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Title of ProfilCountryType Date
A UK ultrasound simulator company seeks collaboration with partners to create 3D and 4D imaging to improve its existing and future medical simulations.United Kingdom REQUEST 2015-08-20
Barcelona homologated drone centre test siteSpain OFFER 2015-08-14
Machine learning framework for high added value and smart web and mobile applications. France OFFER 2015-08-18
Enterprise information management software company seeks partners for commercial, services or licensing agreements OFFER 2015-08-05
Customized computer-assisted microscopy systems and image analysis solutions and services for digital pathology, laboratory diagnostics and biomedicineGermany OFFER 2015-08-18
IT security and eLearning software based on a human firewallAustria OFFER 2015-08-12
Deep analysis of big data used for modelling, simulation and prediction. Semantic analysis of textual data from various sources and languages. Belgium OFFER 2015-08-11
UK company offers licence agreement for unique real time localised performance measurement software for packet data networksUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-08-12
Aerial for a system locating atmospheric dischargesPoland OFFER 2015-08-14
High capacity tactical unmanned aircraftSpain OFFER 2015-08-08
Estonian SME with an innovative solution to manufacture personalized supportive shoe inserts for high-heeled footwear is looking for SME partners for H2020 SME Instrument Phase II proposalEstonia RESEARCH 2015-08-13
Bioplastics for flexible applicationsGermany OFFER 2015-07-31
Slovak research institute is offering pressure-sensitive adhesives with permanent stickiness which can be used for protection of trees from crawling insects by direct application on the tree trunkSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-07-31
URGENT: small hydro power plant optimally combining protection of aquatic ecosystems with low priced power generationAustria OFFER 2015-07-31
Efficient data processing, software engineering and lossless data compression systems for Big Data scenarios.Spain OFFER 2015-08-08
Polish group of investors is looking for partner who wants to transfer the technology /production to Polish Poland REQUEST 2015-08-18
An interactive geolocalisation application for crowd and flux managementBelgium OFFER 2015-08-04
Proven open-source platform and technical support for Smart City solutionsSpain OFFER 2015-08-10
Zero energy consumption standby mode solution for electronic componentsFrance OFFER 2015-08-05
New phytohormonal preparates for skin rejuvenationCzech Republic OFFER 2015-08-04
Novel customer retention automation software-as-a-service (SAAS) with applications in ecommerce, online gaming, travel and financeUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-08-18
CAD/CAM - Software for robot supported composite laying systemsGermany OFFER 2015-08-04
Tips coated with graphene for conductive atomic force microscope.Spain OFFER 2015-08-04
Fast & easy portable rescue device for locating avalanche victimsSpain OFFER 2015-08-04
Wrinkle- free graphene electrode for a nanogeneratorSpain OFFER 2015-08-07
Device to enhance wireless power transmission.Spain OFFER 2015-08-05
Highly ordered mesoporous high-k dielectric magnesium niobate achieving a higher surface areaSpain OFFER 2015-08-07
UHF-RFID Near-field Antenna for Retail ApplicationsSpain OFFER 2015-08-08
Long Read-Range UHF-RFID Tags for Optical DiscsSpain OFFER 2015-08-10
3D and auto-adaptative 3D interconnect technology for the integration of miniaturized electronic systems and high performance 3D inductive devicesFrance OFFER 2015-08-07
Platform dedicated to green logistics, messenger fleets and urban deliveriesBelgium OFFER 2015-08-05
Innovative uses for plastic wasteUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-07-17
Software portal for storage, annotation, management, analysis and sharing of electrophysiology experimentsCzech Republic OFFER 2015-08-05
Durable porous surfaces for driveways and paths from recycled tyresUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-07-28
Public body sought as a partner for a H2020 project on seismic shields - topic DRS 13-Critical infrastructureItaly RESEARCH 2015-07-22
A distributed repository platform that is applicable to unstructured data management, smart grid and smart city Korea OFFER 2015-08-04
The biotechnological method of extraction of rare and heavy metals from the waste products of coal industry and energetics Ukraine OFFER 2015-07-30
Software for prediction of target and safety profile of pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, agrochemicals, and environmental pollutantsSpain OFFER 2015-07-30
Integrated engineering services and product lifecycle management solution for innovative companiesItaly OFFER 2015-08-05
An innovative sand filter for using water and sewage treatmentKorea OFFER 2015-07-29
Automatic indoor air purifying windowsKorea OFFER 2015-08-03
Software algorithms and expertise to support early detection of human joint diseases of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis based on bone microstructure analysisAustria REQUEST 2015-08-24
Innovations in electro-optic, infra-red and radio frequency technology for the defence sectorUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-08-24
Intelligent High-Security Physical Access ControlSlovenia OFFER 2015-08-04
Non-invasive real-time control of inner body temperature variables during therapeutic cooling or heatingSlovenia OFFER 2015-08-21
Biotechnological method of remediation of oil-contaminated acidic/alkaline soils with a high degree of mineralization.Ukraine OFFER 2015-07-30
Solar energy register method for large area detection of high potential solar roofsGermany OFFER 2015-08-10
3D information system – fully automated method to generate 3D models with additional informationGermany OFFER 2015-08-18
Building recognition – fully automated, large area based method to detect building data with additional informationGermany OFFER 2015-08-18
EUREKA or joint R&D partner sought on 3 dimensional non-touch safety sensor Korea RESEARCH 2015-08-07
Soap bubble blowing technology for toy industryLatvia REQUEST 2015-06-26
UK SME seeks innovative technologies for water utilities around the world United Kingdom REQUEST 2015-07-06
Technology and know-how of manufacturing of small wastewater treatment plants and proprietary wastewater treatment technology for decentralised solutions on offerSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-07-15
Partners sought for H2020 proposal on DRS-13: Demonstration activity on tools for adapting building and infrastructure standards and design methodologies in vulnerable locations in the case of natural or man-originated catastrophesTurkey RESEARCH 2015-06-30
New way of production fibers as biomass carriers in waste water treatment plants Czech Republic OFFER 2015-07-29
Urgent - Sustainable packaging for food deliveryBelgium REQUEST 2015-07-20
Bluethooth network based electronic shelf label system and service operating platformKorea OFFER 2015-08-04
Novel interactive web-based lean dashboard system for applications particularly on the manufacturing floor areaUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-08-05
Real-time permanent biosensing system for biomonitoring of water quality Germany OFFER 2015-06-24
Automatic meter management system for water, gas and electricity meters. Turkey OFFER 2015-08-18
Technology of an aerator for water destratification and aeration is offered.Poland OFFER 2015-08-02
A new object driven information systemItaly OFFER 2015-08-14
Cable-less TV-inspection of pipelines with integrated leak detectionAustria OFFER 2015-06-19
Support system for decision for infrastructure vegetation projectsFrance OFFER 2015-08-03
Sustainable waste water treatment system sought for large hotel Germany REQUEST 2015-06-17
Energy saving smart power cutting switch for domestic electric appliancesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-07-02
Optimizing the logistic of waste collection by applying a transceiver system indicating the fullness level Hungary OFFER 2015-07-29
Video-based digital human resources cloud services.Turkey OFFER 2015-08-08
Variability facultative anaerobic (VFA) system for sewage treatmentKorea OFFER 2015-07-29
Cyclic Fluidized Anaerobic Reactor (CFAR) to produce biogasKorea OFFER 2015-07-20
Fire protection for storage tanksHungary OFFER 2015-07-29
ESA: Global Navigation Satellite System - Galileo Code Receiver (GCR)Portugal OFFER 2015-08-17
Intelligent fault alarm system (IFAS)Portugal OFFER 2015-08-18
H2020: Searching for a company involved in the use of coal and coal-derived liquids for the development of novel carbon materialsSpain RESEARCH 2015-06-11
A technology for processing straw into cellulose fibrous semi-productUkraine OFFER 2015-07-30
Anti-aging charging technology (renew cell battery regeneration system)Korea OFFER 2015-07-28
On-site recycling of drilling emulsions and lubricants from metal processingGermany OFFER 2015-07-03
Small rescue vehicle to access difficult-to-reach locationsGermany OFFER 2015-07-17
Immobilisation of contaminants and sealing of rock by using time dependent crystallisation - Provoked mineral synthesis Germany OFFER 2015-07-17
EUREKA: Online Psychological Counseling and Guidance SystemTurkey RESEARCH 2015-08-19
New technology to produce biodiesel and other biofuels from glycerolSpain OFFER 2015-05-21
Seeking manufacturer for innovative oil spill recovery vesselUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-05-18
Underwater robots technology for high-resolution and fast distributed water sensingSwitzerland OFFER 2015-07-14
Filtration system for treatment of water to potable levelCzech Republic OFFER 2015-07-14
Micro hydro turbine using final effluent cascade from wastewater treatment works.United Kingdom REQUEST 2015-07-29
A compacted and high efficiency wastewater treatment systemUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-05-31
Integrated system of technical infrastructure management for water and sewerage companiesPoland OFFER 2015-06-29
Fast method for the detection of somatic coliphages, used as indicators of water fecal pollutionSpain OFFER 2015-07-24
Solutions for valorization of waste emulsion from metal machining processing requestedRomania REQUEST 2015-05-12
App or library that produces tamperproof and certified photos for mobile phonesIceland OFFER 2015-08-21
The future roadway to grow the grass, permeability road to discharge rainwater, eco-friendly road to reduce ths use of de-icerKorea OFFER 2015-08-03
Solutions for reducing septicity in pumped sewer rising mainsUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-05-05
High value-added recycling technologies for the minerals collected from fly ashKorea REQUEST 2015-05-05
Filter media for wastewater treatment plants to improve aerobic treatment of waste water and sewageUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-05-04
Mobile wastewater filtration device for on-site recycling of process waterAustria OFFER 2015-05-07
New method to obtain eggshell membrane hydrolysate, a product used as skin growth promoter and wound healing.Spain OFFER 2015-06-26
Partnerships in local production for boards made of bio-waste materials for furniture, home interior and prefab applications.Netherlands OFFER 2015-04-18
Hybrid technologies for poultry litter management and power generationIndia REQUEST 2015-06-01
Collaborations sought for development of Polymer reactorUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-07-10
Highly active and self-cleaning photocatalytic coating to improve air qualityCzech Republic OFFER 2015-07-08
New meat industrial waste treatment procedureHungary OFFER 2015-04-16
H2020 - SC5-07-2015 AFORD++: Alternative Forestry Resources DevelopmentSpain RESEARCH 2015-05-05
Low-cost, miniaturised, multi-parameter sensor arrays for online condition monitoring of water and soilCyprus OFFER 2015-07-17
Anti-corrosion bolt cap to be mounted on the bolt and nut fixing partKorea OFFER 2015-04-27
An air purifier with natural aroma of wood scentKorea OFFER 2015-04-30
Eurostars2 project seeks partners for additive enhanced purification of fire water contaminated with aqueous film forming foams (AFFF) via compact mobile process unitsGermany RESEARCH 2015-04-22
Automatic validation of critical configuration dataFrance OFFER 2015-08-05
Innovative UV water disinfection/treatment productIsrael OFFER 2015-05-27
Waste leather processing techniques and applicationsUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-04-22
Thick (>1 μm) boron layers on semiconductors with good adhesionSpain OFFER 2015-07-15
A visible range titanium dioxide (TiO2) based photo catalyst for up to 30 times faster degradation of organic pollutionUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-04-07
Innovative analysis expertise and software for solid waste process design and optimizationFrance OFFER 2015-04-14
Industrial process design and optimization: biomass processing, microalgae production, biorefinery and green chemistryFrance OFFER 2015-06-23
Innovative services and software for process design and optimization in the mineral and metallurgical industriesFrance OFFER 2015-06-23
High-end technology wood pyrolysis boiler with ultra-low emissions and high efficiency for small and medium level applicationsGreece OFFER 2015-06-26
H2020-TWINN-2015: INTERGRECO - Integral approach to study ecosystem functioning in response to anthropogenic pressureSlovenia RESEARCH 2015-04-01
Optimization of properties of fluids for cooling and lubricatingCzech Republic OFFER 2015-05-05
Machine to produce special 3D textilesCzech Republic OFFER 2015-07-14
Non-toxic lead-free fishing weights and sinkers Netherlands OFFER 2015-04-22
Organic micropollutants removal system for wastewater treatment plantsSpain OFFER 2015-05-18
Ecological filter based on zeolites for obtaining drinking waterRomania OFFER 2015-05-31
Wireless medical sensorsSpain REQUEST 2015-06-11
New method to remove boron from water by precipitation.Spain OFFER 2015-06-19
New digital system for cooling tower water treatment without toxic chemicalsSpain OFFER 2015-03-18
Decentralized system for saving drinking waterSpain OFFER 2015-07-16
H2020-NMP-2015-two-stage (NMP-24-2015): Membranes from Carbon nanotubes for water purificationGreece RESEARCH 2015-03-14
Innovative and integrated device to collect, grind and compress organic and inorganic wasteItaly OFFER 2015-03-31
H2020- Galileo-2-2015: End-users in the field of waste collection and/or street cleaningSpain RESEARCH 2015-03-14
Building dike reinforcements with dredged sedimentsNetherlands OFFER 2015-06-05
COS-CLUSTER-2014-3-03 Cluster go international - smart citySpain RESEARCH 2015-03-23
Technology for production of a household appliance for automated preparation of drinking melt water without artificial filters and chemical additivesRussia OFFER 2015-03-22
Bio-degradable anchoring system for young trees applicable in landscape and horticultureNetherlands OFFER 2015-05-04
A Polish company has developed a new method for acoustic analysis of noise sources in industrial plantsPoland OFFER 2015-06-04
H2020-EE-2015-2-RIA: A Polish company is looking for a partner for developing technology for thermal insulation of buildingsPoland RESEARCH 2015-05-07
Novel advanced technology for realtime physical activity monitoringSpain OFFER 2015-02-25
High rate strobe / uniform low consumption lightingFrance OFFER 2015-08-14
Process for separating ( glas-, carbon- and aramid) fibers and resins in composites for reuse in new products.Netherlands REQUEST 2015-02-25
Wind vibration control device for versatile constructed structuresKorea OFFER 2015-06-19
Photocatalytic material with superior properties suitable for water and air purification applications and a method for its preparationSlovenia OFFER 2015-06-08
Algorithm for analyzing the electricity consumption of the appliances of an household from a single point of measurement Switzerland OFFER 2015-02-23
Nitrogen separation/purification from animal fat Finland REQUEST 2015-02-23
H2020-Water-1-2015. Governmental entities or associations for implementation of EU legislation are sought to collaborate within a low cost biological processes for complex industrial wastewaters project proposalSpain RESEARCH 2015-03-24
H2020-BES-2015: Partner sought to develop a hardware solution for a biometrical identity multi-modal and universal data acquisition system (BIMS-AQS)Latvia RESEARCH 2015-08-07
Low cost flywheel energy storage systemItaly OFFER 2015-05-21
Device for sorting fragments of materials by their colourCzech Republic OFFER 2015-03-17
A method and a system for enhancing nitrogen removal in granular sequencing batch reactors (GSBR)Spain OFFER 2015-05-18
New technology for neutralisation of industrial wastewater, concentrated solutions and solid waste containing heavy metalsPoland OFFER 2015-02-13
Reducing environmental risks of solid wasteHungary OFFER 2015-05-12
Sophisticated web-based software system for the entire control of water, waste water or air quality measurement networks allowing immediate hazard detection and responseGermany OFFER 2015-06-18
WATER-2b-2015: SMEs and Universities sought for a proposal on the assessment of climate change impacts on Water-Land-Energy Nexus at multiple spatial scalesGreece RESEARCH 2015-02-11
Environmental information for research projectsGermany OFFER 2015-04-08
A Turkish chemical company is searching for the most economical drying system for the waste sludge of the soda plant.Turkey REQUEST 2015-05-07
Turkish textile company is looking for a new technology to reduce their huge water consumption in manufacturing process.Turkey REQUEST 2015-05-07
Turkish metal processing company seeking a new technology to modify and reduce high rate of water and chemical consumption in their manufacturing process.Turkey REQUEST 2015-05-07
WASTE-6a-2015: SMEs and Universities sought for Green Material Exchange System (GMES) Greece RESEARCH 2015-02-17
H2020-HCO 2015 Partner Search: prevent and restrain tobacco smoking in earlier stages using alternative methods & communication strategiesGreece RESEARCH 2015-02-11
Efficient technology for eco-fuel production Poland OFFER 2015-04-27
Technology for catalytic cracking of polyolefin (plastic) wastePoland OFFER 2015-04-27
Technology for waste processing (metalized polyolefin film)Poland OFFER 2015-04-27
Terrace/carport canopy with variable and adjustable photovoltaic lamella soughtAustria REQUEST 2015-02-26
Innovative heat exchangers for waste heat recovery from fumes and micro gas turbinesBelgium OFFER 2015-05-12
Food contamination analysis systemUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-04-28
Waste water sampler with advanced graphical interface for the manufacturing and processing industriesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-04-21
The innovative technology for thermal conversion of waste and sediments of different originPoland OFFER 2015-04-22
Automated fat and oil skimmer for efficient and cost effective removal and recovery of oil and fat from waste water, processing tanks and systems.United Kingdom OFFER 2015-05-11
Innovative airborne wind energy plantGermany OFFER 2015-07-06
Interreg North West – Looking for research institutions to join consortium on low carbon projectUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2015-02-04
Machine with multifunctional tools for gardening, landscaping, communal care and emergency servicesGermany OFFER 2015-04-13
Battery-powered FM receiver for NAVTEX (navigational telex) and weather fax soughtAustria REQUEST 2015-01-26
Stable water/diesel micro-emulsions leading to significant reduction of particulate matterGermany OFFER 2015-04-07
Software for energy-efficient and robust electric motor current controller seeks partners in the automotive sector OFFER 2015-08-12
Drinking water treatment supported by mobile solar power plantAustria REQUEST 2015-07-20
Thermo-acoustic, fire-fighting facade panel with surface treatmentSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-04-01
Powerful composite sorbent for the removal of contaminants from waterSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-01-12
Innovative flow/level and water quality measurement instrument for the waste water treatment and processing industriesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-04-28
WASTE-7-2015: SMEs sought for preparing a proposal on integrated processes of agricultural waste valorization along the entire value chainGreece RESEARCH 2015-02-05
Flexible modular concrete platforms for waste and recycling centres and industrial applicationsSwitzerland OFFER 2015-04-28
Advancement of gas powered motor vehiclesSerbia OFFER 2015-06-24
Novel integrated technology for processing rice husks in order to turn them into carbon / silicon - containing materials with added valueBulgaria OFFER 2015-05-31
Granite-like sintered glass-ceramic tiles from hazardous industrial wastesBulgaria OFFER 2015-05-27
Innovative ceramic tiles made from industrial wastes with improved propertiesBulgaria OFFER 2015-05-27
Specialised boron carbide ceramic sheets applicable for nuclear waste containers Bulgaria OFFER 2015-06-16
Multi-frequency impedance spectroscopy measurement technologyEstonia OFFER 2015-08-17
Sensor Network Management System for environmental data collection using Hardware & Software PlatformsEstonia OFFER 2015-06-15
Urgent - Creep Resistant Polymer MaterialsBelgium REQUEST 2015-01-21
Non-electric domestic sewage treatment systems wantedUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-03-25
A novel synthesis process of zeolite from fly ash at low temperatureItaly OFFER 2015-01-09
Innovative ecotoxicological technology for the measurement of the degree of toxicity of environmental aqueous matrices.Italy OFFER 2015-01-06
A cost-effective and environmentally friendly technology for shore protection and stabilizationUkraine OFFER 2015-04-15
Joint development on miniaturization, integration of sensors dedicated to monitoring of pollutants in waterFrance OFFER 2015-03-23
Advanced oxidation processes for wastewater treatment from different sectorsSpain OFFER 2015-07-01
System for treatment of oil-contaminated wastewater from washing reservoirs, tankers and railway cisterns and reuse of the pollutantMacedonia OFFER 2015-04-01
H2020-SFS-11B. Real time ammonium analyser in seawater towards a sustainable aquaculture. Spain RESEARCH 2015-01-22
An Indian company seeks joint venture partner with European company having experience in implementing projects in waste to gas, gas scrubbing, bottling of gas.India REQUEST 2015-02-05
An unique multi-stage surge protectionMacedonia OFFER 2015-05-30
H2020-SFS-11B: Controller for the desinfection of aquaculture purposes' water. Spain RESEARCH 2015-01-22
Energy-efficient and eco-friendly wastewater treatment solutionSpain OFFER 2015-07-02
Multi-system burner and environmentally friendly pelletized biomass burning procedure.Romania OFFER 2015-02-06
Fish-friendly weir Germany OFFER 2014-12-18
Adsorbent filter to remove arsenic from contaminated water sourcesSpain OFFER 2014-12-12
Biological filter for nitrate removal from waterMacedonia OFFER 2014-12-15
Technology for integrated plastics/rubber recycling into useful products Ukraine OFFER 2014-12-17
Flue gas condenserLatvia OFFER 2014-12-03
H2020-MG.5.5b: reducing traffic congestion and improve the mobility systems of people and freight. Experienced partners in sustainable systems sought. Spain RESEARCH 2015-04-07
H2020-ISIB-4b-2015 Forest management and climate change awareness dissemination campaignsSpain RESEARCH 2014-12-17
Water treatment with nano-structured titanic ceramic electrodesLatvia OFFER 2014-12-03
Cultural heritage preservation system against moisture, dampness and water seepage of walls and rooms Germany OFFER 2014-12-10
Modern and ergonomic traffic and urban environment management systemLatvia OFFER 2014-12-30
H2020-SPIRE-6-2015: Organic waste integration into industrial feedstock to achieve improved efficiency in the building industryGreece RESEARCH 2014-12-09
Seeking novel advanced oxidation technologies & materials for detoxification of water from cyanotoxins & other pollutants Greece REQUEST 2014-12-03
H2020-ICT-2015: Collective awareness platform for air pollutionGreece RESEARCH 2014-12-09
Novel process for steam gasification of various solid (residual) biomass feedstock to obtain a H2-rich gas (> 60%) for fuel synthesis and combined heat and power generationGermany OFFER 2014-12-05
A Camera for Accurate Real-Time Detection of Gamma Radiation DirectionSlovenia OFFER 2014-12-04
New technique to remove hazardous substances in waste packaging by supercritical carbon dioxide in the recycling processSpain OFFER 2014-12-17
Agent-based intelligent and integrated control of sewerage networks and wastewater treatment plantsGermany OFFER 2014-11-21
ERANETMED-JC-Energy-2014: Biomass products from local and cheap raw materials free of toxic impuritiesGreece RESEARCH 2014-11-28
H2020-SC5-12b-2015: partners from th aerospace industry and oil&gas industry are sought for a project on innovative solutions for reducing the consumption of oil in machine tool chain Italy RESEARCH 2014-11-25
Simple and accurate measurements of biochemical oxygen demand in environmental samplesSlovenia OFFER 2014-11-25
Apparatus for simplifying and increasing accuracy of biogas composition measurementsSlovenia OFFER 2014-11-25
Innovative and low cost algal photobioreactorUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-11-24
Variable interlocking system using keyed components applicable e.g. for flood protectionGermany OFFER 2014-11-19
Technology of ion plasma deposition of stainless steel corrosion-resistant coatings that maintain the composition of consumed materials.Russia OFFER 2015-04-17
Paper folding technology, specifically for toilet tissue and paper towel dispensers in the sanitary sectorAustria OFFER 2014-11-20
Software products family for informational support of state structures activity in the combating organized crime field. Russia OFFER 2015-04-20
PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane for a multilayer jacketGreece REQUEST 2014-11-17
Exhaust gas cleaning systems for marine enginesTurkey OFFER 2014-11-18
Nuclear safety solution to forecast a coolant level elevation in the damaged spent-fuel poolSlovenia OFFER 2014-11-17
Innovative platform that uses global data for local weather prediction.Greece OFFER 2014-11-17
Novel advanced ecologically acceptable system for ballast water treatmentCroatia OFFER 2015-07-08
Innovative technology for the simultaneous production of electricity, hot water and air-conditioning.Greece OFFER 2014-11-17
H2020-SC5-4-2015: Development of technological options to improve the air quality in cities and reduce the carbon footprintSpain RESEARCH 2014-11-26
Procedure for the assessment of the cleaning state of a conditioning/heating system of a buildingItaly OFFER 2014-12-19
H2020: SC5-7-2015. dissemination of awareness campaigns regarding climate change and sustainabilitySpain RESEARCH 2015-03-20
Portable inclinometer to prevent and reduce ventilator-associated pneumoniaSpain OFFER 2015-05-28
Horizon2020-SIE-01-2015-2 - search for a leading drone service company, preferably SME, well introduced in the market, for leading the work package ‘UAV platform development’. Italy RESEARCH 2014-11-13
Automated system for light signalisation of pedestrian crossing / walkway with traffic and safety controlBulgaria OFFER 2014-11-03
New technology of revitalization of the heavily polluted small water reservoirsPoland OFFER 2014-11-04
Roof safety product with internal energy absorber for fall protectionNetherlands OFFER 2015-04-22
Interactive tool for the implementation of environmental legislation in nanoparticle manufacturersSpain OFFER 2014-10-30
Noise protection with a kink, dramatically reduction of acoustic stress for orchestrasGermany OFFER 2014-11-05
Low cost sensors for the detection of gaseous hydrogenSpain OFFER 2014-11-12
Lifting station for sewage homogenized by the stream of sewagePoland OFFER 2014-10-27
Automatic legionella detection in drinking water systems Germany OFFER 2014-10-20
Η2020-SC5-WATER-5-2015: Combined use of advanced oxidation technologies for cost-effective, sustainable water treatment and recyclingGreece RESEARCH 2014-10-24
Highly effective catalytic exhaust filter designed to reduce the harmful emissions of exhaust gases from vehicles equipped with diesel engines and wildly used burnersBulgaria OFFER 2014-11-05
Urban paving obtained by a sustainable process developed to reach zero-waste in ceramic tile manufacturingSpain OFFER 2014-10-13
Cost saving and efficient industrial flue gas cleaning systems for NOx reductionAustria OFFER 2015-01-20
H2020-SPIRE-7–2015: Construction and validation of a process for extraction of valuable metalsSpain RESEARCH 2015-01-14
Material for ceramic filters for the filtration of various liquidsLatvia OFFER 2014-10-09
Multisensor systems for water toxicity assessmentRussia OFFER 2014-10-10
A method for manufacturing zeolitesPoland OFFER 2014-10-24
Gamma and X-ray radiation detection and spectra measurementsLatvia OFFER 2014-10-24
Optimization of flow air carrier for air blast sprayer outputFrance OFFER 2014-10-02
Partners sought for HORIZON 2020 project - “Valorization of Lignin and Cellulose from agricultural residues - Complete utilization for sustainable chemistry”Germany RESEARCH 2014-09-25
Seeking advanced technology for emanation of a vapour / gas / fragrance into the atmosphere at a constant rate throughout product lifetimeUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2014-09-25
