business centers, among others).Portugal OFFER 2014-03-24
Cloud Customer Communication Management for small and medium businesses and with self-service access. HORIZON 2020 - ICT 2014 – 1 - ICT-07-2014Italy RESEARCH 2014-04-22
Innovative software tool for cell identification and countingItaly OFFER 2014-04-22
Image analysis and robot programming tool for automatic varnishing processItaly OFFER 2015-04-24
Standalone solar powered multichannel sound systemGermany OFFER 2014-05-02
Smartphone push notification & promotion system for real time testing of the platform in various commercial industries in exchange for free usageGreece OFFER 2014-05-12
Water electrochlorination system, which does not require any addition of saltSpain OFFER 2015-04-07
An innovative technology to produce cost effective, miniaturised and low consumption microsystemsFrance OFFER 2014-05-07
Automatic and autarkic transport system for internal flow of materialGermany OFFER 2014-05-12
Parallel distribution fluid simulator for visual effectsSouth Korea OFFER 2014-04-28
Hair Simulator for visual effects and computer graphics (CG) animationSouth Korea OFFER 2014-04-28
Clothes animation authoring software for game charactersSouth Korea OFFER 2014-04-28
Embedded solution for mobile communication, authentication, smart payment and documentationSouth Korea OFFER 2014-04-28
3D Lens For DSLR’sTurkey OFFER 2014-04-28
Cloth simulator for visual effects and computer graphics animationSouth Korea OFFER 2014-05-02
Software solutions for public transport (bus and rail)Germany OFFER 2015-04-14
Cross-platform mobile application generatorSpain OFFER 2015-04-22
Electrochemical regeneration of activated carbon saturatedSpain OFFER 2015-05-07
Expertise in micro(bio)sensors, micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) packaging soughtIndia REQUEST 2014-05-02
Data storage appliances based on data deduplication systemsSpain OFFER 2014-05-07
WSN(Wireless Sensor Network)- based platform for precision agricultureSpain OFFER 2015-05-08
mHealth solution for automatic collection, storage and browsing of patient dataFinland OFFER 2014-05-23
H2020-ICT-2014-1 Hybrid contextual cloud in ubiquitous platforms comprising smart phonesRomania RESEARCH 2014-03-21
H2020-INSO-2014: Mobile open service platform for people-centric advocacy campaigningRomania RESEARCH 2014-03-27
Control units for mechatronics applicationsItaly OFFER 2014-07-10
Mobile Emergency: the solution for the maintenance and emergency management for hospitals and/or large areas by using mobile devicesItaly OFFER 2014-04-22
A French SME specialized in fast metallization is looking for partners to develop new processes France OFFER 2014-05-02
Laboratory microwave and ultrasonic equipment for plant extractionFrance OFFER 2015-02-09
Recycling quarry sludge into expanded clay aggregates for the building industry France OFFER 2015-02-09
Innovative online tool aimed to manage dental clinics and technical dental laboratoriesSpain OFFER 2014-05-07
A continuous flow biomass destructive distillation unitIndia OFFER 2014-05-13
Mobile cloud solution for multiple platforms and different areas of useGermany OFFER 2014-05-05
Optimized Density Separation with Float-Sink TanksGermany OFFER 2015-04-27
Intelligent power battery solutions based on lithium-ion technologiesFrance OFFER 2014-03-25
Sensor technology for radioactive waste monitoring, in storage sites and in the environmentItaly OFFER 2015-04-02
PS-EEA GRANTS-Reducing greenhouse gases emissions in wine making through new packagingSpain RESEARCH 2014-03-27
PS: H2020 ICT 23 2014 Robotics: Low cost robotics through redesigning and integrating novel componentsAustria RESEARCH 2014-03-21
New fluid bed pilot plant for recycling of wasteSweden OFFER 2014-03-21
Vegetation and Retrofit for Districts Energy Efficiency - Ve.R.D.E.E Italy RESEARCH 2014-04-28
Ambient storage monitoring systemSpain OFFER 2014-05-19
Electrokinetic method for initiation and stabilization of combustion of low-calorie organic combustiblesUkraine OFFER 2015-05-12
Management system for multi organizational collaborationSweden OFFER 2014-03-24
Innovative catalyst based on gold nano-clusters for air purificationSpain OFFER 2015-04-07
H2020- WATER-1-2014/2015- New brine treatment systemSpain RESEARCH 2014-04-04
Control of devices and implements on farm vehiclesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-04-11
Robotics flexible concepts by using artificial vision technology for picking, packaging and palletizingSpain OFFER 2015-04-14
Common Information Model (CIM) based integration platform for electric utilities, enhancing electric energy distribution efficiency, communication and control.Slovenia OFFER 2015-04-22
Advanced and cost-effective signal processing and time interval measurement technologyLatvia OFFER 2014-05-13
Data storage appliances based on data deduplication systemsSpain OFFER 2014-03-25
Drones as an inexpensive airborne instrument platformNorway OFFER 2014-03-24
Validator center facilitating exchange of data in the health sectorSpain OFFER 2014-03-24
Software for remote operation of industrial robots and programmable logical controls (PLC)Norway OFFER 2014-03-25
Vehicle collision warning system for use in driver behaviour monitoring and sat-nav productsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-08-13
Automatic medical assistant – guideline based software for chronic disease managementAustria OFFER 2014-03-25
GIS-based integrated planning-, calculation-, documentation-, evaluation- and advisory tool for rural area managementAustria OFFER 2014-03-25
H2020 - ICT 2- 2014: SocketMaster - Development of a Master Socket for optimised design of prosthetic socket for lower limb amputeesUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-03-21
Intelligent protection outfit for fire and rescueFrance OFFER 2015-03-09
New technology in computer vision systems - Three-dimensional visual trackingCroatia OFFER 2015-04-22
Intelligent and advanced speech recognition systemSpain OFFER 2014-03-26
Intelligent tool control system for sheet drawingCzech Republic OFFER 2014-03-25
Telementoring infrastructure for remote interactive assistance with video storage and live broadcast of telementored sessions.Italy OFFER 2014-04-22
Novel Data Security System with hardware tokenItaly OFFER 2014-05-15
URGENT:Horizon 2020 call WASTE-4a-2014 partner search: An EU near-zero waste stakeholder platform.Greece RESEARCH 2014-03-14
SC5-6-2014: Biodiversity and ecosystem services: drivers of change and causalitiesH2020 - Seeking modelling, ecology and sociology organisations to join bid for callUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-03-17
Questions and answers cloud-based softwareItaly OFFER 2014-03-24
Compact UV-LED Based Water Disinfection ModuleGermany OFFER 2014-05-07
Biomonitoring method of hydrographical basins qualityRomania OFFER 2015-03-24
PS:H2020-WASTE-1-2014. Denim for Good (Development of a circular economy model in the clothing and fashion industry)Spain RESEARCH 2014-03-17
Artificial Intelligence (AI) - ICT 2014 - Information and Communications Technologies - Support the growth of ICT innovative Creative Industries SMEs ICT-18-2014Italy RESEARCH 2014-03-27
Intelligent waste sorting system for portable batteries that enables data management possibilities Sweden OFFER 2014-03-24
Automatic-tracking satellite antenna technology for camping carsSouth Korea REQUEST 2014-04-16
Provoked mineral synthesis - Immobilisation of contaminants and sealing of rock by using time dependent crystallisationGermany OFFER 2014-04-03
Licensing agreement for an innovative 3D lattice structureFrance OFFER 2015-03-20
A contextual approach to activity awareness support in distributed, collaborative workspacesItaly RESEARCH 2014-03-13
Eurostars - CROWDSTYLE – Crowdfunded styles for sustainably produced fashionGermany RESEARCH 2014-03-20
Business intelligence system based in software as a service model (cloud computing)Spain OFFER 2014-07-18
Distribution, processing and editing open source system of real-time video for Android devicesSpain OFFER 2014-06-13
A newly invented device for removing dirt, down to micro-dust level, on the bottom of shoesSouth Korea OFFER 2014-04-02
Self-stabilizing personal vehicle with one wheelCroatia OFFER 2014-04-02
Investigating the potential of modern sail fishing and line caught fish productUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-03-21
Cloud solution for digital signageSouth Korea OFFER 2014-03-25
Hydrodynamic cleaning technologyItaly OFFER 2014-04-28
Novel system for forensic handwriting examinationItaly OFFER 2014-05-13
Hydrophobized basalt fiber-based materials for purification of water and solid surface from oil contaminations.Ukraine OFFER 2015-05-12
Accumulators of gases on high efficient adsorption materials and ballons for storage and transportation of gases.Ukraine OFFER 2014-05-19
PS – Horizon 2020 ICT- Development of electronic paper applicationsEstonia RESEARCH 2014-03-10
Promotion of the reutilization and valorisation of urban bulky wastes as alternative sustainable source to innovative applicationsSpain RESEARCH 2014-03-13
H2020 – PS: Coalition-as-a-Service Cloud infrAstructure for secure on-Demand discovery and composition of sErvicesSpain RESEARCH 2014-03-13
Novel assisted living personal monitoring and alert system for elderly or lone workersUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-03-18
German SME is looking for an advanced software solution (Viewer) for the display of high resolution imagesGermany REQUEST 2014-10-13
Rule based Engine: interactive software platform for translating specialist knowledge Netherlands OFFER 2014-03-26
The real time sensor cloud technology supporting smart convergence business modelSouth Korea OFFER 2014-05-07
Intelligent small wind turbine towerSpain OFFER 2014-03-27
R&D cooperation in development, testing, audit and financing of petrophysical and geophysical applicationsHungary OFFER 2015-04-23
Drones as an inexpensive airborne instrument platformNorway OFFER 2014-05-07
Material screening and process simulation - saving time and moneyGermany OFFER 2014-03-31
PS: WIDESPREAD-2014-1 TEAMING - Twinning between a Bulgarian and Western Centres of Excellence in Mechatronics and Machine BuildingBulgaria RESEARCH 2014-03-10
URGENT-PS-H2020-EE-2014-1-PPP-Heat recovery from a waste gas stream for its integration within sustainable processesSpain RESEARCH 2014-03-06
Horizon 2020: WORK PROGRAMME 2014-2015 Safe food and healthy diets and sustainable consumptionItaly RESEARCH 2014-03-10
Asset management and complex expert systemItaly OFFER 2015-05-29
Cross-platform PDF (Portable Document Format) toolkit and library to be used in e-textbooks for school children.Italy REQUEST 2015-11-19
Novel fire fighting technology for storage tanksHungary OFFER 2014-05-07
Automatic device for room sanitation (disinsectisation and disinfection)France OFFER 2014-03-17
An innovative sewage water treatment systemItaly OFFER 2015-03-24
Software solutions for energy monitoring and optimizationIsrael OFFER 2014-02-27
Electronic solutions based on ARM technology focused on products requiring low cost, high performance and low power consumption.Spain OFFER 2015-03-13
ICT Platform for the optimization of the waste management systems.Italy OFFER 2014-03-25
Personalized social media app to deliver real-time content United Kingdom OFFER 2014-03-14
Risk calculator that individualizes the risk for diabetic patients of developing sight-threatening eye-complications for diabetic-retinopathyIceland OFFER 2014-03-21
German SME offering an innovative concept of an active visual and thermography neutral camouflage systemGermany OFFER 2014-03-26
Prototype of a tool designed to predict the popularity of web contentCroatia OFFER 2015-04-22
Innovative smart technology treadmillIreland OFFER 2014-03-25
Digital services distribution system (E-goods)Croatia OFFER 2015-04-22
System for dimensional control applied to lens and housing headlightSpain OFFER 2014-03-26
IT platform for music education by interactive synchronized digital contentsItaly OFFER 2014-03-18
Swimmer performance evaluation and aquatic rehabilitationItaly OFFER 2015-03-13
PS H2020-ICT-2014-1 - Facilitating use of mobile smart devices for the elderly and disabledItaly RESEARCH 2014-03-13
GreenHaviour – The use of Intelligent Transport Systems to change mobility behaviourItaly RESEARCH 2014-03-03
Removal of sulfur compounds form a liquid hydrocarbon stream or from flue gassesBelgium REQUEST 2014-03-03
Recognition and processing technology for texts and pictures in large numbersNetherlands OFFER 2014-03-13
A pheromone-based permanent remote control monitoring system for invasive insects Intended for the agriculture and agro industry (new IPM tool)Belgium OFFER 2015-03-05
Power resistors for frequency converters with a power range from 50 W to 100 kWPoland OFFER 2014-10-09
Industrial Gateway and Cloud multi-protocol platform for alarms, measures management and telecontrol Italy OFFER 2014-03-31
Adaptive behavioural analytics – a method for more accurate spotting of unwanted behaviour whilst sparing the innocent United Kingdom OFFER 2015-02-10
H2020:Software for the management of requests in public sectorGreece RESEARCH 2014-03-06
H2020:Software system for increasing knowledge of local authorities related to traffic and citizens mobilityGreece RESEARCH 2014-03-06
H2020: Notification of citizens and authorities about local incidents through social mediaGreece RESEARCH 2014-03-06
PS Eurostars - Development of innovative TV services for elderlyFrance RESEARCH 2014-03-06
Software as a service (Saas) platform for the management, update and deployment of code to connected devicesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-02-18
Method and mobile equipment for measuring road carpet thickness Romania OFFER 2015-03-11
RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) tags technology France OFFER 2014-03-12
Interactive coloured alert systems for hearing impairedItaly OFFER 2015-03-13
Interactive audioguide with intelligent labelsItaly OFFER 2016-01-07
Biodegradable materials for the seaGermany REQUEST 2014-03-12
Technology of paper pulp manufacturePoland REQUEST 2014-03-13
Looking for sensors to include in baby clothing and software for analyzing voiceBelgium REQUEST 2014-03-25
Incident and Crisis Management System United Kingdom OFFER 2014-03-14
Fast and user-friendly optimization method for technological processesSlovenia OFFER 2015-06-08
Social Business Intelligence systemItaly OFFER 2014-03-17
Software development and solutions for quality management and/or process optimisation in the field of water analysisGermany OFFER 2014-04-22
Fast temperature simulation and optimization of cooling appliances and heat pumpsSlovenia OFFER 2014-05-12
Development of an economical on-board liquid ice preparing system for small size fishing vessels by recovering waste energy, already funded under FP7-SME-2013 Research for the Benefit of SMEs programHungary RESEARCH 2014-02-21
Novel vital sign monitor for remote monitoring of elderly, post-operative or the long term ill patientsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-02-20
H2020 MG.5.2-2014 - Urban freight delivery: how to decrease urban tripsItaly RESEARCH 2014-02-28
Process for the extraction of virgin quality cellulose, lignin and other content from mixed waste materialsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-02-28
Speech and dialogue control APP, for emergency, robots, machines and communication stations Austria OFFER 2014-03-07
Using the RFID technology, an innovative package design and the business intelligence analysis to monitor and prevent the freight thefts along the shipping route.Italy RESEARCH 2014-03-13
Position sensitive photodetectors with larger dimensionsSpain OFFER 2014-04-25
Software to assess static balanceItaly OFFER 2015-04-09
Retaining walls for civil engineeringSpain OFFER 2014-03-07
Design and implementation of Human Machine Interfaces for public and professional devices in aeronautics, health care, energy and homeland defenceFrance OFFER 2014-03-07
PS-H2020-WASTE-6-2015: BIOWASTE2PRODUCT – Searching biowaste products and by-productsSpain RESEARCH 2014-04-30
Water treatment and improvement without any chemicalsGermany OFFER 2014-03-25
New full interactive 3D solution as an ICT technology brickFrance OFFER 2014-03-07
Wood pyrolisis boiler for small and medium level applications Greece OFFER 2014-03-12
A new ultra low power radio frequency (RF) sensor which enables the remote data collection during a period up to 10 years.Netherlands OFFER 2015-04-22
Reactive gas-filled vapour cells for atomic clocksGermany OFFER 2014-06-23
Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emission reduction in heavy duty enginesAustria OFFER 2014-03-31
100% biologic Biocide for decontamination and sanitizingFrance OFFER 2014-03-25
Interactive video, film and entertainment media product placement platformUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-02-28
New Technology for carbon reduction and fuel efficiency in the shipping and fishing industries.United Kingdom OFFER 2014-03-14
Tourism-marketing services platform for cities, through simple or smart phone France OFFER 2014-03-14
Innovative and easy-to-use radon gas sensor Italy OFFER 2014-03-17
A software engineering company based in northern Spain specializing in operator training simulation, R&D services and innovative solutions.Spain OFFER 2015-05-29
Web based home automation systemCroatia OFFER 2015-03-11
A new wireless system that has truly started to unleash the Internet of Things (IoT)United Kingdom OFFER 2015-02-10
Development of a decision-making tool for the evaluation of tourism destinationsGreece RESEARCH 2014-02-21
High performance automated sorting/separation device for irregularly shaped objectsAustria OFFER 2014-03-04
Mobile Apps for Citizens and TouristsItaly OFFER 2014-03-11
Home care telemonitoring system for the elder and chronic patientsSpain OFFER 2014-03-21
Seeking technology for adding value to wood ash Romania REQUEST 2015-05-08
Seeking technology for adding value to municipal waste water sludgeRomania REQUEST 2015-05-08
Infrastructure Manager for Wireless Networks based on Open SourceSpain OFFER 2014-06-13
Intelligent biometric voice system (verification and identification speaking technology)Spain OFFER 2014-03-26
Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Diagnostic Software United Kingdom OFFER 2015-06-10
Packet routers for on-chip multiprocessor systemsSpain OFFER 2014-05-22
TV broadcasting builder tool for live streaming and video on demand files in the cloud (cloud TV)Spain OFFER 2015-04-07
Novel sound reduction technologies for application to glass partitioning.Ireland REQUEST 2014-03-07
Optical generation system of high-frequency microwave signalsSpain OFFER 2014-05-16
New teleradiology software solutions Poland OFFER 2015-06-16
New colour stereovision camera system for robotic applicationsGermany OFFER 2014-05-08
Determination of cost reduction potential and optimization of energy and water management in the paper prodution industryGermany OFFER 2014-05-08
OPTIMa: OPen Transport data for Intelligent MobilitySpain RESEARCH 2014-02-21
Tourist mobile application platformEstonia OFFER 2014-02-26
Innovative natural textile dyes coming from Saffron and annattoGreece OFFER 2015-02-25
Image analysis device able to measure dots having a diameter between 0.1 to several hundreds of micronsFrance REQUEST 2014-02-13