LIFE - Recycling wood, foams and textiles from end-of-life vehicles and municipal bulky wastesSpain RESEARCH 2014-10-07
Successful pre-treatment of wastewater of olive oil industryGermany OFFER 2014-09-25
Cetane number improvement additive for diesel or biodiesel fuelsSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-10-01
Waste water system with separation and filtrationSlovenia OFFER 2014-12-22
Analysis of zebrafish larvae in a controlled flow systemNetherlands OFFER 2015-04-22
H2020: experts sought in oil/water separation for development and evaluation of coatings and surface conditions to reduce the impact of oil spills in the seasItaly RESEARCH 2014-10-01
Topsoil substitute made of mining/quarry mineral wasteFrance OFFER 2014-09-30
Microbial contamination screening for the water sectorNetherlands OFFER 2015-04-22
Advanced technology for sea water desalination (Range: 40 mld – 200 mld)India REQUEST 2014-10-24
Process for recycling carbon fiberFrance OFFER 2014-09-25
Method and instrument for ultra-sensitive multi-elemental analysis of liquids by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)Italy OFFER 2014-09-23
Selective filtering with smart materials for the galvanic industryItaly REQUEST 2014-09-25
Thermal Management System for Improving Soot Sensors based on Particle CollectionNorway OFFER 2014-09-24
PS - H2020-BB. VC3.D4-2014 - Integrate process for valorisation of agro-food residues for production of high added value functional additives, polymers and compositesSpain RESEARCH 2014-09-16
H2020. FoF 13-2015 Material scientist partner required who specialises in material reuse/recyclingUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-09-22
Solar powered ground water pumping and street lighting solutions sought for agricultural and urban projects in emerging markets.United Kingdom REQUEST 2014-09-22
Modular or tailored solar driven reverse osmosis desalination plantsSpain OFFER 2014-09-18
Hardware device / software framework optimizing engine and all exterior and interior noises of a car Germany OFFER 2014-09-17
Algae harvesting technologyGermany OFFER 2014-09-16
Protective antifouling foil for maritime vesselsGermany OFFER 2014-09-29
Surplus sludge thickening by microflotation technologyGermany OFFER 2014-09-16
Passive sensor for in situ detection of amines in airSpain OFFER 2014-09-16
Safety system to avert the consequences of runway overrun accidents at airportsGreece OFFER 2014-09-11
Water purification technology by using a carbon material (graphene sorbent)Russia OFFER 2014-09-15
Technology for waste water treatment containing oil, fat, pigments, organic and anorganic componentsNetherlands OFFER 2014-09-12
Innovative hybrid dust collector with high performance and low costKorea OFFER 2014-09-18
H2020:WATER-2015-two-stage-Water innovation: Croatian university is looking for research cooperation agreement to research influence of phytoplankton biomass on the lowering and sequestration of carbon dioxide as industry productCroatia RESEARCH 2014-12-16
Portable analyser for the determination of anionic surfactants in industrial effluentsCroatia OFFER 2014-09-10
More effective treatment of wastewater from textile industryGermany OFFER 2014-09-09
A novel system for Cultural Heritage documentation based on 3D modeling workflows.Greece OFFER 2014-09-09
Bank gravel made of recycled materials for road applicationFrance OFFER 2014-09-15
Innovative engineering solutions for waste clinkers recyclingFrance OFFER 2014-09-16
Valorization of various wastes as secondary raw material or new productFrance OFFER 2014-09-16
Eco-design process for innovative and recyclable product from waste materialsFrance OFFER 2014-09-16
Software for the computer-based sign language translationRussia OFFER 2015-08-25
Access control systems for social establishmentsRussia OFFER 2015-08-25
A Swedish company offers a new technological breakthrough for compressing styrofoamSweden OFFER 2014-09-11
Intelligent monitoring system for oil and gas wellsRussia OFFER 2015-08-21
Vertical gardens in building façadesGreece OFFER 2014-09-02
Advanced technologies for waste water treatment and air pollution control equipmentIndia REQUEST 2014-09-15
Fish farming with an integrated recycling system France OFFER 2015-06-19
System of services for building IT-infrastructure of airports and airlines on a cloud platformRussia OFFER 2015-08-20
Internet-based system for transport logistic management and routes planningRussia OFFER 2015-08-21
Vacuum-insulated geothermal probe designed for energy and cost savingsAustria OFFER 2014-08-29
Burner for simultaneous combustion of liquid and gaseous fuels of unstable qualityCzech Republic OFFER 2014-08-28
CO2 technologies for different applicationsNetherlands OFFER 2014-09-03
H2020: FoF 13-2015. Manufacturer or remanufacturer of electronic products, turbine blades, aircraft components soughtUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-09-18
H2020. FoF 13-2015. Partner required to carry out product life cycle assessmentUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-09-16
H2020: FoF 13-2015. business consultant partner is required to provide cost estimation and business modelUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-09-16
Bottom-up water profiler for difficult to access areasItaly OFFER 2014-10-23
R&D partners for further development of a portable solar energy-on-the-go pack for disaster recovery, emergency & rescue, and outdoor activitiesIsrael REQUEST 2014-08-26
A scaled central processing unit for controlling of gas detectors statePoland OFFER 2014-08-22
Partners and coordinator sought for R&I project: HORIZON 2020: WASTE-7-2015 – Sustainable use of agricultural waste, co-products and by-productsGermany RESEARCH 2014-08-22
Development of Innovative Floating Ecosystems for water quality enhancement, water treatment, waterscape architecture and habitat creationUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-09-09
Advanced technology regarding generation of pure water from sea water by membrane processes. India REQUEST 2014-09-22
An innovative flexible gas-liquid contacting system providing more efficient gas absorption and pollutant gas removal and easier handling than currently used systems.United Kingdom OFFER 2014-08-18
Solutions required for leakage of Water Tower assetsUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2014-08-12
Eco-efficient technology for walnut processing industrial line, from post-harvest to drying, offering rational use of water during the process and wastewater reuse and managementPortugal REQUEST 2014-08-18
Novel methodology using radical compounds of nitrogen and hydrogen to produce hydrogen as a fuel for vehicles United Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-23
Novel non radiation security scanning portal imagerUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-01-02
Patented award winning clean technology for large scale ground decontamination United Kingdom OFFER 2014-08-18
FETOPEN 1 - 2014: In situ soil and groundwater remediation by plasma dischargeGreece RESEARCH 2014-08-26
PS: H2020-WASTE-2015 - Utilization of fly ash and dust from dedusting equipment of waste incineration plant for light aggregates production Poland RESEARCH 2014-09-09
PS: H2020-WASTE-2015 - Recovery of yttrium and europium compounds from WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)Poland RESEARCH 2014-09-17
Specialised scientific device for diagnostics and treatment of psychiatric disorders with the method of eye movement desensitization and reprocessingBulgaria OFFER 2014-08-13
Microorganism Technology and Technology for Minimizing Noise and Odor Korea REQUEST 2014-08-14
New way of detection Cryptosporidium and Giardia protozoa.Poland OFFER 2014-08-18
PS-LIFE-Recycling of polymer wastes into valuable materials cement based products with improved technical propertiesSpain RESEARCH 2014-08-05
Integration of a wireless remote sensor transmitter of data via high range radio emission (up to 10 km) on electronic deviceFrance OFFER 2014-08-13
High-power ultrasound technology for intensifying the efficiency of wastewater treatment plantsGermany OFFER 2015-08-17
High-power ultrasound technology for intensifying the efficiency of farmland biogas plantsGermany OFFER 2015-08-17
Indian company is looking for advanced technology regarding tertiary treatment of sewage and further recycling/ reuse in industrial application. India REQUEST 2014-08-14
Partner Sought for an EU funded call in Anti Corrosion Coatings to Steel Barriers United Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-09-05
Adding value to refractory metals industrial scrap and waste by converting them into high value chemical productsFrance OFFER 2014-08-22
New procedure for the elimination of printed ink from plastic filmSpain OFFER 2014-08-07
hydrogen-powered 3kW uninterruptible power supplyHungary OFFER 2015-08-07
Novel technology for lightweight aggregates made of recycled masonry rubbleGermany OFFER 2014-08-05
Technology of LCD monitors utilization is sought.Poland REQUEST 2014-08-04
New system for real time detection of Escherichia coli in waterSpain OFFER 2014-07-28
Cigarette butts recycling and valorization solution sought France REQUEST 2014-07-30
Expandable container capable of multiplying three times its net area by symmetrical extension.Romania OFFER 2015-04-06
High performance water based antigraffiti coating and outstanding resistances and 100% biodegradable graffiti cleaning productsSpain OFFER 2014-07-28
Urgent: FP7-SME-2013 SPABRINK running project - A novel advertising tool that can be printed and wiped off, while the ink itself can be reused for further printingHungary RESEARCH 2014-07-18
Environmental phytostabilization of heavy metals in soilsFrance OFFER 2014-07-22
H2020: WATER-1b-2015 or WATER-5c-2015 – Innovative and chemical-free disinfection of drinking, process and waste water by photocatalytic technologyHungary RESEARCH 2014-07-24
Remove and reuse of nitrogen oxide to nitric acid using the principle of fuel cell Korea OFFER 2014-08-04
Engineering company/academic staff for improving phytodepuration technologies are sought for H2020-Water Innovation: Boosting its value for Europe callItaly RESEARCH 2014-07-18
Sustainable lead phytostabilisation process in contaminated soilsFrance OFFER 2014-07-22
Innovative cleaning device with low pressure steam technology for removal of chewing gum or severe pollution in inner city areasAustria OFFER 2014-07-24
Development opportunity for new water flood barrier systemUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-23
Flexible fixture for safe single man repairs of windows without external access equipmentUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-07-18
H2020: NMP-21-2014 (2nd stage). Development of a plasma-based technique and protective coatings for the restoration, disinfection and preservation of museum objects, art, archive and cultural heritageSpain RESEARCH 2014-09-16
Novel decision-making toolbox to optimize the on-site redevelopment for environmentally burdened, unused properties and brownfieldsGermany OFFER 2014-07-31
Mobile anchor point and barrier system providing safe construction site conditions via work restraint, fall arrest or industrial rope accessUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-07-15
New kind of sensor for the aircleaning sectorItaly REQUEST 2014-07-21
Removal of cyanide from contaminated water and its use in biogas productionSlovenia OFFER 2015-07-07
H2020 PS: System for smart management of waterSpain RESEARCH 2014-07-16
Device to eliminate unpleasant smells from waste bins using organic productsItaly OFFER 2015-07-13
Effective heat recuperator usable in metallurgical industrySlovak Republic OFFER 2015-07-08
Method of synthesis of phosphonium sulfates(VI) Poland OFFER 2015-07-02
Integrated system for waste material and energy recovery from non-recyclable fractionsItaly OFFER 2014-07-22
Technology for profitable recycling of used tires with valuable side productsDenmark OFFER 2015-05-20
Integrated anti-dust ingress protection and backflow manhole coverKorea OFFER 2014-07-24
Sealing and waterproofing of foundations and subterranean parts of residential and historical buildingsGermany OFFER 2014-07-07
Preventing tree roots from damaging the underground infrastructureGermany OFFER 2014-07-04
Volumetric recovery in active dumping grounds Italy OFFER 2015-06-30
H2020-WATER-2015- WATER INNOVATION-Italian company looking for project partners for operational solutions to solve water pollution challengeItaly RESEARCH 2014-09-01
The method of strengthening the reservoir banksUkraine OFFER 2015-06-30
Process for the recycling of permanent magnetsGermany OFFER 2014-06-30
Polymer Melts Filtration UnitRussia OFFER 2015-06-30
Microwave facility for disinfection of medical wastesRussia OFFER 2015-06-30
Facility for recycling of polyethylene terephthalate wastesRussia OFFER 2015-06-30
New system for aerial firefightingSpain OFFER 2014-07-15
Rotating cell biofilm reactors technology for wastewater treatmentsItaly OFFER 2014-10-01
Non-destructive x-ray analysis to be used in the field airport security Netherlands OFFER 2014-07-08
Ecological Water Elevation System (WES) Greece OFFER 2014-07-08
Production of porous microcellular materials from ligninFrance OFFER 2014-07-17
New photocatalytic materials based on graphene and titaniaCzech Republic OFFER 2015-07-06
Pyrolysis technology for the recycling of waste tyre.Hungary OFFER 2014-07-04
Innovative health-friendly, antibacterial ecoperlator – water use reduction product familyHungary OFFER 2014-07-04
Mobile station for radio-ecological monitoring Russia OFFER 2015-06-25
Innovative analysis expertise for process design and optimization, including technical, economical and environmental aspectsFrance OFFER 2015-02-20
new technology and equipment for high-quality steel wire scraps mining from used tires by magnetic shock methodUkraine OFFER 2015-07-06
Conversion of cellulose into high quality compound for injection partsGermany OFFER 2014-07-04
Reactive sorbent for a rapid and safe degradation of organophosphates pesticides and chemical warfares Czech Republic OFFER 2015-07-02
Indoor moisture eliminating deviceSlovenia OFFER 2015-06-22
H2020-Water-1-2015. Sustainable and innovative solutions based on low cost biological processes for complex industrial wastewatersSpain RESEARCH 2014-09-26
Innovative system for polluted or sea water treatmentItaly OFFER 2014-07-04
Innovative system for drying sludgeItaly OFFER 2014-07-04
Innovative waste-water treatment for spent metal working fluidsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-07-23
Low energy, low cost wastewater treatment technologyUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-07-02
Carbon fiber reinforcements postmaking process's cuttingsLithuania REQUEST 2014-12-15
Selective filtration technology for the recovery of precious metalsFrance OFFER 2015-06-25
Innovative and low-cost transducer for micro-sensors France OFFER 2015-02-09
Ecological solution to turn fermentable organic waste into valuable compostFrance OFFER 2015-06-10
Light, efficient quadrirotor helicopter with precise control of the orderItaly OFFER 2014-07-02
A water dam - innovative solution for flood protectionCroatia OFFER 2015-07-01
Bio-based re-usable vacuum bagging technology for composite productionNetherlands OFFER 2015-02-18
Drought and salt tolerant plantsGermany OFFER 2014-06-12
Hydrogels for decontamination of aqueous solutions containing nanoparticlesFrance OFFER 2015-06-22
Expertise in developing Solid waste management & Waste-Water Treatment soughtIndia REQUEST 2014-07-01
PS H2020 Reflective Societies: Platform for management of cultural and historical heritageItaly RESEARCH 2014-10-03
Water Treatment: Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration Membranes France OFFER 2015-06-24
Fine particle filter for wood-fired combustion systemsGermany OFFER 2015-05-26
Video-based hydrometry – A new solution for the measurement and monitoring of free surface water (i.e. flood warnings) by image analysisFrance OFFER 2015-05-04
High performance drones and remotedly piloted aircraft systems, tailored for complex tasks in the field of defence, police or maintenance of large industrial and petrochemical installations and offshore applications.Netherlands OFFER 2015-07-30
H2020-EE-2015-3-Market Uptake - Topic EE-14-2015: Removing market barriers to the uptake of efficient heating and cooling solutions - Heating networks for a low carbon futureUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-05-27
Biofilm process to treat industrial effluents containing up tp 150 g/L saltGermany OFFER 2014-06-16
Real-time high-resolution weather forecasting and productsSpain OFFER 2014-06-16
Projections of climate change impacts at regional and local scalesSpain OFFER 2014-06-16
Processing of raw materialsGermany OFFER 2014-06-10
Resource-saving technological complex for water purification using the upstream and membrane filter elementsRussia OFFER 2015-06-02
A radical new solution against rodents (rats, mice, squirrels, martens, weasels...) for use in agrofood industries and warehousesFrance OFFER 2014-06-10
New natural active ingredient with antioxydant and anticholesterolemic properties improving the cognive functionsFrance OFFER 2014-06-10
Electrochemically activated modification of biopolymers for leather and fur manufactureUkraine OFFER 2014-11-17
CO2 neutral production of light metals, hydrogen or syngas by a low pressure solar reactorSwitzerland OFFER 2014-06-06
Ultrathin polypropylene nano-filled filter materials for water purification and disinfectionUkraine OFFER 2014-11-17
Garbage truck for rubbish burningPoland OFFER 2014-06-10
Filter media at exhaust gas using foam coating technologyHungary OFFER 2014-06-16
Modular designed container for the retrofitting of a biogas plantGermany OFFER 2014-06-10
Intelligent industrial LED lighting systemSlovenia OFFER 2015-05-19
Bio-based solution for pollution & heavy metals clean-up France OFFER 2015-02-09
High-end machine for development and a small-scale manufacturing of advanced products based on polymeric nanofibers.Czech Republic OFFER 2014-06-04
Looking for a method to control and regulate the spread of the Asian predatory wasp (Vespa Velutina)Spain REQUEST 2014-06-05
Cutting-edge medical image computing and visualisation - especially for early detection and diagnostics of cancerGermany OFFER 2015-08-12
Technology of a safe animal transporter is offeredPoland OFFER 2014-06-03
Electronic system for safety and control of people working in underground risky conditions or large enclosed spaces that solves actual communication and positioning systems limitations.Spain OFFER 2014-06-06
Recycling of drilling emulsions and lubricants Germany OFFER 2014-05-29
Solution for effective management of safety at work activitiesCroatia OFFER 2015-05-19
More efficient exhaust gas heat recoveryGermany OFFER 2015-05-21
Optimum control of substrate blend and operation in anaerobic co-digestionSpain OFFER 2014-06-05
Remediation equipment technology for soilKorea OFFER 2014-06-04
Eco-friendly Zinc Metal SeparatorKorea OFFER 2014-06-04
Living biosensing multi-platform for health threat monitoringItaly OFFER 2014-06-17
Innovative small device and sensor technology suitable for the design and development of mobile, personalised kits based on open Hardware (HW)Greece REQUEST 2014-06-02
Endothermic counter-reaction solution against exothermic oxidations with high heat release (fire, explosion)France OFFER 2014-06-02
Innovative treatment of chemical organic wastesIsrael OFFER 2015-05-13
Innovative solutions to measure moisture in energy and waste treatment processesFrance REQUEST 2014-06-05
Eco sorbent for multiuse water- and air-filters Russia OFFER 2015-04-20
Technology to transform plastic and rubber wastes into dieselSpain REQUEST 2014-05-27
A French SME developing solutions to capture floating pollution is looking for a technical partner to provide digital simulation of supernatant skimmingFrance REQUEST 2014-05-26
A Novel Oil Spill CleanerIsrael OFFER 2014-05-26
Expertise in designing low cost efficient Material Recovery Facility (MRF) sought.India REQUEST 2014-05-16
Characterisation and treatment of agroindustrial waste for biogas productionSpain OFFER 2014-05-20
Biodegradable polymer composites for consumer goods manufacturingUkraine OFFER 2014-11-17
Improvement of the energy performance of ancient fireplacesItaly OFFER 2014-05-15
French radar simulation software and simulation on-demand service to be distributed in Western EuropeFrance OFFER 2015-05-19
French maritime simulation software to be distributed in Western EuropeFrance OFFER 2015-05-19
Recycled Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) / glass fibers compositesGreece OFFER 2015-05-04
Cement composites incorporating end-of-life aircraft insulation materialsGreece OFFER 2015-05-04
Clay bricks incorporating recovered glass fibers.Greece OFFER 2015-05-14
A new biological method for soil disinfection without using chemicals or steaming: Soil ResettingNetherlands OFFER 2014-05-12
Waste water reclamation technology producing disinfected reusable waterFrance OFFER 2014-04-23
A Turkish conglomerate seeking innovative technologies in waste to energy to be applied in TurkeyTurkey REQUEST 2014-05-28
Innovative lead sulphide removal method from low-grade molybdenite Korea OFFER 2014-06-03
Thermo-mechanical digestion of biogenous refuseGermany OFFER 2014-05-14
Low-cost fibre spraying module for renaturation of industrial areasGermany OFFER 2014-05-14
Photocatalysis and double ionization technologies for air purificationFrance OFFER 2014-05-20
Non-electric sewage treatment system for domestic waste waterNetherlands OFFER 2014-04-24
Aerobic Granular Biomass technology for the Treatment of Municipal- and Industrial wastewaterNetherlands OFFER 2014-05-12
Belgian SME offers advanced condition monitoring solutions for offshore wind foundationsBelgium OFFER 2014-05-14
Belgian SME offers innovative condition monitoring solutions for roadside service stationsBelgium OFFER 2014-05-14
Remote monitoring solutions for cathodic protection systems of buried or underwater structuresBelgium OFFER 2014-05-14
SIE-01-2014-1 - Stimulating the innovation potential of SMEs for a low carbon energy systemUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-06-06
Waste sludge digestion process by sequential intermittent ozone dosing.Turkey OFFER 2015-07-08
Cost-effective base and sealing layers for waste disposal sites, brownfield sites and fallow landGermany OFFER 2014-05-12
Briquetting technology for improved recycling in metalworking industriesGermany OFFER 2014-11-17
Innovative multi-functional pet hygiene device for animal waste clearanceUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-05-09
Innovative anti hail rocket propelling charge production from military wastes Serbia OFFER 2015-05-05
Eco-efficiency Management Platform for Industrial unitsPortugal OFFER 2014-07-10
Small rescue vehicle to access difficult-to-reach locationsGermany OFFER 2014-05-07
New technologies wanted to reduce resource consumption in retail units, data centres, industrial units and large office complexes.United Kingdom REQUEST 2014-05-02
Innovative device for delivering water France OFFER 2014-05-07
Selective Electro Dialysis (SED) for nitrate removal from ground water- unique and proven Nitrate removal solution for potable water for municipalitiesIsrael OFFER 2015-04-22
Technology for optimal utilization of agricultural waste and energy recoveryMacedonia OFFER 2015-06-02
Connecting innovative water technologies with major water utilities and investorsUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2014-05-12
Machine to produce special 3D textilesCzech Republic OFFER 2014-05-14
Acoustics code libraryCyprus OFFER 2014-05-21
Temporary bio-sourced road paint France OFFER 2014-05-12
Graphene biosensor for pathogensSpain OFFER 2015-04-27
Interdisciplinary researches on the ecological utilization of the waste water sludge from the textile industry for EUREKA Research Programme Romania RESEARCH 2014-05-07
Bank of fungal biodiversity Italy OFFER 2014-07-10
Innovative technology of micro- and nanoflotation.Poland OFFER 2014-09-30
Server room - fire extinguishing systemPoland OFFER 2015-05-04
Cost effective flood door for instant, remote control flood defenceNetherlands OFFER 2014-05-02
Cost effective rapidly deployable, high quality, temporary flood barrier for both rural and urban situationsNetherlands OFFER 2014-05-02
Technology and pilot plant for obtaining biogas by using the anaerobic digestion processRomania OFFER 2014-05-13
System to remove free oil, suspended solids and dissolved hydrocarbons from produced water resulting from oil productionLuxembourg OFFER 2014-05-15
Catalogue of products and services based on 2D and 3D online mapsSpain OFFER 2014-05-12
Amine separation and catalyst recyclingGermany OFFER 2014-05-02
Water intake systems for industrial- and power plantsNetherlands OFFER 2014-04-02
Large scale storage and cover systems for water and liquidsNetherlands OFFER 2014-03-28
Belgian water utility seeks innovative and cost-efficient sensors to monitor large particles presence in its water networksBelgium REQUEST 2014-04-11
UV-C technology for disinfection of liquids (water), surface and air treatmentNetherlands OFFER 2014-05-02
Centrifugal extractor (decanters) and vertical centrifuge (separators) for industrial and waste water applicationsNetherlands OFFER 2014-05-02
Reuse of filter backwash water based on ceramic membranes from drinking waterNetherlands OFFER 2014-07-02
Treatment of digestate with ceramic membranesNetherlands OFFER 2014-07-02
Water electrochlorination system, which does not require any addition of saltSpain OFFER 2015-04-07
Electrochemical regeneration of activated carbon saturatedSpain OFFER 2015-05-07
Laboratory microwave and ultrasonic equipment for plant extractionFrance OFFER 2015-02-09
Recycling quarry sludge into expanded clay aggregates for the building industry France OFFER 2015-02-09
A continuous flow biomass destructive distillation unitIndia OFFER 2014-05-13
Optimized Density Separation with Float-Sink TanksGermany OFFER 2015-04-27
Intelligent power battery solutions based on lithium-ion technologiesFrance OFFER 2014-03-25
Sensor technology for radioactive waste monitoring, in storage sites and in the environmentItaly OFFER 2015-04-02
New fluid bed pilot plant for recycling of wasteSweden OFFER 2014-03-21
Vegetation and Retrofit for Districts Energy Efficiency - Ve.R.D.E.E Italy RESEARCH 2014-04-28
Electrokinetic method for initiation and stabilization of combustion of low-calorie organic combustiblesUkraine OFFER 2015-05-12
Innovative catalyst based on gold nano-clusters for air purificationSpain OFFER 2015-04-07
H2020- WATER-1-2014/2015- New brine treatment systemSpain RESEARCH 2014-04-04
Drones as an inexpensive airborne instrument platformNorway OFFER 2014-03-24
Vehicle collision warning system for use in driver behaviour monitoring and sat-nav productsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-08-13
Wave breaking structure functioning as high-efficient wave power plant looking for industrialization partners.Sweden OFFER 2014-04-28
Intelligent protection outfit for fire and rescueFrance OFFER 2015-03-09
Biomass power plant to utilize olive mill waste waterTurkey REQUEST 2014-03-25
URGENT:Horizon 2020 call WASTE-4a-2014 partner search: An EU near-zero waste stakeholder platform.Greece RESEARCH 2014-03-14
SC5-6-2014: Biodiversity and ecosystem services: drivers of change and causalitiesH2020 - Seeking modelling, ecology and sociology organisations to join bid for callUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-03-17
Biomonitoring method of hydrographical basins qualityRomania OFFER 2015-03-24
PS:H2020-WASTE-1-2014. Denim for Good (Development of a circular economy model in the clothing and fashion industry)Spain RESEARCH 2014-03-17
Intelligent waste sorting system for portable batteries that enables data management possibilities Sweden OFFER 2014-03-24
Provoked mineral synthesis - Immobilisation of contaminants and sealing of rock by using time dependent crystallisationGermany OFFER 2014-04-03
Licensing agreement for an innovative 3D lattice structureFrance OFFER 2015-03-20
A newly invented device for removing dirt, down to micro-dust level, on the bottom of shoesKorea OFFER 2014-04-02
Investigating the potential of modern sail fishing and line caught fish productUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-03-21
Hydrodynamic cleaning technologyItaly OFFER 2014-04-28
Hydrophobized basalt fiber-based materials for purification of water and solid surface from oil contaminations.Ukraine OFFER 2015-05-12
Accumulators of gases on high efficient adsorption materials and ballons for storage and transportation of gases.Ukraine OFFER 2014-05-19
Promotion of the reutilization and valorisation of urban bulky wastes as alternative sustainable source to innovative applicationsSpain RESEARCH 2014-03-13
Intelligent small wind turbine towerSpain OFFER 2014-03-27
R&D cooperation in development, testing, audit and financing of petrophysical and geophysical applicationsHungary OFFER 2015-04-23
URGENT-PS-H2020-EE-2014-1-PPP-Heat recovery from a waste gas stream for its integration within sustainable processesSpain RESEARCH 2014-03-06
Novel fire fighting technology for storage tanksHungary OFFER 2014-05-07
Technology that cleans liquids (water, sewage, industrial waste water etc.) without using chemical polymersSweden OFFER 2014-03-17
An innovative sewage water treatment systemItaly OFFER 2015-03-24
Removal of sulfur compounds form a liquid hydrocarbon stream or from flue gassesBelgium REQUEST 2014-03-03
A pheromone-based permanent remote control monitoring system for invasive insects Intended for the agriculture and agro industry (new IPM tool)Belgium OFFER 2015-03-05
Biodegradable materials for the seaGermany REQUEST 2014-03-12
Technology of paper pulp manufacturePoland REQUEST 2014-03-13
Software development and solutions for quality management and/or process optimisation in the field of water analysisGermany OFFER 2014-04-22
Development of an economical on-board liquid ice preparing system for small size fishing vessels by recovering waste energy, already funded under FP7-SME-2013 Research for the Benefit of SMEs programHungary RESEARCH 2014-02-21
Process for the extraction of virgin quality cellulose, lignin and other content from mixed waste materialsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-02-28
Retaining walls for civil engineeringSpain OFFER 2014-03-07
PS-H2020-WASTE-6-2015: BIOWASTE2PRODUCT – Searching biowaste products and by-productsSpain RESEARCH 2014-04-30
Water treatment and improvement without any chemicalsGermany OFFER 2014-03-25
Wood pyrolisis boiler for small and medium level applications Greece OFFER 2014-03-12
Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emission reduction in heavy duty enginesAustria OFFER 2014-03-31
100% biologic Biocide for decontamination and sanitizingFrance OFFER 2014-03-25
New Technology for carbon reduction and fuel efficiency in the shipping and fishing industries.United Kingdom OFFER 2014-03-14
Innovative and easy-to-use radon gas sensor Italy OFFER 2014-03-17
Seeking technology for adding value to wood ash Romania REQUEST 2015-05-08
Seeking technology for adding value to municipal waste water sludgeRomania REQUEST 2015-05-08
Novel sound reduction technologies for application to glass partitioning.Ireland REQUEST 2014-03-07
Determination of cost reduction potential and optimization of energy and water management in the paper prodution industryGermany OFFER 2014-05-08
Innovative natural textile dyes coming from Saffron and annattoGreece OFFER 2015-02-25
Eurostars: Tertiary water treatment for elimination of emergent persistent pollutantsSpain RESEARCH 2014-02-10
Scalable technology for using kitchen waste as a resourceIndia REQUEST 2014-08-05
Satellite data applications for identification of salt water effects on forest vegetationItaly OFFER 2014-02-24
New innovative patented dustproof vacuum cleaner with air disinfectant abilityItaly OFFER 2014-03-25
A Water Saving System for HouseholdTurkey OFFER 2014-02-04
Mycoremediation using fungiItaly OFFER 2014-03-14
Autonomous and underwater electronic wall to repulse sharks and protect swimmers and surfers at the beach in the coastal areasFrance OFFER 2015-01-28
Automated mattress recycling plant looking for partners in EuropeNetherlands OFFER 2014-01-30
Seeking solution for complete replacement of antibiotic in animal semen for artificial inseminationFrance REQUEST 2015-07-22
Marine data management and telemetryUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-01-20
Knitted work safety and goods protection gloves, to complement work safety and fire-fighter garmentsHungary OFFER 2014-05-07
Grey water reuse system and combined grey water reuse and heat recovery system United Kingdom OFFER 2014-02-14
Method for simultaneous determination of anion and cation content in water samples through Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-AES)Spain OFFER 2015-05-07
Maintenance free monitoring technology for photovoltaic modules integrated into facadesGermany OFFER 2015-07-13
A technology of preparation of modified fuel and water-fuel emulsions for diesel engines, power plants.Ukraine OFFER 2014-04-25
New welding torch with fume extractionUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-01-02
Waste water treatment system with remote managementCroatia OFFER 2014-01-27
High purity natural Zeolite filter media (clinoptilolite) for enhanced water treatment applications.United Kingdom OFFER 2014-01-24
New insulating material making use of solid wastes from steelmakingSpain OFFER 2014-05-19
Real time determination of (harmful) algae and other surface water indicatorsNetherlands OFFER 2014-01-27
Canal-scouring measuring systemAustria OFFER 2014-03-26
Continuous real-time gas analysis via adsorption spectroscopy for process monitoring and controlling in the chemical-pharmaceutical industryGermany OFFER 2014-03-10
Aeration cascades for the water treatment plants allowing aeration of raw waterPoland OFFER 2014-05-19
Flue gas treatment by Electron Processing System: A global and efficient solutionFrance OFFER 2014-01-27
Unique and Innovative Rodent Control Trap United Kingdom OFFER 2014-01-20
A Polish Research Institute specialized in study of the volatile composition of natural odours and is looking for companies, R&D entities, academics for creating license agreements or technical cooperation. Poland OFFER 2015-08-04
Treatment of cheese production wastewaterGreece OFFER 2014-04-02
System of rapid biomethanisation with an anaerobic filter for treatment of agricultural and industrial effluentsBelgium OFFER 2015-03-16
Expertise and device for optimal management of renewable energy storageItaly OFFER 2014-01-20
Seeking water treatment technology and water treatment stationsPoland REQUEST 2014-06-09
New process for reinforcing composites using waste materialsItaly OFFER 2014-02-05
Valveless peristaltic chemical metering pumpUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-01-14
Environmentally friendly, patented water treatment system for treatment of scale and corrosion in water pipes and in machinesGermany OFFER 2014-03-26
A Polish company is searching for a partner able to provide a technology for the transformation of waste to energyPoland REQUEST 2015-02-02
Technology for treatment and recovery of any origin fluid waste with high NH3 (ammonia) percentage in its compositionSpain OFFER 2015-04-01
Cyclone dust separating technologySweden OFFER 2014-04-23
Reducing foam in a compact steam generator United Kingdom REQUEST 2014-01-23
Innovative, cost-effective Wastewater Treatment / Wastewater Pond Technology for new plants and for corrective maintenance of old wastewater plantsGermany OFFER 2014-06-04
Organic semiconductors for ionizing radiations: direct detection and method for manufacturing themItaly OFFER 2014-02-04
Novel Range of Aerosol ValvesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-01-02
Technology to recycle rubber wastes of different polymer basisSpain REQUEST 2015-05-14
Echo-Friendly Water Tank Korea OFFER 2014-01-07
IP wireless sensor network node based on MSP430 microcontroller under Contiki OSSerbia OFFER 2014-03-25
Alternative resources sought as substrate to grow mushrooms onNetherlands REQUEST 2014-01-07
New technologies sought to valorise champost (mushroom compost)Netherlands REQUEST 2014-01-08
Water nitrates removal and waste reuse as fertilizerSpain OFFER 2014-06-13
New method for removal of sulphates from water by chemical precipitationSpain OFFER 2014-12-19
Technology to treat slurries and sludgesSpain REQUEST 2015-05-14
Biomass dust swirl burners mounted in existing burnersPoland OFFER 2014-03-11
Cool gas generator technology replaces compressed gas bottlesNetherlands OFFER 2015-02-18
Low cost device to monitor water recycling and water treatment with integrated UV disinfectionAustria OFFER 2014-12-01
Logistic optimization and territorial modelingItaly OFFER 2014-01-09
Novel carbon for Li-ion battery, lead acid, super-capacitor, conductive Ink and filter applicationIsrael OFFER 2015-06-21
Biological water treatment for car washesGermany OFFER 2015-03-25
Trenchless rehabilitation solution for small sewage pipesGermany OFFER 2015-03-25
Technology for neutralization of industrial smellLatvia REQUEST 2014-03-10
Polymer bio-compatible stabilized silver nanoparticle colloids with tuned size distribution via simple chemical bath routesItaly OFFER 2014-07-04
Doped and undoped metal-oxide nanocolloids via Laser Ablation in Liquids for UV-enhanced chemiresistive sensors of toxic and flammable gasesItaly OFFER 2014-07-04
Analytical system for atomic fluorescence with atomization cell in the capacitive coupled plasma atomizationRomania OFFER 2014-05-26
Supplier to the water and wastewater industries seeks novel or new technologiesUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2014-04-30
Innovation in Sustainable Wastewater Management Israel OFFER 2014-02-06
Fluidized bed reactor for sewage sludge treatmentCzech Republic OFFER 2014-01-21
Compact UV technology for purifying drinking waterNetherlands OFFER 2014-01-21
Large-scale solar distillation and rainwater harvestingNetherlands OFFER 2014-01-21
Innovative renewable driven desalination system providing continuous operation using only fluctuating solar or wind input Netherlands OFFER 2014-01-30
Recyling System for obtaining clean prestressed steel wire from tyresItaly OFFER 2014-01-24
Enhanced urban waste collection systemsItaly OFFER 2014-03-25
Hidden urban waste containersItaly OFFER 2014-03-25
Looking for partners to test and validate the use of an Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) for Biomass furnacesFrance OFFER 2014-01-20
Innovative technology for cleaning plastic waste without waterGermany OFFER 2015-05-20
Seismic quality index of rock massCroatia OFFER 2014-11-14
Selective Electro Dialysis (SED) for nitrate removal from ground water- unique and proven Nitrate removal solution for potable water for municipalitiesIsrael OFFER 2015-06-10
Compact portable self-sustaining technology for drinking water purificationGermany OFFER 2014-04-22
System for waste water treatment with continuous bio-filtration and without energy consumptionMacedonia OFFER 2014-06-03
Italian company is offering innovative patented constructed wetlands system for wastewater treatment Italy OFFER 2014-01-16
Micro bubble generator using water supply pressure which can be used for various purposeKorea OFFER 2014-01-23
Glass fiber reinforcements postmaking process cuttingsLithuania REQUEST 2014-03-10
Atmospheric processes simulation chamber for air pollution measurements, environmental studies and development of new instrumentationSpain OFFER 2014-02-26
Hydrometallurgic process for recovering waste materials from printed circuit boards (PCBs)Italy OFFER 2015-04-24
Production technology of ecologically pure sorbent for gathering of oil and its products from surfaces of water storages and soils. Ukraine OFFER 2015-01-19
A novel dehumidifier and heater for cold climate greenhousesIsrael OFFER 2015-06-02
Tool for carrying out Life Cycle Assessments of eco-designed productsLuxembourg OFFER 2014-03-06
Low environmental impact materials for micro wind turbinesItaly REQUEST 2014-04-16
Automatic colour separation technology for glass recycling in waste containersItaly OFFER 2014-03-25
Eco-efficient cement from clay-based construction wasteSpain OFFER 2015-04-30
Cement from waste sanitary ceramics industrySpain OFFER 2015-04-30
Unique ballistic helmets for air crew teamsIsrael OFFER 2015-06-02
Hail sensorGermany OFFER 2013-11-25
Mineral waste eco-friendly recycling technologies for the building materials industryRomania OFFER 2015-05-18
Antioxidant product derived from coffee residues.Spain OFFER 2014-05-07
Healthy bakery products with high level of dietary antioxidant fibreSpain OFFER 2015-04-30
Trapping, recycling or neutralising 1,3-butadieneUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2013-12-03
A textile fabric lift seat for disabled persons that facilitate the everyday lifeSweden OFFER 2014-04-23
A shower handle that minimises the risk of infection from Legionnaire's disease or Pontiac feverSweden OFFER 2014-04-23
Detection of water pollutants by a low cost technology.Italy OFFER 2013-12-17
Drinking water quality monitoring by a low cost ammeter-metric methodItaly OFFER 2013-12-18
Innovative treatment system for the reverse osmosis process - no need for chemicals / softenersIsrael OFFER 2015-06-14
New adsorbent of crude oil and petrochemical substances from water or groundSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-10-07
Innovative technology for the recycling of residual thickened sludge of stone processing with conversion to the base component for the production of new materials for construction. Italy OFFER 2013-11-22
Innovative method for producing animal food with optimized nutrient content by using vinasse as raw materialTurkey OFFER 2014-06-12
Removal of arsenic from potable waterGreece OFFER 2015-04-15
Innovative technologies for industrial waste reuse or recyclingItaly REQUEST 2014-04-23
An innovative watermaker with air conditioningItaly OFFER 2015-05-17
Biodegradation of terpene-based materialsSpain OFFER 2014-12-16
Request on advanced technologies and equipments for treating non-biodegradable organics and nitrate nitrogen in sewage and industrial wastewaterChina REQUEST 2014-08-06
Inorganic Composite Sorbent for the Removal and Immobilisation of Heavy Metals and/or PhosphatesSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-07-22
Environmentally friendly, porous road surfacing binder, an alternative to bituminous asphalt.Italy OFFER 2014-06-23
Safety textile underwear that makes you float in waterSweden OFFER 2014-03-26
Potentiometric sensor for analytical detection of nitrogen-containing compounds.Spain OFFER 2013-11-21
Production of industrial carbon, oil, gas and steel by recycling the scrap tyres and scrap rubberCroatia OFFER 2014-05-23
E-waste segregation, recycling, metal recovery & refiningIndia REQUEST 2014-08-05
Zero Liquid Discharge Technology for an Effluent Treatment Plant in a Distillery Industry based in North IndiaIndia REQUEST 2014-02-18
Implementation of Zero Liquid Discharge in Indian Paper and Pulp IndustryIndia REQUEST 2014-01-16
Novel bin system for cigarette butts and chewed gumUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-06-10
ESA: Silica based aerogelPortugal OFFER 2014-02-10
ESA: Verification & validation of safety-critical systems - Fault InjectionPortugal OFFER 2014-11-17
Innovative measuring systems for the detection of radioactivityGermany OFFER 2015-04-17
Realtime systems for automated environmental and water monitoring networks Germany OFFER 2015-04-17
Track Cultivator with a rotary cutter for soil recultivation and a fire-resistant armour cabSlovak Republic OFFER 2014-09-09
Organic eco-friendly fertilizer complying with food standardsAustria OFFER 2013-11-07
Light artificial aggregates from processed sludgesPoland OFFER 2013-11-28
Treatment system for liquid wastes of different compositionSpain REQUEST 2013-11-27
No sludge wastewater treatment system with sustainable long term benefitsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-11-07
Design and construction of a complete wastewater (pig-farming waste) treatment system incorporating biogas technology.Greece REQUEST 2013-11-25
A method for the education of hyperactive and autistic children with remote control technology Turkey OFFER 2013-12-12
Cost and legal claim cutting scheduling/decision support system for the low risk operation of helicopters and application in other industriesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-10
Methods and equipment for intensification of processes of sugar extraction from beet slices. Ukraine OFFER 2014-10-15
Automatic Water Biodetector General Toxicity (ABTOW)Poland OFFER 2014-06-19
Innovative irrigation system to desalinate sea water by using only solar energyItaly OFFER 2013-12-09
Pressure-sensitive adhesives with permanent stickinessSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-07-14
Non-chemical (physical) water treatment devices for hard water treatmentSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-07-28
Analysis and assurance of sterility and hygieneGermany OFFER 2015-03-11
Pressure sensing stripSwitzerland OFFER 2014-04-02
Recycling systems and solutions for public outdoor (park, city) and indoor (shopping malls, airports, offices) environmentsSweden OFFER 2014-04-23
High resolution Ion Mobility Spectrometer (IMS)Spain OFFER 2015-01-16
Fluorescence detection technology to monitor and prevent water pollution at low costItaly OFFER 2013-11-20
Decorative crystal ceramics with novel thermal and sound insulation propertiesSpain OFFER 2014-06-24
Fire simulation softwareDenmark OFFER 2013-10-30
Willow and poplar for energy production and protection of the environmentDenmark OFFER 2014-04-25
Multi-phase separation process for digestate treatment.Germany OFFER 2015-03-09
Measurement of emission gasses from livestock production systems.Denmark OFFER 2014-04-25
Air-cleaning technology for odour control and elimination of airborne micro-organisms, static electricity or fine dustsGermany OFFER 2014-05-08
Single machines and complete system for dissolving and separating household waste for bioenergy/biogas productionSweden OFFER 2014-04-23
New technology offered for gaining high-added value aluminium oxy, poly-aluminium chloride, and poly-aluminium chloride-sulfate from anodized aluminium caustic rinse bath of waste waters Turkey OFFER 2013-12-12
Process for Management of Integrated Olive Facility Wastes and Energy ReuseTurkey OFFER 2013-12-13
Offering New Process Technology for Setting up Biodiesel Facility by Using Cavitation MethodTurkey OFFER 2014-02-06
Innovative energy saving, low-temperature technology from Bulgaria, degrading on molecular and atomic level gases, chemical compounds, odors as well as viruses and pathogens.Bulgaria OFFER 2015-07-10
Water-diesel fuel emulsifier technology without surfactantsNetherlands REQUEST 2013-10-28
Technology producing seating solutions for the relief of back pain.Ireland OFFER 2013-10-14
Offering a New Process for Wastewater Treatment in Melamine Urea Formaldehyde Resin Production FacilitiesTurkey OFFER 2013-10-23
Unique process for obtaining water and fibre (raw material) recovery process from refining waste watersTurkey OFFER 2013-10-24
Offering Noble Hybrid Process for the Recovery of Water and Alcohol from Waste Water Containing Phthalic Acid Ester for Zero Discharge Turkey OFFER 2013-10-29
Turkish company offering a unique technology for recovering acid, water and chemicals at galvanizing plants, targeting zero dischargeTurkey OFFER 2013-10-29
Modular plant for industrial waste water treatment Germany OFFER 2013-10-30
Nanoparticle DetectionUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-10
Self-aspirating Water AeratorSlovenia OFFER 2013-12-16
Innovative portable energy storage systemItaly OFFER 2014-07-14
Technology for restoration of lakes by nutrient-precipitationGermany OFFER 2014-06-26
Smart grids applied to the multiple applications: Communications and sensor networksSpain OFFER 2015-05-07
Innovative composites made of almond shells for manufacturing new productsSpain OFFER 2014-06-27
Olive fruit fly traps for Greek and Israeli orchardsGreece RESEARCH 2013-10-17
Plant Machinery and Equipment Inspection System - Mobile device software enabling field workers and inspectors to quickly and accurately gather essential plant and machinery dataUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-10-01
Microcapsulation of active compoundsUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2013-10-18
Technology for air purification from organic and microbiological pollutants by plasma adsorptionRussia OFFER 2015-06-23
Membrane inlet systems with piezoelectric leak valve for portable mass spectrometersRussia OFFER 2015-06-23
Purification and liquefaction of bionatural gaz (LNG) France OFFER 2013-09-30
Measuring method for concentration of phytoplankton biomass is offeredPoland OFFER 2014-09-29
Autonomous non-contact device for detecting oil spills on water in real timeEstonia OFFER 2013-10-07
Integrated management and exploitation of multi-dispersed agricultural residues – application to olive tree cultivationGreece RESEARCH 2013-10-02
Innovative technology for environmentally friendly sapropel (lake bottom sediments) mining and processingLatvia OFFER 2013-10-01
System to detect pollutant emissions into the air Spain OFFER 2013-09-23
Bitumen removal from electrical equipmentUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-05-06
Solution for secure identification of sensitive materialsFrance OFFER 2014-04-24
Improved procedure for the synthesis of MOF´sSpain OFFER 2013-09-25
Effective Wastewater Recycling Technology Resulting in Products for Further UseIsrael OFFER 2014-03-26
Flame retardant (FR) water-based acrylic polymer for textile and paint industryIsrael OFFER 2015-05-12
Eco-friendly Plasticizer(non-phthalate plasticizer) DevelopmentKorea REQUEST 2013-09-24
Soil engineering in desertic areas in order to greening the desertFrance OFFER 2014-04-22
Environmentally friendly colorimetric sensors for detecting hydrogen cyanide (HCN) Spain OFFER 2014-12-16
Energy saving oxygenation unit used in biological treatment of industrial waste waterSweden OFFER 2014-11-17
Social-networking integrated location based servicesHungary OFFER 2015-08-13
A technology and a separator for extraction of methane from the outgoing general mine ventilation flow.Ukraine OFFER 2014-04-25
Innovative food container for transporting ethnic foods such sushi and/or sashimiItaly OFFER 2015-03-06
Danish company behind innovative source separation system for manure is looking for end users who can be part of the future development of the systemDenmark OFFER 2013-09-23
Noise level measurement technology for integrated applicationsNorway REQUEST 2013-09-13
Complex equipment for rapid biodegradation and biopolymer (vegetable products) packaging testingRomania REQUEST 2014-06-25
Devices for the production of active chlorineSerbia OFFER 2014-06-20
Supersonic ejector for ventilation and degassing of coal seams.Ukraine OFFER 2014-04-25
Pre-industrial valorization of pilot systems elaborated for waste water treatment .Belgium OFFER 2013-10-09
A method of integrated degassing of a working coal seam.Ukraine OFFER 2014-04-25
Mineral biofilter in mobile insulated closed housing for the optimized treatment of industrial odors and VOCsFrance OFFER 2013-09-11
Technology for producing ethanol from starchy grains without distillery stillageRussia OFFER 2013-09-11
Oil recovery system for efficient collection and recovery of spilled oilUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-09-27
Standardised infrastructure for exchanging and processing obervation dataGermany OFFER 2013-09-10
Natural solution against coastal erosionFrance OFFER 2014-03-26
Clean cooling water treatmentGermany OFFER 2015-03-06
Bioreactor for organic waste compostingPoland OFFER 2013-11-07
Novel positioning and tracking device for emergency and rescue services United Kingdom OFFER 2013-09-09
A novel thin film technology capable of changing colourUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-09-09
Innovative hovercrafts for multifaceted applicationsGermany REQUEST 2013-09-09
Removal of heavy metals from the technological waste waters by sulphate reducing bacteriaSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-05-04
Test Bed Facilities for Aquatic Instruments and Antifouling TechnologyUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-10-01
Urban Europe 2013 – Integrated urban governance using large data management systemsUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2013-08-27
Technology of ion plasma deposition of stainless steel corrosion-resistant coatings that maintain the composition of consumable materialsRussia OFFER 2015-06-23
Device for algae cultivationPoland OFFER 2013-09-12
Maritime engineering in the largest wave flume of the worldGermany OFFER 2014-05-16
Server room - fire extinguishing systemPoland OFFER 2015-06-18
The only brake system for roller shutters and grilles that correctly compliments anti-drop regulations.United Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-01
Innovative & Advanced water and waste water treatment equipment technologyIndia REQUEST 2015-02-12
Innovative Waste Treatment with Hydro-mechanical and biological systemItaly OFFER 2013-10-28
Biodegradable product that supports the growth of vegetationRomania OFFER 2014-11-27
Life-saving equipment for the recovery of persons from seaGermany OFFER 2014-03-25
Technology and device for measuring the water level in artesian wells via bottomhole pressure sensor.Russia OFFER 2015-08-21
Ventilation system noise reduction damperPoland OFFER 2014-06-11
Novel door system that provides a watertight defence against floodingUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-08-23
Technology to predict renewable energy potentials on city roofsGermany OFFER 2013-08-07
System for bioelimination of volatile organic compounds and odours from the airPoland OFFER 2015-08-05
Virtual light barriers as a security systemGermany OFFER 2014-03-26
Bioelectrochemical treatment of contaminated water with oxidised nitrogen compounds Spain OFFER 2013-09-05
UK company seeks Green technologies for domestic buildings and applicationsUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2013-08-07
Innovative UV Water Disinfection/Treatment that meets strict Environmental regulationsIsrael OFFER 2014-03-25
Open Face Helmet & Mandibular Protection SystemSpain OFFER 2013-09-26
New system for water purification and sanitation of swimming pools without use of chemicalsCzech Republic OFFER 2013-10-09
Marine Ecology and Biology researchItaly OFFER 2013-09-27
Modular dams used for protection against flooding villages and arable landRomania OFFER 2015-05-05
RDR-Eco-Innovation: Eco-efficient water purification system – immobilizing biodegrading bacteria to treat contaminated waterSlovenia RESEARCH 2013-07-31
Passive wooden doors with extremely low heat transfer coefficient Poland OFFER 2013-08-01
IT system of interactive technical manualsPoland OFFER 2015-08-12
Ultrasonic technology improving safety of taxi drivers. Aggression countermeasure. OFFER 2013-07-30
New electroplating process for wastewater treatmentHungary OFFER 2014-02-20
Reducing environmental pollution originating from municipal solid waste refuse dumpsHungary OFFER 2014-01-09
New metal reclamation technology in electroplatingHungary OFFER 2014-02-20
BeBiCliEnvEhC integrated bioenergetic - biotechnological - climate - environment and health protection enhanced complexHungary OFFER 2013-09-05
High-performance solid-/liquid-separation of digestateLuxembourg OFFER 2013-08-07
Advanced fire and evacuation modelling tools for railway station and train design and certification United Kingdom OFFER 2015-01-13
Technology for synthesis of Zinc Oxide nanoparticles available for licensing and/or further developmentPoland OFFER 2013-07-31
Ground-breaking clamping system for the construction of effective and durable flood control wallsGermany OFFER 2013-12-18
A passive non-lethal ship self-protection measure to prevent boarding by sea-criminals. Netherlands OFFER 2013-07-29
Farm and domestic waste anaerobic digestionUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-01-13
A new class of biostimulants for bioremediation of land, water and concreteUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-02-02
Designer of novel non-concrete soil binding system needed to join project developing novel fibre-reinforced post and mesh fencing systemUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2013-09-05
Technology for fabrics overlaying with antibacterial properties available for licensing or further joint developmentPoland OFFER 2013-07-26
Novel chemical-free wood modification processHungary OFFER 2014-01-09
High-tech wireless sensor network for multi-point measurement applications (e.g. precision agriculture) with tight integration of Apple iOS devicesHungary OFFER 2013-09-24
Innovative technological equipment complex for log houses manufacturing plantLatvia OFFER 2013-10-04
Technology for the treatment of concentrated and complex wastewater flowsNetherlands OFFER 2013-12-18
Moving Bed (bio) filtrationNetherlands OFFER 2014-12-18
Modular drinking water purification and management system without the use of chemicalsNetherlands OFFER 2013-12-18
Upgrading biogas to natural gas qualityNetherlands OFFER 2014-12-18
Real-time Airborne Radioactivity Monitor using Direct gamma-ray spectrometry with two scintillation detectorsSpain OFFER 2014-07-11
Real-time Airborne Radioactivity Monitor using gamma-ray spectrometry on a particulate FilterSpain OFFER 2014-07-11
Heat pumps: domestic hot water dedicated to energy-positive buildings and industriesFrance OFFER 2013-10-04
Solutions in radiation hardening engineering and testsFrance OFFER 2015-01-06
Unmanned system for civil usesSpain OFFER 2015-05-14
New CCTV technology for peaceful management of crowdsFrance OFFER 2013-10-04
PS – EPSRC – companies required for research into re-use and recycling of composites manufacturing waste.United Kingdom RESEARCH 2013-07-31
Flame-retardant waterproof stretchable composite fabricSpain OFFER 2015-04-07
PS Eco-Innovation: Looking for seaports for demonstrating an autonomous oil spill detectorEstonia RESEARCH 2013-07-22
Composite material for the removal of fluoride in drinking waterSpain OFFER 2014-05-07
Gas Liquid Contact SystemNetherlands OFFER 2013-12-18
A microbiological detection and monitoring system for rapid and autonomous quantification of micro-organisms in liquid samplesNetherlands OFFER 2013-12-18
Prefab modular wastewater treatment system.Netherlands OFFER 2013-12-18
Suspended solids removal system from (waste) waterNetherlands OFFER 2014-01-07
Removal of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) from biogasNetherlands OFFER 2013-12-18
Decentralised system for the removal of BOD, Suspended Solids and Nitrogen from waste waterNetherlands OFFER 2013-12-18
Odour control system for waste water treatment plants without chemicalsNetherlands OFFER 2013-12-18
Water vortex power plant for efficient and ecological fish friendly energy generation suitable for rivers with minimal drop heightSwitzerland OFFER 2013-09-16