Eurostars: Tertiary water treatment for elimination of emergent persistent pollutantsSpain RESEARCH 2014-02-10
New pulsed waveform oscillatorSpain OFFER 2014-05-19
Scalable technology for using kitchen waste as a resourceIndia REQUEST 2014-08-05
Multi-agent based scheduling system for optimalization of productionSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-05-12
Power cube that generates electricity from atmosphere pressureTurkey OFFER 2014-02-25
New technology offering the opportunity to point the attention to own physical capabilitiesItaly OFFER 2014-07-10
Multiple Access Optimization technology for fast and seamless mobile multimedia streaming experienceSouth Korea OFFER 2014-02-24
Low cost system for measuring vibrations through camerasSpain OFFER 2015-03-06
Runtime software architecture discovery toolUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-02-16
Innovative Illuminated Cube and Self-Service Info Point for Smartphone Users using NFC & QR Code TechnologyAustria OFFER 2014-03-05
Software to optimize electrical power supply with up to 100 % renewablesGermany OFFER 2014-02-26
Satellite data applications for identification of salt water effects on forest vegetationItaly OFFER 2014-02-24
Use of Vimentin3 for the diagnosis and differentiation of benign and malignant renal carcinomaGermany OFFER 2014-02-20
Augmented Reality technology and framework to easily enrich products and processes with digital informationAustria OFFER 2015-03-03
3-D (Stereo) to enhance learning, evaluation and presentationSweden OFFER 2014-03-04
Assistive software for people with communication and learning difficulties (dyslexia, dysorthographia, dysgraphia, etc...) and also for the seniorsFrance OFFER 2014-03-26
Natural and customizable multi-modal Human-Computer InterfaceLuxembourg OFFER 2014-08-01
Technology for printing optimization, control and managementSpain OFFER 2015-01-16
New innovative patented dustproof vacuum cleaner with air disinfectant abilityItaly OFFER 2014-03-25
Dental Implant: Optimised osseointegration with bio-nano-coatingGermany OFFER 2014-02-04
Software suite for detecting customers at risk of leavingItaly OFFER 2014-02-24
A Water Saving System for HouseholdTurkey OFFER 2014-02-04
Expertise in ergonomics and human factors for the design of products and servicesFrance OFFER 2015-01-16
Research and implementation of forecasting algorithms to identify in real-time trends and anomalies in sensors data readingsBulgaria RESEARCH 2014-02-19
Unique software for perfect voice conversion enabling to customize any audio applicationGermany OFFER 2015-03-30
Web Traffic Management product including transparent and proxy cacheSouth Korea OFFER 2014-02-18
Mycoremediation using fungiItaly OFFER 2014-03-14
Autonomous and underwater electronic wall to repulse sharks and protect swimmers and surfers at the beach in the coastal areasFrance OFFER 2015-01-28
Automated mattress recycling plant looking for partners in EuropeNetherlands OFFER 2014-01-30
Horizon 2020 - NMP 37 "On Demand Co-Production"Germany RESEARCH 2014-01-31
Marine data management and telemetryUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-01-20
Knitted work safety and goods protection gloves, to complement work safety and fire-fighter garmentsHungary OFFER 2014-05-07
Image recognition, tracing and detection technology of forward vehicle for the safe drivingSouth Korea OFFER 2014-01-29
Grey water reuse system and combined grey water reuse and heat recovery system United Kingdom OFFER 2014-02-14
Integrated System for UAV supportItaly REQUEST 2014-03-19
Method for simultaneous determination of anion and cation content in water samples through Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-AES)Spain OFFER 2015-05-07
Industrial surveying, 3D- documentation and engineering, building monitoring and 3D- city- modelingGermany OFFER 2014-03-26
Novel synthetic antiangiogenic compoundsItaly OFFER 2014-06-06
Synthetic Tubulysins as Super-potent Drugs for Targeted and Conventional Cancer ChemotherapyItaly OFFER 2015-01-29
Interactive CD tutorial for grammar and spelling of Croatian languageCroatia OFFER 2014-03-26
Flexible data acquisition and control system for service and maintenance operations of heavy equipment machineryFinland OFFER 2015-01-27
Novel Low Noise Charge AmplifierUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-01-02
Novel Agro Lean Enterprise resource planning softwareLithuania OFFER 2014-03-21
Airport surface surveillance systemItaly OFFER 2014-02-24
Middleware solution for supporting and managing private clouds based on open source technologiesItaly OFFER 2014-02-24
Maintenance free monitoring technology for photovoltaic modules integrated into facadesGermany OFFER 2015-07-13
Complete ICT solution for insurance companies and their intermediaries to manage insurance policies.Italy OFFER 2014-04-29
Document management platform with handwritten e-signatures, digital signatures using the UN/EDIFACT standardItaly OFFER 2014-05-14
Encapsulated active ingredients technology for liquid soaps/biocidesSpain OFFER 2014-09-23
UK comapny has developed a disruptive technology based on a miniature mass spectrometer with analytical specifications of large instruments.United Kingdom OFFER 2014-07-31
Secure access services for mobile telephonyUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-09-23
New welding torch with fume extractionUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-01-02
New automated software to improve audio during television broadcastsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-01-02
Waste water treatment system with remote managementCroatia OFFER 2014-01-27
High purity natural Zeolite filter media (clinoptilolite) for enhanced water treatment applications.United Kingdom OFFER 2014-01-24
M2M Platform for Wireless Communication Module for Monitoring and ServiceGermany REQUEST 2014-02-14
New insulating material making use of solid wastes from steelmakingSpain OFFER 2014-05-19
User-friendly toolbox for Field-Programmable Gate Array (FGPA) design France OFFER 2015-02-04
Partner Search - H2020 Call PHC 23: Developing and comparing new models for safe and efficient, prevention oriented, health and care systemsUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-01-30
H2020: Partners sought for Project: Contemporary Music Heritage of Europe (Call: REFLECTIVE-6-2015)Germany RESEARCH 2015-02-18
Real time determination of (harmful) algae and other surface water indicatorsNetherlands OFFER 2014-01-27
Home automation network based on powerline communication technologyItaly OFFER 2014-02-06
Improving video experience while cutting storage and transmission costs France OFFER 2015-02-04
Innovative home heating regulation systemLatvia OFFER 2014-02-14
Statistical analysis of large scale cells or biological tissues databases France OFFER 2015-02-13
Canal-scouring measuring systemAustria OFFER 2014-03-26
Continuous real-time gas analysis via adsorption spectroscopy for process monitoring and controlling in the chemical-pharmaceutical industryGermany OFFER 2014-03-10
Aeration cascades for the water treatment plants allowing aeration of raw waterPoland OFFER 2014-05-19
Software solution for semi-conductor equipment control including wafer scheduling and factory communicationFrance OFFER 2014-02-28
Full CRM suite based on cloudSpain OFFER 2015-01-13
Method for volume fabrication of conductive scanning probes for scanning probe microscopes.Switzerland OFFER 2015-02-12
Flue gas treatment by Electron Processing System: A global and efficient solutionFrance OFFER 2014-01-27
Application designed to manage and reduce telephone costsRomania OFFER 2014-02-13
Non-standard media converter (fiber optic systems)Poland OFFER 2014-06-19
Application of electronic camCzech Republic OFFER 2014-06-16
Unique and Innovative Rodent Control Trap United Kingdom OFFER 2014-01-20
Geographic Information System - Development of software in the field of Information systems and databasesCzech Republic REQUEST 2014-05-23
Offline based Social Media Marketing Service and Tool using NFC (Near Field Communication) TechnologySouth Korea OFFER 2014-02-14
Modular enclosure mounted on tophat (DIN-35) rail for brass bars, electronics and other electric componentsCroatia OFFER 2015-04-22
Review of design of cattle race electronic ID (EID) reading system and the materials used in its construction to achieve a lighter weight product.United Kingdom REQUEST 2014-04-28
Measuring human physiological parameters through clothing applicationsGreece OFFER 2014-05-14
Production of conductive fibersGreece REQUEST 2014-04-07
Measurement of the electrical conductivity of antistatic fabricsGreece OFFER 2015-04-20
Treatment of cheese production wastewaterGreece OFFER 2014-04-02
System of rapid biomethanisation with an anaerobic filter for treatment of agricultural and industrial effluentsBelgium OFFER 2015-03-16
Uninterruptible power supply upgrade using safe lithium batteriesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-05-13
Expertise and device for optimal management of renewable energy storageItaly OFFER 2014-01-20
Seeking water treatment technology and water treatment stationsPoland REQUEST 2014-06-09
A Bulgarian start-up company offers software platform that enhances product feedback and automation in manufacturing processes as well as facility management in SMEsBulgaria OFFER 2016-02-03
Turkish university offering a circuit for high quality long-range radar and imaging applicationsTurkey OFFER 2014-01-15
Software application for management of internal information and decision-making in companies that make use of employees and clients’ collective intelligenceSpain OFFER 2015-05-07
Magnetic process to reduce multipactoring in radiofrequency devicesFrance OFFER 2015-01-23
Bird radar systems for wind energy turbines is sought.Turkey REQUEST 2014-02-12
Patent on a secure fall-preventing mattress France OFFER 2014-02-13
Innovative chemical etching of multilayered printed circuitsFrance OFFER 2015-01-26
Innovative Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) with high thermal conductivity and low expansionFrance OFFER 2015-01-26
Technology for ball games to measure exactly the speed of the ball and its score place in the goalHungary OFFER 2014-06-23
Position control gauge family for the mechanical measurement, classification and sorting of componentsHungary OFFER 2014-02-20
Assembly machine for the automatic mounting and traying of chokesHungary OFFER 2014-05-23
Integrated Management Software for Training Providers comprising Admin, Learning Management and Course BookingUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-03-25
Secure fall-preventing changing mat for baby France OFFER 2014-01-27
A novel CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) image sensorTurkey OFFER 2014-01-22
A Turkish university offering vehicle camera for obtaining most accurate visual dataTurkey OFFER 2014-02-06
New process for reinforcing composites using waste materialsItaly OFFER 2014-02-05
Effective residual bandwidth estimation for routing and resource management in wireless mesh networks.Turkey OFFER 2014-02-11
Interactive 3D digital representation to correlate large amounts of patient and gene data setsItaly OFFER 2014-02-17
A unique computing platform for robotics applicationsIsrael OFFER 2014-07-01
Valveless peristaltic chemical metering pumpUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-01-14
Environmentally friendly, patented water treatment system for treatment of scale and corrosion in water pipes and in machinesGermany OFFER 2014-03-26
H2020 – SFS-1-2014/2015 Sustainable terrestrial livestock production – Adapting feed to the needs of monogastric animals for efficient and sustainable livestock productionFrance RESEARCH 2014-01-24
Methods supporting application developers in the development of occasionally connected applicationsNetherlands OFFER 2014-01-13
High quality, high surface area nano-fiber electrodes for electronics sectorTurkey OFFER 2014-01-20
Innovative system for remote control management and energy saving measurement in public lighting.Croatia OFFER 2014-02-07
A Polish company is searching for a partner able to provide a technology for the transformation of waste to energyPoland REQUEST 2015-02-02
Development of an innovative e-commerce B2B and B2C platformMacedonia OFFER 2015-05-14
Technology for treatment and recovery of any origin fluid waste with high NH3 (ammonia) percentage in its compositionSpain OFFER 2015-04-01
Mobile phone messaging system based on missed callsSpain OFFER 2015-04-01
Cyclone dust separating technologySweden OFFER 2014-04-23
Reducing foam in a compact steam generator United Kingdom REQUEST 2014-01-23
Innovative, cost-effective Wastewater Treatment / Wastewater Pond Technology for new plants and for corrective maintenance of old wastewater plantsGermany OFFER 2014-06-04
A new process of cladding layer deposition on the solid core of a fiber laserFrance OFFER 2015-01-05
Organic semiconductors for ionizing radiations: direct detection and method for manufacturing themItaly OFFER 2014-02-04
Method and software for faithfully reproducing acoustic effectsItaly OFFER 2014-02-04
Blind extraction of pure components from spectroscopic or spectrometric measurementsCroatia OFFER 2015-05-28
Advanced rugged routing switch for use in military / other harsh environmental conditionsIsrael OFFER 2014-06-20
water safety valve with intelligent multifunctional controller Croatia OFFER 2015-05-18
Centralized backup and data repository solution for pharmaceutical industryCroatia OFFER 2015-05-05
Virtual environment researchItaly OFFER 2014-05-23
Advanced optimization system to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the field of resource management, logistics and transportsItaly OFFER 2014-05-23
Toolkit for energy saving applied to large scale computing infrastructuresItaly OFFER 2015-01-29
Smart Engine Tuning system which minimizes fuel consumption with ECU (Engine Control Unit) parameters optimization.France OFFER 2014-01-08
Innovative multicamera measuring system for contact-less measurementItaly OFFER 2014-02-28
Development of new technologies in the fields of Cryptography, On-board Computers, Mass Memory Modules, Instrument Control Units for Air, Space and Naval EnvironmentsGermany OFFER 2015-01-19
Enabling diamond-based technologies for multi-parametric cellular bio-sensingItaly OFFER 2014-07-10
Prototyping of diamond-based single-photon sources for quantum secure communicationItaly OFFER 2014-07-10
The process for preparation of active electrode composites for lithium-ion batteriesSlovenia OFFER 2014-04-25
Novel Range of Aerosol ValvesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-01-02
Turkish SME has a patented imaging method and system for detecting malignant tissuesTurkey OFFER 2014-12-08
Turkish SME offers Multifrequency Electrical Impedance Imaging SystemTurkey OFFER 2014-12-11
Open source portal all-in-one solution, mobile-ready and accessible Italy OFFER 2014-12-31
A Swedish SME are searching for a software development partner within telecom and fibernetsSweden RESEARCH 2014-01-21
An innovative vomiting bag for patientsTurkey OFFER 2014-02-06
Robot system for injection of living cellsBulgaria OFFER 2014-04-24
A Japanese trimming & deburring machine system manufacturer is seeking a manufacturing and sales licensee in the EU for their technologyJapan OFFER 2015-01-06
Technology to recycle rubber wastes of different polymer basisSpain REQUEST 2015-05-14
Development of Mobile 3D Multi-play Online Role Play GameSouth Korea OFFER 2014-01-07
Wireless Contact charger Using the MagnetSouth Korea OFFER 2014-01-07
Echo-Friendly Water Tank South Korea OFFER 2014-01-07
Web application load, stress and performance testing tool, system / server monitoring and reportingSerbia OFFER 2014-03-25
IP wireless sensor network node based on MSP430 microcontroller under Contiki OSSerbia OFFER 2014-03-25
Sugar cube sized LC type multimode 10 Gbps optical transceiver, functionally compatible with SFP modules.Serbia OFFER 2014-03-25
Web technology for network management enabling unique benefit package to social groups on the internetSerbia OFFER 2014-05-02
Alternative resources sought as substrate to grow mushrooms onNetherlands REQUEST 2014-01-07
New technologies sought to valorise champost (mushroom compost)Netherlands REQUEST 2014-01-08
New cloud-enabled smart platform for international open innovation management and for disruptive technology discoverySpain OFFER 2014-01-08
Original Equipment Manufacturer software offered for integration into resource & service management solution for telecommunications service providersBelgium OFFER 2014-12-19
A new navigation and information system for cyclists, tourism associations and urban plannersGermany OFFER 2014-03-27
Integrated techniques based on radar and fiber optic sensors for non-invasive monitoring and diagnostics of cultural heritageItaly OFFER 2014-06-17
Water nitrates removal and waste reuse as fertilizerSpain OFFER 2014-06-13
New method for removal of sulphates from water by chemical precipitationSpain OFFER 2014-12-19
Digital low frequency magnetic therapy system.Croatia OFFER 2015-05-18
Innovative methodology applied to the preventive archaeological excavationItaly OFFER 2014-05-23
Digital centric radio transmitter with baseband-to-RF upsamplingGermany OFFER 2014-01-08
Innovative platform for the management and energy control of any type of buildingSpain OFFER 2014-05-07
Image analysis technology to detect objects for maritime surveillanceNetherlands OFFER 2014-12-15
Development of a high performance distributed shared memory system for programmers on Cloud platformsNetherlands RESEARCH 2014-01-14
Health care analytics and clinical decision support for personalised health careNetherlands OFFER 2014-02-24
Math-based tool for digital restorationItaly OFFER 2014-05-23
Technology to treat slurries and sludgesSpain REQUEST 2015-05-14
Biomass dust swirl burners mounted in existing burnersPoland OFFER 2014-03-11
Cool gas generator technology replaces compressed gas bottlesNetherlands OFFER 2015-02-18
Low cost device to monitor water recycling and water treatment with integrated UV disinfectionAustria OFFER 2014-12-01
Automatic Number Plate RecognitionIndia OFFER 2014-08-05
Globally unique photographic and informatics technology that allows creating combinations of clothing and accessories for the human model in 3D viewPoland OFFER 2014-04-24
Increased efficiency of anaerobic digesters and biogas plants by fuzzy controlGermany OFFER 2014-06-17
Logistic optimization and territorial modelingItaly OFFER 2014-01-09
Novel carbon for Li-ion battery, lead acid, super-capacitor, conductive Ink and filter applicationIsrael OFFER 2015-06-21
Biological water treatment for car washesGermany OFFER 2015-03-25
Trenchless rehabilitation solution for small sewage pipesGermany OFFER 2015-03-25
Technology for neutralization of industrial smellLatvia REQUEST 2014-03-10
Polymer bio-compatible stabilized silver nanoparticle colloids with tuned size distribution via simple chemical bath routesItaly OFFER 2014-07-04
Doped and undoped metal-oxide nanocolloids via Laser Ablation in Liquids for UV-enhanced chemiresistive sensors of toxic and flammable gasesItaly OFFER 2014-07-04
A system to automatically monitor archaeological sites and museumsItaly OFFER 2014-06-17
Integrated digital signage software platform for multimedia contentsItaly OFFER 2014-06-17