New separation technology for composite materialGermany OFFER 2014-07-09
Modification of natural fibres for performance cementitious composites and building blocksUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-07-23
Modification of mechanical and heat properties of softened PVCCzech Republic REQUEST 2013-07-15
Mineral-based press- molds out of vermiculiteAustria OFFER 2013-07-15
Bioprocesses for Industrial Air Pollution controlBelgium OFFER 2013-09-05
Innovative marine stations to monitor and to control the coastal marine environment.Italy OFFER 2014-11-17
Flexible fixture for safe single man replacement of windowsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-07-16
Fall restraint barrier system providing safe construction site conditonsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-07-16
Wood-plastic composite material for recycling wood wasteHungary OFFER 2013-07-11
Large scale production of plastic microfluidic consumables for life sciences and diagnostic applicationsNetherlands OFFER 2014-06-27
A modern nini-central unit for gas detection Poland OFFER 2013-10-11
Novel treatment for efficient heavy metal removal from wastewaters.Spain OFFER 2013-07-03
Insect Barrier SystemGermany OFFER 2014-06-30
Innovative universal gasometrical head for detection of low (toxic) gas concentrationPoland OFFER 2014-01-09
Microwave Thermal Treatment method of utilization of wastes containing asbestos.Poland OFFER 2013-07-08
Technology for simultaneous grinding and drying of disperse materialsRussia OFFER 2013-07-10
Development of Micro Gas Sensor Technology for Mobile application Korea REQUEST 2014-06-09
Natural sorbents for a quick and correct environmental cleaning-up of liquid pollutantsItaly OFFER 2014-07-11
Chemical oxygen demanded (COD) and Nitrogen-removal from industry and domestic waterNetherlands OFFER 2013-09-05
Novel, efficient and simple cogeneration plant utilizing biomass or waste materialsItaly OFFER 2014-11-26
System for localised processing of animal and organic waste remove water and produce power and bio fertiliser.Ireland OFFER 2013-07-01
Modular building element for retaining wall construction and stabilising embankment.France OFFER 2013-09-24
Environmentally friendly remediation system for petroleum contaminated waterSweden OFFER 2014-04-23
Manure separation plant with high capacityDenmark REQUEST 2013-08-08
PS: EcoInnovation - Natural Mobile House Comprising Waste Recycling Techniques and Efficient Use of ResourcesSlovenia RESEARCH 2013-06-18
PS CIP Eco-innovation: looking for an engineering consultancy willing to develop a business approach of soil phytoremediation servicesBelgium RESEARCH 2013-06-17
Novel design of manhole cover with anti-theft featuresUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-06-13
Looking for Biomass ashes reuse technologiesFrance REQUEST 2013-06-13
PS-LIFE+: Improving the risk assessment of nanomaterials using in vitro methodologySpain RESEARCH 2013-06-13
Delignification of lignocellulosic materialsSpain OFFER 2013-06-06
An Optical sensor for measuring the state of the roadSpain OFFER 2013-06-05
Rotary cut wood veneer manufacturers soughtUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2013-06-04
Magnetic system to avoid mechanical vibration and noise in tools.Spain OFFER 2014-12-17
Underwater device for the detection of natural and/or anthropogenic substances in waterItaly OFFER 2013-06-04
Dynamic simulation software for landfill design and managementSpain OFFER 2014-12-22
New prefabricated building systems conceived for “lower environmental impact” suitable for accommodation facilities on the mountains.Italy OFFER 2013-06-03
Tests sought for a method of nuclear and radiologic pollution cleaning with biologic treatmentFrance OFFER 2013-06-03
PS-CIP-EIP: Green Travel Europe Online community involving responsible travellers, eco-accommodations and sustainable pathsItaly RESEARCH 2013-06-03
Innovative thermal and acoustic insulating material based on recycled textileFrance OFFER 2013-06-03
Novel solution to fight Horse Chestnut bleeding canker and other three diseasesUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-05-30
Novel technology for digital enhanced cordless telecommunicationItaly OFFER 2013-05-30
Projections of climate change impacts at regional and local scalesSpain OFFER 2013-05-22
Development of advanced geostatistical tools for analyzing and processing geographical informationFrance OFFER 2013-05-30
PS-LIFE+-URGENT-Evaluation of the ability of the vineyards sink effectSpain RESEARCH 2013-05-29
Environmental remediation & pollution cleaning based on ecological biologic treatmentFrance OFFER 2013-05-29
Solutions for dust measurementNetherlands REQUEST 2013-05-29
Precise technology and automated system for water disinfection with a chlorine containing reagentRussia OFFER 2013-05-28
Seeking novel water and wastewater technologies for the UK marketUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2013-05-28
New biosensors in the field of wine, food and environmentSpain REQUEST 2013-05-28
New technologies sought to valorise sugar beet waste streams (pulp and leaves)Netherlands REQUEST 2013-05-23
Industrial volatile organic compound abatement/odour control concentrate and aids to compliance to emission and air pollution legislationUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-02-02
Low application temperature hot melt adhesive for automatic box closingSpain OFFER 2014-12-17
PS: Reduction of air pollution with D7 additive - LIFE+Italy RESEARCH 2013-05-21
Seeking methods for adding value to waste grass sourced from lawnsTurkey REQUEST 2013-05-21
Novel biologically active hybrid filter material for selective elimination of gaseous pollutants and odors in biogas or waste airGermany OFFER 2013-05-21
Heat recovery system for a paint furnaceSpain REQUEST 2013-05-21
Autonomous installation powered by solar energy for continuous aeration of the lake waterRomania REQUEST 2013-05-21
Direct osmosis membranes for energy generationSpain REQUEST 2013-05-17
Environmentally friendly agents that can eliminate silverfish and bacteria.Sweden REQUEST 2013-05-15
Automatic system to detect fire smoke or other particles dispersed in air (pollutants, dust..) over large open areasSpain OFFER 2013-05-15
Pyrolysis technology for separated components of Municipal Solid WasteCzech Republic REQUEST 2013-05-14
Ceramic thermal conditioning panelSpain OFFER 2014-12-17
Device for absorbing kinetic energy / safety belt sytemsPoland REQUEST 2015-03-11
Technology for simultaneous defibration, drying and removal of inclusions from fiber materialsRussia OFFER 2013-05-08
Multi-Biomass-Heating plant with integrated biomass-fuel drying processAustria OFFER 2013-05-07
UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System for civil applicationsHungary OFFER 2013-05-07
Advanced software system for the entire control of water quality measurement networks allowing immediate hazard detection and responseGermany OFFER 2013-04-29
Water control system for irrigation canals which reduces water losses by 10-20% Netherlands OFFER 2013-04-26
Integrated surveillance system able to remote monitor of vital signs and risk factors.Italy OFFER 2014-11-17
Organic waste recovery device combining composting and methanization France OFFER 2013-04-19
New System for the Integration of Security Systems Turkey OFFER 2013-04-19
Device for cleaning contaminated water surfaces like oil spills or jellyfish plagues Spain OFFER 2013-04-18
PS - CIP IEE 2013 - Green ICT and Greening by ICT for SMEs in the built environment industry United Kingdom RESEARCH 2013-04-15
Partners sought for submarine-robot market launchFrance OFFER 2013-04-12
Multifunctional police shieldCroatia OFFER 2013-04-09
Hard water scale prevention system providing alternative to salt or chemical water softenersUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-05-23
Optimizing the logistic of waste collection by applying a transceiver system indicating the fullness levelHungary OFFER 2013-04-09
Mitigating the effect of urban heat island by increasing the evapo-perspiration vegetation on urban river banks – case study Bucharest Romania Romania REQUEST 2013-04-05
Eco friendly building materials with mineral waste Romania REQUEST 2013-04-05
Novel technology for wood pellet boiler system Macedonia REQUEST 2013-04-05
Accelerated Carbonation Technology - Aggregate, Steel and Cement Waste Industry Expertise SoughtUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-10
PS Israel-Italy Joint Innovation Program- Israeli IT Industrial partner for development of a new medication system in hospitals Italy RESEARCH 2013-04-04
External combustion heat engine utilizing waste heatHungary OFFER 2013-04-02
Boxer external combustion heat engine utilizing waste heatHungary OFFER 2013-04-02
Technology for Solar Drying of Industrial Waste Sludge Turkey REQUEST 2013-04-17
Novel, efficient and simple cogeneration plant utilizing biomass or waste materialsItaly OFFER 2013-04-11
PS Eurostars Development of a visual system to warn drivers of public transportation on rails for dangerous situations Netherlands RESEARCH 2013-03-25
Green building materials from industrial wastes Italy OFFER 2013-03-26
New process to inertize waste materials Italy OFFER 2013-03-26
Sediment management solutions for rivers and reservoirs Germany OFFER 2013-03-22
Technology for rapid analysis of organic matter in water samples Russia OFFER 2013-03-20
Universal street light timer. Sweden OFFER 2013-03-20
PS-SUSFOOD ERA - “Bioactive-guided characterization of apple derivatives and full profit of their industrial by-products” Spain RESEARCH 2013-03-19
Innovative diesel-electric propulsion and energy management system for fuel efficient and environmental friendly inland tankers. Netherlands OFFER 2013-03-19
A surface emissions trap, for indoor air purification Sweden OFFER 2013-03-19
Novel, safe and comfortable protection device from welding Italy OFFER 2013-03-15
Oil-spill detection system based on synthetic aperture radar image processsing Spain OFFER 2013-03-15
Cost efficient technology for cleaning of exhausted gases from sulfur oxides and carbon dioxide, applicable in energetics, chemistry and metallurgy Bulgaria OFFER 2013-03-15
Technology for Waste to Energy from Municipal Solid WasteIndia REQUEST 2013-05-23
Novel photobioreactor for mass cultivation of microalgae. Spain OFFER 2013-03-14
Process to improve the fluidization of fine CO2 absorbing powdersSpain OFFER 2013-05-23
Model device for distant measurement and control of static versus dynamic deviations in X,Y,Z planes with rotation. Bulgaria OFFER 2013-03-12
Crude oil independent insulation panel with higher thermal resistance against mechanical loading Germany OFFER 2013-03-12
Used and unworkable tires treatment system Italy OFFER 2013-03-12
Looking for dewatering Technology France REQUEST 2013-03-12
A new biological method for soil disinfection based on coproducts from the food industry. Netherlands OFFER 2013-03-12
Looking for solution for elimination/decrease of algae on surface of cooling towers of powerplant Czech Republic REQUEST 2013-03-08
ICT for water resources managementSpain OFFER 2013-05-15
Novel energy efficient recovery technology for precious and industrial metals from catalytic converters, electronic and industrial waste United Kingdom OFFER 2013-03-06
New Collision Prevention System for ShipsSpain OFFER 2013-05-23
New procedure for the elimination of nutrients from waste waters by photobiotreatment with microalgae. Spain OFFER 2013-03-06
Acoustic material from out-of-service vehicles Spain OFFER 2013-03-06
PS-FP7-COOPERATION-2013 – Development of an optimised advanced oxidation process system for enabling total closed loop reuse of waste water in metal working fluid manufacturing United Kingdom RESEARCH 2013-03-20
PS-Eurostars: Development of proprietary carbon capture technology into a full scale and optimized process for applications in e.g. energy, steel and chemical industries Netherlands RESEARCH 2013-03-05
Device for fat waste utilisation, especially animal fats Poland OFFER 2013-02-28
Expertise in crop research and sustainable production of plant-based raw materials for a biobased economy substituting fossil resources Germany OFFER 2013-02-28
Fast, high-throughput and cost-effective device for Legionella detection for laboratories Spain OFFER 2013-02-28
Patent of hydrogen peroxide & sorbitol composition with multiple cleaning / sanitizing functionalities France OFFER 2013-02-28
Innovative management system for garbage collection Spain OFFER 2013-02-28
Smart Buoy to be used in a network of underwater sensors Spain OFFER 2013-02-28
A permanently-installed, concealed system for sealing doors and windows against flood water or air movementUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-02-10
Novel Paint Roller container concept that save time and the enviorment Sweden OFFER 2013-02-27
Device to prevent accidents in all types of dangerous machinery (Industrial and Domestic) Spain OFFER 2013-02-27
Fully automated technology for the separation and recovery of plastic foils and other thin lightweight materials from recycling waste streams Germany OFFER 2013-02-27
Syngas to Methanol Plant Israel REQUEST 2013-02-26
Looking for experts in the behaviour of thermoplastics during vehicle crash-test operations France REQUEST 2013-02-26
Foam and Textile disinfection process Belgium REQUEST 2013-02-25
UV exhaust air treatment filter for gastronomy and industry with low-maintenance Germany OFFER 2013-02-21
Specialized disinfection device intended for treatment of water supply facilities, hotels, spa centers, swimming pools and jacuzzi Bulgaria OFFER 2013-02-21
A new biological method for soil remediation Netherlands OFFER 2013-03-05
PS FP7 Implementation and evaluation of an early warning system for flooding events caused by rivers Germany RESEARCH 2013-03-06
Innovative process to transform organic municipal solid waste into bio ethanol Spain OFFER 2013-02-19
Software tool using wireless thermographs for continuous control of cold chain Spain OFFER 2013-02-19
Revolutionary mechanical devices (reliable, autonomous, secure and communicant) to sample discharge rainwater or wastewater for the regulatory controls simplificationFrance OFFER 2013-06-07
Combined greywater and heat recovery system United Kingdom OFFER 2013-02-13
Innovative low temperature and cost effective process for lignocellulosic biofuels and chemicals production from agricultural and industrial waste France OFFER 2013-02-13
Efficient and stable anaerobic cleaning of contaminated wastewater Austria OFFER 2013-02-11
Technologies for Recovering Mixed Production Waste USA REQUEST 2013-02-07
Expertise in 3D modelling of fluidized dispersions for industrial hazards France OFFER 2013-02-07
Magnetic fuel saver France OFFER 2013-02-07
Sampler of deposited atmospheric particulate material for air quality monitoring Spain OFFER 2013-02-05
Biodegradable Halogen-Free Flame Retardants for flammable polymeric materials United Kingdom OFFER 2013-02-05
Reduced footprint/weight desalination technology United Kingdom REQUEST 2013-01-31
Trapping, recycling or turning harmless of certain volatile organic compounds United Kingdom REQUEST 2013-01-31
The smoke exhaust system Poland OFFER 2013-01-31
Technology for safely disconnecting solar panels in case of fire or service Denmark OFFER 2013-01-30
Continuously variable transmission using toothed sprockets Italy OFFER 2013-01-30
Novel low cost high performance radiation detector for medical treatment, nuclear power generation and anti-terrorist applications United Kingdom OFFER 2013-01-29
PS BONUS Innovation 2012: Harvesting and distribution of aquatic plants for production of biogas and fertilizer Sweden RESEARCH 2013-01-29
Conversion of renewables with innovative biotechnological process Germany OFFER 2013-01-28
PS:Bilateral S&T programme between Greece - Israel: Research and development for insect and worm attractants in organic farming.Greece RESEARCH 2013-04-03
PS:Bilateral S&T programme between Greece - Israel: Integrated Methodology for Pioneering Waste Water ManagementGreece RESEARCH 2013-04-03
PS: FP7 ENV-2013-WATER–INNO-DEMO: Improving renewable energy resources efficiency Greece RESEARCH 2013-01-28
Innovative air treatment technology combining decontamination and elimination of odours France OFFER 2013-01-28
Large polyurethane products for shipping and transport lane markings and buoys Netherlands OFFER 2013-01-28
Micro and nanoparticles for heavy metal remediation in aqueous environments Romania REQUEST 2013-01-25
Shower system with reduced fresh water and heating consumption Luxembourg OFFER 2013-01-25
Common development of a single quantification system for bacteria & yeastFrance REQUEST 2013-04-02
Urine as a CO2 absorbent and fertiliser Spain OFFER 2013-01-22
Technology for multipurpose use of the underground levels of the yards of educational facilities such as schools, colleges, universities and others Bulgaria OFFER 2013-01-21
Prevention of the maritime ecological accidents Romania REQUEST 2013-01-21
Advanced Driving Assistant System(ADAS) Korea OFFER 2013-01-21
Renawable construction material from straw: technology to produce straw panelboards Netherlands OFFER 2013-03-14
Reel for fire hoses and ropes Croatia OFFER 2013-01-16
Deduster system with filter for woodworking industry Poland REQUEST 2013-01-16
Supports and Algorithms for High-Performance Numerical Applications France OFFER 2013-01-16
Protection cell Italy OFFER 2013-01-16
Alternative Plant-based material for fur Spain REQUEST 2013-01-16
Hydrogen and fuel cells as power source for vehicles and stationary applications Romania REQUEST 2013-01-15
PS: SSH.2013.2.1-3. CANTICUS Italy RESEARCH 2013-02-04
Phosphorous Removal and Recovery from Wastewater Ireland OFFER 2013-01-14
Seeking partnerships for a large municipal waste processing plant Greece REQUEST 2013-01-11
Membrane materials for CO2 sequestration Romania REQUEST 2013-01-11
Monitoring the eutrophication process of a reservoir and its restoration Romania REQUEST 2013-01-11
Technology to assess the effects of pollutants on ecosystems France OFFER 2013-01-11
Advanced composites materials based on Nano and Bio reinforcement France OFFER 2013-01-10
Landfill waste treatment in bioreactors Netherlands OFFER 2013-03-14
PS FP7–KBBE.2013.3.2–02:How to turn brackish waters into products to yearn for economical and environmental valorization of municipal, industrial, and farm effluents through integrated algal biorefineries. Italy RESEARCH 2013-01-10
Remediation of costal marine water polluted with petroleum compounds Romania REQUEST 2013-01-10
Mapping at regional level of hazardous substances in order to establish some reduction mechanisms Romania REQUEST 2013-01-10
Energy saving at biomaterials (powdery or granular) drying Romania REQUEST 2013-01-10
Pilot technology for obtaining a new ecological fertilizer as biocomposite by reusing three organic wastes – residual marine biomass, sewage sludge and farmyard manure Romania REQUEST 2013-01-10
Hydrogen Demonstration Platform Romania REQUEST 2013-01-10
Energy Saving Pump Cavitation Detection System United Kingdom OFFER 2013-01-11
Energy and water reduction technologies and processes for use in autoclave products United Kingdom REQUEST 2013-01-11
Embedded Wireless Hazard Warning System United Kingdom OFFER 2013-01-11
Device and proven technology for preventing lime scale deposition applicable both in industrial and houshold condition Bulgaria OFFER 2013-01-09
Safe and comfortable protection device from welding, applied directly to the welding torch Italy OFFER 2013-01-09
Algal Photobioreactor United Kingdom OFFER 2013-01-09
Self-contained environment to protect and nurture seedlings in the early growth stage (arid or sub-tropical conditions) United Kingdom OFFER 2013-01-11
PS-FP7-ENV-2013-WATER-INNO-DEMO call Spain RESEARCH 2013-01-03
Mycotoxin analysis and monitoring of food-borne fungi Italy OFFER 2012-12-20
Thermochromic fibers and films France OFFER 2012-12-20
Feasibility and Design of Multi-utility Services Channel United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-12-20
Innovative technology for the removal of heavy metals from wastewater Greece OFFER 2012-12-17
Computer-aided General Morphological Analysis for Decision Support Modelling Sweden OFFER 2012-12-17
Technology request for the recovery of phosphorus from the thick fraction of manure Netherlands REQUEST 2013-03-14
Technologies for development of an environmental information gateway Italy OFFER 2012-12-17
New energy saving dynamic window Italy OFFER 2012-12-14
Tools for energy optimization through techniques Ambient Intelligence Spain OFFER 2012-12-14
Trace metal speciation in the environment and in biological contexts France OFFER 2012-12-14
Electrolytic Ballast Water Treatment Greece OFFER 2012-12-14
Innovative protection modules applicable for electronic lighting devices Bulgaria OFFER 2012-12-13
Stand alone swill treatment technology Netherlands OFFER 2013-01-22
Crowd movement simulation platform Netherlands OFFER 2012-12-13
Procedure for kraft cooking of lignocellulosic material. Spain OFFER 2012-12-13
New method for the joint capture of CO2 (Carbon dioxide) and SO2 (sulphur dioxide) gases. Spain OFFER 2012-12-13
Purification audit of effluents from winemaking and other processes France OFFER 2012-12-13
Biomarkers to detect pollutants France OFFER 2012-12-13
Condensed-aerosol fire extinguishing generators Bulgaria OFFER 2012-12-13
Modular system for monitoring natural phenomena Italy OFFER 2012-12-12
Nanosecond pulse generators for environmental and biomedical pulsed power/plasma applications. United Kingdom OFFER 2012-12-11
Technology combining wastewater treatment with the creation of urban green areas on its surface. Spain OFFER 2012-12-10
Highly Reliable Electrical Power Analyzer Turkey OFFER 2012-12-10
Advanced audio analytics technology to combat crime and antisocial behaviour in prisons Netherlands OFFER 2012-12-10
Aggression detection technology to increase safety in public places Netherlands OFFER 2012-12-10
Sound analysis and detection technology to drastically improve healthcare monitor systems Netherlands OFFER 2012-12-10
Inland Barge on Dual Fuel: 80 % LNG and 20 % Diesel, less emissions and cost efficient Netherlands OFFER 2013-03-14
Oil seperator for large open water reservoirs Poland OFFER 2012-12-07
Polymer concrete building blocks for fast construction Latvia OFFER 2012-12-07
Hard waste water treatment by Direct Anodic Advanced Oxidation Process (D.A.O.) Italy OFFER 2012-12-05
Innovative system to produce electric energy from Olive Mill Waste Waters (OMWW) and other types of biomass. Italy OFFER 2012-12-05
No emission high-performance hydrogen steam engine for generators and marine engines Belgium OFFER 2012-12-03
Membrane distillation technology to obtain pure water from seawater Netherlands OFFER 2012-12-03
Specialized device for improving and accelerating the process of fish breeding applicable also for fish hatcheries Bulgaria OFFER 2012-11-30
Information technology according to Seveso III (2012/18/EG) directive for industrial safety analysis and risk management Germany OFFER 2013-02-08
Natural anti-thrips extract with anti-parasitical effect Spain OFFER 2012-11-30
Device that disinfects liquid medical wastes and neutralizes cleaning solutions which are used Turkey OFFER 2012-11-29
Installation for burning spent machine oilsUkraine OFFER 2013-05-17
Quality and Process improvement in the fat industry France OFFER 2012-11-28
SURF-FORLIFE - biosurfactant to limit colonization and growth of microbes on heating ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems Italy OFFER 2012-11-27
Development of New Binders for Composite Material made from a specific food waste stream. United Kingdom OFFER 2013-01-28
PS - FP7-ICT-2013-10.5.3: Developing low-cost SMART SPACEs ENABLING E-INCLUSION FOR disabled persons, acronym IN-SIST. Romania RESEARCH 2012-11-26
System for energy transfer between modules capable of storing electrical energy Spain OFFER 2012-11-26
Composite slabs from polymer waste for paneling Latvia OFFER 2012-11-26
Advanced Multi-Feed Gasification Reactor United Kingdom OFFER 2012-12-05
Catalytic degasification technology Germany OFFER 2012-11-21
Heat Scavenging Technology United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-12-05
Reusable apparatus for containment of improvised explosive devices United Kingdom OFFER 2012-11-21
Real time determination of (harmful) algae and other surface water quality indicators Netherlands OFFER 2012-11-20
Fluid control and separation of waste and rainwater Sweden OFFER 2012-11-20
Anoxic-Anaerobic Reactor for biological nutrient removalSpain OFFER 2013-05-15
URGENT PS - Industrial partners sough for FP7 proposal: Responsible Research and Innovation approaches in industrial contexts Spain REQUEST 2012-11-20
Used coffee grounds as raw materials for biocomposites and other applications United Kingdom OFFER 2012-11-19
Algorithm Against Product Counterfeiting – Serialisation for Product Security Germany OFFER 2012-11-19
Security lock system and associated key for the safe locking and unlocking of doors. Hungary OFFER 2012-11-19
Vermicompost for industrial scale organic farming Latvia REQUEST 2012-11-15
Tailored gas detection solutions with improved safety Turkey OFFER 2012-11-15
PS-FP7-Economic and safe recycling process for medium density fiberboard: technologies for efficient energy transformation Spain RESEARCH 2012-12-19
PS-FP7-Economic and safe recycling process for medium density fibreboard: technologies for water treatment by advanced oxidation Spain RESEARCH 2012-12-19
PS - SENET - SEnsor NETwork. FP7-SMARTCITIES-2013 - Optimising Energy Systems in Smart Cities [FP7-ICT-2013.6.4] Spain RESEARCH 2012-11-14
PS - ESAB: Energy SAving Buildings. FP7-2013-NMP-ENV-EeB. - Integration of technologies for energy-efficient solutions in the renovation of public buildings [EeB.NMP.2013-3]Spain RESEARCH 2012-11-14
Natural high purity filter media (clinoptilolite) for drinking water and waste waterUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-05-23
Combined Core and Grab Sediment Sampler with Closing Mechanism for Extracting Unique Undisturbed Samples United Kingdom OFFER 2012-11-12
Method for collection and refining of locally sourced used cooking oil to produce biodiesel United Kingdom OFFER 2012-11-12
PS-CIP-Eco-Innovation: Bioremediation of used Toxic Railway Sleepers, Telegraph Poles and Waste Wood United Kingdom RESEARCH 2012-11-12
Manufacturing of composite materials based on used coffee grounds United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-11-12
Additive as crystal habit modifier for Sodium percarbonate crystallization Belgium REQUEST 2012-11-12
Mixed Plastic Waste Management Technology for Plastic Extrusion Estonia OFFER 2012-11-09
Chemical additives, fire proofing system for use with any material United Kingdom OFFER 2012-11-13
Monitoring and Survey Using Unmanned Aviation Italy OFFER 2012-11-07
Personnel and workplace safety software for computers and smartphones Sweden OFFER 2012-11-07
Standard for soot mass concentration for measuring particle emissions of diesel engines Germany OFFER 2012-11-05
Rapid soil safety tester incorporating GPS system United Kingdom OFFER 2012-11-05
Intelligent first aid kit Spain OFFER 2012-11-05
PS - Greece - Albania cross-boarder S&T collaboration: Women of the cross-border area in organic agriculture towards sustainable economic development Greece RESEARCH 2012-10-31
Solar powered water purification systems Spain OFFER 2012-10-31
Multi construction system compatible, interconnector and panels United Kingdom OFFER 2012-11-13
On-Line bacteria test equipment for water plant Ireland OFFER 2012-10-29
PS: FP7-SME-2013 Appleprofit: Up-cycling apple transformation process wastes into healthy ingredientsSpain RESEARCH 2012-10-25
Environmental Monitoring Device – Mobile device for monitoring of environmental parameters Serbia OFFER 2012-10-23
Fleet Management and Environmental Monitoring Applications – Portfolio of applications for Vehicle Tracker, Environmental Monitoring and third-party devices Serbia OFFER 2012-10-23
A Technology for processing straw into cellulose fibrous semi-product. Ukraine OFFER 2012-10-22
Innovative and Unique Flood Alert Application United Kingdom OFFER 2012-10-22
Unique and Innovative Anti Air Pressure Ear Plug for Air Travel United Kingdom OFFER 2012-10-22
Energy recovery from wood wastes France REQUEST 2012-10-22
An innovative technology/process is sought for recycling polluted expanded polystyrene France REQUEST 2013-04-22
PS: FP7-SME-2013 - Flood resilience and flood protection of building structures and components (FLOODPRO)United Kingdom RESEARCH 2012-10-18
PS - FP7 EeB-NMP-2013-2 Spanish-French consortium looking for suppliers of materials and end-users for the development of eco-innovative materials France RESEARCH 2012-11-06
PS FP7-SME-2013 NANOSAFEPRO: NANO SAFEty in PROduction technologies for SMEs Spain RESEARCH 2012-10-18
PS: FP7 - R4SMEs - Novel bioinspired materials and processes Denmark RESEARCH 2012-10-18
PS-FP7-ENV.2013.WATER INNO&DEMO-1 Water innovation demonstration projects: A group of european SME and research labs need experienced partners and a coordinator Italy RESEARCH 2012-10-16
PS-FP7-SME-2013: Research for the benefit of SMEs - The development of a waste-to-value system that will provide a sustainable route to manage oversize compost for small open windrow composting facilities United Kingdom RESEARCH 2012-10-16
Energy control integral system Spain OFFER 2012-10-15
Procedure for the regeneration of catalysts and adsorbent materials Spain OFFER 2012-10-15
Thermostable enzyme to obtain bioethanol Spain OFFER 2012-10-12
Flue gas treatment by Electron Processing System: Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Sulphur Oxides (SOx) and organic species removal in one step France OFFER 2012-10-12
PS-FP7-SEC-2013.7.6-1 “Use of serious gaming in order to improve intelligence analysis by law enforcement agents” Spain RESEARCH 2012-10-12
PS-FP7-SME-2013 – Development of novel blade spar design for wind turbine manufacture United Kingdom RESEARCH 2012-11-21
Technology to remove absorbed mercury from industrial installations in the oil and gas industry Netherlands OFFER 2012-10-10
Integrated management of environmental factors in complex development of irrigation Romania REQUEST 2012-10-10
Cost efficient non-hazardous flame retardant Sweden OFFER 2012-10-09
Quantitive polymerase chain reaction assay for fast bacterial quantificationFrance OFFER 2013-04-02
An eco-friendly Rain Harvesting System for sustainable environment Korea REQUEST 2012-10-08
PS-FP7-SME-AG-OPTIMALG - Development of a Complex Extraction-mixing Method of Wet Algae Biomass for Generating High Value Products and Sustainable Fuel Hungary RESEARCH 2012-10-05
PS-FP7-SME-2013 Research for the Benefit of SMEs - To provide a complete cost-effective, energy-efficient way of meeting the EPA Tier 4 non-road emission rule in 2015 United Kingdom RESEARCH 2012-10-04
PS-FP7 : Integration of small to medium size wind turbines within buildings Belgium RESEARCH 2012-10-08
Safety locking Device for pin and sleeve electrical sockets. Ireland OFFER 2012-10-04
PS FP7 SMEs - Interactive Serious Game Training Tool to Improve Safety Level of Mediterranean Construction Workers Cyprus RESEARCH 2012-10-03
PS-FP7-SME-2013 SISAR Spain RESEARCH 2012-10-03
Solid Urban Waste (SUW) tinplate scrap metal detinning by ”hot oxidation Spain OFFER 2013-02-08
Process for nitrogen removal from sewage based on ultrasound technology Italy OFFER 2012-10-01
Thermal Decontamination of Metals polluted by Radio Nuclides United Kingdom OFFER 2012-10-01
PS:FP7-ENV-2013-two-stage: ENV.2013.6.3-1 - Combined use of rubberized asphalt and reclaimed asphalt pavement Greece RESEARCH 2012-10-01
Unique technology to transform liquid organic waste into easily recyclable productsSweden OFFER 2013-05-13
Image analysis technology for counting of people or cars for retail or crowd management. Netherlands OFFER 2012-10-01
Catalyst for low-temperature decomposition of dinitrogen oxide in tail gases from a nitric acid plant. Poland OFFER 2012-09-26
PS FP7 - Innovative electronic waste processing and scarce metal recovery Germany RESEARCH 2012-09-25
PS-FP7-SME-2013 Development of a fully bio-degradable packaging film with bio-polymer substrate, biodegradable ink and bio-degradable varnish United Kingdom RESEARCH 2012-11-01
PS-FP7-SME-2013 – Development of novel bioreactor to produce biopolymers from food processing and brewery waste water United Kingdom RESEARCH 2012-11-21
PS FP7-NMP-2012-SMALL-7: Nanoscale Sensors for Monitoring Environmental Nitrogen in Agriculture United Kingdom RESEARCH 2012-09-25
A new biological water treatment micro-plant with fixed culture France OFFER 2012-09-21
System that electromechanically nebulizes a liquid from a container. Spain REQUEST 2012-09-20
Novel product for more environmentally friendly outdoor grilling Estonia OFFER 2012-09-20
Supercavitation evaporator. Ukraine OFFER 2012-09-20
Water treatment by Electron Processing System: Disinfection & Pollutants removal France OFFER 2012-09-19
Water Filter Cartridge Exchange Indicator USA REQUEST 2012-09-17
PS - EUROSTARS: Real Time & CO2 Saving System for Early Detection of Gas Leaks in Solar Thermal Power Plants Spain RESEARCH 2012-12-07
Water Remediation Technology Selection Serbia OFFER 2012-09-17
PS FP7 Composite products for passive absorption of chemical pollutants and acoustic control in urban indoor environment United Kingdom RESEARCH 2012-09-17
Innovative WC without siphon Greece OFFER 2012-09-13
Baby Safety Device Italy OFFER 2012-09-13
Variable Wavelength Laser United Kingdom OFFER 2012-12-17
Image analysis technology to detect objects from a moving vehicle Netherlands OFFER 2012-09-12
Superhigh frequency soundproof heat-insulating material. Ukraine OFFER 2012-09-11
Supercavitation sterilizer. Ukraine OFFER 2012-09-11
Hydrophobic isolating composition for protecting the surface of building materials and constructions. Ukraine OFFER 2012-09-11
PS - FP 7 ENV.2013.6.2-5 Urban biodiversity and green infrastructure Romania RESEARCH 2012-09-07
Measurement Technology of Residual Chlorine in Tap Water USA REQUEST 2012-09-12
Biopolymers technology produced by fermentation of nondegradable bio-wastes Korea OFFER 2012-09-06
Optical Sensing for Methane in Tunnels and Ducting United Kingdom OFFER 2012-09-06
PS - FP7 ENV.2013.6.2-1: Sustainable risk-based water management in a river basin affected by anthropic activities – RIVERMAN Romania RESEARCH 2012-09-05
PS: FP7-SME-2013-1- Search for RTD Partners expert in Electronic Control Board Design for Pulse or Nano-Impulse GenerationUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2012-09-05
Manufacturing method of eco-friendly natural adhesive using garlic Korea OFFER 2012-09-05
Selective removal of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) from exhaust gas streams United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-09-04
Efficient Formation of Microbubbles for Suspended Particle Flotation Ireland OFFER 2012-09-03
Energy Efficient Electrowinning and Electrorefining using Magnetically-Modified Electrodes Ireland OFFER 2012-09-03
Software for monitoring and management of refrigeration units and general purpose management as well as data monitoring of e.g. solar power plants. Germany OFFER 2012-08-30
Soil and Water Environment Reclamation Technology Poland OFFER 2012-08-30
PS: FP7-ENV-2013.6.3-2 Eco-innovative demonstration projects - Granulation and Utilization of Industrial By-products Finland RESEARCH 2012-09-28
PS – FP7 Space SPA.2013.1.1-07. : Primary production data on land and sea using satellite remote sensingEstonia RESEARCH 2012-08-29
Nano silver with antimicrobial effect for various industrial applications Germany OFFER 2012-08-28
Innovative antivandal videocamera France OFFER 2012-08-28
Waste Bin with additional compaction and hygiene benefits United Kingdom OFFER 2012-08-27
Plasma gas chemistry at atmospheric pressure Germany OFFER 2012-08-24
Methods for disinfection water by photo-catalytic system (UV or visible light) for agricultural irrigation Israel REQUEST 2012-08-24
Safety street drain system for treating surface water Germany OFFER 2012-08-24
Innovative solution for the separation of fermented juice Germany OFFER 2012-08-24
Extraction device for the treatment and analysis of solid samples at milligram scale Spain OFFER 2012-08-23
Energy efficiency managment at your fingertips in an intuitive, coherent and integrated way Spain OFFER 2012-08-23
Green materials for Environmental Remediation United Kingdom OFFER 2012-08-23
Material for high flotation and insulation performance without bulk Italy OFFER 2012-08-22
PS: Eco-Innovation. UK based SME seeks partners across Europe for commercialising the recycling of carpet fibres United Kingdom RESEARCH 2012-08-22
PS - FP7-KBBE-2013-7-Production of high added value products from lignocellulosic by-products Spain RESEARCH 2012-10-03
Fuel consumption management in visual interfaces Spain OFFER 2012-08-21
Healthcare training tools using interactive real time and passive virtual environments and simulation United Kingdom OFFER 2012-08-21
Autonomous safety at sea system to keep vessels afloat in case of an entry of water or excessive listing Spain OFFER 2012-08-17
Novel and cost-effective in situ lifecycle management service for artificial turf facilities and its componentsSpain OFFER 2013-06-17
Nanotechnology Water Filter & Bottle which removes 99% of all contaminants United Kingdom OFFER 2012-08-17
Process sought for the prevention and recycling of waste from production of soft and quartz glass Netherlands REQUEST 2012-08-16
Complex air purification process and device Romania OFFER 2012-08-16
Inactivation of microbes in fluids for disinfection, disruption of microbes to harvest protein, real time significant reduction of COD/ DOC levels in waste waterSwitzerland OFFER 2013-01-21
Products and Techniques That Can Improve Resource Efficiency Are Sought for Build of High Profile Zero Waste House United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-08-16
New modular plant for physical-chemical treatment of pig/cow slurry Spain OFFER 2012-08-16
Recycling technology for rare earths from fluorescent powder from recycled lamps and CRTs (televisions)Netherlands OFFER 2013-04-10
New system for water purification and sanitation of swimming pools without use of chemicals Italy OFFER 2012-08-09
Lubricant for food, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, ecologically pure, water- and heat-resistant. Ukraine OFFER 2012-08-09
PS FP7: ENV.2013.6.2-3 Transition to sustainable, low-carbon societies - Dissemination experts sought Germany RESEARCH 2012-09-06
Organic matter removal by catalytic advanced oxidation Spain OFFER 2012-08-06
Chemical Decontamination System United Kingdom OFFER 2012-08-06
Electrolyte additive to improve performance and safety of lithium-ion batteries Germany OFFER 2012-08-02
PS: FP7-ENV-2013-one-stage: Communitary policies regarding soil contamination from smelting activities and remediation strategies Romania RESEARCH 2012-10-09
Clean slag - Method to improve grate furnaces and accelerate carbon burnout at reduced nitrogen oxide formation Germany OFFER 2012-08-02
IAutomatic electric plug solution Poland OFFER 2012-08-02
Low cost, high precision, consumer tailored IR gas sensors for high volume applications Sweden OFFER 2012-08-01
Seeking Novel Water-related Technologies & Methodologies Greece REQUEST 2012-08-01
Technology sought for extraction of phosphates from manure and waste water. Netherlands REQUEST 2012-08-01
Innovative Indoor Air Purification Technology France OFFER 2012-10-12
Development of a gas-dynamic resonator for increasing operational efficiency of degassing boreholes.Ukraine OFFER 2013-06-13
A boom for protection against oil and oil products spills on water surface.Ukraine OFFER 2013-06-13
A method for collecting animal excrement Belgium OFFER 2012-08-01
Nanoceramic coating for brass parts by electrolytic processFrance REQUEST 2013-05-30
Time-of Flight Mass Spectrometry (TOFMS) Solutions for environmental research United Kingdom OFFER 2012-07-31
CRT Lead Glass Separation Technology United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-07-31
Enhanced personalised TV and radio sound quality for people with mild to medium hearing deficits Ireland OFFER 2012-07-31
Software for security intelligence United Kingdom OFFER 2012-07-31
Anti clogging device for strimmer heads. Ireland OFFER 2012-07-26
Cost effective, compact, non odour producing waste water treatment plants (requiring no special discharge or sewer infrastructure) United Kingdom OFFER 2012-07-26
Development of Atmospheric low-temperature micro plasma jet device for bio-medical application Korea OFFER 2012-07-23
A life-saving Cell Italy OFFER 2012-07-20
Online Monitoring of Volatile Fatty Acids and other Anions in Industrial Water Processes Netherlands OFFER 2012-07-20
PS Eco-Innovation - Composite materials for the construction industry made from recycled materials and materials from responsible renewable sources. United Kingdom RESEARCH 2012-08-17
Dutch SME specialised in shredded tyres technology is looking for processing technology for application and potential investment Netherlands REQUEST 2012-07-19
Engineering Support for Wastewater Sludge Treatment ProcessUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2013-06-07
Satellite Remote Sensing for Archaeology and Management of Landscape Italy OFFER 2012-07-16
New hyaluronic acid hydrogels for tissue therapy and cosmetic applications obtained thanks to a green chemistry process using immobilized enzymesFrance OFFER 2013-06-07
Measurement of salt concentration based on Raman spectroscopy for food and environment industryFrance OFFER 2013-05-24
Biological in-situ soil decontamination Germany OFFER 2012-07-11
Alternative Landfill Daily Cover Material Latvia REQUEST 2012-07-10
Fast Generation of High Accuracy Digital Terrain Models from LiDAR Points Spain OFFER 2012-07-09
Active anti-noise curtains (sound-proof open windows) France OFFER 2012-07-06
Carbon Footprint determination based on Life Cycle Analysis. Spain OFFER 2012-07-05
A safety system for gamma-ray treatment of cancer Slovenia OFFER 2012-07-05
PS-Eurostars-Warning Wildlife: risk map of wildlife-related traffic accidents accessible via mobile application and via web Spain RESEARCH 2012-07-05
Echometric survey of the shape and dimensions of underground caverns. Poland OFFER 2012-07-03
Rainwater treatment technology for human consumption. Poland REQUEST 2012-07-03
Nutrient Recovery from Anaerobic Digestate/Filtrate and Animal Slurry United Kingdom OFFER 2012-07-02
Water Mains Pipe Cleaning SystemUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-05-20
PS CIP-EIP-ECO-INNOVATION call: Novel fish pass to be integrated in existing weirs in rivers to enable a free movement for fishes, repaying its investment costs by generating hydro-energy. Germany RESEARCH 2012-06-29
PS - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) device for cultural heritage documentation and study Greece RESEARCH 2012-06-29
PS - Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) - production of sustainable aquaculture products Greece RESEARCH 2012-06-29
Innovative process that eliminates recalcitrant organic compounds by catalytic wet air oxidation Spain OFFER 2012-06-26
Chlorine-free technology for disinfection of drinking water in rural areas of developing countries Germany OFFER 2012-06-26
Novel baby teething aid with physical and mental development benefits – search for a healthcare manufacturing company to engage in a JV or licensed manufacture collaboration United Kingdom OFFER 2013-04-16
Innovative process that eliminates nitrates and nitrites from water Spain OFFER 2012-06-25
Miniaturised Fourier Transform Spectrometer United Kingdom OFFER 2012-06-25
Life Marker Chip United Kingdom OFFER 2012-06-25
Fat, oil and grease control technology for wastewater Netherlands OFFER 2012-06-25
Innovative and energy effective water treatment technology for the evaporation of process liquids with a high concentrations of salts Netherlands OFFER 2012-06-26
Sewer network H2S reduction technology Netherlands OFFER 2012-06-26
Sludge reduction technology for wastewater treatment plants Netherlands OFFER 2012-06-26
Technology for industrial recovery of fat from waste slurrys Sweden REQUEST 2012-06-22
Procedure for kraft cooking of lignocellulosic material. Spain OFFER 2012-12-07
Enzymatic technology for industrial sewage treatment Spain OFFER 2012-06-20
A low-cost telemetric lidar for the monitoring of pm10 (particles measuring 10µm or less) Italy OFFER 2012-06-19
Bioconversion of biodiesel-derived crude glycerol into hydrogen and ethanolItaly OFFER 2013-05-22
Products and manufacturing methods of plastic components which are made out of new materials Korea REQUEST 2012-06-19
Tough Two-Way Onshore Wave Power System Spain OFFER 2012-06-18
Method for utulisation of sewage sludge integrated with energy recovery Poland OFFER 2012-06-13
PS FP7 – Memlab - Metal Spun Sintered Metal Fibre Networks for Lead-Acid Battery Advancement. United Kingdom RESEARCH 2012-06-13
Tidal energy device and expertise - seeking financial and technical engineering partners United Kingdom OFFER 2012-06-12
PS - FP7 O2ELIM - Development of an efficient oxygen elimination technology combined with existing upgrading processes for reducing oxygen content in gases for pipeline grade qualityHungary RESEARCH 2012-06-07
Nanoparticle Photoinitiators for UV curing printing inks Germany OFFER 2013-04-17
Portable non-destructive system for elemental analysis of surfacesItaly OFFER 2013-06-17
Panel for monitoring and managing fire detection systems. Slovenia OFFER 2012-06-06
Device and method for eliminating bad smellsFrance OFFER 2013-04-10
Enviromental waste management solutions Sweden OFFER 2012-10-31
Novel material with useful properties for safety equipment and clothing United Kingdom OFFER 2012-06-04
Gas Chromatography device France OFFER 2012-06-04
New method for the desalination of seawater - Production of drinking water using efficient superabsorbers Germany OFFER 2012-06-04
Highly effective, energy-efficient reverse osmosis systems Netherlands OFFER 2012-05-30
Effective tilting weir solutions that can be used in water level maintenance and flood control systems Netherlands OFFER 2012-05-30
Rapid detection test of Legionella in water. Just one hour. Spain OFFER 2013-04-19
Highly Integrated, Very Low Power, Small Footprint Analytical Microchip for Converting Chemical into Digital OutputsItaly OFFER 2014-11-21
Verification of Environmental Technologies Denmark OFFER 2013-03-27
PS-Impact of Climate Change on agricultural production in Greece. Greece RESEARCH 2012-06-21
Innovations in mobile phone recycling bins suitable for indoor / outdoor applications United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-12-17
Emission Free Environmental Closed Loop Incineration Process United Kingdom OFFER 2012-12-17
Concrete pavement surface protection Belgium REQUEST 2012-09-11
Real world arsenic detection United Kingdom OFFER 2012-12-17
Technology for protection of towns and villages against Tornado Russia OFFER 2012-05-11
New Reuse and Recovery options for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-05-11
A hydraulic flow modulation device that sustainably manages water pressure and subsequently reduces water consumption, leakage and burst pipes within water distribution networks and Commercial/Private estates United Kingdom OFFER 2012-05-10
A rapid, portable system of crushing fluorescent tubes on site United Kingdom OFFER 2013-04-23
A handheld infrared thermometer that helps combat Legionnaires disease United Kingdom OFFER 2013-04-23
Lightweight and isolated prefabricated panels for residential and commercial buildings Netherlands OFFER 2012-05-10
Innovative device for multi-parametric water quality analysis with data transmission and real-time alarms Spain OFFER 2012-09-27
Partners required for Call for tender - Preparatory action for the recycling of mixed plastics waste (154/PP/ENT/PPA/12/6476) United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-05-04
Innovative Energy-Saving Solid-Liquid Separation Luxembourg REQUEST 2012-05-04
Technologies for Removing Water within Cells Luxembourg REQUEST 2012-05-04
A universal safety grid to protect people working in and around open man-ways, manholes and wet wells across Europe. United Kingdom OFFER 2013-04-23
Overhead transportation lines: urban and intercity elevated transport for conveyance of passengers and cargo. Ukraine OFFER 2012-05-02
Producing method of Iron and Manganese-Coated Sand and method for purifying sewage that contains heavy metals using such Sand Korea OFFER 2012-08-30
Motorcycle Safety Helmet expertise required to test safety United Kingdom OFFER 2012-04-30
Thermohydrolization of the leather industry waste (using Votator II heat exchanging unit) Lithuania REQUEST 2012-04-30
Effective fish passage solutions to help fish passing tilting weirs, stop boards, penstocks, sluice gates or a dam structure blocks Netherlands OFFER 2012-04-30
New technology for utilizing rubber crumbs Poland REQUEST 2012-04-30
Carbon Footprint determination based on Life Cycle Analysis. Spain OFFER 2012-04-27
Desalination Technology for Concentrated Water Luxembourg REQUEST 2012-04-26
Organic Substances Removal from Wastewater Luxembourg REQUEST 2012-05-29
Vehicle tire inflation & deflation while driving Sweden OFFER 2012-04-26
Technology enabling a respectful usage of dustbins in condominiums, parks and public gardens. Italy OFFER 2012-04-26
Novel automatic disinfection system for the food industry Iceland OFFER 2013-04-16
Compact cabinet X-ray (CCX) systems for mailroom-screening, baggage screening and other security applicationsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-04-11
Bespoke flood protection system for residential and commercial properties United Kingdom OFFER 2012-04-26
Innovative porous outdoor suspended sport floor manufactured from recycled rubber United Kingdom OFFER 2012-08-15
Strong, flexible and impact resistant construction material made from shredded car tyres United Kingdom OFFER 2012-08-15
A novel organohumic fertiliser from olive oil wastewater Greece OFFER 2012-04-26
Stirrer for Sewer Pump StationsSweden OFFER 2013-04-02
New gasification technology for almost total disposal of all waste types with superior net-energy production, zero emissions and only about 1 to 3% residue. Germany OFFER 2013-01-22
Sewer pipe rehabilitation process and cutting robotsGermany OFFER 2013-04-02
Low cost high efficient micro turbine for household and other applications Netherlands OFFER 2012-04-24
Earthquake Proof Table - a comprehensive solution for creating passageways under and between the tables for rescue team accessibility Israel OFFER 2012-06-07
A technology for covering working surface of a rail head with discontinuous wearproof composite plating. Ukraine OFFER 2013-03-20
Prevention or removal of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH). United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-06-19
A simple low cost device to guide fire fighters to children’s bedrooms United Kingdom OFFER 2013-04-05
Modularised Pedestrian Protection System United Kingdom OFFER 2012-04-20
Innovative Water Technologies for Water Utilities Companies United Kingdom REQUEST 2013-04-23
Accredited Renewable Energy solutions to meet energy demand. United Kingdom REQUEST 2013-04-23
Profitable recycling of aluminium-laminate packaging United Kingdom OFFER 2013-04-16
A portable compactor that crushes multiple bottles or tins in four seconds United Kingdom OFFER 2013-04-16
An effective first response device that prevents spillage from entering sewage United Kingdom OFFER 2012-04-20
‘Green’ refrigerant blend for heat pump and room air conditioning equipment. United Kingdom OFFER 2012-04-20
Rapid and Portable Pathogen Detector with applications specifically in the areas of security and defence United Kingdom OFFER 2012-11-22
Laser Hetrodyne radiometer for spectral analysis United Kingdom OFFER 2012-04-19
Awarded comprehensive technology of lakes reclamation Poland OFFER 2012-04-18
Innovative technology for refinement of timber by steam and heat only Germany OFFER 2012-04-18
Environmentally friendly production of high-energy bio char with biomass Germany OFFER 2012-04-18
Elimination of the environmental impact caused by a hydraulic dam, with or without hydroelectric generation Spain OFFER 2013-03-18
Innovative vertical-axis wind turbine Spain OFFER 2013-03-14
Innovative waterproof shoulder bag that can be transformed in a lifejacket. Greece OFFER 2012-04-12
Catalytic trap (without noble metals) to eliminate hydrocarbons, NOx and CO emissions from combustion engines Spain OFFER 2013-03-20
New system for water treatment and grey water recycling Germany OFFER 2013-03-18
New method for the joint capture of CO2 and SO2 Spain OFFER 2012-12-07
Device to measure the concentration of biomass of the environment Spain OFFER 2012-04-10
Turning night into day: developing a revolutionary automotive safety imaging system, offering unmatched 24-hour and all weather vision and computerized obstacle detection capabilities Israel OFFER 2013-03-06
PS ICT PSP: SUSTPATH – Innovative Services for Energy Efficiency and Sustainable economic models Spain RESEARCH 2012-04-10
PS CIP ICT-PSP call: New software solution for aggregation, monitoring and publication of environmental and hazard risk data allocated to geographic coordinates Germany RESEARCH 2012-04-03
Wastewater treatment plant in compact construction usable for installation in container Germany REQUEST 2012-04-02
Drinking water treatment plant for ground and surface water, suitable for installation in containers Germany REQUEST 2012-04-02
Ultra wide band positioning for the emergency services United Kingdom OFFER 2012-04-02
Autonomous Environment Protection of the human body United Kingdom OFFER 2012-04-02
Radiation shielding composite product made from natural minerals. Turkey OFFER 2013-01-16
Mobile and quick-to-set-up flood protection system Germany OFFER 2012-03-28
Drones as an inexpensive airborne instrument platform Norway OFFER 2013-02-27
New PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) recycling technique United Kingdom OFFER 2013-01-07
Refrigerants with Low Environmental Impact Luxembourg REQUEST 2012-03-21
‘Green’ refrigerant blend for heat pump and room air conditioning equipment. United Kingdom OFFER 2012-07-30
Solution of green electricity production with low head hydro turbines and no impact on environmentFrance OFFER 2013-06-07
Looking for Olive Oil Waste Water Treatment Technologies Turkey REQUEST 2012-03-19
Technology platform for applications in first aid in emergency situations. Netherlands OFFER 2013-02-11
Universal multifunctional meter for parameters of overhead power transmission lines for SmartGrids Russia OFFER 2012-03-18
Design Production and Installation of biomass combustion solutions Italy OFFER 2013-02-28
Highly reliable and low carbon footprint biofuel from used vegetable oils United Kingdom OFFER 2012-12-17
Environmentally Friendly Green City Concept Producing Urea, Fertilizer and Clean Water Products Denmark OFFER 2012-03-09
High-speed, high-efficiency cleaning of flat surfaces United Kingdom OFFER 2012-12-17
High efficiency heating and cooling for domestic applications United Kingdom OFFER 2012-12-17
Mobile and modular anaerobic digestion system with low installation threshold United Kingdom OFFER 2012-12-17
Novel antimicrobial technology for killing wide range of pathogens and moulds United Kingdom OFFER 2012-03-09
Automatic Manure Separation Barn System Denmark OFFER 2012-03-08
Environmentally friendly ultraviolet technology for water, air and surface disinfection Netherlands OFFER 2012-03-07
Unique patented ‘green’ refrigerant for Commercial Point-of-Sale Refrigeration and Vehicle Air Conditioning Equipment United Kingdom OFFER 2012-07-30
Mobile environment-protection measuring system Hungary OFFER 2013-02-07
Effective solution to improve the management of industrial glass waste Spain REQUEST 2012-05-07
Brussels SME offering tailor-made formulations of micro-organisms for bio-treatment and bio-remediation (“Bioaugmentation”)Belgium OFFER 2013-05-17
Novel technologies for extraction and recycling of substances Slovak Republic OFFER 2012-11-13
Fiber reinforced materials recycling systemItaly OFFER 2013-05-28
Special sectional/segmental long planer head for woodworking machines with the planer heads mounted alternately and askew Poland OFFER 2013-04-05
Innovative technology for production of solid fuel from waste material Poland OFFER 2012-02-29
Carbon-negative energy and carbon black generated from renewable resources United Kingdom OFFER 2012-12-17
Real time CCTV/Video streaming system for mobile devices United Kingdom OFFER 2012-12-17
Advanced Remote Sensor Telemetry System United Kingdom OFFER 2012-12-17
Biodegradable and compostable composites for packaging from plant material United Kingdom OFFER 2012-12-17
Domestic allergen treatments United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-02-24
Protection of the person from adverse biological, chemical or environmental hazards United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-02-24
Novel compact bioreactor for household wastewater treatment Greece OFFER 2012-02-23
An intelligent Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning (HVAC) solution for Hotels Germany OFFER 2012-02-23
Efficient process to recycle magnesium with the potential to increase the amount and purity of recovered metal Austria OFFER 2012-02-23
Geologic storage of soluble gases: A sustainable and capture-free solution. Spain OFFER 2012-02-22
Novel process for utilizing residues from biogas plants considerably reducing costs Austria OFFER 2012-02-22
Cost-efficient thermal and catalytic incineration plants for exhaust air cleaning Austria OFFER 2012-02-22
Aquaculture Stabilization Modules using recycled passenger vehicle tyres United Kingdom OFFER 2012-02-21
Carbon sequestration from flue-gas with simultaneous production of industrial quantities of glycerol United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-02-21
Multi-sensor assembly for detection of flaming and smoldering fires requested Sweden REQUEST 2012-02-20
Maintenance friendly solar water purification and desalination technology Netherlands OFFER 2012-02-16
Toolset to visually specify and analyze erroneous operations Netherlands OFFER 2012-02-16
Real time marine mammal detection system for environmental surveys and construction planning United Kingdom OFFER 2012-02-13
Innovative Infrastructural and environmental monitoring services Italy OFFER 2012-02-13
Rapid biomonitoring systems Israel OFFER 2012-06-07
Event management decision-making tool - reduces reaction time to detect, corroborate and act during a water or wastewater event Israel OFFER 2013-01-15
By Nature for Nature: Innovation in Sustainable Wastewater Management Israel OFFER 2013-01-24
Fuel from scrap tyresFinland OFFER 2013-06-14
Early Warning Systems For Extreme Public Hazards Israel REQUEST 2012-07-01
PS: CIP (IEE) - aweOsme: Dissemination of technologies and measures for energy saving and energy efficiency in SMEs Spain RESEARCH 2012-02-13