Algorithms on non-photorealistic rendering for cultural heritage applicationItaly OFFER 2014-06-17
Image processing technology for multimedia applicationItaly OFFER 2015-06-18
Algorithms producing digital mosaics from imagesItaly OFFER 2014-06-18
Digital signage ICT solution for proximity marketingItaly OFFER 2014-06-18
Analytical system for atomic fluorescence with atomization cell in the capacitive coupled plasma atomizationRomania OFFER 2014-05-26
Intelligent system of active diagnosis and prediction of degradation state of buildings in complex polluted environmentRomania OFFER 2014-05-26
Pressure switch with capacitive transmitterRomania OFFER 2014-05-26
Supplier to the water and wastewater industries seeks novel or new technologiesUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2014-04-30
H2020 - ICT-18-2014 : Internet platform to support creative visual computing and video content production Germany RESEARCH 2014-01-28
Physics Quest PracticumRussia OFFER 2015-01-05
Tablet - mobile touchscreen computer for hard conditionsSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-04-28
Radio Frequency Identification technology based solution suited for long range identification of vehicle and people with passive labelItaly OFFER 2014-05-21
In situ corrosion monitoring on metal surfaces by electrochemical methodsItaly OFFER 2014-06-17
Computer-assisted real time simulation and geometrical real time variation of musical instrumentsGermany OFFER 2014-03-26
Haptic and force-feedback solutions, hardware and softwareFrance OFFER 2013-12-16
High performance force-feedback device for medical/healthcare applications (simulation-based training, surgical assistance…)France OFFER 2013-12-16
Novel colour-coded mechanical lock systemHungary OFFER 2014-06-05
Crypto-biometric device for real-time human recognition from a fingerprint imageSpain OFFER 2014-03-26
Innovation in Sustainable Wastewater Management Israel OFFER 2014-02-06
Software development evaluating technological processes surfacing from the previous 3D surface scanning.Czech Republic RESEARCH 2013-12-13
Effective Swipe Keyboard for editing mobile text messages and documentsSouth Korea OFFER 2013-12-18
Cloud platform for development of specific mobile apps for museums, cultural centers and leisure spacesSpain OFFER 2015-07-08
Biomedical Information NavigatorHungary OFFER 2013-12-18
Automated Valuation Model for Real Estate and PropertiesTurkey OFFER 2014-01-17
Churn Management Software System for accurate churn predictionTurkey OFFER 2014-01-17
Recommender System Algorithm and TechnologyTurkey OFFER 2014-01-17
Development of mobile puzzle game which can be played with multiple playersSouth Korea OFFER 2014-01-20
Performance simulation tool for concentrated solar power systemsItaly OFFER 2015-01-29
An innovative and secure data collection system and communication secure channel between a web based Control Room and Operators, based on smartphone and mobile technologies.Italy OFFER 2014-11-18
WebGIS (Geographic Information Systems) application frameworkItaly OFFER 2014-05-08
Ecological evaporative cab cooler for long-distance road trucksSpain OFFER 2014-05-19
advanced omputer aided reliability engineeringIsrael OFFER 2015-11-30
Accurate quantitative topographies of surfaces: fan distortion-free optical coherence tomography systemsSpain OFFER 2014-05-07
Further development of a cost-efficient road monitoring systemSweden OFFER 2014-04-23
Fluidized bed reactor for sewage sludge treatmentCzech Republic OFFER 2014-01-21
Compact UV technology for purifying drinking waterNetherlands OFFER 2014-01-21
Large-scale solar distillation and rainwater harvestingNetherlands OFFER 2014-01-21
The Music Game Platform South Korea OFFER 2014-01-27
Innovative renewable driven desalination system providing continuous operation using only fluctuating solar or wind input Netherlands OFFER 2014-01-30
Video and audio latency measurement system for design engineers and quality assurance specialistsEstonia OFFER 2014-02-05
Permanent magnet synchronous motor for driving hybrid or electronic public vehiclesHungary OFFER 2014-05-23
Recyling System for obtaining clean prestressed steel wire from tyresItaly OFFER 2014-01-24
Enhanced urban waste collection systemsItaly OFFER 2014-03-25
Hidden urban waste containersItaly OFFER 2014-03-25
Pharmacogenomics Management SystemItaly OFFER 2014-11-28
Development of mobile games which can be played interactively with multiple playersSouth Korea OFFER 2014-01-21
Transition metals (molybdenum) nanowires applicable in transparent electrodes and for lithium ion batteriesSlovenia OFFER 2015-06-08
Characterization of material behavior replicated in a virtual (finite elements) model.Italy OFFER 2014-01-27
Medical software solutions company offering web enabled technologies and services for global healthcare.Iceland OFFER 2013-12-23
Looking for partners to test and validate the use of an Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) for Biomass furnacesFrance OFFER 2014-01-20
Low cost Enterprise Content management System with high functionalityCroatia OFFER 2014-11-12
Automatic exchange and conversion of business documentsCroatia OFFER 2014-11-12
Seismic quality index of rock massCroatia OFFER 2014-11-14
B2B technology platform to improve the inter-firm collaboration processes in wood-furniture sectorItaly REQUEST 2014-06-17
Virtual agent system for speech recognitionItaly OFFER 2014-06-05
Full integration of Photovoltaic Generators with Electric Vehicles and Power Grid with Demand Side Management with users' involvement in energy market through smartphone or PDAItaly OFFER 2014-01-20
Selective Electro Dialysis (SED) for nitrate removal from ground water- unique and proven Nitrate removal solution for potable water for municipalitiesIsrael OFFER 2015-06-10
Compact portable self-sustaining technology for drinking water purificationGermany OFFER 2014-04-22
Electronic signature portfolioSpain OFFER 2014-05-19
Platform for enhancing collaboration and corporate communications, multi-device and multi-connectionSpain OFFER 2014-05-19
Integrated drug design, drug discovery, bioinformatics and preclinical servicesSpain OFFER 2014-05-19
Technology for remote control of the horse jumping hurdles heightLatvia REQUEST 2013-12-04
Electronic patterns for “do it yourself” (DIY) clothesLatvia REQUEST 2013-12-19
Integrated Smart Home Solutions based on enegy harvesting sensor technology Germany OFFER 2014-02-04
Oxygen Sensor – Multipurpose sensor arrayItaly OFFER 2014-01-28
A new 2D/3D advanced image analysis processing technology for medical and industrial environment.Spain OFFER 2014-05-07
Intelligent sensor for detection of vehicles on parking spaces in the openCroatia OFFER 2014-06-23
Micro-car Project: Electrical VehicleItaly REQUEST 2013-12-04
Mobile health applicationsNetherlands OFFER 2013-12-05
Italian company is offering innovative patented constructed wetlands system for wastewater treatment Italy OFFER 2014-01-16
PV Electric bike sharing service with grid or non-grid connection Italy REQUEST 2014-01-16
Innovative educational e-learning technologyItaly OFFER 2014-01-20
Customized smart key system for carsSouth Korea OFFER 2014-01-22
Micro bubble generator using water supply pressure which can be used for various purposeSouth Korea OFFER 2014-01-23
Electrical energy efficient room heater Macedonia OFFER 2015-01-23
Chart- and trading platform for forex, stock, futures options and contracts for differenceGermany OFFER 2015-06-24
Spontaneous dispersion and network arrangement of carbon nanotubes in polymer composite materials.Spain OFFER 2014-02-18
Glass fiber reinforcements postmaking process cuttingsLithuania REQUEST 2014-03-10
Electric Mobility in Norway is looking for partners to "Green vehicle 2014" call. H2020-GV-2014Norway RESEARCH 2014-01-24
Innovative subtitling system based on multi-overlay technique and its service South Korea OFFER 2014-01-23
Swedish SME requesting customized UV lampSweden REQUEST 2013-12-05
Pure Nanodiamond PowderIsrael OFFER 2015-05-17
Partners sought for joint development of small package high speed sorting systemTurkey REQUEST 2013-12-02
Atmospheric processes simulation chamber for air pollution measurements, environmental studies and development of new instrumentationSpain OFFER 2014-02-26
The technology of creation of nano-ordered planar templatesUkraine OFFER 2014-01-17
University Press PlatformUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-01-16
A unique computer-aided design (CAD) and administrative applications (apps) interface for budgeting infrastructures.Spain OFFER 2014-04-22
INTERREG pre-proposal – Sustainable tools for operable public transport servicesGermany RESEARCH 2013-11-29
Innovative precision moulding company seeks novel medical, industrial or electronic products for manufacturing agreements, financial support and co-developmentUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2013-11-29
Hydrometallurgic process for recovering waste materials from printed circuit boards (PCBs)Italy OFFER 2015-04-24
Software Applications for Ambient Assisted LivingItaly OFFER 2013-12-19
Innovative and eco-friendly car pooling web platformItaly OFFER 2015-01-14
Production technology of ecologically pure sorbent for gathering of oil and its products from surfaces of water storages and soils. Ukraine OFFER 2015-01-19
The technology of production of composites based on compounds that have no common solvent.Ukraine OFFER 2014-01-21
A novel dehumidifier and heater for cold climate greenhousesIsrael OFFER 2015-06-02
Simulation software for pedestrian flow, evacuation, and optimization of building and vessel layout and regional evacuationGermany OFFER 2014-03-27
Innovative mobile solutions supporting e-inclusion and facing Europe’s modern communication needs in commune security, health , SMEs and private sector.Poland OFFER 2014-01-09
3D Interaction Solutions for business: technology parters soughtItaly REQUEST 2014-01-17
Tool for carrying out Life Cycle Assessments of eco-designed productsLuxembourg OFFER 2014-03-06
Single and Multi Mode Diode Lasers with increased power and brightness and improved reliabilityRomania OFFER 2014-11-17
Low environmental impact materials for micro wind turbinesItaly REQUEST 2014-04-16
Aggression detection technology to increase safety in public placesNetherlands OFFER 2013-11-27
Biometric re-identification of people based on gait analysisSpain OFFER 2014-12-16
Intelligent Energy Storage Solution With Integrated Control and Management System OFFER 2014-01-09
Public transportation guide and transportation schedule applicationsTurkey OFFER 2014-01-10
USB security token with location based functionalitiesItaly OFFER 2014-03-25
Automatic colour separation technology for glass recycling in waste containersItaly OFFER 2014-03-25
Smart bracelet for children security based on Bluetooth Spain OFFER 2014-11-20
Relative Humidity and water activity sensor for OEM integration, process control or laboratory analysisFrance OFFER 2014-01-09
Oil condition / oil ageing sensor for online engine and turbine health monitoring for process control, laboratory analysis or OEM integrationFrance OFFER 2014-01-15
Gas density, specific gravity & molar mass sensor for OEM integration, process control or laboratory analysisFrance OFFER 2015-01-15
Unique ballistic helmets for air crew teamsIsrael OFFER 2015-06-02
Medical tool for the evaluation of voice quality and biometrySpain OFFER 2015-01-19
Radiofrequency (RF) and Microwave Filter Design for Defence Industry / High Reliability MarketIsrael OFFER 2014-05-23
Real time video communications for any web service or mobile applicationSpain OFFER 2014-01-06
Low consumption LED variable messaging signSpain OFFER 2015-07-08
Robot for inspection of wind turbine bladesSpain OFFER 2013-12-16
Ending water stock notification systemPoland OFFER 2014-12-29
Application that enables digital signing of documents through biometrics dataSpain OFFER 2014-04-22
On-going FP7 project looking for SME partners from different types of industries that need simulation services running on an HPC based cloud infrastructureSlovenia RESEARCH 2013-12-05
Drone technology for multiple applicationsItaly OFFER 2014-11-14
Hail sensorGermany OFFER 2013-11-25
Fiber optic systems - Expanded beam connectorsPoland OFFER 2015-06-18
Application supporting the e-learning system communicationPoland REQUEST 2015-06-18
Multiplatform integration of radio station systems (RDS, Podcast, Internet, FM)Poland REQUEST 2014-06-25
Smart kitchen scale for people with special nutritional needsSlovenia OFFER 2014-10-01
Mineral waste eco-friendly recycling technologies for the building materials industryRomania OFFER 2015-05-18
Antioxidant product derived from coffee residues.Spain OFFER 2014-05-07
Bringing context to your emailsSlovenia OFFER 2014-05-02
Healthy bakery products with high level of dietary antioxidant fibreSpain OFFER 2015-04-30
Trapping, recycling or neutralising 1,3-butadieneUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2013-12-03
Training methodologies and software based training technologies for post-graduates in vocational and lifelong education in veterinary and human medicineLatvia REQUEST 2013-12-02
ESA: Solution for balancing charges in battery packsNetherlands OFFER 2014-01-29
Java Virtual Machine Supporting the Development of Apps for Industrial Embedded DevicesDenmark OFFER 2014-03-20
Technology for forming a marketing management system of the enterpriseUkraine OFFER 2014-04-25
Techniques of bank risk analysis, estimation and modellingUkraine OFFER 2014-04-25
A textile fabric lift seat for disabled persons that facilitate the everyday lifeSweden OFFER 2014-04-23
Novel carbon nanostructure solution that reduces cost and increases performance of semiconductorsSweden OFFER 2015-09-25
Detection of water pollutants by a low cost technology.Italy OFFER 2013-12-17
Drinking water quality monitoring by a low cost ammeter-metric methodItaly OFFER 2013-12-18
Artifact-free microscopy solution with scattering effect and signal increase France OFFER 2015-06-19
Innovative treatment system for the reverse osmosis process - no need for chemicals / softenersIsrael OFFER 2015-06-14
Nanodiamond polishing paste- change of physical mechanism of polishingIsrael OFFER 2015-05-17
A system for segmentation of continuous-tone images in infrared spectrumSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-07-22
Technology for raster-to-vector conversion of line drawing imagesSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-07-23
Lossless and pseudo-lossless compression algorithms for digital signals and imagesSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-07-23
Aerothermal System - a portable physical model of a thermal distributed parameter system (DPS)Slovak Republic OFFER 2016-01-05
Coating of tows of continuous carbon fibres by copper or nickelSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-07-22
Copper-carbon fibre composites with controlled thermal expansionSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-07-22
Versatile transient charge processor (VTCP)Slovak Republic OFFER 2014-06-30
Production of semiconductor radiation X- and gamma-raySlovak Republic OFFER 2014-07-22
New adsorbent of crude oil and petrochemical substances from water or groundSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-10-07
Materials-based research and development using shape memory technology (SMA)Germany OFFER 2015-04-17
Image recognition algorithms applicable to industrial processes in quality controlItaly OFFER 2014-10-30
Innovative technology for the recycling of residual thickened sludge of stone processing with conversion to the base component for the production of new materials for construction. Italy OFFER 2013-11-22
Pharmacogenomics to EuroTransBio 2013Italy RESEARCH 2013-12-10
Simultaneous Multiuser Digital TV LaboratorySpain OFFER 2014-03-14
Simulator technology for clinical medical casesSpain OFFER 2014-03-14
Colour fingerprint scanner that can scan four fingers simultaneouslyGermany OFFER 2015-04-08
Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)Spain OFFER 2014-06-13
Cross-platform mobile application generatorSpain OFFER 2014-01-06
Semantic search engine for writing and query actions, based on open source, targeted for cultural institutionsSpain OFFER 2014-01-06
Software for swift transition between old ORACLE databases into the new ORACLE Application Development FrameworkBulgaria OFFER 2014-02-03
A software for control of dynamical systems given on complex definition domainsSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-08-04
Innovative method for producing animal food with optimized nutrient content by using vinasse as raw materialTurkey OFFER 2014-06-12
Kit for developing pneumatic control systems in microfluidics, chemistry and mechatronicsEstonia OFFER 2014-12-30
Innovative music sound diffusion system OFFER 2013-12-13
Removal of arsenic from potable waterGreece OFFER 2015-04-15
Automatic identification system for maritime and aviationTurkey OFFER 2014-06-19
Electronic Signature Solutions (BackTrust)Spain OFFER 2014-01-06
Exploring biomass potentials with geo-information systems (GIS)Germany OFFER 2015-03-09
Automatic road data interpretation software for Mobile Mapping SystemFrance OFFER 2013-12-16
Multiphysics simulation for virtual process and product development in the field of energy.Germany OFFER 2015-03-06
Decision support system for bio-fuel assessment and selectionSerbia OFFER 2015-03-06
A system for monitoring energy efficiency and reliability in data centers via wireless sensor networksItaly OFFER 2013-12-12
Demand response management in electric microgrids via real-time fine-grained monitoring and forecasting Italy OFFER 2013-12-10
A real-time monitoring system for enhancing reliability and production in photovoltaic plantsItaly OFFER 2013-12-10
A real-time system for monitoring water networks with quality guarantees via wireless sensor networks Italy OFFER 2013-12-11
Educational solutions with e-learning: from e-books to virtual campus or to build an educative virtual community.Spain OFFER 2014-02-28
Innovative technologies for industrial waste reuse or recyclingItaly REQUEST 2014-04-23
New digital identity authentication platform through encrypted two-dimensional codes using mobile devicesSpain OFFER 2014-05-19
New marketing tool based on augmented realitySpain OFFER 2014-05-07
Digital Marketing PlatformSpain OFFER 2014-11-21
An innovative watermaker with air conditioningItaly OFFER 2015-05-17
Biodegradation of terpene-based materialsSpain OFFER 2014-12-16
IT based training technologies in veterinary anatomy for common domestic animalsLatvia REQUEST 2013-12-02
Advanced buffet tableSpain OFFER 2014-05-19
Request on advanced technologies and equipments for treating non-biodegradable organics and nitrate nitrogen in sewage and industrial wastewaterChina REQUEST 2014-08-06
Inorganic Composite Sorbent for the Removal and Immobilisation of Heavy Metals and/or PhosphatesSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-07-22
Environmentally friendly, porous road surfacing binder, an alternative to bituminous asphalt.Italy OFFER 2014-06-23
New home automation system – smart homeSerbia OFFER 2014-06-20
Safety textile underwear that makes you float in waterSweden OFFER 2014-03-26
Potentiometric sensor for analytical detection of nitrogen-containing compounds.Spain OFFER 2013-11-21
Production of industrial carbon, oil, gas and steel by recycling the scrap tyres and scrap rubberCroatia OFFER 2014-05-23