Inexpensive Solid Store for Hydrogen - Lower-cost Source Material for Producing Nanocomposite Germany OFFER 2012-10-10
Plant concept for small biogas plants which reduces investment, operating and maintenance costs Austria OFFER 2012-02-08
Technologies for Improving Well Barrier Integrity Luxembourg REQUEST 2012-03-09
Experts for Improving Well Barrier Integrity Luxembourg REQUEST 2012-02-24
Wasted tyres disposal by distillation and gasificationSpain OFFER 2013-04-03
Looking for partners interested to use/integrate the environmental friendly catalytic combustion technology in their products Sweden OFFER 2013-01-02
Effective material to capture elemental mercury from flue gas Spain OFFER 2012-02-06
Web-based solution for concrete recycling from industrial suppliers to individual usersFrance OFFER 2013-06-17
Active ventilation system to improve air quality of buildings Luxembourg REQUEST 2012-02-05
Closed loop system of collection, treatment and distribution of water for buildings Luxembourg REQUEST 2012-02-05
PS FP7 - Industrial testing of new construction ceramics from waste materials Spain RESEARCH 2012-02-05
Rainwater and greywater supply Germany OFFER 2013-01-07
Ultrasonic generator with 10 times higher flow rate Spain OFFER 2012-02-03
Pyrotechnics technology for the cutting and dismantling of high density materials France OFFER 2012-03-07
Production line, in a system connected to bio-gas works, for the production of protein and sugar from vegetable basic commodities. Hungary REQUEST 2013-01-07
Processing of wood-ash and using it as non-skidding material and furthermore using it as bio-fertilizer in ecological culture Hungary OFFER 2013-01-07
Biomass-residues pellet and combustion factory - for end-to-end handling of biomass residues from agriculture Sweden OFFER 2013-01-03
Easy-to-install flood protection unit Belgium OFFER 2012-02-15
CO2 and SO2 sequestration using industrial waste. Spain OFFER 2012-12-07
Urine as a CO2 absorbent and fertiliser. Spain OFFER 2012-01-26
Innovative technology for odor elimination in slaughterhouses Serbia REQUEST 2013-02-25
Experienced spin-off offering technical assistance and technologies on biological air treatment Belgium OFFER 2012-10-29
Novel fish pass for weirs with the additional value of generating hydropower which meets the requirements of the European Water Framework Directive Germany OFFER 2012-01-23
Novel microemulsion technology for industrial waste treatment. United Kingdom OFFER 2012-02-13
A simple low cost device to guide fire fighters to children’s bedrooms United Kingdom OFFER 2012-07-30
Prevention or removal of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH). United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-04-17
Biotechnological filter that solves a persistent problem of cyanuric acid (CYA) accumulation in swimming pool water Israel OFFER 2012-07-01
Process and surface water treatment by a high capacity flocculation process with integrated lamella separator Germany OFFER 2012-01-17
Security radiometer for explosives and weapons detection. France OFFER 2012-12-21
Dry Ice Blasting Equipment. Croatia OFFER 2012-12-11
Non-biodegradable Waste Water Treatment Technology Korea REQUEST 2012-01-13
Sewage water utilisation by collection of urine urea content. Hungary OFFER 2012-01-12
Nanostructure sludge flakes for high quality biological cleaning of sewage water. Hungary OFFER 2012-01-12
SME seeking experts on Ecodesign, toxicology and nanomaterials to develop an innovative database on management of materials along the supply chain Belgium REQUEST 2012-10-29
Sustainable Aggregate Production with Imbibed Carbon Dioxide - Project Partner Search United Kingdom OFFER 2012-01-12
Remediation of contaminated soil. Finland OFFER 2012-10-16
Non-biodegradable wastewater disposal plant. Korea REQUEST 2012-01-12
Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration Membranes for Water Treatment. France OFFER 2012-01-11
High pressure moulding process for manufacturing objects from raw vegetable matter France OFFER 2012-01-11
Hybrid mini drone: an unmanned air / land vehicle. France OFFER 2012-01-11
Wind turbine to be used in lighting/illumination applications is sought. Poland REQUEST 2013-01-02
Technology for obtaining biodegradable hydrogel sorbent is offered. Poland OFFER 2012-01-30
Wastewater treatment from liquid sugar manufacturing. Spain REQUEST 2012-12-20
Green Recyclable Hollow Fibre for House Building, Mattress Production and Home Ware. Israel OFFER 2012-08-22
Seeking a technology for recycling of heavy and highly dangerous metals. Poland REQUEST 2012-01-06
Technology for obtaining starch graft copolymer is offered. Poland OFFER 2012-01-30
Anhydrous glycerin separation process from water waste resulted from fatty acids and soaps industry Romania OFFER 2012-12-19
Novel Heat Insulation, Heat Shields and Sound Insulation Material/Technology Luxembourg REQUEST 2012-02-10
Innovative ON-LINE Particle Monitoring Technology for Cleantech & water applications Israel REQUEST 2012-12-09
Flexible Filtration Media Simplifying Clean Water Technologies - offering an exceptionally efficient, low cost and safe water filtering solution for industrial, municipal, commercial and agricultural applications. Israel REQUEST 2012-07-01
PS: FP7-ENV-2012-second-stage: Industrial partner required for testing new ceramic materials with improved performances as better thermal and acoustic insulation Spain RESEARCH 2012-01-03
Effective wave energy conversion technology and device for extraction of energy from sea waves with low wave potential Bulgaria OFFER 2011-12-21
Technology of engines for vessels and vehicles is offered. Poland OFFER 2011-12-21
Technology of Brown`s gas generator as a power supply is offered. Poland OFFER 2011-12-21
Innovative car-locking device. Bulgaria OFFER 2011-12-21
Geochemical barrier for preventing migration of long-lived radionuclides in industrial sites of radiation-dangerous objects. Russia OFFER 2011-12-20
Monitoring and alert services of infrastructure deformation by using satellite. Netherlands OFFER 2011-12-20
Technology is sought for assessment of anthropogenic formations’ toxicity. Russia REQUEST 2011-12-20
Natural sorbents for a quick and correct environmental cleaning-up of liquid pollutants. Italy OFFER 2011-12-20
Modular Grey Water Treatment System with Improved Efficiency. Turkey OFFER 2012-11-20
Multi-purpose ballistic protection. Poland OFFER 2012-11-29
Fire Alarm Integrated In Building Installations Denmark OFFER 2011-12-20
Seeking innovative technology and methods for ecological paint stripper manufacturing Israel REQUEST 2013-04-14
Incinerator for liquid hazardous waste Israel REQUEST 2012-11-21
Enhanced Water Evaporation Technology Luxembourg REQUEST 2012-01-30
Water Storage and Distribution – Finding Solutions to Water Crises Israel REQUEST 2012-07-01
Low cost automatic “on-line” devices for real time monitoring of liquid quality parameters Spain OFFER 2012-05-30
Chilean company is looking for technologies for the walnut drying. Chile REQUEST 2011-12-15
Help Point - modern help-calling system Poland OFFER 2011-12-15
Vacuum indirect thermal desorption mobile unit Romania OFFER 2012-12-13
Installation for treating industrial waste water. Romania OFFER 2012-12-13
Waste processing technology based on decomposer microorganisms. Russia OFFER 2011-12-14
Software for the aeroacoustic design of fluid transport systems (ducts, pipe networks, HVAC,…) Italy OFFER 2011-12-14
A smart self locking device for boat fender ropes. New applications. Norway OFFER 2011-12-12
Sound and Vibration Proofing Systems Luxembourg REQUEST 2012-01-30
Integrated Fall Protection, Climb Assist, Rescue & Evacuation System for Wind Turbine Operators United Kingdom OFFER 2011-12-12
Innovative porous outdoor suspended sport floor manufactured from recycled rubber United Kingdom OFFER 2012-07-30
Strong, flexible and impact resistant construction material made from shredded car tyres United Kingdom OFFER 2012-07-30
Bespoke flood protection system for residential and commercial properties. United Kingdom OFFER 2012-07-30
Efficient device for eliminating smoke Hungary OFFER 2012-11-05
Method and facility for the optimized disinfection of water using electrolysis. Germany OFFER 2011-12-07
Replenishable Biomass Carriers Technology for High Efficiency Water Treatments Israel OFFER 2012-07-01
PS: FP7-REGIONS-2012-2013-1 Valorisation of resource-efficient value added chains in Europe’s Emerging dendro-energy sector Germany RESEARCH 2012-01-12
High performance portable X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) spectrometers Italy OFFER 2013-02-28
Low cost Olive and easy to be managed Oil Wastewater treatment Italy REQUEST 2011-12-02
Composting toilet for houses/cottages with water inlet but no sewage outlet. Norway OFFER 2012-11-05
Technologies and applications for rubber crumb outside construction or landscaping United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-12-01
Delivery and processing of large-scale satellite images of the Earth Switzerland OFFER 2011-12-01
Innovative autarkic dry lavatory system allowing nutrients and mineral recovery “Goldmine” Germany OFFER 2012-12-17
Biodegradable products eco-designed using raw materials from plant origin France REQUEST 2012-12-03
Telescopic arbor - Wheel suspension with variable track width Sweden OFFER 2011-12-21
Solid State Electrochemical CO2 Sensor. Korea OFFER 2012-08-30
Technology for the treatment and disposal of effluents from a small company of cheeses. Chile REQUEST 2013-02-07
Innovative system to produce electric energy from Olive Mill Waste Waters and other types of biomass. Italy OFFER 2011-11-18
Hard waste water treatment by Direct Anodic Advanced Oxidation Process (D.A.O.) Italy OFFER 2011-11-16
Fire-fighting device for high-rise buildings Russia OFFER 2012-10-26
Cost Effective Fluoride Removal from Drinking Water Luxembourg REQUEST 2011-12-16
An innovative blind providing unrivalled safety, blackout coverage and energy efficiency United Kingdom OFFER 2011-11-14
Compact Water-Purification Equipment Capable of Long-Term Continuous Use Luxembourg REQUEST 2011-12-07
Portable pesticide analyzer suitable for the investigation of phosphoric acid ester type pesticides Hungary OFFER 2013-04-16
Environmentally friendly protein based corrosion protection Sweden OFFER 2011-11-09
Cattle manure separation technology for production of solid organic fertilizer. Latvia REQUEST 2011-11-08
Photo catalytic paint for interior and exterior applications. Italy OFFER 2013-01-22
PS - FP7 Agriculture portal: monitoring and integrating green areas data (chemical and physical parameters) Italy RESEARCH 2011-11-23
Private sector partners sought for low carbon investments project United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-10-12
PS: FP7 - Development of a Visible active TiO2 photocatalyst for persistent pollutant removal in Water with Membrane Photo Reactors (MPR) Spain RESEARCH 2011-11-07
PS-FP7-SME-AGs ALGADISK- Novel algae-based solution for CO2 capture and biomass production Hungary RESEARCH 2011-11-07
Cradle to cradle expanded poly styrene lifecycle technology. Netherlands OFFER 2011-11-04
Reduction of the combustive risk of explosion protected fluorescent tubes Germany OFFER 2012-10-11
Mobile unit for the measurement of sediments’ pollutionFrance OFFER 2013-06-17
Innovative low impact bioremediation technology to reduce methane emissions and hazardous conditions Italy OFFER 2012-10-17
Ion-plasma metal spraying technology for plastics and other thermolabile materials. Russia OFFER 2012-10-18
Obtaining Wormwood active ingredients to be used in the formulation of new bioinsecticides for organic farming Spain OFFER 2011-11-04
Stainless steel sorting from non-ferrous mixed wastes France OFFER 2012-03-07
Non-ferrous sorting from mixed waste clinkers France OFFER 2012-03-08
Innovative Water Technologies for Water Utilities Companies United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-07-30
Wastewater purification process using as raw material bamboo France OFFER 2012-12-03
Environmentally friendly packaging solution required for a range of solvent based coating products United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-10-31
Innovative industrial deodorizing system combined with energy recovery Greece OFFER 2012-01-04
Innovative wastewater purification process based on reed-planted filters France OFFER 2012-12-03
Innovative patented baby carrier, safe and user-friendly. Italy OFFER 2011-10-31
Removal of arsenic from potable water Greece OFFER 2011-10-31
Usage of mineral waste for the production of geometrically stable construction parts based on substitute construction materials Germany OFFER 2012-09-25
PS: FP7 - Alert and Rescue Technology for Inland Waterway and Maritime Safety (ARTIMIS) United Kingdom RESEARCH 2011-10-28
PS FP7: Self –Alerting Safety Jacket (SASJacket) United Kingdom RESEARCH 2011-10-28
Airborne remote sensing digital cameraItaly OFFER 2013-06-05
Modular system for the monitoring of maritime pollution.Italy OFFER 2013-06-06
Device for recognition of the surrounding area for visually handicapped people Germany OFFER 2011-10-27
Improving the Durability of Direct Thermal Imaging Print Media Luxembourg REQUEST 2011-12-16
Procedure for the degradation of recalcitrant organic compounds, present in wastewater, using a two-stage system. Spain OFFER 2011-10-27
Speed Camera - identification of multi-vehicles exceeding the speed limit Poland OFFER 2011-10-26
Innovative technology for waste utilization into green energy – waste to energy process for municipal waste Poland REQUEST 2011-10-28
PS FP7: R4SMEs - MicrobeCount - Development of a flow-based diagnostic device for real-time monitoring of live microorganisms in fluids Denmark RESEARCH 2011-10-26
Modular waste water treatment plants using the Moving Bed Biofilm Process (MBBR) Cyprus OFFER 2011-10-25
Highly effective micro-turbine for electricity production Spain OFFER 2012-09-26
An innovative hybrid boat between a sailboat and an inflatable boat Italy OFFER 2012-12-17
Technology for construction waste management requested Poland REQUEST 2011-10-21
Developer of waterless toilet looking for expertise in extracting energy and value from waste United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-05-30
GPRS realtime systems for automated wireless monitoring networks for works of art Germany OFFER 2013-04-18
Seeking expertise in IT recycling and refurbishment United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-10-21
Emission Free Environmental Closed Loop Incineration Process United Kingdom OFFER 2012-05-30
Ultra sensitive detection kit for ultra pure water using dendrimers France OFFER 2011-10-20
New catalyst for efficiently removing chlorinated volatile organic compounds in gaseous streams Spain OFFER 2012-10-01
Simple, ecological and innovative method for purifying water France OFFER 2012-02-09
Innovative membrane filtration modules Germany OFFER 2011-10-19
Green Building Elements Romania OFFER 2011-10-19
PS FP7: Consortium seeking one ceramic SME which is focused in construction products (bricks, roof tiles, etc.) Spain RESEARCH 2011-10-19
PS : FP7 - Consortium seeking for SMEs with extensive expertise in the development of waterbased adhesives Spain RESEARCH 2011-10-19
PS FP7-ENV-2012-two-stage: Industrial testing of new construction ceramics with better thermal and acoustic insulation based on the recycling of waste materials Spain RESEARCH 2011-10-19
FP7 Partner Search - Secur-I.T. (SEC-2012.3.4-1) Spain REQUEST 2011-11-02
Innovative WEB-GIS platform dedicated to natural resources management and analysis France OFFER 2011-10-18
Technology for tar-board recycling is sought Poland REQUEST 2011-10-18
Device for recycling and disposal of reused water from air conditionning. Spain OFFER 2012-10-04
New technology for mineral wool production Poland OFFER 2012-09-28
Glycol Recovery and Recycling System for Airports United Kingdom OFFER 2012-08-22
PS: Eco-innovation. UK SME seeks partners for a 2012 application relating to olive oil waste treatment using vermiculture and phytoremediation United Kingdom RESEARCH 2011-10-17
Software facilitating the radioprotection survey of staff working in nuclear plants or laboratories France OFFER 2011-10-17
Automatic and energy efficient dewatering unit for waste water treatment Sweden OFFER 2013-02-18
Restitution of degraded floral habitats through the use of the ‘foothold method’. Poland OFFER 2011-10-14
PS - FP7-SEC-2012-1: ANSWER – Advanced Network of Sensors for Water sEcuRity Italy RESEARCH 2011-10-14
Innovative ways of recycling Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) waste United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-10-13
Modelling, simulation and optimization of power plant components and complete power plant processes with CO2 capture. Germany OFFER 2012-12-17
Modern ecological filters for catch-basin grates Poland OFFER 2012-08-24
PS FP7 SME- Development of biobased plastics from agroindustrial waste Spain RESEARCH 2011-10-11
PS: FP7 - REDD Monitor – A software system for monitoring, reporting and verification of activities aimed at reduction of emissions from deforestation and forest degradation United Kingdom RESEARCH 2011-10-11
Innovative cellular paving system made from 100% recycled plastic United Kingdom OFFER 2012-08-31
Innovative zero maintenance alternative to wood made from recycled plastics United Kingdom OFFER 2012-08-31
Durable outside seats and benches made from 100% recycled plastics United Kingdom OFFER 2012-08-31
Innovative fencing system made from 100% recycled plastics United Kingdom OFFER 2012-08-31
Innovative photonic based sensor for online identification and classification in plastic recycling Austria OFFER 2012-09-19
Novel Approaches to Separate Water Vapor from Air Luxembourg REQUEST 2011-10-06
The only brake system for roller shutters and grilles that correctly compliments anti-drop regulations. United Kingdom OFFER 2012-07-30
System to improve safety at T junctions and crossroads on conventional roads. Spain OFFER 2011-10-06
Hand-held portable non-radioactive detector for explosives, toxic agents and narcotics Russia OFFER 2012-08-17
Fire Retardant Wood Stain Estonia OFFER 2011-10-04
PS-FP7-Capacities - Research for SME`s: Phosphorous and ammonium recovery through wastewater treatment Italy RESEARCH 2011-11-03
Integrated environmental protection in electroplating processes Germany OFFER 2011-10-04
Cost effective satellite based environmental monitoring system to control natural disasters Netherlands OFFER 2011-10-04
PS: FP7 2012-two stage- Ecosystem services ACROSS locales, sectors and scales: Mitigating conflicts in provisioning of food, biofuels and freshwater versus regulating services. Germany RESEARCH 2011-10-03
URGENT: PS-FP7: Climate Change Database for citizen observatories Spain REQUEST 2011-10-03
Combined Core and Grab Sediment Sampler with Closing Mechanism for Extracting Unique Undisturbed Samples United Kingdom OFFER 2012-01-31
Co-development, finance and risk management of projects United Kingdom OFFER 2012-04-03
PhotoCatalytic innovative materials for improved indoor Quality of Life Greece OFFER 2011-10-03
PS: FP7 - Optimizing the propertieS of nanofluIds for the efficient in-situ Remediation of contamInated Soils and aquifers (OSIRIS) Greece RESEARCH 2011-10-03
PS: FP7 - Development of cost-effective adsorbents for the efficient removal of mixtures of toxic compounds from water Greece RESEARCH 2011-10-03
PS: FP7 - Non-thermal plasma discharge as advanced oxidation technologies of soil remediation Greece RESEARCH 2011-10-03
Emergency chemiluminescent lighting system for cars Spain OFFER 2011-10-03
Emergency kit with integrated stretcher for vehicle seats Spain OFFER 2011-10-03
Methods to generate energy by recycling grape pomace Germany REQUEST 2012-06-25
New technology for obtaining dry milk-protein products Russia OFFER 2011-09-23
Technology for manufacturing natural active betulin and obtaining betulinic acid from it. Russia OFFER 2011-09-23
Waste Water Heat Exchanger Estonia OFFER 2011-09-23
Technology for producing a feed additive based on potato wastes Russia OFFER 2011-09-23
Mask for individual protection of respiratory organs Russia OFFER 2012-09-12
Innovative polymers as carriers for micronutrients, enzymes, hormones, and other active molecules in agricultural, biological and energy applications Italy REQUEST 2011-09-23
Total solution for monitoring subsidence, deformation and inclination of buildings and infrastructure Netherlands OFFER 2011-09-22
Research on CO2-separation from flue gas by means of selection of sorbents and plant design. Germany OFFER 2012-08-29
Industrial oil recycling with water & particles removal France REQUEST 2012-03-08
Microwave Thermal Treatment method of utilization of wastes containing asbestos. Poland OFFER 2011-09-19
Device for measuring convergence in tunnels Spain OFFER 2011-09-19
Expertise in recycling of sanitary ceramic waste for use in a new asphalt technology for road surfaces Germany REQUEST 2011-09-19
Technology for manufacturing odd-shaped products from fluoroplastic by activation method. Russia OFFER 2012-09-26
Vermiculture technology to treat olive oil mill pomace and waste water United Kingdom OFFER 2011-09-16
Ocean forecasting technology Korea REQUEST 2012-08-30
Fault tolerant reconfigurable mobile robot Germany OFFER 2011-09-15
Eco-friendly, cost-effective and high-quality industrial solutions for modifying and improving the properties of materials, liquids and gases France OFFER 2012-03-15
PS: SEE Call 4 AoI 2.1: Monitoring of Drava and its catchment area Hungary RESEARCH 2011-09-15
Monitoring Development of Aquatic Environments France OFFER 2011-10-25
New cleanable HEPA-Filter for temperatures up to 180°C - filtering toxic or valuable fines from offgases or in production processes Germany OFFER 2012-10-10
Technology of environmentally friendly and safe binder (bioglue) for manufacturing various types of particle- and fiberboards Russia OFFER 2011-09-14
Metallic cation extraction to extract and to recycle metals from industrial wastes and sludgeFrance OFFER 2013-06-11
High-performance refreshable filters for removing mechanical admixtures from technical oils Russia OFFER 2012-09-03
PS-FP7: ICT for more efficient matching of water supply and demand in agriculture (irrigation) Netherlands RESEARCH 2011-11-01
Innovative Technology for Plastic Recycling Israel REQUEST 2013-04-23
Liquid-liquid Extraction, free of organic compounds solventFrance OFFER 2013-06-11
Modern technology for thermal utilisation of hazardous waste and energy production Poland OFFER 2011-09-08
Photovoltaic recycling process / technology Italy REQUEST 2012-08-23
Advanced CRT glass recycling system Italy OFFER 2012-10-30
Electron Processing System for flue gas treatment: Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Sulfur Oxides (SOx) and organic pollutants removal in one step France OFFER 2011-09-07
Construction material from phosphogypsum with reduced emission of natural radionuclides Spain OFFER 2013-02-08
Powerful trace level detection technology United Kingdom OFFER 2011-10-10
PS: FP7-Environment: Developer and End-users sought for fish robot technology Estonia RESEARCH 2011-09-23
Innovative open face helmet for motorcyclists and other uses Spain OFFER 2011-10-27
Innovative management system for garbage collection Spain OFFER 2011-09-05
Integrated LED lighting, indicators and USB charger system for bicycles with a technically advanced dynamo United Kingdom OFFER 2011-09-05
Service offering and Technical expertise in Geochemistry, Environment and Oceanology France OFFER 2011-09-05
Complex system for tires recycling Poland REQUEST 2012-08-28
Small innovative wastewater treatment plant Poland OFFER 2012-08-06
Message passing development framework for the Cell processor France OFFER 2011-09-16
Ultimate state-of-the art metals pre-shredders and shredders Belgium REQUEST 2012-06-04
Biological optimisation of aerobic industrial waste water treatment plant France OFFER 2011-08-30
PS-FP7-CROWD4UM: Crowd Sourcing Enablement for Environmental Monitoring using innovative sensor technologies and advanced data management techniques Greece RESEARCH 2011-08-30
Sample Collectors for detection of Airborne Biological Threats United Kingdom OFFER 2011-08-29
Plants, which provide recycling solutions for hazardous wastesIsrael REQUEST 2013-05-01
PS – Eurostars: Construction Industry Safety via low cost Heads Up Display Technology United Kingdom RESEARCH 2011-08-26
End-users to test and validate an innovative software tool in the field of renewable resources France REQUEST 2011-08-25
Biocoal from biosludge and biomass Slovak Republic OFFER 2011-08-24
New industrial biotechnology product features or new processes for application in the automotive industry Germany REQUEST 2011-08-24
Intelligent passive sampler for monitoring of ground/drinking water, surface water and waste water Denmark OFFER 2013-02-21
Optimal methods of metals recovery from zinc metallurgy wastes Poland OFFER 2012-08-06
Electronic Protection System Against Flooding for Residential and Non-Residential Premises Czech Republic OFFER 2011-08-22
Environmently friendly technology for drying, grinding and dry dressing of mineral raw materials and industrial wastes Russia OFFER 2011-08-22
Production of reflective materials into curved or irregular shapes Sweden OFFER 2011-08-22
Oil sorbent based on peat moss Norway REQUEST 2012-09-04
End to end hardware/software solutions for recycling and waste management industry United Kingdom OFFER 2011-08-22
Coastal Stabilisation System using Natural Processes United Kingdom OFFER 2012-07-30
Geochemical assessment of CO2 sequestration capacity of saline aquifers Poland OFFER 2012-08-06
PS - FP7-ENVIRONMENT: Biogas treatment by means of bottom ash from waste incineration Germany RESEARCH 2011-09-07
Nanofilter for healthy vehicle cabin air Switzerland OFFER 2012-08-07
PS: Eco-Innovation call 2011- Market replication concept for the enhancement of low grade wool to organic feriliser and soil amendment Germany REQUEST 2011-08-11
Integrated system for anti-disasters protectionRomania OFFER 2013-05-27
PS - Eco-Innovation: Highly efficient mechanical vapour compression desalination plants for local or mobile smart applications Germany REQUEST 2011-08-19
PS: FP7 - Automated Pollen Counting - Research for SME`s Proposal.United Kingdom RESEARCH 2011-08-10
Nature, wildlife and science topics prepared and processed for media, educational and commercial purposesGermany OFFER 2013-06-17
Technology for cleaning pigment tanks Poland REQUEST 2011-08-09
Technology line for dismantling vehicles. Poland REQUEST 2011-08-09
Innovative technologies for industrial waste reuse or recycling (replacing BBS Ref: 08 IT SUTC 0JPQ ) Italy REQUEST 2011-08-08
PS: FP7 - Cinnamon: Community driven system for smart environmental monitoring Spain RESEARCH 2012-07-06
Collaboration sought for sustainable advertising method Netherlands REQUEST 2011-08-10
Novel reporter assays for genotoxicity and oxidative stress. Netherlands OFFER 2011-08-04
Multipurpose wireless sensing, remote control and information dissemination system for rapid adaptation to specific needsGermany OFFER 2013-06-10
Sought: Efficient grey water cleaning technology for use in public spaces Netherlands REQUEST 2011-08-03
Recycling of waste solution from aluminium extrusion companies Greece OFFER 2012-12-05
Water purification treatment using inorganic and organic membrane technology France OFFER 2011-08-03
Technology of ground and water environment reclamation by using bacteria strains Poland OFFER 2012-09-17
Wastewater treatment Technology - Vacuum Mixed Liquor Degassing Poland OFFER 2011-08-02
Economical-high performance filtering system with cyclone and bag filter in a single chamber for dust removal (PM10) Korea OFFER 2012-08-30
Novel rainwater harvesting system for restricted space locations. Ireland OFFER 2011-08-02
Environmentally friendly and low-cost technology for drying wood, food, sand etc Poland OFFER 2011-08-02
Device to reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions by improving fuel combustion quality Spain OFFER 2012-09-12
Eco-friendly high speed FRP & ARP* UV-pultrusion lines and UV-resinsGermany OFFER 2013-06-04
Automotive system to anonymously transmit and manage moving vehicles data Austria OFFER 2011-10-06
Technology of effective production of ethanol fuel – technology request, R&D Partner sought Poland OFFER 2011-08-01
New piece of furniture creating a safe and functional space in case of disasters Italy OFFER 2012-07-16
Special desk intended for students/teachers protection anti-earthquakes, anti-tornadoes and anti-terrorist Romania OFFER 2012-12-17
Removal of lead from waste Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Glass United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-07-29
Pyrolysis Plant Equipment United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-11-09
Frac Sand expertise United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-07-29
Advanced glass recycling implosion technology United Kingdom OFFER 2011-07-29
Device to collect sample contaminants for testing and identification. United Kingdom OFFER 2011-08-23
An innovative fast unmanned reconnaissance and surveillance vessel for life saving operations Greece OFFER 2011-07-29
Measuring Technique to Determine Soil and Snow Moisture - Precise Moisture Measurement of Large Areas Germany OFFER 2012-10-10
High performance hybrid electrostatic precipitator with bag filter in a single chamber for fine dust (PM 10 and PM 2.5) Korea OFFER 2012-08-30
Zero emission pyrolysis processing for recycling of natural phosphorous and nitrogen from food grade bone meal and animal manure Hungary OFFER 2012-07-30
A laboratory integrated into the forest measuring the impact of climate change on the forest ecosystem France REQUEST 2011-09-07
Innovative universal gasometrical head for detection of high (explosive) gas concentration Poland OFFER 2012-07-04
Seeking a production technology of pressing machine for leaves, grass, tins, PET bottles. Poland REQUEST 2011-07-26
Eco-friendly reverse vending machine using networks Korea OFFER 2011-12-27
Ceramic micro-filtration system for backwash Korea OFFER 2011-07-25
Separation of mineral and synthetic material from wrapped chocolate waste products Poland REQUEST 2011-07-25
Flexible transformable speed bump used in public safety and security Netherlands OFFER 2012-01-02
Realtime systems for automated environmental and water monitoring networks Germany OFFER 2013-04-08
PS - FP7 – BIOREMED - Efficient on-site remediation technology for the elimination of soil contaminants, especially chlorinated hydrocarbons Hungary RESEARCH 2011-07-20
Gas transferring Membranes for application in the Environmental Industry Ireland REQUEST 2011-07-19
Know-how, operation expertise and technologies for drinking water production and distribution as well as waste water treatment and disposal Germany OFFER 2012-06-18
Flush type electric switch assembly adopting air cleaning apparatus Korea OFFER 2011-12-27
Gas sampling lance to analyze condensable constituents in hightemperature processes which allows secure gas sampling Germany OFFER 2012-10-10
Innovative systems and equipment for water aeration. Poland REQUEST 2012-07-11
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) for waste marking France REQUEST 2011-07-12
Gypsum plaster recycling solution sought France REQUEST 2012-11-12
Highly efficient water oxidation catalyst. Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-12
Development of feedback-based equipment for treatment of industrial wastewater Russia REQUEST 2012-07-04
Thermal pump installation with enhanced functional capacity for heat-and-moisture processing of foodstuff Russia OFFER 2011-07-11
Innovative technology for lyophilization of biological products and blood plasma Russia OFFER 2011-07-11
Autonomous system with low power consumption for collecting and transmitting sensor data and control signalsRussia OFFER 2013-06-07
Thermo-mechanical digestion of biogenous refuse for horticulture and agricultureGermany OFFER 2013-06-13
Marine data management and telemetry United Kingdom OFFER 2011-07-08
Innovative characterization of the agronomical quality of the residual organic matter to highlight & increase the value of organic fertilizer products France OFFER 2013-04-22
Flood protection for buildings by means of water-filled flexible textured hoses Germany OFFER 2012-06-18
An Innovative Alarm Detector for Explosives Greece OFFER 2011-07-08
Portable digital micro-camera (audio-video-recorder) for use in security applicationsFrance OFFER 2013-06-07
New recycling device for the treatment of sanitary waste water. Slovenia OFFER 2013-02-18
Biodegradable disinfectant and decontamination agent against organic and microbiological pollution Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-07
Instantly dense natural fence and noise barrier along roads, terrains and gardens.Netherlands OFFER 2013-05-14
Optical parametric oscillators France OFFER 2012-03-07
Electro-active actuators and sensors France OFFER 2012-11-12
Infrared detection France OFFER 2012-03-08
PS-COST: Management of harmful cyanobacterial blooms in European freshwaters Greece RESEARCH 2011-07-07
Cryogenic technology France OFFER 2012-11-12
Aero-Thermo-acoustic bench: Measurement of sound absorption performance France OFFER 2012-02-29
6 “Degrees Of Freedom” active control suspension. France OFFER 2012-02-29
Development partner for fire regulationFrance OFFER 2013-06-17
Floating Ecological Passive Construction Systems Turkey OFFER 2012-06-14
Biocompatible materials from sun flower oil processing residues as bone tissue precursor and catalyst in fine chemicals processes. Spain OFFER 2011-07-05
Installation for canalization using pumps without moving parts, for drainages having diminution chutes or in extensions, for the rehabilitation of existing one, or also for overloaded sewages. Romania OFFER 2012-12-17
Mobile gasification of PAH-polluted wood (PAH = Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon)France OFFER 2013-06-18
Integrated system for continuous environmental monitoring Greece OFFER 2011-07-04
Fire guard alarm system Greece OFFER 2011-07-04
Partners sought for co-development of an electric-driven river passenger boat with low height and low hydrodynamic resistance France REQUEST 2011-07-04
Innovative pipeline surveillance system using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Greece OFFER 2011-07-04
Safer Pedestrian Crossings Italy OFFER 2011-07-04
IT solution for integrated intelligent technology management in environment and energy projects Germany OFFER 2011-07-04
Advanced ion exchange process to reduce environmental impact. Belgium OFFER 2011-11-28
PS: LIFE+ : Test of new technologies for waste treatment systems Spain RESEARCH 2011-07-01
Modular designed container with digestion technology for biogas plants for increasing in biogas productivity til 35%Germany OFFER 2013-06-13
Material for the abatement of hydrocarbon emissions during the cold start of thermal motors. Spain OFFER 2011-06-30
Innovative technology for recycling of polymers, plastics, rubber. Germany OFFER 2012-08-31
Saving costs and time by special recycling method of drilling emulsions and lubricantsGermany OFFER 2013-04-10
PS FP7 FUEL-FAST – Flexible Aero engine Simulation Tools for performance and emissions – multiple partners required. United Kingdom RESEARCH 2011-06-29
Technology for remediation of oil contaminated soil using a natural mineralRussia OFFER 2013-06-07
PS - CIP-ECO-INNOVATION-2011: Eco-friendly and highly effective water disinfection system Germany RESEARCH 2011-06-28
PS - CIP Eco-innovation – Modern Decentralised Waste Oil Recycling Germany RESEARCH 2011-06-28
Technologies for composites products for aeronautical and other transportation applications (Replacing Ref: 10 IT 53U9 3HBD Italy OFFER 2011-10-17
Insect Control Products for Personal and Home Use USA REQUEST 2011-06-27
Expertise and Systems for Integrated Water and Waste Management USA REQUEST 2011-06-27
Pioneer in energy efficient software - making the Internet more environmentally friendly. Sweden OFFER 2012-06-07
Disinfection and spray deodorisation device, especially for toilet bowls Italy OFFER 2011-06-27
Innovative device to avoid small and large leaks in toilet flushing France OFFER 2012-06-25
Use of ocean wave power as a renewable energy production for an offshore aquaculture facility Spain REQUEST 2011-06-27
Renewable energy production in pond aquaculture facility: use of the hydraulic jump Spain REQUEST 2011-06-27
An innovative photocatalyst product with self-cleaning and air purification effect to be applied in paintings, textiles, paving stones, coatings Belgium OFFER 2011-06-27
Automatic particulate Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) in spray drying towers producing detergent powder Belgium REQUEST 2011-06-27
Low-cost fibre spraying module for horticulture, landscaping and renaturation, stationary or mobileGermany OFFER 2013-06-13
Electrically conductive non-stick coating for metal surfaces Germany REQUEST 2012-12-19
New reliable solution of wireless sensor network for indoor air quality continuous monitoring and traceability France OFFER 2011-06-21
Recycling of chipped pottery Poland REQUEST 2011-06-29
Pyrolysis technology for handling of old tyres Netherlands REQUEST 2011-06-20
Advanced anti-earthquake protection systemRomania OFFER 2013-05-16
Individual protection module anti-earthquakes, anti-tornadoes, anti-terroristRomania OFFER 2013-05-16
Adsorbent not based on activated carbon, suitable for removal of one or more organic substances Germany REQUEST 2012-12-19
Innovative energy efficient technology for elimination of odor in slaughterhouses Spain REQUEST 2011-06-18
Innovative strip alarm switch for high risk areas United Kingdom OFFER 2011-06-18
Design services for innovative and ecosustainable boats. Italy OFFER 2012-05-23
Biodegradable shrink wrap United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-06-18
A technology to produce electrical energy from hazelnut shells is sought Spain REQUEST 2011-09-13
Resource-saving technology for microbiological utilization of organic wastes Russia OFFER 2011-06-18
Skills, knowledge, tests and research on new materials to use in preventive conservation for cultural heritage Italy REQUEST 2011-06-18
Installation for preventing the capsizing of light watercrafts Romania OFFER 2013-04-17
Zero energy water pump United Kingdom OFFER 2012-11-20
Highest-sensitivity Detection of Nanoparticles in Fluids - Easy to use analyzer with additional fitness for online monitoring of particulate rates and other application areas. Germany OFFER 2011-06-17
Hybrid vehicles on the mogul slope - Methods for the Development of Hybrid-driven Mobile Machines in the Off-road Sector Germany OFFER 2012-06-27
Development of biobased plastics from agricultural wastes Spain REQUEST 2011-06-10
3D in Motor - Optical Analysis of the Combustion Process in Otto Engines Germany OFFER 2012-06-27
Natural panel for thermal insulation realized from Opuntia Ficus Indica plantItaly OFFER 2013-05-07
Wind towers innovative design technology.Italy OFFER 2013-05-07
Innovative natural additive for lubricating-cooling emulsions Italy OFFER 2011-06-08
Fast-composting technology for rapid treatment of range of waste types Slovak Republic OFFER 2012-11-13
Biogas Generation Technology from Animal Feces Turkey REQUEST 2011-06-08
Nitrogen removal biotechnology for high-strength effluents from biogas plants and food processing plants Czech Republic OFFER 2013-01-09
Eco-friendly packaging for modular plywood furniture Italy REQUEST 2013-03-01
Radar distance sensor for mobile robots in dirty and harsh environments Norway OFFER 2011-06-06
Post-consumer waste similar to limestone United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-06-06
Biofixation of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) by Microalgae Iceland OFFER 2012-04-30
Geospatial modelling for ECOsystem management Italy OFFER 2013-01-16
An antiseismic measure Italy OFFER 2013-02-26
Intelligent energy application tool for the evaluation of the compatibility of energy projects in historical buildings and centresItaly OFFER 2013-04-11
Gas analysis multisensor devices based on metal oxide nanowires and neural network algorithms of pattern recognitionRussia OFFER 2013-05-08
Device for water (air) purification based on the properties of mechanical “standing wave”Russia OFFER 2013-05-06
Highly-polluted aggressive Industrial process waste water treatment. Sweden OFFER 2012-10-18
Turnkey ecological passive house Sweden OFFER 2011-11-23
Mechanical device to reuse glass from discarded washing machine Italy REQUEST 2011-05-30
Non-Destructive Tests by Ion Beams France OFFER 2012-05-14
Novel Procedure of anaerobic digestion of municipal solid wastes in two temperature phases Spain OFFER 2011-05-30
PS-Eurostars – Development and scaling up of new formulations based on almond shell filled thermoplastics Spain RESEARCH 2011-08-26
Performance laminated glass United Kingdom OFFER 2011-05-30
Fire behavior qualification for transport & logisticsFrance OFFER 2013-06-17
New method for time-resolved measurement of particulate matter and online monitoring of the deposition curve Germany OFFER 2012-05-31
Haptic Interface for Long-range Telepresence Germany OFFER 2012-05-31
Health and safety monitoring technology for personnel in hazardous conditions and remote areas Netherlands OFFER 2011-05-26
Innovative Inflatable Air Shelter United Kingdom OFFER 2011-05-26
Structures behavior face to extreme stresses: explosion, impacts. France OFFER 2012-03-07
PS - LIFE+2011 - Strategies to reduce the environmental impact of livestock farms across Europe Spain RESEARCH 2011-05-26
Colourless radiation-resistant glass with enhanced optical transmissionRussia OFFER 2013-05-17
New green surfactants and specific know-how to formulate cosmetic and personal care products (cream, shampoo…)France OFFER 2013-06-07
Revolutionary road barriers made of wood, steel and polyethylene Italy OFFER 2011-05-24
Rapid and Portable Biological Warfare Pathogen Detector United Kingdom OFFER 2012-01-31
Oxidation – corrosion testing: coatings development France OFFER 2012-03-07
Sustainable and cost-effective CO2 water treatment solution France OFFER 2011-05-24
Intelligent textiles for various applicationsFrance OFFER 2013-06-17
PS- 2011- Fluvial Tourism Spain RESEARCH 2011-05-23
An innovative method for cyber management of polluted rural areas Greece OFFER 2011-05-23
Water and Air treatment system France OFFER 2011-11-18
Maintenance-free Air Purification Luxembourg REQUEST 2011-08-01
Disinfection of surfaces in contact with water Italy OFFER 2011-05-23
Process for metering solid additives to water, beverages and food by pressurised carbon dioxide Italy OFFER 2011-05-23
Innovative technology platform for chemical and toxicological assessment of compounds and products Germany OFFER 2012-12-19
Anaerobic high rate process for treatment of industrial organic waste water Netherlands OFFER 2012-11-13
High precision sampling and analysis method for mixed bulk waste Germany OFFER 2012-12-17
Fire Extinguishing Waste Container Technology Turkey OFFER 2012-04-09
Radio-communication alarm system with localization and emergency supply system Poland OFFER 2013-04-16
Adsorbent materials with superparamagnetic behaviour for removal of radioactive and toxic pollutants from water Spain OFFER 2011-05-19
Ultra wide bandwidth radar system for remote monitoring and measuring France OFFER 2012-03-07
Analysis of atmospheric ice France OFFER 2012-02-29
Life detection, monitoring and localization. France OFFER 2012-03-08
Surveillance and observation radar (SAR – Synthetic Aperture Radar) France OFFER 2012-03-07
Automatical train detector system for rail crossings. Poland OFFER 2012-04-16
Active silencer France OFFER 2011-05-18
Window device with controlled transparency based on a biofilm Structure created by bacterial activity Spain OFFER 2012-04-25
Mobile and modular anaerobic digestion system with low installation threshold United Kingdom OFFER 2011-05-17
Novel process for SO2 and dust removal from exhausts gases with heat recuperation Macedonia OFFER 2013-03-06
Innovative technology for the removal of heavy metals from wastewater Greece OFFER 2011-11-10
Waste water drainage system for marine, civil and industrial sector Italy OFFER 2012-01-18
An innovative method for Arsenic and Chromium Remediation Technology Greece OFFER 2011-05-16
Upgrade for Diesel Engines- DeNOx Catalytic Converter working even at low temperatures Germany OFFER 2012-05-31
Sustainable Materials Biomass Sourcing Belgium REQUEST 2011-05-16
FP7 PS: Polytank – Development and Validation of Ultrasonic NDE Techniques for Welded Joints in Plastic Tanks United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-05-13
Technology for production of building materials utilizing polymer waste Latvia OFFER 2011-05-13
Printable bacterial coatings to enhance shelf life of printed products Netherlands REQUEST 2011-05-13
Recycling of spent tires Italy OFFER 2011-12-19
Novel Triage System for emergency services United Kingdom OFFER 2011-05-12
Expertise in environmentally sustainable biological treatment and cleaning technologies United Kingdom OFFER 2011-05-12
Hard wall portable sheltering system for emergency, defense and hi-tech industrial applications Italy OFFER 2012-04-04
Cured Polyester Resin Based Waste Recycling Technology Turkey REQUEST 2011-05-10
Next Generation Steam Generators for the Thermal Recovery of Heavy Oil USA REQUEST 2011-05-10
Indoor Air Quality Sensors with Low Power Consumption USA REQUEST 2011-06-20
Elimination of foul-smelling emissions by the use of bioflters Spain OFFER 2011-05-10
A Brussels-based association seeks solutions to distmantle and recover waste from cathode-ray tubes screens and LCD flat screens Belgium REQUEST 2011-05-10
A Brussels-based association seeks solutions to better extract and recover plastic scraps from electronical and electronic waste Belgium REQUEST 2011-05-10
Leading soil conditioning technology. Spain OFFER 2011-05-06
Knowledge Platform about Buildings and bio construction. Spain REQUEST 2011-05-05
Waste Sludge Stabilization And Conditioning Turkey OFFER 2012-07-19
PS ICT PSP Call 5: Digital Control of the Urban Water Network Turkey RESEARCH 2011-05-05
Procedure for the regeneration of catalysts and adsorbent materials. Spain OFFER 2012-10-03
Original apparatus for smoke decomposition. Romania OFFER 2013-03-05
Carbon fiber composites recovery and recycling. Spain REQUEST 2011-05-03
New device for the evalutation of environmental quality in dredged materials. Spain OFFER 2011-05-03
Device and dissoluted oxygen procedure for enriching water, especially for fish ponds Serbia OFFER 2013-02-21
Water filtration module adapted to small treatment units France REQUEST 2011-10-27
Prediction & reduction of rotor and propeller noise pollution France OFFER 2012-03-07
Luminescent methods for detecting structural changes in proteins and for determining the presence of xenobiotics in biopolymers Russia OFFER 2013-03-13
Wearless operation technology based on regenerative lubricants for all types of machinery, equipment, transport vehicles Russia OFFER 2013-02-13
New design for spark plug (for internal combustion engines) based the new operating principle of direct spark hit in the center of the engine’s cylinder Russia OFFER 2012-03-21
Phyto-modules for customer-specific improving the indoor air quality Russia OFFER 2013-03-07
Technology for separation of glass sheets from the rest of photovoltaic panels` components Spain REQUEST 2011-04-29
Know-how and custom-solutions in hyperspectral / geophysical surveys and environmental spectroscopy Croatia OFFER 2012-05-03
Closed control system nature-tehnogenics Russia OFFER 2013-03-14
Parking lighting device for trailersSweden OFFER 2013-04-09
Technology and equipment for pellets production from vine ropes Romania REQUEST 2011-04-28
Air cleaning system – multifunctional photocatalytic protective coating Czech Republic OFFER 2013-03-06
PS - CIP IEE-2011 - MICRO-CoM - Boosting the development of MICRO-Local Energy Action Plans for the Covenant of Mayors in rural areas Spain RESEARCH 2011-04-28
Technology for improvement of fermentation processes and elimination of odors in sewage treatment, composts and landfills. Poland OFFER 2012-04-12
Modular, quickly deployable & cost efficient sand barrier for prevention of flood damage, erosion, road flooding Switzerland OFFER 2011-06-08
Energy-absorbing panel increasing passive safety of road users Poland OFFER 2012-02-07
Expert to Understand Interactions of Microorganisms and Antimicrobial Actives USA REQUEST 2011-04-27
New products from recycled rubber- New technology for production Sweden OFFER 2012-06-08
Dewatering of digestate sludge for pelletizing purposes and fluid treatment for reuse or direct dischargeLuxembourg OFFER 2013-04-02
Low speed shredders for size reduction and recycling of waste Israel OFFER 2011-04-27
New catalyst for the decomposition of nitrous oxide (N2O) to innocuous gases Spain OFFER 2013-02-19
Catalyst for nitrogen oxides (NOx) reduction in diesel engine exhausts Spain OFFER 2013-02-28
Surplus sludge reducer for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants Spain OFFER 2011-04-27
Efficient depollution system for industrial and urban water Spain OFFER 2011-04-27
New Composter for Animal by-products originated from aquaculture Spain OFFER 2011-04-27
Oceanographic equipment for collecting samples of Plankton Spain OFFER 2011-04-27
Smart Buoy to be used in a network of underwater sensors Spain OFFER 2011-04-27
Three-dimensional acoustic lens Spain OFFER 2012-12-07
Diesel oil abstracted from package wastes Korea OFFER 2011-12-26
PS: IEE – IEE project consortium led by a research centre in the East of England seeks a local authority with a property portfolio that is looking to incorporate solar renewable energy technologies into their new and existing housing stock United Kingdom RESEARCH 2011-04-20
High performance computing applied to environmental data, integration of information systems and numerical applications Italy OFFER 2013-03-04
Guardrail underrun protection system for increased motorcycle safety Austria OFFER 2013-02-27
Halogen-free Flame Retardants for Plastics - Tailor-made solutions through special modular system. Germany OFFER 2011-10-20
Innovative separation technique for the retrieval of fine metals from ore, slag, ashes and waste Germany OFFER 2012-05-23
Measurement of ground water flow with 3D analysisPoland REQUEST 2013-05-16
Innovative solution for the cold ironing trough co-generation technology and bio-fuel generators for ports. Italy OFFER 2012-01-18
Biodegradable halogen-free fire retardant composition and methods for its application. Bulgaria OFFER 2011-04-07
Technology for manufacturing of biodegradable fire resistant corrugated board packages. Bulgaria OFFER 2011-04-07
Rapid Measurement of Water Vapor Permeation through Films USA REQUEST 2011-04-26
Eco-designed packaging solutions Luxembourg OFFER 2011-04-06
Technology of accelerating composting process. Poland OFFER 2012-07-11
Fruit and Vegetable Wash Water Purification USA REQUEST 2011-04-26
Low-cost technology of mortification organic and lipid compounds in sewage. Poland OFFER 2013-01-03
New technological and organizational solutions for rain water management Poland REQUEST 2012-03-08
New technologies for drinking and waste water measurement United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-11-20
PS FP7 - Biomass valorization with the development of cost-effective HYBRID adSORBENTs for the efficient removal of mixtures of toxic compounds from water Greece RESEARCH 2011-03-28
Infrared Technology for Organic Waste Management Greece OFFER 2011-04-15
Waste collectors and/or compactors producers Italy REQUEST 2012-12-27
AIR SANITIZATION TECHNOLOGY for Home Care Mass Market Consumer Products Spain REQUEST 2012-03-01
Biodegradable flower pots with organic fertilizer included, made of potato starch. France OFFER 2012-01-11
Combined Solar Generating & Bulk Water Distillation Treatment Systems for large water supply & renewable energy projects United Kingdom OFFER 2011-03-23
Environmentally friendly solution for fouling protection of box coolers on vessels Germany OFFER 2011-03-16
Waste recycling facilities United Kingdom OFFER 2012-02-22
Electron Processing System for water treatment: disinfection and pollutants removal France OFFER 2011-03-14
Joint development, engineering and construction of alkaline battery recycling process and plant Finland REQUEST 2012-10-16
Electrochemical technologies for industrial wastewater treatments. Spain REQUEST 2011-03-14
Enzyme formulations for the optimized fermentation process of biogas plants Switzerland OFFER 2011-03-14
Salt recycled from power plants cooling systems Poland OFFER 2011-03-14
Vertical green biobed for the treatment of pesticide effluents Switzerland OFFER 2011-03-14
New specific and innovative mobile unit for the treatment of work-site waters. France OFFER 2012-02-09
New water purification system using ultraviolet light. Spain OFFER 2012-11-12
Innovative solutions for handling exploration and production uncertainties in oil and gaz France OFFER 2011-03-11
Remediation of contaminated soils with organic compounds Spain OFFER 2011-11-02
Pollutants and gas detection systems France REQUEST 2011-03-10
Heat exchanger utilizing renewable energy connected to industrial crop dryer and accompanied by control technology support Hungary OFFER 2012-03-19
Know-how in micro-scale hydroelectric power plant (20 to 500 kW) France REQUEST 2011-05-02
Wet scrubber system in the chimney for olive husk dryers` outlet gases Turkey OFFER 2013-01-28
Original adjustable clamp caps doses Romania OFFER 2012-06-17
Innovative adhesive to replace starch glue France OFFER 2012-02-17
Innovative device to reduce waste and reuse packaging France OFFER 2012-12-03
Recycling of wastes for improved ceramics Spain OFFER 2011-03-07
Waste to energy: Opportunities for technical scale experiments at a new landfill research centre Germany OFFER 2012-12-17
Web-based, GIS and water management information and monitoring system for institutions of water management Hungary OFFER 2012-03-19
Applied research and development using renewable raw materials for bio-based plastics and for energy technologies Germany OFFER 2012-12-17
Care Clouds - Mobile Assisted Care Environments for the elderly United Kingdom OFFER 2012-01-30
PS- Eurostars - MADES - Modular Airship Design Turkey RESEARCH 2012-03-16
Platform & process for green design and ecological products France OFFER 2012-11-12
Surface water technology: checking water quality at a glance Netherlands OFFER 2011-02-28
Innovative technologies for waste recycling Poland REQUEST 2012-01-31
Innovative ballistic parachute installation on ULM helicopter Italy OFFER 2012-11-28
Open Water Destratification Technology United Kingdom OFFER 2012-01-13
Wearable Indicator to Monitor Daily Exposure to UV Light USA REQUEST 2011-02-24
Technology for converting biomass into heat, electric power, syngas and fertilizer Russia OFFER 2011-02-24
Safe way – innovative system for overpressure securing of staircases in case of fire Poland OFFER 2013-01-04
Truck tyre retread system Germany OFFER 2012-11-12
Lithium, Lithium-ion, Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries Recycling Technology Turkey REQUEST 2011-02-22
ESA: Method and system for extracting and disposing of water vapor Netherlands OFFER 2011-02-22
New methods to separate oil and other elements from bilge water. Spain REQUEST 2011-02-18
New separation and recycling methods for demolition and construction waste Spain REQUEST 2011-02-18
M2M Platform for wireless monitoring and controlSpain OFFER 2013-05-17
Municipal Waste Gasification Technology Turkey REQUEST 2011-12-15
Original devices for air purification in private, public or industrial spacesRomania OFFER 2013-05-16
Access control system using biometric technologies, including vein pattern recognition Poland OFFER 2011-02-17
Road Noise and Environmental Conditions Monitoring SystemPoland OFFER 2013-06-03
Waste Water Network, Drainage Designs and Calculation Software Turkey OFFER 2013-01-02
Water Network, Supply Line Design and Calculation Software Turkey OFFER 2013-01-02
Accurate Wildlife Detection to Determine Absolute Abundance USA REQUEST 2011-02-15
Tank cleaning system for process industry Sweden OFFER 2012-01-24
Lightweight metal structural panels that can be used in rapid runways and emergency shelters Portugal OFFER 2013-01-21
Wash water recycling systems, dedicated to vehicle/transport wash water treatment and re-use France OFFER 2011-09-13
Alternative daily covers for increasing landfill airspace and extending the life of the landfill France OFFER 2013-03-06
Treatment and characterisation of solid recovered fuels (waste to energy) Germany OFFER 2011-02-15
Installation to obtain heat from used tyres and rubber waste Poland OFFER 2011-03-04
Innovative tyre with a replaceable tyre tread/cap Poland OFFER 2011-03-10
Autonomous (unmanned) boat for environmental and hydrographic monitoring and measurementItaly OFFER 2013-04-09
Software for management of waste collection Italy OFFER 2011-02-11
Liquid cooling technology Italy OFFER 2011-02-11
Scrap Automobile Tyre Pyrolysis Technology Turkey REQUEST 2011-12-15
Device for removal of moisture from railway tracks Sweden OFFER 2011-02-07
PS - Eurostars: Marine navigation equipment manufacturer sought Estonia RESEARCH 2011-02-14
Elimination of bad smell formation from household organic wasteItaly OFFER 2013-05-28
Household production of an organic fertilizer Italy OFFER 2012-06-18
Large area light-curtain for more flexibility and reliability in safety and security applications Austria OFFER 2011-02-02
Multi-layer glazing system with integrated polycarbonate panel Germany OFFER 2011-02-02
Re-usable, serum-free long-term cultures of human hepatocytes as alternatives to animal experiments Germany REQUEST 2011-12-01
Precise and Profitable Membrane filtration technology offered, to refine Marine Proteins or make new Peptide Products Norway OFFER 2011-02-02
Innovative products to save water at home or in the public space United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-02-02
Disinfectant without alcohol, phosphate, formaldehyde or tenside Germany OFFER 2012-12-18
Weed cutter for eco-friendly control of weeds in cereal crops Sweden OFFER 2011-02-01
Wireless condition monitoring system for industrial processes Sweden OFFER 2011-01-27
F.I.N.D. (Forensic Investigation Network Database) - Locate Critical Evidence In SECONDS from Major CCTV recording systems United Kingdom OFFER 2011-09-27
Photocatalytic Reactor Technology for Water Remediation United Kingdom OFFER 2011-01-26
Products based on natural zeolites for waste and contaminated water treatment Bulgaria OFFER 2011-01-25
new system for UV sterilization in water disinfection France OFFER 2011-01-25
Remote (Wireless) Level Reading Technology/Product in Pressure Vessels for liquified petroleum gas (LPG) tanks Israel REQUEST 2011-12-13
Technology to vaporize and destroy fumes. Poland OFFER 2012-01-17
Ammonia (NH3) sensor is required Israel REQUEST 2012-11-26
Environmentally safe technology for natural and synthetic alpha-olefins halogenation Russia OFFER 2012-12-03
Technology of heavily compounded composite materials on the basis of amber filler Russia OFFER 2011-12-15