Intelligent video surveillance management systemItaly OFFER 2014-05-23
Occlusion effect reduction for hearing aidsItaly REQUEST 2013-11-25
Innovative ontology editor using natural languagePoland OFFER 2013-12-06
Extensible linux solution for server and device administrationSpain OFFER 2013-12-10
E-waste segregation, recycling, metal recovery & refiningIndia REQUEST 2014-08-05
Software for Forensic Image and Video AnalysisItaly OFFER 2013-12-06
Software for Forensic Image Authentication and Tampering DetectionItaly OFFER 2013-12-10
Zero Liquid Discharge Technology for an Effluent Treatment Plant in a Distillery Industry based in North IndiaIndia REQUEST 2014-02-18
Implementation of Zero Liquid Discharge in Indian Paper and Pulp IndustryIndia REQUEST 2014-01-16
Novel bin system for cigarette butts and chewed gumUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-06-10
A new system to control (automotive) engine cooling / overheatingIsrael OFFER 2014-06-20
Electronic door keyIsrael OFFER 2014-06-20
Request for Review of Technology for Avionics Manufacturing UnitIndia REQUEST 2014-02-05
Web platform for interconnecting warehouses of automotive componentsSpain OFFER 2014-01-15
ESA: High-availability control and data acquisition systems based on Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA)Portugal OFFER 2014-03-19
Corrective planter technologyCroatia OFFER 2014-09-03
Multi-sensor fusion platform for traffic monitoring systems.Spain OFFER 2013-12-09
Position estimation method in information retrieval systems.Spain OFFER 2013-12-09
Novel thermal management materials based on green nanodiamonds produced by laser ablationIsrael OFFER 2015-11-15
Technology for spraying nanoparticles and biomolecules based on electrospray sourceSpain OFFER 2014-01-06
IVR / IVVR platform powered by VoiceXMLSpain OFFER 2014-01-06
ESA: GNSS Galileo Code Receiver (GCR)Portugal OFFER 2014-11-17
ESA: Silica based aerogelPortugal OFFER 2014-02-10
ESA: Verification & validation of safety-critical systems - Fault InjectionPortugal OFFER 2014-11-17
ESA: Intelligent Fault Alarm System (IFAS).Portugal OFFER 2014-11-19
Innovative measuring systems for the detection of radioactivityGermany OFFER 2015-04-17
Realtime systems for automated environmental and water monitoring networks Germany OFFER 2015-04-17
Track Cultivator with a rotary cutter for soil recultivation and a fire-resistant armour cabSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-09-09
A programme working on Geographical Information Systems (GIS)Slovak Republic OFFER 2016-01-05
The Soil Information System: a database/soil map of collected soil samples for an entire countrySlovak Republic OFFER 2015-07-14
Dynamic analysis and optimisation of product parameters using mechanical systems simulation toolSlovak Republic OFFER 2016-01-19
Predictive control of heat exchangersSlovak Republic OFFER 2016-01-05
Pellets strength meterSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-09-09
The small Slovak ICT company has developed a professional integration tool, which allow creating the most sophisticated integration project without any programmingSlovak Republic OFFER 2016-01-05
Nanoindentor based on a micromechanical systemGermany OFFER 2015-05-29
EDDI: Extracting Drug-Drug Interactions from biomedical textsSpain OFFER 2013-12-09
ui-Health: User Interface for Health Frameworks ManagementSpain OFFER 2013-12-09
Integrated IT solution – an ERP and Billing system for energy, water supply and waste-water managementGermany OFFER 2015-03-17
The development and production of medical and healthcare instruments based on the processing of physiological signalsNetherlands OFFER 2015-04-22
Smart socket for domestic and industrial applications.Spain OFFER 2014-05-07
Highly reliable and effective baggage check system that reduces jams at airport baggage handling systemsNetherlands OFFER 2014-04-25
Organic eco-friendly fertilizer complying with food standardsAustria OFFER 2013-11-07
Development of software for a dedicated innovative printer driverNetherlands REQUEST 2013-11-07
IT based training technology for surgical practical and theoretical skill development centreLatvia REQUEST 2013-11-21
Light artificial aggregates from processed sludgesPoland OFFER 2013-11-28
Treatment system for liquid wastes of different compositionSpain REQUEST 2013-11-27
Accurate 3D physics simulation of dynamic mechanical behaviour and systemsSweden OFFER 2013-12-13
No sludge wastewater treatment system with sustainable long term benefitsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-11-07
Water Control Device for Households and Commercial PropertiesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-11-07
Design and construction of a complete wastewater (pig-farming waste) treatment system incorporating biogas technology.Greece REQUEST 2013-11-25
Quality control processes suitable to integration with imaging based technologyItaly REQUEST 2014-11-05
A method for the education of hyperactive and autistic children with remote control technology Turkey OFFER 2013-12-12
Non signature-based anti-malware technology that can be used to protect workstations, servers, mobile and small devicesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-08
A most cost effective scalable web managed wireless digital signage solutionUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-11-07
Web-based energy and resource tracking and management system with recommendation functionality for conservation measuresUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-10
Prognostic Prediction of Failure in High Power Light Emitting DiodesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-08
Internet Security Research SystemsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-10
Cost and legal claim cutting scheduling/decision support system for the low risk operation of helicopters and application in other industriesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-10
Method for processing RF signals for receiving and transmissionUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-08
Acoustic Source SeparationUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-10
Methods and equipment for intensification of processes of sugar extraction from beet slices. Ukraine OFFER 2014-10-15
Quality management system predicting the quality of final productsCzech Republic OFFER 2013-12-04
Zinc oxide nanowire LED as white light sourceGermany OFFER 2014-07-15
Interactive real-time video interface for electronic advertisingUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-04-24
Automatic Water Biodetector General Toxicity (ABTOW)Poland OFFER 2014-06-19
Technology of an aerator for water destratification and aeration is offeredPoland OFFER 2014-11-13
Innovative irrigation system to desalinate sea water by using only solar energyItaly OFFER 2013-12-09
Voice Recognition Software – R&D and Localization Israel OFFER 2013-12-11
Information System based on relational databases and object-oriented design for use in customs administrationsSlovak Republic OFFER 2016-01-04
Earth Remote Sensing and GIS Analysis for agricultural and environmental predictionSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-07-24
Pressure-sensitive adhesives with permanent stickinessSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-07-14
Novel 3D modelling and simulation technologySlovak Republic OFFER 2014-10-08
Non-chemical (physical) water treatment devices for hard water treatmentSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-07-28
Indoor golf simulatorSlovak Republic OFFER 2016-01-19
Perfect security of voice communicationSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-12-18
Fingerprint recognition algorithmSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-10-07
Wireless Embedded PlatformSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-07-22
Learning content creation systemSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-07-24
Complex system for card servicesSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-07-22
Analysis and assurance of sterility and hygieneGermany OFFER 2015-03-11
Pressure sensing stripSwitzerland OFFER 2014-04-02
Novel very flexible traceability system applicable to bio-research laboratories, food industry, archaeological fieldItaly OFFER 2015-05-19
3D micro-laser for new generation of photonic micro-systemsSlovenia OFFER 2014-11-06
A new Design Tools Generation (DCAD VectorSpace)Spain OFFER 2014-04-22
Innovative Technology for Cellular Message World-Wide Providing in Multilingual WayIsrael REQUEST 2015-10-06
Physical contact connectors - Fiber optic systemsPoland OFFER 2015-12-31
Recycling systems and solutions for public outdoor (park, city) and indoor (shopping malls, airports, offices) environmentsSweden OFFER 2014-04-23
Novel Method of Controlling Ion Energy and Flux in Capacitively Coupled Radio Frequency DischargesGermany OFFER 2014-03-26
Easy input and output web based CMS (Content Management System) softwareMacedonia OFFER 2015-06-25
Carbon Dashboard - an interactive dynamic energy simulation tool to view defect, leakages and energy loss from buildingsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-01-15
High resolution Ion Mobility Spectrometer (IMS)Spain OFFER 2015-01-16
Electronic toll collection system, based on smartphones, for motorways and roads using a free flow multilane tolling systemSpain REQUEST 2014-01-06
Smart Charging Technologies for Portable Electronic DevicesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-12-18
Dynamic and on-demand pick-up and delivery transportation servicesItaly OFFER 2014-11-05
Multimedia interactive showcaseItaly REQUEST 2013-10-30
Fluorescence detection technology to monitor and prevent water pollution at low costItaly OFFER 2013-11-20
New software and hardware solutions for virtual and augmented reality technologies in practical surgery trainingLatvia REQUEST 2013-11-21
Device for generating ultrasound field in liquids situated in vessels with narrow aperturesRomania OFFER 2014-11-28
Decorative crystal ceramics with novel thermal and sound insulation propertiesSpain OFFER 2014-06-24
Fire simulation softwareDenmark OFFER 2013-10-30
Critical infrastructure power solutionDenmark OFFER 2014-04-25
Willow and poplar for energy production and protection of the environmentDenmark OFFER 2014-04-25
Multi-phase separation process for digestate treatment.Germany OFFER 2015-03-09
Measurement of emission gasses from livestock production systems.Denmark OFFER 2014-04-25
Air-cleaning technology for odour control and elimination of airborne micro-organisms, static electricity or fine dustsGermany OFFER 2014-05-08
Fast response time analysis in packet switched networksSweden OFFER 2014-04-23
Permanent magnets and electromagnetic systems for industrial and scientific applications.Netherlands OFFER 2015-05-12
Technology to measure ultra-low electric currentsSpain OFFER 2014-01-06
Sensor electronics interface and calibration algorithm developmentSweden OFFER 2014-04-23
Special liquid composition monitoring systems based on analysis of electro dynamic characteristicsNetherlands OFFER 2015-05-12
Single machines and complete system for dissolving and separating household waste for bioenergy/biogas productionSweden OFFER 2014-04-23
Magnetic compact and high stroke microposition sensor for microgripping devicesFrance OFFER 2015-01-05
Cloud based mobile controlled home automation systemCroatia OFFER 2015-05-25
A solution for the dematerialization of the mail administrationFrance OFFER 2015-02-20
High quality Graphene by efficient Graphite exfoliation in liquid phaseSpain OFFER 2013-11-12
Technology for evaluation of movement disorders using a smartphoneSpain OFFER 2015-01-14
New technology offered for gaining high-added value aluminium oxy, poly-aluminium chloride, and poly-aluminium chloride-sulfate from anodized aluminium caustic rinse bath of waste waters Turkey OFFER 2013-12-12
Process for Management of Integrated Olive Facility Wastes and Energy ReuseTurkey OFFER 2013-12-13
Offering New Process Technology for Setting up Biodiesel Facility by Using Cavitation MethodTurkey OFFER 2014-02-06
Innovative energy saving, low-temperature technology from Bulgaria, degrading on molecular and atomic level gases, chemical compounds, odors as well as viruses and pathogens.Bulgaria OFFER 2015-07-10
Electronic translator with speaking options from Italian, French, English and other languages to another foreign languages and vice versa for vending machines.Bulgaria OFFER 2015-06-11
Mobile dialer informing the owners in case of damages of vending machines and other technical troubles.Bulgaria OFFER 2015-06-11
Intelligent Indoor Parking systemHungary OFFER 2013-12-18
Advanced archiving, digitizing and file accessibility software and services to transform organizations paperless within a single dayNetherlands OFFER 2013-11-21
High performance control systems for complex industrial challenges and scientific research projects.Netherlands OFFER 2013-11-18
Looking for experts in technologies related to the footcare sector (diabetes, obesity and ageing)Spain REQUEST 2013-10-30
Online collaboration platform for dialogue, decision making and presentationUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-06-03
Fully featured technology engine for virtual world games that can be played via web browsers.United Kingdom OFFER 2014-03-27
Low power and high performance computation for embedded tasksUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-11-26
Overfill prevention and product identification systems for fuel tank trucksFinland OFFER 2013-11-14
Innovative semantic knowledge management frameworkPoland OFFER 2013-11-14
The oxygen sensor intended primarily for determining the oxygen saturation of the blood of neonates.Poland OFFER 2014-11-06
A unique business intelligence software for continuous control monitoring and process management.Iceland OFFER 2013-11-27
New multimedia advertisement tool targeting nearby mobile devices with advertisement messagesHungary OFFER 2014-02-20
On-going FP7 project looking for SME partners from different types of industries that need simulation services running on an HPC based cloud infrastructureSlovenia RESEARCH 2013-10-21
Water-diesel fuel emulsifier technology without surfactantsNetherlands REQUEST 2013-10-28
Localization system for underwater or indoor autonomous devices. Very fast targeting sensor system.France OFFER 2014-01-15
Interactive serious games for telerehabilitation of motor-cognitive conditions and active ageing (also other application markets available)Spain OFFER 2014-05-07
Remote work management and compliance assurance through real-time mobile image and data transfer.United Kingdom OFFER 2013-10-28
Calibration method for the enhancement of the search speed in camera autofocusSpain OFFER 2013-11-06
A system for document securitySlovak Republic OFFER 2014-07-24
Online gaming & dating solutionsSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-07-23
Optimizing performance and energy consumption in cloud computing data centersLuxembourg OFFER 2015-04-22
Technology producing seating solutions for the relief of back pain.Ireland OFFER 2013-10-14
Network Performance Assurance solution dedicated to TelecomsFrance OFFER 2013-11-07
PS: HORIZON 2020 - Device for fostering and controling correct or desired postureCroatia RESEARCH 2013-11-27
Development of educational technologies for new diagnosed type II diabeticsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-05-19
Development of Educational Technologies for new Diagnosed Type II DiabeticsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-06-10
Offering a New Process for Wastewater Treatment in Melamine Urea Formaldehyde Resin Production FacilitiesTurkey OFFER 2013-10-23
Unique process for obtaining water and fibre (raw material) recovery process from refining waste watersTurkey OFFER 2013-10-24
Offering Noble Hybrid Process for the Recovery of Water and Alcohol from Waste Water Containing Phthalic Acid Ester for Zero Discharge Turkey OFFER 2013-10-29
Turkish company offering a unique technology for recovering acid, water and chemicals at galvanizing plants, targeting zero dischargeTurkey OFFER 2013-10-29
Modular plant for industrial waste water treatment Germany OFFER 2013-10-30
Intuitive lighting control technology for lighting fixturesNetherlands OFFER 2013-11-04
New material to replace brass wireFrance REQUEST 2013-11-07
Workflow management software for the mobile workforceUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-05-01
Nanoparticle DetectionUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-10
Operational online platform for tele-health and remote monitoring of chronically ill patientsFrance OFFER 2013-10-24
Android smart TV total solution and media platformSouth Korea OFFER 2013-10-14
Ultra compact inverter Italy OFFER 2014-12-18
High rate optical communication for indoor or underwater applications.France OFFER 2013-10-31
Business Analytics & Big Data for vertical industriesItaly OFFER 2013-11-05
Method for fabrication of environmentally friendly Ceramic Thick Tape offered by Norwegian company. Interesting for industry partnersNorway OFFER 2013-11-06
Accredited electronic calibration services dedicated to high frequency and electromagnegtic compatibility instruments.Netherlands OFFER 2013-10-11
PS EU/China - Comparative Usability Study of Ambient Assistive Living Technologies for the Elderly in Europe and ChinaUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2013-10-16
Self-aspirating Water AeratorSlovenia OFFER 2013-12-16
Innovative portable energy storage systemItaly OFFER 2014-07-14
Unique Radio Frequency (RF) development technologyNetherlands OFFER 2013-11-12
Dipole antennas with nonsymmetrical upper and lower arms for civil and military useTurkey OFFER 2014-12-05
Technology for restoration of lakes by nutrient-precipitationGermany OFFER 2014-06-26
Design and prototyping of robotic systems for micro-handling and assemblyFrance OFFER 2014-03-27
Microhandling and microassemblyFrance OFFER 2014-03-27
High performance robotic tweezer for microgripping applicationsFrance OFFER 2014-03-27
Universal and complete information system for logistics with modules for advanced functionalitiesSlovenia OFFER 2013-10-15
Novel system for automatic testing in Electronic Control UnitsItaly OFFER 2013-10-08
Charging infrastructure for electrical vehicles (charging points and IT platform for Electrical Vehicles.Belgium OFFER 2013-10-10
Energy efficient, faster and better wood dryingSweden OFFER 2015-04-20
Smart grids applied to the multiple applications: Communications and sensor networksSpain OFFER 2015-05-07
Low cost and versatile method of preparation of piezoelectric quartz thin film on siliconSpain OFFER 2014-05-07
Innovative composites made of almond shells for manufacturing new productsSpain OFFER 2014-06-27
Interactive panorama video player application softwareFinland OFFER 2013-10-11
Big data framework for the public and private cloudGreece RESEARCH 2013-10-17
Olive fruit fly traps for Greek and Israeli orchardsGreece RESEARCH 2013-10-17
A new system to record and monitor mobile devices to prevent illegal usageTurkey OFFER 2013-10-21
Plant Machinery and Equipment Inspection System - Mobile device software enabling field workers and inspectors to quickly and accurately gather essential plant and machinery dataUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-10-01
Microcapsulation of active compoundsUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2013-10-18
Software solution for design and functional verification of embedded software for electronic controllersItaly OFFER 2013-10-23
Technology for air purification from organic and microbiological pollutants by plasma adsorptionRussia OFFER 2015-06-23
Spectroscopic characterization of micro-nano particles and frozen gasesItaly OFFER 2014-06-20
Membrane inlet systems with piezoelectric leak valve for portable mass spectrometersRussia OFFER 2015-06-23
Technology for making optically strong reflecting and antireflecting coatings at semiconductor Fabry-Perot lasersRussia REQUEST 2015-06-23
Web signage software platform for proximity marketingItaly OFFER 2015-05-07
Intelligent kitchen worktopsFrance OFFER 2014-01-09
Design and development of 3G and 4G smartphone and tablet with Android operating system Greece REQUEST 2013-10-07
Large area of graphene nanocrystals layers on non-restricted substratesSpain OFFER 2014-09-24
Fluorescent nanoparticles for new generation of displays, films and coatingsGermany OFFER 2014-11-04
Potable blood glucose meter South Korea OFFER 2014-01-22
Imaging solution on embedded devicesItaly OFFER 2014-06-18
New X-ray imaging method in security and nondestructive testingHungary OFFER 2013-10-02
Medical software solutions for introducing new technologies and servicesGreece REQUEST 2013-10-02
A location notification device for sufferer’s life saving during the accident at seaSouth Korea OFFER 2013-10-23
New X-ray imaging method in thoracic imaging Hungary OFFER 2013-10-09
Purification and liquefaction of bionatural gaz (LNG) France OFFER 2013-09-30
Automated car parking system using robotic technology Greece REQUEST 2013-09-26
Measuring method for concentration of phytoplankton biomass is offeredPoland OFFER 2014-09-29
Device and method for diagnosis and on-line monitoring of cables for the transmission of electric signalsItaly OFFER 2013-12-05
Development of online monitoring and diagnostics devices for mobile and sports medicineRussia OFFER 2013-10-01
Autonomous non-contact device for detecting oil spills on water in real timeEstonia OFFER 2013-10-07
Content Management System (CMS) for web development.Spain OFFER 2014-05-12
Innovative microwave scanner for near and far field characterization & measurements of objects France OFFER 2013-10-15
Saving bandwidth solution: multi-channel wireless transmission on a single carrier frequency France OFFER 2013-10-15
Vision system for workforce safety in hazardous environmentsFrance OFFER 2013-10-14
Hardened RFID tag operating on metal parts and/or harsh environments France OFFER 2013-10-14
Online Deliberative Engagement ToolUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-03-27
Management of forest fires and development of new toolsGreece RESEARCH 2013-10-02
Sentiment analysis of online tourism content: A tool for efficient destination and tourism service managementGreece RESEARCH 2013-10-02
Integrated management and exploitation of multi-dispersed agricultural residues – application to olive tree cultivationGreece RESEARCH 2013-10-02
Innovative technology for environmentally friendly sapropel (lake bottom sediments) mining and processingLatvia OFFER 2013-10-01
Plug&play device for payments and transactions from mobileItaly OFFER 2015-03-13
Image processor for key points detection at the focal planeSpain OFFER 2013-10-22
Remote safety control systems, operating using GSM cellular phone, enabling user to control the state of one or more unitsLithuania OFFER 2013-11-21
Mobile and image recognition app for museums United Kingdom OFFER 2014-02-04
State of the art mobile GNSS/GIS equipmentGermany OFFER 2015-03-06
Advanced automatic analyzer for opinions exposed in social networksSpain OFFER 2015-05-12
Suppression of Impulsive Noise for Power Line CommunicationsSpain OFFER 2013-10-01
Suppression of Impulsive Noise for 4G cell phonesSpain OFFER 2013-10-10
Solderable system-on-module for embedded applicationsCzech Republic OFFER 2014-09-25
White label web-to-print solution for bespoke window blind designUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-10-16
Toolkit for delivering online speech language therapyNetherlands OFFER 2013-11-21
System to detect pollutant emissions into the air Spain OFFER 2013-09-23
Innovative e-commerce platform integrated into a cutomer relationship management solutionSpain OFFER 2015-06-23
Bitumen removal from electrical equipmentUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-05-06
Portable sensor system for detection of falls for elderly peopleGermany OFFER 2013-11-21
Company offering an online business intelligence software tool for data mining and complex data vizualisation is looking for distributorsFrance OFFER 2013-09-30
Solution for secure identification of sensitive materialsFrance OFFER 2014-04-24
Microwave transmission solutions where internet network is weakFrance OFFER 2014-04-24
Advanced Autonomous Artificial Intelligent Unit for security applications Italy OFFER 2013-09-20
Improved procedure for the synthesis of MOF´sSpain OFFER 2013-09-25
New procedure for signal detection in wireless communication systems.Spain OFFER 2014-12-16
Zinc corrosion and mitigation in alkaline-electrolyte batteries Belgium REQUEST 2013-09-25
Enhancing efficiency of photovoltaic modules by adding a special layer to coveragesAustria OFFER 2013-10-04
Accurate indoor positioning technologyIreland OFFER 2013-09-24
Using CRM information & mobile applications for increasing customer loyalty & performing mobile marketingGreece RESEARCH 2013-10-01
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Instruments and Software Netherlands OFFER 2013-10-09
The Serbian R&D department developed a new reliable and accurate intelligent transmitters of liquid level are looking for potential license agreements and/or collaboration to develop and commercialize the invention.Serbia OFFER 2015-05-13
Innovative Lighting Control System for civil applicationsItaly OFFER 2014-06-26
Effective Wastewater Recycling Technology Resulting in Products for Further UseIsrael OFFER 2014-03-26
Eco-friendly Plasticizer(non-phthalate plasticizer) DevelopmentSouth Korea REQUEST 2013-09-24
Short term solar irradiance forecast system and output power prediction for solar photovoltaic power plants based on sky imagesSpain OFFER 2013-10-07
Long term solar irradiance forecast system and output power prediction for solar photovoltaic power plants based on meteorological dataSpain OFFER 2013-10-07
Open Source Machine Learning ServerUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-10-04
Soil engineering in desertic areas in order to greening the desertFrance OFFER 2014-04-22
Advanced B2B tool for distribution and retailing companiesSpain OFFER 2014-05-07
Traceability system for certification and control of product distribution processItaly OFFER 2013-09-27
Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells (LECs) based on ionic dyesSpain OFFER 2014-12-16
Drying machine system and boiler energy technologySouth Korea REQUEST 2013-09-24
Environmentally friendly colorimetric sensors for detecting hydrogen cyanide (HCN) Spain OFFER 2014-12-16
An innovative device for a non-invasive management of the carpal tunnel syndromeItaly OFFER 2013-10-03
Powder metal parts reinforced by nanoparticles.Hungary OFFER 2014-06-05
Highly Accurate Typing on Touchscreens Germany OFFER 2013-09-24
Integrated Physical Security Information Management software Turkey OFFER 2015-02-04
Energy saving oxygenation unit used in biological treatment of industrial waste waterSweden OFFER 2014-11-17
M-Health Data ExchangeUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-10-08
Wireless video surveillance systemHungary OFFER 2015-09-23
Computer assisted process and system for the real-time simulation and visualization of precise machining of sculptured surfaces by 5-axis milling machineHungary OFFER 2014-06-17
Social-networking integrated location based servicesHungary OFFER 2015-08-13
Map-based web search engine softwareHungary OFFER 2014-05-23
Cutting forces in cutting tools at milling processHungary OFFER 2014-05-23
A technology and a separator for extraction of methane from the outgoing general mine ventilation flow.Ukraine OFFER 2014-04-25
New light emitting devices controlled by external magnetic fieldsSpain OFFER 2014-12-16
Professional displays for audio-video and interactive solutions for exhibitionsEstonia REQUEST 2013-09-16
PS ERANET (AirTN) - Novel simulation approaches for real-time modeling of manufacturing processes based on liquid composite moldingSpain RESEARCH 2013-09-18
Digital graphical labeling for exhibitionsEstonia REQUEST 2013-09-18
Smart receipt and personalization service technology using near field communication(NFC) technologySouth Korea REQUEST 2013-09-26
Novel Group Workout Monitoring SystemSpain OFFER 2014-10-23
3D Image Browsing SoftwareUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-09-23
Innovative food container for transporting ethnic foods such sushi and/or sashimiItaly OFFER 2015-03-06
Mobile app for walking, cycling and other tourist guided routes.Italy OFFER 2015-03-06
Fingerprint scan solution for mobile phone applicationSouth Korea REQUEST 2013-09-18
Danish company behind innovative source separation system for manure is looking for end users who can be part of the future development of the systemDenmark OFFER 2013-09-23
An innovative approach on web application for consultants and consulting firmsItaly OFFER 2015-03-22
Noise level measurement technology for integrated applicationsNorway REQUEST 2013-09-13
Complex equipment for rapid biodegradation and biopolymer (vegetable products) packaging testingRomania REQUEST 2014-06-25
Devices for the production of active chlorineSerbia OFFER 2014-06-20
Biocompatible flexboards with suitable encapsulation against physiological moisture (flexible water vapour diffusion barrier)Germany OFFER 2013-09-10
Flipping book creatorGreece OFFER 2014-06-05
Web Technologies supporting direct participation in democratic processesSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-07-23
Speech synthesiser in Slovak languageSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-07-22
Supersonic ejector for ventilation and degassing of coal seams.Ukraine OFFER 2014-04-25
Low power rugged small form factor systems with high-performanceNetherlands OFFER 2013-09-17
Electronic devices controllable from smartphone or tabletSpain OFFER 2013-09-18
Technologies for 3D photo of objects, 360 degree virtual tours and other digital video mediaLatvia OFFER 2013-09-27
Low-cost integrated disposable printed biosensorSweden OFFER 2013-09-16
Tablet-based solution for seniors and the disabledFrance OFFER 2013-09-18
Tablet-based dematerialized solution for rental contract France OFFER 2013-09-17
Medical devices, open-protocol Bluetooth or Wifi sensors sought for integration into tablets France REQUEST 2013-09-17
Pre-industrial valorization of pilot systems elaborated for waste water treatment .Belgium OFFER 2013-10-09
Therapeutic game to provide new recreational activities whilst improving functional and social skillsSpain OFFER 2013-11-08
Chamber device for dynamic cell culture on biomaterialsSpain OFFER 2014-05-07
Robust algorithms for intelligent monitoring of biological production systemsBelgium OFFER 2013-09-11
Vital sign measuring devices and sensors for special health care soughtFinland REQUEST 2013-09-12
High precision measurement device in ionization environmentsItaly REQUEST 2013-09-12
Competence in the design of industrial electronic modulesItaly REQUEST 2013-09-17
A method of integrated degassing of a working coal seam.Ukraine OFFER 2014-04-25
Mineral biofilter in mobile insulated closed housing for the optimized treatment of industrial odors and VOCsFrance OFFER 2013-09-11
A mobile application that offers information and services of the hotel and surrounding area, integrated with the hotel PMS (property management system) provides services, related to the stay of the customerSpain OFFER 2015-06-05
Online mobile applications for tourism accommodationSpain REQUEST 2014-06-04
Methodological platform for software developmentSpain OFFER 2014-05-19
Technology for producing ethanol from starchy grains without distillery stillageRussia OFFER 2013-09-11
A submersible multimedia console offering underwater technologiesGermany OFFER 2013-09-12
Oil recovery system for efficient collection and recovery of spilled oilUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-09-27
Standardised infrastructure for exchanging and processing obervation dataGermany OFFER 2013-09-10
GIality (Geospatial Mobile Augmented Reality) application which enhances existing Visual Impact Assessment (VIA) for developments such as Wind FarmsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-09-12
LED lamps intended for general lighting main voltage 230Vca(115Vca)France OFFER 2013-09-17
Fill level detectionGermany OFFER 2013-09-18
Small-sized solenoid valve soughtPoland REQUEST 2015-02-27
Innovative system that leads natural sunlight to indoor environmentsSweden OFFER 2015-02-17
Method for real time monitoring of the workpiece surface roughness in micro-machining processes OFFER 2015-04-30
System for real-time and high precision monitoring of machining operationsSpain OFFER 2014-11-04
GPS: Ground Perimeter SystemItaly OFFER 2015-06-15
New Farm Accounting application based on Common Agricultural PolicySlovenia OFFER 2014-03-25
Miniaturized low-cost angle sensor with low alignment requirementsGermany OFFER 2015-03-05
Natural solution against coastal erosionFrance OFFER 2014-03-26
Clean cooling water treatmentGermany OFFER 2015-03-06
Software for the development of distribution platforms and online selling systems of tickets for showsSpain OFFER 2015-06-05
New display device for fuel range count in GPL vehiclesItaly OFFER 2013-09-20
Mobile transaction platform that facilitates gifting and mobile purchaseSweden OFFER 2013-09-20
Software tool for tour operators to manage the entire process of selling tourism packages.Spain OFFER 2013-09-25
Comprehensive software for the creation and management of internet travel portals.Spain OFFER 2015-03-11
Toolbox to assess acoustic communicationGermany OFFER 2014-06-17
Scalable coding of time-varying 3D mesh sequencesGermany OFFER 2014-05-19
Bilateral meeting softwarePoland OFFER 2014-03-25
A new e-medical patient care system for Alzheimer patientsTurkey OFFER 2013-09-20
A tablet system to help elderly people to collect and measure daily informations.Turkey OFFER 2013-09-20
Bioreactor for organic waste compostingPoland OFFER 2013-11-07
Online internet monitoring and analysis tool Poland OFFER 2014-01-06
Novel positioning and tracking device for emergency and rescue services United Kingdom OFFER 2013-09-09
A novel thin film technology capable of changing colourUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-09-09
Fleet operations system for vehicle tracking, driver behaviour monitoring and transportation operations.Turkey OFFER 2013-09-20
Universal fuel range indicator device for a CNG or GPL vehicleItaly OFFER 2013-10-04
Novel imaging and processing single chip device United Kingdom OFFER 2013-10-18
Low-stress Silicon Nitride thin film for MEMSDenmark OFFER 2013-09-10
Business Intelligence Visual Analysis System Turkey OFFER 2013-09-18
An Armenian scientific company, which has developed technology for producing nanosize amorphous metals and their derivative compounds, is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance, joint venture and/or license agreement OFFER 2015-06-01
Technology for Paper Document SecuritySlovak Republic OFFER 2014-07-24
Hybrid cables and harnesses (copper-fibre)Poland OFFER 2014-06-19
Business learning & development system, online, software as a service business model. A management toolset for solving business problems across people, process and technology.United Kingdom OFFER 2013-09-06
Innovative Open Source Model-driven web application frameworkItaly OFFER 2014-06-18
Innovative hovercrafts for multifaceted applicationsGermany REQUEST 2013-09-09
A system for polyhedral representation of 3D terrainsSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-07-22
Water Power Plant: a portable physical model of a pumped storage hydro-plantSlovak Republic OFFER 2016-01-08
Removal of heavy metals from the technological waste waters by sulphate reducing bacteriaSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-05-04
Protection of electronic documentsSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-07-08
Infrared thermometer (IRT)Slovak Republic OFFER 2014-07-10
Digital Knowledge Marketplace - a global internet platform for change and decision managementSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-07-28
The static television screen systemSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-07-24
A global, easy to use GPS tracking system.Slovak Republic OFFER 2014-07-22
Integrated Ingest Plattform for Video, Multimedia Production and BroadcastingPortugal OFFER 2014-03-25
High-power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) for thin film coatingsSweden OFFER 2014-08-25
Robust and Flexible Multiformat Serial Digital Interface (SDI) Recorder for Video ProductionPortugal OFFER 2014-05-28
Anti - Diabetes StimulatorHungary OFFER 2013-08-28
Test Bed Facilities for Aquatic Instruments and Antifouling TechnologyUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-10-01
Outgest and digital delivery plattform for Video, Multimedia Production and BroadcastingPortugal OFFER 2014-05-23
Reverse engineering and fully automatic design technology for quality complex partsFrance OFFER 2014-11-26
Urban Europe 2013 – Integrated urban governance using large data management systemsUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2013-08-27
A medical decision model for the iPad to support the general practitioner in diagnosing rheumatic disorders (> 250) and fully scalable to other diseasesNetherlands OFFER 2013-09-06
Technology for information search with account for semantics of unstructured text and user requestsRussia OFFER 2015-06-23
New integral RF microchip of 865…868 MHz range for autonomous low-speed radio systemsRussia OFFER 2015-06-23
Multifunctional vacuum installation for ion-plasma etchingRussia OFFER 2015-06-23
The system for identification and estimation of people flowsRussia OFFER 2015-06-24
Toolchain for development of vehicle electronicsGermany OFFER 2014-06-04
Identification of flora and fauna with innovative iPhone softwareGermany OFFER 2014-03-26
Technology of ion plasma deposition of stainless steel corrosion-resistant coatings that maintain the composition of consumable materialsRussia OFFER 2015-06-23
A real-time voting mashup for live video broadcasts.Hungary OFFER 2013-09-24
High-precision overpressure pressure sensors for fluid aggressive media with silicon membrane sensing elements with protective diamond-like carbon nano-layersRussia OFFER 2015-06-23
Cloud and service computing for small and medium sized enterprisesGermany OFFER 2014-03-26
Augmented Reality Enterprise solution on mobile platformsHungary OFFER 2013-09-24
Contactless power generator for bicyclesSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-06-26
Social news media solutions for online publishers, web portals and communication companiesSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-04-07
New generation software for IT infrastructure efficient managementPoland OFFER 2014-04-10
All-in-one durable panel Personal ComputerSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-07-08
Cost-effective and versatile palletising robot for applications in different industriesGermany OFFER 2014-05-08
Wireless Home Security and Monitoring DeviceUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-01
Media monitoring systemSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-12-10
Creating electric patterns in glass with high speed laser ablation systemBelgium OFFER 2013-08-23
Car Driver Assistance System to avoid bad accidents with typical sequence due to occurring instability on country roads and motorwaysGermany OFFER 2013-08-19
Device for algae cultivationPoland OFFER 2013-09-12
SOS emergency response & tracking device for mobile personal safetySpain OFFER 2015-01-16
Maritime engineering in the largest wave flume of the worldGermany OFFER 2014-05-16
Measurement of the electrical conductivity of antistatic fabricsGreece OFFER 2015-05-15
Automatic integrated system for construction site logisticsGermany OFFER 2013-08-15
Categorisation of various documents and configuration for printingUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2013-08-21
Biomedical tomograph of new generationRussia OFFER 2015-06-24
Centralized wireless video monitoring of remote objects using 3G cellular networksRussia OFFER 2015-06-24
Software suite for scientific and medical 3D visualization.Russia OFFER 2015-06-24
Access control technologyGermany OFFER 2013-08-19
The only brake system for roller shutters and grilles that correctly compliments anti-drop regulations.United Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-01
Innovative & Advanced water and waste water treatment equipment technologyIndia REQUEST 2015-02-12
Electrospinning technique for production and functionalization of ultrathin fibers in the nano-/micrometer rangeGermany OFFER 2013-09-06
Innovative Waste Treatment with Hydro-mechanical and biological systemItaly OFFER 2013-10-28
Biodegradable product that supports the growth of vegetationRomania OFFER 2014-11-27
Life-saving equipment for the recovery of persons from seaGermany OFFER 2014-03-25
Automatic validation and testing core business applications (Mainframe Based)Israel OFFER 2015-05-07
Intelligent healthcare monitoringUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-08-23
3D virtual reality simulators for vehicle driver trainingsTurkey OFFER 2015-06-01
Underwater acoustic environment modelTurkey OFFER 2015-06-01
Speech Recognition Engine and Dictation Software in EnglishTurkey REQUEST 2014-04-25
Speech Recognition Engine and Dictation Software in TurkishTurkey OFFER 2014-04-25
Helicopter/rotorcraft dynamic modeling and analysis toolTurkey OFFER 2014-09-11
Automatic storage system-wardrobePoland OFFER 2014-06-11
Portable technology and device for measuring the water level in artesian wells.Russia OFFER 2015-06-24
Technology and device for measuring the water level in artesian wells via bottomhole pressure sensor.Russia OFFER 2015-08-21
Ventilation system noise reduction damperPoland OFFER 2014-06-11
Novel door system that provides a watertight defence against floodingUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-08-23
Stereoscopic 3D camera system for real video and contents production procedure for CG animation for multiple stereoscopic display platformsSouth Korea OFFER 2013-08-14
Technology to predict renewable energy potentials on city roofsGermany OFFER 2013-08-07
Improved multifrequency antenna with metamaterials for adjustable bandwidthsSpain OFFER 2013-08-13
Method for synchronizing subtitle and audio/video information in live multimedia eventsSpain OFFER 2013-09-05
System for bioelimination of volatile organic compounds and odours from the airPoland OFFER 2015-08-05
A Method for microfabrication of a capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer comprising a diamond membraneTurkey OFFER 2015-05-06
Advanced tactical wargaming systemTurkey OFFER 2014-11-24
Tailor made services and software solutions for data analytics, data mining, visualisation, survey design, field research for business intelligenceGermany OFFER 2013-08-30
Virtual light barriers as a security systemGermany OFFER 2014-03-26
Bioelectrochemical treatment of contaminated water with oxidised nitrogen compounds Spain OFFER 2013-09-05
Anti-Fingerprint Coating Solutions for Consumer ApplicationsUSA REQUEST 2013-08-27
UK company seeks Green technologies for domestic buildings and applicationsUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2013-08-07
Registered Electronic Mail System (REM) offered by Turkish SMETurkey OFFER 2015-04-07
Continuous integration based software for medical, industrial and military applicationsGermany OFFER 2013-08-19
Innovative payment and billing mobile application that simplifies payment process for retailersIsrael OFFER 2014-06-22
Embedded Systems: Applications, Architectures, and ToolsGermany OFFER 2013-08-30
High-Performance Computing using Application-specific ProcessorsGermany OFFER 2013-08-30
Distributed Computing in Low-Power Wireless Sensor NetworksGermany OFFER 2013-08-30
Hardware/Software Co-Design Tools for Heterogeneous Embedded SystemsGermany OFFER 2013-08-30
Higher level of security for video surveillance systemsGermany OFFER 2014-03-27
Surface treatment of glass and silicon wafer surfaces by low-cost plasma technology at atmospheric pressure.Czech Republic OFFER 2013-08-19
Novel time tracking softwarePoland OFFER 2015-12-31
Innovative UV Water Disinfection/Treatment that meets strict Environmental regulationsIsrael OFFER 2014-03-25
Energy saving technology offered for controlling streetlight systemsFinland OFFER 2013-08-08
Wireless logistics support system for underground transportPoland OFFER 2015-04-07
Open Face Helmet & Mandibular Protection SystemSpain OFFER 2013-09-26
An innovative machine vision system that supports beach racket tournaments.Greece OFFER 2013-10-02
An innovative fire detection system for small or private properties.Greece OFFER 2013-10-02
IT system for strategic and highly efficient collection of debtCroatia OFFER 2015-06-01
New system for water purification and sanitation of swimming pools without use of chemicalsCzech Republic OFFER 2013-10-09
Knowledge management framework with computer based formative learning and assessment using Artificial IntelligenceUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-03-25
Generation of semantic indexing patterns for organizing information written in natural languageSpain OFFER 2013-08-12
New technology of traffic countingCzech Republic REQUEST 2013-08-07
Power supply for low power lighting applicationSpain REQUEST 2013-08-07
Specific mobile tool for real-time management of traffic fines imposed by Security ForcesSpain OFFER 2013-09-05
Open source educational applications for use in any academic environmentSpain OFFER 2013-09-05
Innovative Waiter RobotSpain OFFER 2013-09-05
Technologies needed for the manufacturing of a concentrated solar thermal collector Greece REQUEST 2013-10-02
Image/video technology processing for content analysisItaly OFFER 2015-10-12
Innovative system for the real-time tracking, tracing, control and on-demand management of a fleet of vehicles.Italy OFFER 2013-09-05
Marine Ecology and Biology researchItaly OFFER 2013-09-27
Modular dams used for protection against flooding villages and arable landRomania OFFER 2015-05-05
RDR-Eco-Innovation: Eco-efficient water purification system – immobilizing biodegrading bacteria to treat contaminated waterSlovenia RESEARCH 2013-07-31
Small and light weight Chemical Hydride Hydrogen Generator with a capacity ranged from 200W to 1KW and a technology of Metal Foam Catalyst for Chemical Hydride Hydrogen Generating ApplicationSouth Korea OFFER 2013-08-01
Doubling the efficiency of thermoelectric generators using improved design of thermocouplesAustria OFFER 2013-07-31
Passive wooden doors with extremely low heat transfer coefficient Poland OFFER 2013-08-01
IT system of interactive technical manualsPoland OFFER 2015-08-12
Platform supporting the operation of the call/contact centre Poland OFFER 2015-04-14
Ultrasonic technology improving safety of taxi drivers. Aggression countermeasure. OFFER 2013-07-30
New electroplating process for wastewater treatmentHungary OFFER 2014-02-20
Reducing environmental pollution originating from municipal solid waste refuse dumpsHungary OFFER 2014-01-09
New metal reclamation technology in electroplatingHungary OFFER 2014-02-20
A system supporting and streamlining the work of a call / contact centre.Poland OFFER 2014-05-16
A device for an efficient and effective management of the IT infrastructure in a companyPoland OFFER 2014-05-16
An online messenger providing audio video communication with a unique waiting room optionPoland OFFER 2014-03-25
A compact photographic studio with a function of automatic background removalPoland OFFER 2014-05-16
BeBiCliEnvEhC integrated bioenergetic - biotechnological - climate - environment and health protection enhanced complexHungary OFFER 2013-09-05
High-performance solid-/liquid-separation of digestateLuxembourg OFFER 2013-08-07
A cloud-computing application which supports remote company management, customer relations creation and maintenancePoland OFFER 2013-08-05
Advanced fire and evacuation modelling tools for railway station and train design and certification United Kingdom OFFER 2015-01-13
Technology for synthesis of Zinc Oxide nanoparticles available for licensing and/or further developmentPoland OFFER 2013-07-31
Home automation technologies for new construction, renovation and decoration projectsSpain REQUEST 2013-09-06
Ground-breaking clamping system for the construction of effective and durable flood control wallsGermany OFFER 2013-12-18
Specific ERP technology for bioenergy, forestry, and field work applicationsFinland OFFER 2013-09-05
Traffic and signalling control system for low-traffic rail linesPoland OFFER 2015-03-25
Lens-free imaging deviceUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-07-29
A passive non-lethal ship self-protection measure to prevent boarding by sea-criminals. Netherlands OFFER 2013-07-29
Farm and domestic waste anaerobic digestionUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-01-13
A new class of biostimulants for bioremediation of land, water and concreteUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-02-02
Augmented Reality - Markless 3-D tracking technology France OFFER 2013-10-02
An integrated ticket management system for tourism related organisationsGreece OFFER 2014-05-07
Special cardboard boxes manufacturing technologyItaly OFFER 2014-05-15
Platform-independent mobile development frameworkHungary OFFER 2013-09-24
Software testing software to ensure automatic filtering of vulnerabilitiesHungary OFFER 2013-09-24
Designer of novel non-concrete soil binding system needed to join project developing novel fibre-reinforced post and mesh fencing systemUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2013-09-05
Turkish company offering city guide application suitable for iOS and Android systems for adapting to new regions with further joint developmentTurkey OFFER 2013-07-29
Car sharing software solution for electrical vehicles fleet managementSpain OFFER 2015-01-19
Remote and Interactive Screen Experiment (ISE) and virtual instrument toolsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-07-29
Technology for fabrics overlaying with antibacterial properties available for licensing or further joint developmentPoland OFFER 2013-07-26
Novel chemical-free wood modification processHungary OFFER 2014-01-09
High-tech wireless sensor network for multi-point measurement applications (e.g. precision agriculture) with tight integration of Apple iOS devicesHungary OFFER 2013-09-24
Aerial obstacle detection software for the visually impairedSpain OFFER 2014-12-16
Innovative technological equipment complex for log houses manufacturing plantLatvia OFFER 2013-10-04
Technology for the treatment of concentrated and complex wastewater flowsNetherlands OFFER 2013-12-18
Moving Bed (bio) filtrationNetherlands OFFER 2014-12-18
Modular drinking water purification and management system without the use of chemicalsNetherlands OFFER 2013-12-18
Upgrading biogas to natural gas qualityNetherlands OFFER 2014-12-18
Real-time Airborne Radioactivity Monitor using Direct gamma-ray spectrometry with two scintillation detectorsSpain OFFER 2014-07-11
Real-time Airborne Radioactivity Monitor using gamma-ray spectrometry on a particulate FilterSpain OFFER 2014-07-11
Cloud-based document generation platform for software providers and developersEstonia OFFER 2013-07-25
Innovative control system for outdoor and large space lighting offered for system integrator or maintenance organizationsFinland OFFER 2013-08-05
Partner sought for joint production of intelligent luminaire control unitsFinland OFFER 2013-08-05
Innovative Smart Data Management PlatformItaly OFFER 2014-11-17
An objective and automatic system for classifying scanned images according to the quality level thereofSpain OFFER 2013-09-05
Heat pumps: domestic hot water dedicated to energy-positive buildings and industriesFrance OFFER 2013-10-04
Innovative mobile application for retrieving archive pictures of modern buildingsHungary OFFER 2014-12-10
A Hungarian SME developed an innovative application creator tool for smart phone applicationsHungary OFFER 2014-01-15
Framework for the development of cognitive rehabilitation applications for elderly and people with disabilities and chronic diseases.Italy OFFER 2015-01-21
Solutions in radiation hardening engineering and testsFrance OFFER 2015-01-06
Urgent Eureka Partner Search: Design of a resource efficient sustainable assembly system using flexible and agile production exploiting intelligent manufacturingTurkey RESEARCH 2013-07-25
Ultraviolet(UV) Sensor and LED Devices Using GaN(gallium nitride) MaterialsSouth Korea OFFER 2014-09-01
Unmanned system for civil usesSpain OFFER 2015-05-14
New CCTV technology for peaceful management of crowdsFrance OFFER 2013-10-04
People counting sensors and other devices for footfall analysisFrance OFFER 2014-04-24
PS – EPSRC – companies required for research into re-use and recycling of composites manufacturing waste.United Kingdom RESEARCH 2013-07-31
Brainwave activity diagnostics for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)United Kingdom OFFER 2013-07-24
PS Eco-Innovation: Looking for seaports for demonstrating an autonomous oil spill detectorEstonia RESEARCH 2013-07-22
Smartphone based, combined EETS Toll systemHungary OFFER 2013-07-23
Automated and easily scalable item-order picking systemNetherlands OFFER 2013-09-05
Innovative system for online video analyticsSlovenia OFFER 2013-09-06
Composite material for the removal of fluoride in drinking waterSpain OFFER 2014-05-07
Instrumentation family for monitoring explosive gas leakages and the presence of carbon monoxide from thermal stations and domestic usersRomania OFFER 2014-06-25
Gas Liquid Contact SystemNetherlands OFFER 2013-12-18
Personal trainer software on mobile phonesHungary OFFER 2014-01-08
A microbiological detection and monitoring system for rapid and autonomous quantification of micro-organisms in liquid samplesNetherlands OFFER 2013-12-18
Prefab modular wastewater treatment system.Netherlands OFFER 2013-12-18
Suspended solids removal system from (waste) waterNetherlands OFFER 2014-01-07
Removal of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) from biogasNetherlands OFFER 2013-12-18
Decentralised system for the removal of BOD, Suspended Solids and Nitrogen from waste waterNetherlands OFFER 2013-12-18
Odour control system for waste water treatment plants without chemicalsNetherlands OFFER 2013-12-18
New separation technology for composite materialGermany OFFER 2014-07-09
Butterfly Gyro componentSweden OFFER 2014-08-25
Modification of natural fibres for performance cementitious composites and building blocksUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-07-23
Smart sensor for measuring exercise metrics including pedometerUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2013-07-12
A technology based on algorithms to optimize flat materials cuts is offeredPoland OFFER 2014-06-23
Eye tracking head lamp for surgerySouth Korea OFFER 2013-07-16
Modification of mechanical and heat properties of softened PVCCzech Republic REQUEST 2013-07-15
Mineral-based press- molds out of vermiculiteAustria OFFER 2013-07-15
Bioprocesses for Industrial Air Pollution controlBelgium OFFER 2013-09-05
Scalable paperless postal systemUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-07-19
Innovative marine stations to monitor and to control the coastal marine environment.Italy OFFER 2014-11-17
Flexible fixture for safe single man replacement of windowsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-07-16
Fall restraint barrier system providing safe construction site conditonsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-07-16
Wood-plastic composite material for recycling wood wasteHungary OFFER 2013-07-11
Self-learning fingerprint module which can be integrated into any system or process (new and existing)Austria OFFER 2013-07-08
Flexible and cost effective advance technology for the surveillance and telecontrol of hydraulic processesSpain OFFER 2013-07-12
Advance domotics that combines home automation and a SaaS platformsSpain OFFER 2013-07-12
Innovative product life-cycle management and project management software for education and researchGermany OFFER 2013-07-17
Efficient and intuitive multimedia conversion and standardized archiving.Slovenia OFFER 2013-09-26
Accurate and precise microvolume filling system for liquidsSlovenia OFFER 2013-09-26
Embedded Hardware Security Modules for automotive on-board networks and car-to-car communicationGermany OFFER 2013-07-10
Large scale production of plastic microfluidic consumables for life sciences and diagnostic applicationsNetherlands OFFER 2014-06-27
Brand Protection and Identification Tag SystemUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-07-09
3D gesture-control interactive solutionsBelgium OFFER 2013-07-03
A modern nini-central unit for gas detection Poland OFFER 2013-10-11
Cloud-based Optimization Solutions for IndustryUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-02-04
Novel treatment for efficient heavy metal removal from wastewaters.Spain OFFER 2013-07-03
Techniques of standard interoperability and integration of health systems technologies for efficiency use of health resources and fluidity of communicationSpain OFFER 2013-09-25
Realization of the invention “ELECTRIC MACHINE – FLUID MACHINE, STANCHEV AGGREGATION SET”Bulgaria OFFER 2014-10-27
A new software for business management in the cloudSpain OFFER 2014-12-10
IT application for the development of an accurate wind map of a metropolitan areaSpain REQUEST 2013-07-01
Probabilistic digital system for the efficient exploration of huge datasetsSpain OFFER 2013-09-25
Software for online business of Tour Operators, Incoming Agencies, Airlines and Hotel booking centers.Spain OFFER 2013-09-25
Insect Barrier SystemGermany OFFER 2014-06-30
Multiple XML connector for hotels, airlines, rail sector, car rental, ferries and destination servicesSpain OFFER 2013-11-15
Management tool for Airlines: fares, inventory and sales.Spain OFFER 2013-11-15
Tool for managing hotel booking centersSpain OFFER 2013-11-15
Online platform for selling online vouchers, discounts and promotionsSpain OFFER 2014-06-02
Advanced micro-opto-electronics - digital near-the-eye applicationsGermany OFFER 2015-04-16
Innovative universal gasometrical head for detection of low (toxic) gas concentrationPoland OFFER 2014-01-09
Maintenance Management System for Production and LogisticsGermany OFFER 2014-07-15
Fuel saving/monitoring tool for companies with numerous vehiclesPoland OFFER 2013-07-04
Microwave Thermal Treatment method of utilization of wastes containing asbestos.Poland OFFER 2013-07-08
Software for recording and presentation of images gathered from various types of medical imaging (in particular endoscopic) devices.Poland OFFER 2013-07-12
3D expert analysis system of the running patternSpain OFFER 2013-10-10
Performing station to optimize local transportation services.Italy OFFER 2014-12-22
Vacuum gripper for automatic unloading of unordered parcelsGermany OFFER 2013-07-11
Estimation and analysis of solar resource in potencial locations to make use of solar energy.Spain OFFER 2014-12-16
Power Electronics Platform for testing renewable energy source systems in isolated applications and micro-gridSpain OFFER 2013-07-12
Technology for simultaneous grinding and drying of disperse materialsRussia OFFER 2013-07-10
Development of Micro Gas Sensor Technology for Mobile application South Korea REQUEST 2014-06-09
Working platform and network for disabled people garmentsRomania OFFER 2013-10-08
Natural sorbents for a quick and correct environmental cleaning-up of liquid pollutantsItaly OFFER 2014-07-11
emergency controller for building security (alarm installations)Poland OFFER 2013-07-19
Chemical oxygen demanded (COD) and Nitrogen-removal from industry and domestic waterNetherlands OFFER 2013-09-05
Videostreaming system for public authorities and conference providers.Czech Republic OFFER 2013-07-02
Novel, efficient and simple cogeneration plant utilizing biomass or waste materialsItaly OFFER 2014-11-26
System for localised processing of animal and organic waste remove water and produce power and bio fertiliser.Ireland OFFER 2013-07-01
Mathematical Expressions Handwriting Recognition technologiesSouth Korea REQUEST 2013-07-05
Smart application of internet TV for mobile phones.Czech Republic OFFER 2015-06-17
Parts and tools made of ceramic with micro- and nano-structured surfacesGermany OFFER 2014-11-05
Photo Chemical milling technology to produce high precision objectsItaly OFFER 2014-11-19
A framework for gathering and analyzing patient data within a research projectItaly OFFER 2014-05-15
Looking for rare earth free motor technologySouth Korea REQUEST 2015-02-24
Follicolar Biolysis - Method and Apparatus for the Effective, Non-Invasive, Painless and Cheap Hair RemovalItaly OFFER 2013-07-11
Robotic head capable of emulating emotionsPoland OFFER 2013-06-27
Image enhancement processor based on edge detection and anisotropic diffusionSpain OFFER 2013-09-05
Development of components for integrated energy-saving illumination system.Russia REQUEST 2013-07-03
Wireless sensors for automatic detection of vehiclesItaly OFFER 2014-03-25
A single ‘assisted living’ device that senses movement, temperature and door opening, and sends alerts to mobileUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-06-28
CAD Technology for Mobile DevicesAustria REQUEST 2013-06-27
Optical Sensor for Public LightingItaly OFFER 2014-03-25
Universally rechargeable RFID/NFC transponder to monitor environmental parametersGermany OFFER 2014-08-18
Spin device magnetic thin film comprising half-metallic zinc-blende structured MnAs(manganese arsenide) layers and method for preparing the sameSouth Korea OFFER 2013-07-24
Patented multifunctional massage stoneGermany OFFER 2013-06-26
Modular building element for retaining wall construction and stabilising embankment.France OFFER 2013-09-24
Environmentally friendly remediation system for petroleum contaminated waterSweden OFFER 2014-04-23
Intuitive lighting control technology for medical lighting equipment.Netherlands OFFER 2013-07-03
Manure separation plant with high capacityDenmark REQUEST 2013-08-08
PS: EcoInnovation - Natural Mobile House Comprising Waste Recycling Techniques and Efficient Use of ResourcesSlovenia RESEARCH 2013-06-18
PS FP7 R4SME-ASS: Association interested in E-Commerce Solutions for its member sought (project start: September 2013)Germany RESEARCH 2013-06-18
High-precision flexible pivot with bonded bladesFrance OFFER 2013-06-18
Stereoscopic image acquisition deviceFrance OFFER 2013-06-18
Nomadic Health Telemonitoring SolutionFrance OFFER 2013-06-18
Technology to lift and lower battery modules, electrical cabinets, transformers etc. undergroundFinland OFFER 2013-06-17
PS CIP Eco-innovation: looking for an engineering consultancy willing to develop a business approach of soil phytoremediation servicesBelgium RESEARCH 2013-06-17
End2End navigation system for seamless navigationGermany REQUEST 2013-06-17
PS – ESRC – automotive manufacturer or in car display manufacturer required for research into automotive vehicle in-car display design.United Kingdom RESEARCH 2013-06-17
Novel design of manhole cover with anti-theft featuresUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-06-13
Looking for Biomass ashes reuse technologiesFrance REQUEST 2013-06-13
An Improved transmission method for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) OFDM mobile communications (4G).Spain OFFER 2013-06-13
Scientific imaging PlatformFrance OFFER 2013-06-13
PS-LIFE+: Improving the risk assessment of nanomaterials using in vitro methodologySpain RESEARCH 2013-06-13
Image-guided surgery systemEstonia OFFER 2013-06-13
Innovative collaborative technology for advanced GPS navigation and routingGreece OFFER 2013-06-12
Image processing software/algorithms used to add different facial hairstyles onto a male face using photographs or video streamUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2013-06-12
Synthesis of nanostructured powders of oxide functional materialsRussia OFFER 2013-06-07
Energy management system for electric city busesNetherlands OFFER 2013-06-07
Mobile contact exchange, networking innovation, scan persons ID via near field communication techniquesGermany OFFER 2013-06-07
Integrate crowd-source radar detection capacity in any mobile application, smartphone or traffic/GPS information deviceSwitzerland OFFER 2013-06-07
Delignification of lignocellulosic materialsSpain OFFER 2013-06-06
An Optical sensor for measuring the state of the roadSpain OFFER 2013-06-05
Multipurpose multiport explosion-proof switching unit for systems of collection and transmission of informationRussia OFFER 2013-06-05
Rotary cut wood veneer manufacturers soughtUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2013-06-04
Innovative technology for automatic handwriting cursive recognition in structured and unstructured documentsItaly OFFER 2013-06-04
Magnetic system to avoid mechanical vibration and noise in tools.Spain OFFER 2014-12-17
Underwater device for the detection of natural and/or anthropogenic substances in waterItaly OFFER 2013-06-04
Dynamic simulation software for landfill design and managementSpain OFFER 2014-12-22
New prefabricated building systems conceived for “lower environmental impact” suitable for accommodation facilities on the mountains.Italy OFFER 2013-06-03
A software application that upgrades services and communication of accommodation providers with their clientsCzech Republic OFFER 2013-06-03
Service integrators operating in private/public health care, psychiatry and medical tourism soughtFinland OFFER 2013-06-03
Tests sought for a method of nuclear and radiologic pollution cleaning with biologic treatmentFrance OFFER 2013-06-03
PS-CIP-EIP: Green Travel Europe Online community involving responsible travellers, eco-accommodations and sustainable pathsItaly RESEARCH 2013-06-03
Innovative thermal and acoustic insulating material based on recycled textileFrance OFFER 2013-06-03
Robotic Modular Components to build your customized robotic or automatized machine.Spain OFFER 2013-06-13
SWAP development (Semantic Web Architecture and Protocol), model-based development and ontology engineering.Spain REQUEST 2013-06-03
Turn-key system for the production of prefabricated wall elements in solid construction saving costs and timeAustria OFFER 2013-05-31
Cloud platform to geo-locate businesses and job vacanciesSpain OFFER 2013-05-30
Novel solution to fight Horse Chestnut bleeding canker and other three diseasesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-05-30
Novel technology for digital enhanced cordless telecommunicationItaly OFFER 2013-05-30
Internet channel manager for tourism accommodation sales.Spain OFFER 2015-01-12
Data management solution for agriculture; analyze crops´ needs in real timeSpain OFFER 2013-05-30
Solutions for systematic heterogeneous data collection, aggregation, curation and vizualisation.France OFFER 2013-05-30
Projections of climate change impacts at regional and local scalesSpain OFFER 2013-05-22
Development of advanced geostatistical tools for analyzing and processing geographical informationFrance OFFER 2013-05-30
PS-LIFE+-URGENT-Evaluation of the ability of the vineyards sink effectSpain RESEARCH 2013-05-29
Low level current amplifier with high bandwidth for use with scanning Electron Beam Microscopes (EBMs).United Kingdom OFFER 2013-05-29
Environmental remediation & pollution cleaning based on ecological biologic treatmentFrance OFFER 2013-05-29
Universal controller and virtual sensorSpain OFFER 2013-05-29
Converter from instant to dynamic synapses into pulsed neural networksSpain OFFER 2013-05-29
3D-Image processor for feature detectionSpain OFFER 2013-05-29
Solutions for dust measurementNetherlands REQUEST 2013-05-29
Precise technology and automated system for water disinfection with a chlorine containing reagentRussia OFFER 2013-05-28
Intuitive lighting control technology for automotive solutions.Netherlands OFFER 2013-05-28
Seeking novel water and wastewater technologies for the UK marketUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2013-05-28
New biosensors in the field of wine, food and environmentSpain REQUEST 2013-05-28
Non-template method of fabrication of magnetic nanowiresPoland OFFER 2013-05-27
Physicians/Medical Clinics needed for medical consultancy software application trials and feedbackPoland OFFER 2013-05-27
Innovative contoller imitating daily movement of the Sun & light intensityPoland OFFER 2013-05-24
Game server engine for online game developmentSouth Korea OFFER 2013-05-24
Advanced Truck Trailer Protection SystemGermany OFFER 2013-05-24
Visual Search TechnologyGermany OFFER 2013-05-23
New multiplier waveguide coupler device.Spain OFFER 2013-05-23
A system for forensic handwritten document examinationItaly OFFER 2013-05-23
On-line translation application for web-sites and IT applicationsGreece OFFER 2013-05-23
PS EUREKA: Experienced partners on high temperature microwave applications are sought for Eureka Project - construction of a range cookerTurkey RESEARCH 2013-05-23
New technologies sought to valorise sugar beet waste streams (pulp and leaves)Netherlands REQUEST 2013-05-23
Industrial volatile organic compound abatement/odour control concentrate and aids to compliance to emission and air pollution legislationUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-02-02
Semantic search engine based on words sense discoveryPoland OFFER 2013-05-22
E-Government Platform allowing internal and relationships with citizens, businesses and other administrations managementSpain OFFER 2015-01-12
Low application temperature hot melt adhesive for automatic box closingSpain OFFER 2014-12-17
Interaction system technology for marketing and digital signageSpain OFFER 2015-01-12
PS: Reduction of air pollution with D7 additive - LIFE+Italy RESEARCH 2013-05-21
Seeking methods for adding value to waste grass sourced from lawnsTurkey REQUEST 2013-05-21
Novel biologically active hybrid filter material for selective elimination of gaseous pollutants and odors in biogas or waste airGermany OFFER 2013-05-21
Heat recovery system for a paint furnaceSpain REQUEST 2013-05-21
Histogram-based Level Set Segmentation in 3D EchocardiographyGermany OFFER 2013-05-21
Autonomous installation powered by solar energy for continuous aeration of the lake waterRomania REQUEST 2013-05-21
Direct osmosis membranes for energy generationSpain REQUEST 2013-05-17
Cadastre system for solar panelsGermany OFFER 2013-05-17
Electronic reporting system in the vehicle based on information coming from crumple zonePoland REQUEST 2013-05-16
Information system for digital port managementGermany OFFER 2013-05-16
Determining the wear resistance of cutting tools of agricultural machinesGermany OFFER 2013-05-16
Holistical multidomain Simulation of Harvesting and Food Preparation ProcessesGermany OFFER 2013-05-16
Methodology of statistical analysis of the use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) by SMEs and citizensSpain OFFER 2015-01-12
Mobile Application for technical services of monitoring fire prevention and protection elementsSpain OFFER 2015-01-12
Multifunctional electronic control system for guards / security personnelPoland REQUEST 2013-05-15
Environmentally friendly agents that can eliminate silverfish and bacteria.Sweden REQUEST 2013-05-15
Portable 3D Scanner and Improved Processing SoftwareUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2013-05-15
Automatic system to detect fire smoke or other particles dispersed in air (pollutants, dust..) over large open areasSpain OFFER 2013-05-15
Innovative Java-based Opensource Web Content Management (WCM) to create and publish rich content from a user friendly interfaceFrance OFFER 2013-05-15
Method for determining inhomogeneity in animal tissue and equipment to implement itItaly OFFER 2013-05-15
Freeze-Flowing Valve deviceIreland OFFER 2013-05-15
Pyrolysis technology for separated components of Municipal Solid WasteCzech Republic REQUEST 2013-05-14
A low-complexity and low-power receiver for wireless communicationsSpain OFFER 2013-05-14
Cell culture deviceSpain OFFER 2013-05-13
Technology of scanning flow cytometry with an original optical system and data processing algorithms for early diagnosis of cancer and immunological diseasesRussia OFFER 2013-05-13
Ceramic thermal conditioning panelSpain OFFER 2014-12-17
Device for absorbing kinetic energy / safety belt sytemsPoland REQUEST 2015-03-11
Sought: a technology to determine the absolute coordinates of points along a canalNetherlands REQUEST 2013-05-13
Novel algorithms for prediction of protein transmembrane regions ready to be implemented as a web toolSlovenia REQUEST 2013-05-13
Total theatre for live performances incorporating interactive multimedia based systemsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-10
Technology for simultaneous defibration, drying and removal of inclusions from fiber materialsRussia OFFER 2013-05-08
A software suite to give high added-value to distribution in the publishing sectorSpain OFFER 2013-05-07
Multi-Biomass-Heating plant with integrated biomass-fuel drying processAustria OFFER 2013-05-07
Innovative and Educational Realistic Welding Trainer SimulatorSpain OFFER 2013-05-07
Assessment methodology, technology consulting and custom training of the use of Information and Communication Technologies.Spain OFFER 2015-01-12
Quick genotyping method, to assess in different isolates whether M. tuberculosis has the same clone origin. Useful in control of tuberculosis, in outbreaks and transmission chains.Spain OFFER 2013-05-07
UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System for civil applicationsHungary OFFER 2013-05-07
Motion SensorsSweden OFFER 2013-05-06
Swedish inventor is looking for a prototype manufacturer of a bedroll.Sweden REQUEST 2013-05-06
Brand Tracking Tool for Tourist DestinationsSpain OFFER 2015-01-12
Urgent PS: Open geo-referenced tourist guide solutionItaly REQUEST 2013-05-03
World´s first plug-and-play remote access deviceFinland OFFER 2013-05-03
Assessment of fish freshness using image technologySpain OFFER 2014-12-17
GPS task registration for farmersDenmark OFFER 2013-05-02
Flow-free electronic delivery device for precision cell communicationSweden OFFER 2013-05-02
Social-CRM Integration solutionSlovenia OFFER 2013-05-02
An innovative tele-control keyboard applicationGreece OFFER 2013-04-30
Cloud security application offering total security for data in the cloudNetherlands OFFER 2013-05-14
Novel in-app telecom solution that sends information about the potential customer who is responding to an ad on his mobile device.Israel OFFER 2013-04-29
Smart retail tag system - consumer digital footprint tracking, management and access to mediaUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-10
Advanced software system for the entire control of water quality measurement networks allowing immediate hazard detection and responseGermany OFFER 2013-04-29
Water control system for irrigation canals which reduces water losses by 10-20% Netherlands OFFER 2013-04-26
PS ICT PSP - Security for Website Administrators against Threats (SecWeb). Spain RESEARCH 2013-04-26
Wireless technology for new generation intruder alarm systems Italy REQUEST 2013-04-26
High-Tech adventure tour for new application areas Germany OFFER 2013-04-19
Universal access to a transparent system of control for home care services for dependent people Spain OFFER 2013-04-19
Method to perform static precise point positioning observations in global navigation satellite systems Spain OFFER 2013-04-22
Software solution for effective mobile marketing and generation of mobile leads Bulgaria OFFER 2013-04-19
Integrated surveillance system able to remote monitor of vital signs and risk factors.Italy OFFER 2014-11-17
Organic waste recovery device combining composting and methanization France OFFER 2013-04-19
Portable Audio/Video Streaming System South Korea OFFER 2013-04-19
PS-CIP-IEE-2013-10.1.1 Energy Efficiency: make it fun! Looking for an IT partner in Sweden with expertise in energy sector. Spain RESEARCH 2013-04-19
New System for the Integration of Security Systems Turkey OFFER 2013-04-19
User-friendly platform to create own tourist, educational or treasure hunt apps.Iceland OFFER 2013-05-22
Technology and equipment of high-precision method for direct exploration of mineral deposits. Ukraine OFFER 2013-04-18
Device for cleaning contaminated water surfaces like oil spills or jellyfish plagues Spain OFFER 2013-04-18
Wireless battery-free biomedical signal monitoring patch Spain OFFER 2013-04-17
X-ray imaging camera technology with a larger detector area that enables faster data read out speed Netherlands OFFER 2013-04-17
GPS Technology for people with dementia Spain OFFER 2013-04-17
One axis servo motor making rotation and translation in-one. High accuracy, scalable, adaptable to gearboxes and industial hardware. Netherlands OFFER 2013-04-17
Solutions to track and trace individual persons in a small area (250 m2) with 100% reliability Netherlands REQUEST 2013-04-17
Device for Road and Urban Mobility to help Resolving Traffic Jam Problems France REQUEST 2013-04-17
Support System for Selection of Reviewers Poland OFFER 2013-04-15
PS - CIP IEE 2013 - Green ICT and Greening by ICT for SMEs in the built environment industry United Kingdom RESEARCH 2013-04-15
Employment Networking PlatformPoland OFFER 2013-04-12
Turbine in-situ combustionRomania REQUEST 2013-04-12
Intelligent solution for routing problems in transport sectorSpain OFFER 2013-04-12
Partners sought for submarine-robot market launchFrance OFFER 2013-04-12
Cloud-based tool for the task management of the company (from director to employee)Spain OFFER 2013-04-12
Know-how in 3D animation graphics, video and printFrance OFFER 2013-04-16
Vehicle routing optimization with time and load restrictionsSpain OFFER 2013-04-12
Novel causal mapping management tool for problem solving, change management and developing company strategiesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-04-11
Software developer sought - parsing the results of a meta Internet search engine from links into dataGermany REQUEST 2013-04-11
Aircraft Wake Turbulence PredictionRomania REQUEST 2013-04-10
Simulation technology for optimising harvesting biomass.Germany OFFER 2013-04-10
Predicting joint pain and therapy discontinuation in patients suffering from breast cancer treated with Aromatase inhibitorsSpain OFFER 2013-04-10
Noise reduction software technology in a varied noise environment (1mic/2mic)South Korea OFFER 2013-04-10
Advanced fire and evacuation modelling tools for Aircraft Cabin Design and CertificationUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-10
Innovations in electro-optic, infra-red and radio frequency technology for the Defence sectorUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2014-12-10
PS CIP-ICT-PSP-2013-7: Integration of Ultra High Definition Television Format into Language CoursesGermany RESEARCH 2013-04-10
Multifunctional police shieldCroatia OFFER 2013-04-09
Innovative voice mining systemHungary OFFER 2013-04-09
Webbased software solution to improve medication safety with Clinical RulesNetherlands OFFER 2013-04-09
A Photovoltaic Energy Harvesting Device with Magnetic Nanofluid Cored Micro-TransformerRomania REQUEST 2013-04-09
Nature inspired micro fluidic manipulation systemRomania REQUEST 2013-04-09
Hard water scale prevention system providing alternative to salt or chemical water softenersUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-05-23
Optimizing the logistic of waste collection by applying a transceiver system indicating the fullness levelHungary OFFER 2013-04-09
Ball mill to reduce the particle size of the different powdersHungary OFFER 2013-04-09
Wireless alarm and communication/message system for industry, hospitals, elderly care and custody/prisonSweden OFFER 2013-04-09
Product life cycles Romania REQUEST 2013-04-08
Food information service system using smart phone application and website South Korea OFFER 2013-04-08
Mitigating the effect of urban heat island by increasing the evapo-perspiration vegetation on urban river banks – case study Bucharest Romania Romania REQUEST 2013-04-05
Eco friendly building materials with mineral waste Romania REQUEST 2013-04-05
Formation of antifriction layers Romania REQUEST 2013-04-05
2 nm Quantum Optical Lithography Romania REQUEST 2013-04-05
Novel technology for wood pellet boiler system Macedonia REQUEST 2013-04-05
Accelerated Carbonation Technology - Aggregate, Steel and Cement Waste Industry Expertise SoughtUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-10
Portable AC susceptometer Sweden OFFER 2013-04-05
PS Israel-Italy Joint Innovation Program- Israeli IT Industrial partner for development of a new medication system in hospitals Italy RESEARCH 2013-04-04
Authentication and Digital Signature Platform Spain OFFER 2013-04-04
Modern, Non-Conventional Process With Electrical Fluxes Concentrated on Multifunctional Machines With Composites Structures Romania REQUEST 2013-04-04
Tested for Attitude Control and Coordination of Nanosatellites in Formation and in Solitary Missions Romania REQUEST 2013-04-04
Integrated Cargo Management SystemSpain REQUEST 2013-05-17
Platform for Providing Information Services for Public TransportSpain OFFER 2013-04-03
PS FP7 ICT Call 11: Sunflower cloudItaly RESEARCH 2013-04-02
Information and Marketing Systems applied to multimodal transport offerSpain REQUEST 2013-04-02
Mobile communication system to provide on route public transport information for passengers with special needsSpain OFFER 2013-04-02
External combustion heat engine utilizing waste heatHungary OFFER 2013-04-02
Boxer external combustion heat engine utilizing waste heatHungary OFFER 2013-04-02
PS: Seeking partners expert on E-Ticketing for attending to EUREKA`s Eurostars Programme FID4EUROPETurkey RESEARCH 2013-04-02
Intelligent localization methods over wireless sensory networksSpain OFFER 2013-04-02
Voltage balance control method in multilevel convertersSpain OFFER 2013-04-02
Modular system for plant cultivation on vertical surfacesSpain OFFER 2013-04-02
PS FP7 - Development of a Distributed Intelligent Autonomic Self-Adaptive and Biologically inspired system for real-time modeling and analysis of extremely complex and large volume of data to assist SMEs that make intensive use of knowledge and computersSpain RESEARCH 2013-03-27
Technology for Solar Drying of Industrial Waste Sludge Turkey REQUEST 2013-04-17
Novel, efficient and simple cogeneration plant utilizing biomass or waste materialsItaly OFFER 2013-04-11
Improved Dynamic Vision Sensor (DVS) device Spain OFFER 2013-03-27
Mobile Robot for Tagging RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification) Labels to Euro-pallets Germany OFFER 2013-03-26
Cloud solutions for data and service management in water utilities Finland OFFER 2013-03-26
Collaborative location sensing system using probabilistic-based fingerprinting. Greece OFFER 2013-03-25
High power efficient electronic converter for fuel cell applications Portugal OFFER 2013-03-25
Resource sharing software platform for wireless / mobile communications Greece OFFER 2013-03-25
Novel business process automation software for manufacturing SME Lithuania OFFER 2013-03-25
PS Eurostars Development of a visual system to warn drivers of public transportation on rails for dangerous situations Netherlands RESEARCH 2013-03-25
Green building materials from industrial wastes Italy OFFER 2013-03-26
New process to inertize waste materials Italy OFFER 2013-03-26
Processor for computing powering and root operations. Spain OFFER 2013-03-22
Joint development or research collaboration to improve electrotechnical technology Belgium OFFER 2013-03-22
Sediment management solutions for rivers and reservoirs Germany OFFER 2013-03-22
Technology for rapid analysis of organic matter in water samples Russia OFFER 2013-03-20
New mixing process without mechanical impeller Slovenia OFFER 2013-03-20
Universal street light timer. Sweden OFFER 2013-03-20
A Knowledge Management Framework as Knowledge Bases Development Support to Professional Risk Assessment in SMEs Romania REQUEST 2013-03-20
Improving of the fetal monitoring technique Romania REQUEST 2013-03-20
Computer virus protection based on a combined soft- and hardware solution Sweden OFFER 2013-03-20
A Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) application as an automatic interactive spoken conversation partnerSwitzerland OFFER 2013-03-20
PS-SUSFOOD ERA - “Bioactive-guided characterization of apple derivatives and full profit of their industrial by-products” Spain RESEARCH 2013-03-19
Innovative diesel-electric propulsion and energy management system for fuel efficient and environmental friendly inland tankers. Netherlands OFFER 2013-03-19
A surface emissions trap, for indoor air purification Sweden OFFER 2013-03-19
Methodology to completely characterize the medicines obtained from traditional medicinal plants Romania REQUEST 2013-03-18
PS-CIP-ICT-PSP theme for health, ageing well and inclusion United Kingdom RESEARCH 2013-03-18
Implementation of an automatic, continuous, real-time actions and emotion detection Romania REQUEST 2013-03-18
The innovative car jack Poland OFFER 2013-03-18
The self-alarming security display stands Poland OFFER 2013-03-18
PS: FP7 - ICT-2013.4.2 Scalabe data analytics Italy RESEARCH 2013-03-15
Novel, safe and comfortable protection device from welding Italy OFFER 2013-03-15
IT device for drug delivery at bedside Italy OFFER 2013-03-15
Oil-spill detection system based on synthetic aperture radar image processsing Spain OFFER 2013-03-15
Implementation of a wearable (portable) system Romania REQUEST 2013-03-15
ICT solutions to monitor elderly and people with disabilities Romania REQUEST 2013-03-15
Modular Mobile Software Suite for Real Time Care of Patients in Hospitals.United Kingdom OFFER 2014-11-11
Cost efficient technology for cleaning of exhausted gases from sulfur oxides and carbon dioxide, applicable in energetics, chemistry and metallurgy Bulgaria OFFER 2013-03-15
Technology for Waste to Energy from Municipal Solid WasteIndia REQUEST 2013-05-23
Method of marking construction materials Poland OFFER 2013-03-15
Embedded Networked Systems for Energy Monitoring Romania REQUEST 2013-03-14
PS - FP7-ICT-2013-10:eChronic: ICT platform to implement a customized model care for chronic disease patients Italy RESEARCH 2013-03-20
Novel photobioreactor for mass cultivation of microalgae. Spain OFFER 2013-03-14
Chip for marking construction materials Poland OFFER 2013-03-14
2-way Wireless Audio Communication Solution South Korea OFFER 2013-03-14
UV LEDs & Chips for air/water purifier, phototherapy, and skin treatment South Korea OFFER 2013-03-14
Configurable coaxial Tuner France OFFER 2013-03-14
Protection of personal data and phone hacking by Self-developed security program South Korea OFFER 2013-03-14
X-Ray Inspection with Tube (Accelerator) & FPD (Flat Penal Detector) South Korea REQUEST 2013-03-14
Focused Ion Beam (FIB) Technology and Microscopy United Kingdom OFFER 2013-03-14
Advanced decapsulation of plastic device packages with copper bond wires United Kingdom REQUEST 2013-03-14
Process to improve the fluidization of fine CO2 absorbing powdersSpain OFFER 2013-05-23
Smart Grid and Smart Metering company of next generation Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) for utilities Israel OFFER 2013-03-14
Software for image analysis of fluorescently labeled yeast cells to evaluate localized cellular fluorescence (granularity) and intracellular pH. Czech Republic OFFER 2013-03-14
Training in Automation and Industrial Informatics through Research and Mobility Romania REQUEST 2013-03-14
SCI-Cloud: Smart Cloud Infrastructure for e-Science Romania REQUEST 2013-03-14
Micro and nano optical components and assemblies for optical fibers France OFFER 2013-03-13
Portable device for distant indication of cable disruptions Bulgaria OFFER 2013-03-12
Model device for distant measurement and control of static versus dynamic deviations in X,Y,Z planes with rotation. Bulgaria OFFER 2013-03-12
Crude oil independent insulation panel with higher thermal resistance against mechanical loading Germany OFFER 2013-03-12
Web Platform (B2B) for integral business process management for distributors Spain OFFER 2013-03-12
Used and unworkable tires treatment system Italy OFFER 2013-03-12
Energy Management System for Highly Energy-Efficient Heterogeneous Mobile Networks Romania REQUEST 2013-03-12
Looking for dewatering Technology France REQUEST 2013-03-12
A new biological method for soil disinfection based on coproducts from the food industry. Netherlands OFFER 2013-03-12
Models and Techniques for Sustainable Public Transportation Romania REQUEST 2013-03-12
Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations for Compressible Flows Romania REQUEST 2013-03-11
Smart Objects for Pervasive Interaction Romania REQUEST 2013-03-11
PS FP7 ICT – “FingerprintMaster” A novel 2D on 2D matching algorithm and parallel processing algorithm via a multi-core server for biometrics United Kingdom RESEARCH 2013-03-08
Looking for solution for elimination/decrease of algae on surface of cooling towers of powerplant Czech Republic REQUEST 2013-03-08
A new open and cross-platform software for the distribution of scientific solvers with graphical interface Spain OFFER 2013-03-08
Software solutions to monitor and optimize energy usage Israel OFFER 2013-03-08
Automatically generate Microsoft SharePoint farm documentation Croatia OFFER 2013-03-08
Interactive advertising applications United Kingdom OFFER 2013-03-08
Detection of Malicious Executable Content in Non-Executable Files for Antivirus Products Germany OFFER 2013-03-07
An intelligent power distribution management system Spain OFFER 2013-03-07
ICT for water resources managementSpain OFFER 2013-05-15
Highly tolerant and tuneable integrated optical polarization rotator. Spain OFFER 2013-03-07
A standard integrated automation solution for worldwide residential and building control South Korea OFFER 2013-03-07
Mobile Contract System (eForm Solution) South Korea OFFER 2013-03-07
Low Voltage Electroluminescent Displays (69078) USA REQUEST 2013-03-06
Novel energy efficient recovery technology for precious and industrial metals from catalytic converters, electronic and industrial waste United Kingdom OFFER 2013-03-06
Software Testing tool for Automotive, Railroad, or Aviation South Korea OFFER 2013-03-06
PS – EUROSTARS - Quality control of Hybrid/Laser welding processes France RESEARCH 2013-03-06
Method and apparatus for monitoring an operational state of a system on the basis of telemetry data. Netherlands OFFER 2013-03-06
New Collision Prevention System for ShipsSpain OFFER 2013-05-23
New procedure for the elimination of nutrients from waste waters by photobiotreatment with microalgae. Spain OFFER 2013-03-06
Acoustic material from out-of-service vehicles Spain OFFER 2013-03-06
PS-FP7-COOPERATION-2013 – Development of an optimised advanced oxidation process system for enabling total closed loop reuse of waste water in metal working fluid manufacturing United Kingdom RESEARCH 2013-03-20
PS: ARTEMIS JU (Joint Undertaking) - a generic design methodology for humans interacting (or not!) with care robotics in the homeDenmark RESEARCH 2013-05-21
Heterodyne Laser interferometer South Korea OFFER 2013-03-05
PS-Eurostars: Development of proprietary carbon capture technology into a full scale and optimized process for applications in e.g. energy, steel and chemical industries Netherlands RESEARCH 2013-03-05
Innovative design system for footwear anatomical insoles Spain OFFER 2013-02-28
Device for fat waste utilisation, especially animal fats Poland OFFER 2013-02-28
Phase processor for Maximum Power Point Tracker in Photovoltaic applications Spain OFFER 2013-02-28
Expertise in crop research and sustainable production of plant-based raw materials for a biobased economy substituting fossil resources Germany OFFER 2013-02-28
Fast, high-throughput and cost-effective device for Legionella detection for laboratories Spain OFFER 2013-02-28
Enduring Performance in Cutting Appliances- Gears and Edges (69027) USA REQUEST 2013-02-28
Automatic Identification System Receiver And Satellite Payload Comprising The Same Netherlands OFFER 2013-02-28
Patent of hydrogen peroxide & sorbitol composition with multiple cleaning / sanitizing functionalities France OFFER 2013-02-28
Innovative management system for garbage collection Spain OFFER 2013-02-28
Smart Buoy to be used in a network of underwater sensors Spain OFFER 2013-02-28
Mobile Mirroring Service, Interlinking smartphone and other smart device South Korea OFFER 2013-02-28
Advanced technology for realtime physical activity monitoring Spain OFFER 2013-02-28
MicroElectroMechanical Systems(MEMS) scanner chips for Endoscopic Optical Coherence Tomography (E-OCT) South Korea OFFER 2013-02-28
A permanently-installed, concealed system for sealing doors and windows against flood water or air movementUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-02-10
Novel Paint Roller container concept that save time and the enviorment Sweden OFFER 2013-02-27
Tracking and recognition system for experimentation animals Spain OFFER 2013-02-27
Device to prevent accidents in all types of dangerous machinery (Industrial and Domestic) Spain OFFER 2013-02-27
Innovative industrial tool for automation and process control of olive oil production Spain OFFER 2013-02-27
PS FP7-ICT: EuroStars, Leadera. Artificial Intelligence Applied To E-health And Exercise: ‘eHealthXercise’. Spain RESEARCH 2013-02-27
Calculation of automatic wrapping curve Spain OFFER 2013-02-27
Fully automated technology for the separation and recovery of plastic foils and other thin lightweight materials from recycling waste streams Germany OFFER 2013-02-27
Optical inspection systems for pipelines - available for technology transfer Germany OFFER 2013-02-27
Computer interface connected with a 3D virtual world application to stimulate socialisation and movement with rehabilitation benefits for older people United Kingdom OFFER 2013-02-27
Innovative Unique fleet management and car security solution Lithuania OFFER 2013-02-27
Innovatine and Novel Telemetry solution for vending machines. Lithuania OFFER 2013-02-27
Novel and Innovative GPS fleet management system. Lithuania OFFER 2013-02-27
Syngas to Methanol Plant Israel REQUEST 2013-02-26
A liquid metal drop based Radio Frequency-Microelectromechanical System switch (RF-MEMS) for the cellular radio market Israel OFFER 2013-02-26
Looking for experts in the behaviour of thermoplastics during vehicle crash-test operations France REQUEST 2013-02-26
Numerical simulation software for electromagnetic problems Spain OFFER 2013-02-25
A multipurpose and modular architecture of patients’ home care using mobile devices Spain OFFER 2013-02-25
New system for automatic enrichment of documents with graph-based annotations Spain OFFER 2013-02-25
Force sensing floor able to measure and feedback people’s balance and movement performance United Kingdom OFFER 2013-02-25
Triage and decision support system for hospital emergency care Sweden OFFER 2013-02-25
Long-term variability monitoring of cardiovascular parameters based on ambulatory registration of electrocardiogram and pulse wave signals Estonia OFFER 2013-02-25
Engine development of 2D/3D video games and mobile applications Spain OFFER 2013-02-25
Foam and Textile disinfection process Belgium REQUEST 2013-02-25
PS: Eurostars 2013 - Drug Interaction Checker Slovenia RESEARCH 2013-03-04
PS Manunet: Advanced system for increasing industrial quality on robot traces applied to Plasma Arc Cut systems (PACs) Spain RESEARCH 2013-02-22
UV exhaust air treatment filter for gastronomy and industry with low-maintenance Germany OFFER 2013-02-21
Specialized disinfection device intended for treatment of water supply facilities, hotels, spa centers, swimming pools and jacuzzi Bulgaria OFFER 2013-02-21
A new biological method for soil remediation Netherlands OFFER 2013-03-05
Compact real-time precipitation sensor Latvia OFFER 2013-02-21
PS FP7 Implementation and evaluation of an early warning system for flooding events caused by rivers Germany RESEARCH 2013-03-06
Innovative process to transform organic municipal solid waste into bio ethanol Spain OFFER 2013-02-19
Intelligent Virtual Proffessor Spain OFFER 2013-02-19
Innovative software for the automatic generation of dynamic adaptive unstructured processes Spain OFFER 2013-02-19
Software tool using wireless thermographs for continuous control of cold chain Spain OFFER 2013-02-19
Web based tool for the internal management of innovative ideas and solutions Spain OFFER 2013-02-18
Solar-powered, large-area communication display & shading system for building facades Austria OFFER 2013-04-26
PS: Adaptive Interfaces for Supporting Elderly Users in Technology-Enhanced Work Environments Italy RESEARCH 2013-02-15