Liquids container equipped with means for saving space Italy OFFER 2011-01-20
Contract research / In vitro technologies Germany OFFER 2012-11-12
Pet feeding device for pet owners who have limited physical mobility United Kingdom OFFER 2012-11-20
Autonomous Robotic Lawn Mower for golf courses and football fields Portugal OFFER 2013-01-03
Bioremediation of Oil and Oil Derivatives Contaminated Soil Serbia OFFER 2013-04-22
Production technology of the polyethylene terephthalate leaf. Poland OFFER 2011-01-14
The device for cutting of seat belts in motor vehicles during a sudden misfortune. Poland OFFER 2011-01-14
Novel continuous process for room-temperature production of biodiesel Hungary OFFER 2012-12-13
PS-FP7: Biodegradable flexible film with incorporated active and intelligent agents Greece RESEARCH 2011-01-14
Fish friendly and power generating small overflow dam Germany OFFER 2011-01-14
System for storm water cleaning directly in catch basins. Poland OFFER 2012-11-29
Innovative system for manufacturing sound-absorbing panels Poland OFFER 2011-01-13
Method for skimming oil and other hydrocarbonaceous fluids from the water surface Poland OFFER 2012-08-02
Technology of Dust Neutralization and Explosion Threat Mitigation Poland OFFER 2011-01-13
Water Mist Fire Fighting Technology Poland OFFER 2011-01-13
Manufacturer in laminate plastics with ability to bond materials United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-01-13
Filterable or absorbing filterable elements for fluids, and method to obtain them. Romania OFFER 2012-12-19
Software application for risk potential analysis of individual human beings Netherlands REQUEST 2011-08-09
System and method for obtaining standardized climatic indices (temperature, precipitation, etc.) to evaluate climate Spain OFFER 2012-12-03
Technology of biocidal paints production Poland OFFER 2012-08-16
New technology for manufacturing an innovative portable audio system Poland OFFER 2011-01-10
The innovative system of treatment and storage of water Poland OFFER 2012-08-16
Environmental Particle Tracing Technology United Kingdom OFFER 2011-12-09
Membrane distillation technology to obtain pure water from seawater Netherlands OFFER 2011-01-10
Mobile energy and cost-saving technology for rubber backed mat washing Finland OFFER 2011-01-10
Innovative technologies for waste treatment (water, sludge) Austria REQUEST 2011-10-20
Modular rainwater system for use in residential and small commercial properties United Kingdom OFFER 2011-01-06
Wind energy products sought for installation in developing countries United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-01-06
Biodiesel production technologies sought for installation in developing countries United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-01-06
Hard waste water treatment by Direct Anodic Advanced Oxidation Process (D.A.O.) Italy OFFER 2011-01-06
Oil drum skimmer made of plastic materials Italy OFFER 2011-01-05
Life sensing technology to be used to detect presence of human beings Netherlands REQUEST 2011-08-09
Expertise wanted for developing domestic ventilation technologies Sweden REQUEST 2011-01-04
Technology of energy-saving and ecological construction of manufacturing-laboratory houses Poland REQUEST 2011-03-10
Looking for manufactures of drying processes and oven systems Sweden REQUEST 2011-11-01
Method of dust steelmaking disposal Poland OFFER 2011-01-04
Closed profile of water reservoirs prevention and hydro constructions Poland OFFER 2012-07-19
Advanced eco-innovative car parking system Portugal OFFER 2012-12-06
Hybrid-electric vehicle driver system. Poland OFFER 2013-03-13
Innovative aeration technology that reduces energy costs of wastewater treatment plants by 50%. Israel OFFER 2011-01-03
An innovative non-reagents, ecological flowing water and waste water disinfection solution based on in-water electrical pulse discharge. Israel OFFER 2011-01-03
Real time microbial testing and process control Israel OFFER 2011-01-03
Self Powered Water Monitoring - enables effective monitoring in regions lacking an adequate power supply Israel OFFER 2011-01-03
Smart pressure control system that significantly reduces leakage and bursts risks in residential water pipes Israel OFFER 2011-01-03
Solar technology based system for treatment of wastewater sludge generates energy and marketable raw materials Israel OFFER 2011-01-03
Remotely controlled robots for wastewater sludge treatment and removal Israel OFFER 2011-01-03
Development of Energy and Environmental Applications using Carbon Nanotubes Greece REQUEST 2011-01-03
High-purity multi-walled carbon nanotubes production for the realization of innovative applications in various technological areas Greece OFFER 2011-01-03
Filling of underground voids with fine-grained industrial waste Poland OFFER 2013-04-16
Extracting high-value marketable products from the discharge of desalination plants Israel OFFER 2010-12-22
An innovative ultrasonic and eco-friendly solution for water and wastewater treatment that reduces operating costs by 30% Israel OFFER 2010-12-22
Fertilizer production from wood waste by extrusion process France OFFER 2010-12-22
Green polymer France OFFER 2010-12-22
New ecodesign approach for environmental impact assessment of products and technologies Italy OFFER 2010-12-22
Thermal and sound insulation natural material 100% wool based. Italy OFFER 2010-12-22
Novel tool design for cleaning decorator`s paint from brushes. United Kingdom OFFER 2010-12-21
Crowd and traffic control and measuring system based on Bluetooth technology Netherlands OFFER 2011-11-01
Filter for water and light petroleum products Romania OFFER 2012-12-13
Joint development of a non chemical solution for protection against damage to buried piping and structures caused by tree roots Israel REQUEST 2010-12-20
Thermo- fuse triggering device for emergency opening of fume dampers Poland OFFER 2010-12-17
Technology of plastic waste processing into components of liquid fuels Poland OFFER 2010-12-17
Waste-to-energy technologies to transform household and industry waste into liquid energy (biofuel) Switzerland OFFER 2010-12-17
Cheap, effective water treatment system to enable the use and/or re-use of dirty waste water Poland REQUEST 2012-07-19
Technological Production Line to briquette Poland REQUEST 2010-12-15
Heat energy production in exothermic process of biomass utilization including sewage sediments Poland OFFER 2010-12-15
Proven technology/know-how sought for the cultivation of clams (Lat. Venus Gallina) in open aquatory Bulgaria REQUEST 2011-11-17
Gas-tight, rigid and pressure-resistant tubing from cross-bond glass-fibre reinforced plastic Germany OFFER 2012-11-01
Bioremediation and valorization of agroindustrial waste waters and waste materials Italy OFFER 2010-12-15
A prototype for detecting forest fires and other environmental disasters. Italy OFFER 2010-12-15
3D imaging for blasting and geological mapping Austria OFFER 2011-11-15
Watering without waste - accurate irrigation precisely within defined contoured areas Israel OFFER 2010-12-15
PS : EUREKA - Multiple Data Collection, Data Logger and Quality Real Time Water System Management (MUDACOL) Turkey RESEARCH 2010-12-14
Specialized anti-lime scale dual action device applicable in both industrial and household conditions Bulgaria OFFER 2011-12-01
Method for Treatment of Wastewater Contaminated with Organic and Chemically Oxidizable Inorganic Pollutants Israel OFFER 2010-12-13
Controlled release Bio-Pesticides Israel OFFER 2010-12-13
Novel Method for Preparation of Detergents from Oil Israel OFFER 2010-12-13
Biologic solvent cleaning machine for argentic films France OFFER 2010-12-13
Fertiliser NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) from urine and olive oil mill wastewaters Spain OFFER 2011-05-04
Pneumatic rescue ladder Poland OFFER 2010-12-13
Personal security alarm with trigger device and standard SmartPhoneDenmark OFFER 2013-05-23
High quality, new metal recycling technology Austria OFFER 2011-11-17
Electromechanical cleaning solutions expertise sought to develop bicycle cleaning machine based on novel process Israel REQUEST 2010-12-10
New approach for in-vehicle child safety seat demonstrates increased safety and convenience Israel OFFER 2010-12-13
The search for a generic ‘Harm sensor’ or the determination of Threat or Non threat in biological samples. Is this sample pathogenic or non pathogenic? United Kingdom REQUEST 2010-12-14
Development of a carbon dioxide filter France REQUEST 2010-12-07
Optimal water management with 2.0 web technology Netherlands OFFER 2010-12-03
Smart object detection. Netherlands OFFER 2010-12-03
Ecological area converting residuals into energy Italy OFFER 2011-11-02
Technologies for composites products for aeronautical and other transportation applications Italy OFFER 2010-12-03
Optimized geostatistics for analysis and processing of spatialized data France OFFER 2010-12-03
Integrated system for the remote monitoring of archaeological /natural underwater sites Italy OFFER 2010-12-03
Environmentally-friendly custom wooden doors and door kits Italy OFFER 2011-11-14
Plasma torch gasification technology for organic waste. Italy REQUEST 2010-12-02
Building Automation Solution integrators are sought for joint development of a prescriptive energy management system based upon Artificial Intelligence Israel REQUEST 2010-12-02
Constructed wetland technology for wastewater treatment under continental climatic conditions Hungary OFFER 2012-03-26
PVC composite profiles as elements of new system for coast protection against water erosion. Poland OFFER 2010-12-01
Absolute terminal UV-C protection from recontamination Germany OFFER 2011-06-15
Automatic Sound Classification and Analysis System United Kingdom OFFER 2010-11-30
Extremely secure data centre Sweden OFFER 2010-11-30
ESA: Novel imaging device to be used with millimeter and/or sub-millimeter radiation Netherlands OFFER 2011-12-08
ESA: Miniature high-resolution optical spectrometer Netherlands OFFER 2012-03-22
HVAC management software for indoor environmental comfort Italy REQUEST 2010-11-29
Innovative chemical agents or technology for maintenance of swimming pools. Latvia REQUEST 2010-11-29
Technology for decontaminating lands polluted with radionuclides and heavy metals Romania OFFER 2010-11-29
Partnership for monitoring through sensors, the seismic network Spanish. Spain REQUEST 2012-11-22
3D Visualisation of marine ecosystems and datasets United Kingdom OFFER 2011-10-31
Self-regulating, self-recharging cooling element in clothings for comfortable body temperature Sweden OFFER 2010-11-26
Technology and knowhow for processing and distribution of organic waste with transformation to methane fuel Iceland REQUEST 2010-11-26
Development of biosecurity maps using bees as bioindicators Spain OFFER 2010-11-26
Device to be coupled to a spectrometer to record the spectrum of adsorpted species Spain OFFER 2011-10-17
Air pollution, contamination and unpleasant smell purification by photocatalytic processing unit France OFFER 2012-10-23
Stand alone, remote Microchip Capillary Electroforesis water monitoring technology Netherlands OFFER 2010-11-25
Telemetry and GIS Systems in application e.g. Nuclear power plant environment monitoring Slovak Republic OFFER 2010-12-20
Research platform FINO3 in the North Sea Germany OFFER 2010-11-25
Environmentally friendly technology for cleaning crude waste from oil reservoirs. Croatia OFFER 2012-10-11
Galvanic water treatment against corrosion and lime deposit Germany OFFER 2010-11-23
High performance CO2 absorbers for power plant flue gas, production gases, biogas and others Germany OFFER 2011-10-25
Cassette filter Sweden OFFER 2010-11-23
Eco-friendly Parts Washer for reducing VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions Korea OFFER 2011-01-03
Technology for Coal Desulphurization Romania OFFER 2010-11-22
New Technologies for selection and/or reuse of CAR-FLUFF Italy REQUEST 2010-11-22
Air cleaning with non thermal plasma Netherlands OFFER 2010-11-19
Inmobilization and trapping method for enzymes Spain OFFER 2010-11-18
Monitoring and modeling instability phenomena at dams of waste deposits in the extractive industry Romania OFFER 2010-11-18
Recovery of useful elements from sterile deposits resulted from polymetallic ore processing Romania OFFER 2010-11-18
Water disinfection device intended for treatment of water supply facilities, hotels, spa centers, swimming pools and jacuzzi Bulgaria OFFER 2012-12-19
Dissolution/reprecipitation method for polyolefins recycling Greece OFFER 2010-11-18
Remelting/restabilization method for plastics recycling Greece OFFER 2010-11-18
Composting toilet for houses/cottages with water inlet but no sewage outlet. Norway OFFER 2010-11-17
GPRS enabled live wind monitoring system and reporting webportal United Kingdom OFFER 2010-11-22
Process technology to come to a purity of 99,999% of Yttrium from 99,9% pure Yttrium Netherlands REQUEST 2010-11-17
End User Applications for RFID Technology with New Sensing Capabilities USA REQUEST 2010-11-17
Low Noise, Low Vibration Liquid Sprayer USA REQUEST 2010-11-17
Liquid Oligomeric or Polymeric Systems That Cure To Durable Solid Coatings USA REQUEST 2010-11-17
New Methods for Biofilm Control USA REQUEST 2010-11-17
Biodegradable Sachets Containing Liquid Consumer Products USA REQUEST 2010-11-17
New concept to build retaining walls in civil engineering Spain OFFER 2010-11-17
In situ recovery of radionuclides from waters accumulated in underground network of closed uranium mines Romania OFFER 2010-11-17
Toxicological, ecotoxicological and chemical know-how and expertise for risk assessment and risk analysis with particular attention to the new REACH scenario Italy OFFER 2010-11-17
Patent of mobile liming machine for the treatment of ground waste on worksites. France OFFER 2011-10-26
PS: Eurostars - Extensible Wind Tower Italy RESEARCH 2011-02-16
Ergonomic safety hand grip for spraying application Germany OFFER 2012-08-17
Technology for cleaning and maintenance of land amelioration systems Latvia REQUEST 2010-11-15
Installation for manufacturing of biogas from organic waste Bulgaria OFFER 2010-11-12
New product saving the humidity and primary structure of the soil Bulgaria OFFER 2010-11-12
New remediation technology for metals contaminated soil and sediment Slovenia OFFER 2011-10-19
New image compression technique for streaming video in surveillance and security vision systems Netherlands OFFER 2011-10-19
Simple Water Filtration Solution with simultaneous mechanical and adsorptive filtering, offering proven benefits for the industrial sector (including cooling towers) United Kingdom OFFER 2011-05-18
Technology for creating wet spray and dry foam Sweden REQUEST 2010-11-11
Ceramics produced out of incinerator bottom ash Portugal OFFER 2013-03-04
Calcium Hypochlorite Product with Reduced Hazard Classifications and Greater Stability USA REQUEST 2010-11-10
Drag Reducing Surface Treatments USA REQUEST 2010-11-10
Selective, Low Cost VOC Sensor Technologies USA REQUEST 2010-11-10
PS: Monitoring the life cycle of industrial waste: traceability and measure of environmental impact. Italy RESEARCH 2010-11-10
Innovative Techniques to Separate Water from Reactive Mixtures USA REQUEST 2010-11-09
New wastewater transportation technology Hungary OFFER 2011-10-19
Urgent PS: ENORASIS-Environmental Optimization of IRrigAtion with the uSe of High PrecisIon Satellite Data Greece REQUEST 2010-11-08
Necessary technological devices for a plasma torch with a metal steam arc Hungary REQUEST 2011-10-19
Integrating dust- and noise measuring technologies into automatic meteorological measuring apparatus Hungary REQUEST 2011-10-19
Biologically dissolvable, environment-friendly packaging materials and their production technology Hungary OFFER 2011-10-19
Process for obtaining metallic sponges from leftover mill scale in laminating processes Spain OFFER 2012-11-21
Oxidic catalyst intended particularly for removing N2O from waste industrial gases Czech Republic OFFER 2012-07-27
Local treatment facilities for sewage purification Russia OFFER 2010-11-04
Metal Containers for garbage volume 2 to 5 cube meters Serbia REQUEST 2012-09-03
Partners are sought for implementing alkaline battery recycling technology Finland OFFER 2011-03-04
Technology or solution for eliminating sallow from agricultural areas Latvia REQUEST 2010-11-03
A highly efficient nitro air washer Netherlands OFFER 2012-09-17
Screening equipment to separate earth-worms from bio humus – worm harverster Latvia REQUEST 2010-11-03
Technology for processing distillery dregs and brewers grain into bio-fertilisers or dry feedstuff Russia OFFER 2010-11-03
Small scale biogas upgrading plant Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-21
Movable system for drainage of liquids and fluids from vehicles Serbia OFFER 2012-11-05
Device for maintenance of slow-burning hydraulic fluids Poland OFFER 2010-10-28
Technology for processing the biogas production wastes into bio-fertilisers Russia OFFER 2010-10-28
PS FP7 – 1. SMEs, experienced in real time wastewater measurement/industrial wastewater treatment and 2. industrial wastewater plant Austria RESEARCH 2010-11-15
Complex eco building technology for creating healthy, safe and comfortable living quarters Hungary OFFER 2011-10-19
Rapid Assessment of Marine Pollution (RAMP) United Kingdom OFFER 2012-08-28
PS FP7 - Recovery of Phosphorous from Sewage Austria RESEARCH 2010-11-05
PS: FP7-SME-2011 BSG: Deformation Monitoring using High Resolution Terrestrial Long Range Sensing Austria RESEARCH 2011-03-11
Emptying equipment of marine septic holding tanks Sweden OFFER 2010-10-26
Electric boat charged by solar panels Sweden OFFER 2010-10-25
Ultrasonic activator applicable in water disinfection and water treatment Bulgaria OFFER 2012-10-28
Wind towers innovative design technology Italy OFFER 2011-05-04
Gas filtration technology with integrated variation of key medium parameters (temperature, humidity, gas composition) Russia OFFER 2011-12-09
Pollutants and compounds identification, measurement and analysis applied to environment and industrial risks. France OFFER 2012-03-07
PS: FP7- Radio Frequency secure and resistant System for Tools Localization In Fire Engines Spain RESEARCH 2010-10-22
PS- FP7- ENV: Trans European Drought Vulnerability Reduction and Early Preparedness System – TREVERIS Spain RESEARCH 2010-10-22
Web application to make your supermarket purchasing more sustainable. Spain OFFER 2011-09-13
PS FP7: Research for SMEs - Control of Off-flavours in Aquacultures Denmark RESEARCH 2010-11-01
Plant based surfactants, solvents and speciality products for cleaning and bioremediation United Kingdom OFFER 2011-11-02
Air filtration technology integrated with cooling and heating system Turkey OFFER 2012-09-13
A Low-power, accurate electronic nose USA OFFER 2010-10-20
Personal protective equipment to reduce noise with acoustic filter France OFFER 2010-10-19
FP7 PARTNERS - are sought for the development of a sophisticated security product to detect the presence of illicitly obtained nuclear materials United Kingdom REQUEST 2010-10-19
Process and system for realizing composite materials Italy OFFER 2010-10-18
Water disinfection equipment involving the simultaneous action of the ultraviolet and ultrasound Slovak Republic OFFER 2011-09-29
Air filtration equipment for laser smoke Germany OFFER 2012-08-17
Natural panel for thermal insulation realized from Opuntia Ficus Indica plant Italy OFFER 2011-05-04
Treatment of piped odours by bioscrubbing France OFFER 2011-09-09
Ecologically stable and mobile system for fire extinguishing in closed spaces Croatia OFFER 2012-09-21
PS: FP7 - Enhancing sustainable transport policy-making by addressing both technical and non-technical barriers (TRANSCEND) Bulgaria RESEARCH 2010-10-12
Waste water treatment using new electroplating procedure Lithuania OFFER 2010-10-08
Sewage sludge drying based on a spiral conveyor Germany OFFER 2011-09-30
Method to obtain antifreeze fluids and brake fluids for automobiles Romania OFFER 2012-12-13
New bioelectric power station Poland OFFER 2010-10-07
Innovative automated technology for sludge dewatering in small and medium communal and industrial sewage-treatment plants Poland OFFER 2011-10-07
New nanostructured material for the adsorption of organic pollutants in water Spain OFFER 2011-02-18
Low cost Olive Oil Wastewater treatment Italy REQUEST 2010-10-05
Innovative CAD/CAM software for projecting, CAD visualisation and creating CAM machine programming dedicated to production of individualised monolithic sewage well bases Poland REQUEST 2011-03-01
PS-FP7: Utilisation of Brewers Spent Grain as a fish meal replacement in fish feeds Greece RESEARCH 2010-10-04
Novel heat exchanger which requires no power and can be used for heating and cooling systems United Kingdom OFFER 2012-05-10
Module technology for purification of landfills lecheates Poland OFFER 2010-10-01
Know-how, expertise, research and services to optimize waste management and recycling processes Germany OFFER 2012-08-07
Manufacture of flexible signboard supporting columns, using fiber-reinforced composite method Hungary OFFER 2012-05-24
Technology for forecasting flash floods, mapping and monitoring of flash flood-prone watersheds Hungary OFFER 2012-05-24
Pig Manure Treatment throughout Anaerobic Digestion for Biogas production Spain OFFER 2010-09-29
Waste testing equipment Poland REQUEST 2010-09-29
Free-cost software tool for the environmental assessment of Energy-using products based on Life Cycle Assessment Spain OFFER 2010-09-28
UV crop protection, protecting crops against disease without fungicides. Netherlands OFFER 2010-09-24
Data-driven modelling of Reverse Osmosis process performance Spain OFFER 2011-09-13
New modular compact technology of drinking water purification from harmful organic and inorganic substances Serbia OFFER 2012-07-13
PS FP7 - Biomass valorization with the development of cost-effective hybrid adsorbents for the efficient removal of mixtures of toxic compounds from water (HYBRID-SORBENT) Greece RESEARCH 2010-09-23
New Technology of Depolymerization for Recycling of PET Bottles Czech Republic OFFER 2013-01-22
Integral Tool to reduce energy consumption in singular buildings and industries Spain OFFER 2011-09-27
URGENT: PS FP7 NMP: Looking for a SME that manufactures chemical analytical equipment for nanoparticles quantification Spain REQUEST 2010-09-22
Diesel bio-fuel and efficient process to obtaining it Romania OFFER 2013-03-13
System of pointed temperature measurement of mechanical devices Poland OFFER 2011-09-05
PS FP7: FP7 consortium seeks a university, research institute or commercial company currently involved in the development of controls and sensors for Energy Efficient Buildings. United Kingdom RESEARCH 2010-09-21
Certifiable nanospecific risk management and risk monitoring system for nanotechnologies Switzerland OFFER 2011-09-08
Technological line dedicated to production of individualised monolithic sewage well bases Poland REQUEST 2011-03-01
Biodegradable flower pots, based on residue from forestry Norway REQUEST 2010-09-20
Device for electrochemical purification of water and industrial waste water Serbia OFFER 2012-11-06
An integrated service to measure and minimise the impacts of air pollution and airborne contaminants on air quality in buildings United Kingdom OFFER 2010-09-21
A cell based system for rapid detection and quantification of genotoxicity Slovenia OFFER 2013-02-18
Compact cabinet X-ray (CCX) systems for mailroom-screening, baggage screening and other security applications United Kingdom OFFER 2010-09-13
New generation of cost-efficient air surveillance Germany OFFER 2010-09-10
Energy saving sand/gravel & metal washing and separation technology for the construction & recycling industry Germany OFFER 2012-08-08
New ultrafiltration system with integrated chlorine dioxide water disinfection Germany OFFER 2011-08-03
Recycling line for used oil filters Slovak Republic OFFER 2012-08-13
New catalytic adsorption procedure removing phenols from waste waters Spain OFFER 2010-09-10
PS-FP7-Extensive Green Roofs in European Countries Spain RESEARCH 2011-02-18
PS-FP7-Reuse and recycling of construction and demolition waste for pavement construction Spain RESEARCH 2011-02-18
Novel waste management process United Kingdom OFFER 2010-09-09
PS-FP7 ALGADISK - Novel algae-based solution for CO2 capture and biomass production Hungary RESEARCH 2010-09-09
Technology of rotomoulding for production of PE tanks and wastewater treatment systemsPoland OFFER 2013-06-03
Biologic inductor of enzyme laccase Spain OFFER 2011-04-26
Culture medium from dry olive mill residue Spain OFFER 2011-05-04
Rapid soil safety tester incorporating GPS system United Kingdom OFFER 2010-10-23
Heating system for screen washer using the residual heat of the car engine Slovak Republic OFFER 2012-08-07
PS - Eureka - Real Time Management Systems to improve community water supply networks Spain RESEARCH 2010-09-06
Novel technology to predict iron clogging in water and hydraulic systems Germany OFFER 2012-08-07
Taxonomic identification of biological indicators of the Water Framework Directive Spain OFFER 2010-09-02
Innovative window blinds accumulating heat - for an even room temperature Sweden OFFER 2010-09-23
High tech fire protection system for storage tanks and oil tankers Hungary OFFER 2010-08-31
Inexpensive Arsenic Removal for Water Sanitization USA OFFER 2010-08-31
PS EUROSTARS: Analysis of market potential and preparation of market launch of solid biomass pellets produced from biogas plant residues Austria RESEARCH 2010-08-30
New digital underwater inspection devices for multiple applications Greece OFFER 2012-10-31
Delivery of reagents for water treatment Bulgaria OFFER 2010-08-24
Selective Electro Dialysis (SED) for nitrate removal from ground water- unique and proven Nitrate removal solution for potable water for municipalities Israel OFFER 2012-12-31
Know-how and custom-solutions in hyperspectral / geophysical surveys and environmental spectroscopy Croatia OFFER 2010-08-24
Highly Selective & Sensitive Laser Heterodyne Radiometer for Spectral Atmospheric Gas analysis United Kingdom OFFER 2010-08-23
New applications for biodegradable material used in golf tees. Sweden OFFER 2010-08-23
Fuel refiner additive, destined to petrol and diesel engines, for the best working of fuel feeding system and decreasing of fuel consumption. Poland OFFER 2010-08-23
A patented debris filter for drainpipes and rain water guttering systems across Europe which eliminates blockages and harvests filtered rainwater. United Kingdom OFFER 2010-08-23
Sampling and analyses of sea, surface and waste waters Bulgaria OFFER 2010-08-23
Technology for recycling dry and button batteries is sought Poland REQUEST 2010-08-23
Investigation and selection of a technological scheme, design and delivery of drinking and waste water treatment equipment Bulgaria OFFER 2010-08-23
Poison-resistant electrochemical PPM oxygen gas analyzer United Kingdom OFFER 2012-07-30
High efficiency heating and cooling for domestic and transport applications United Kingdom OFFER 2010-10-22
Bespoke flood protection system for domestic, commercial and public buildings United Kingdom OFFER 2010-10-20
`Artificial trees`: a novel device combining solar and wind energy generation United Kingdom OFFER 2012-01-31
Ultra low power processor cores for control and digital signal processing (DSP) type applications Switzerland OFFER 2010-08-20
ESA: SAR Workbench (SWB), a multi-mission EO data handling tool Netherlands OFFER 2011-02-09
Cleaning process for potable water tanksUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-05-28
Floating Bubble Aerator for water treatment Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-21
Design, build and management of anaerobic digestion plant United Kingdom OFFER 2010-08-19
Highly reliable and low carbon footprint biofuel from used vegetable oils United Kingdom OFFER 2012-05-30
Thermal dissipation compound for applications in electronics France OFFER 2010-08-18
Process and system for monitoring and controlling beehives France OFFER 2010-08-18
Green and high-performance fireproof barrier France OFFER 2011-07-29
Solar Powered Irrigation System Turkey OFFER 2013-02-19
A universal safety grid to protect people working in and around open man-ways, manholes and wet wells across Europe. United Kingdom OFFER 2010-08-17
Ingredients and/or packaging solutions to control odor of extruded food product Belgium REQUEST 2011-08-05
Biodegradable and/or sustainable razor handle Belgium REQUEST 2010-08-17
Simple and inexpensive analytical technique to identify fecal odors Belgium REQUEST 2011-07-21
Innovative Chemical Imaging Systems for the improved detection of chemical constituentsAustria OFFER 2013-04-29
Paper/pulp material with outstanding properties - flame retardant, hydrophobic, highly stable and environmentally friendly - for industrial applications Germany OFFER 2012-12-17
Straw house building technology, for building of houses of high standard from natural materials Hungary OFFER 2010-08-06
Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor - Low cost wastewater treatment Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-21
Membrane Filtration - Sustainable cost reducing solution for the industry Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-21
Biological purification unit for domestic waste water treatment, operating without electricity Netherlands OFFER 2012-12-19
Microorganisms composition for wastewater Poland OFFER 2012-07-04
Sedimentation installation for process water purification Netherlands OFFER 2012-12-19
Glass reinforced plastics (GRP) liners for renovation of sewage systems with UV light or steam curing Germany OFFER 2013-03-18
Product to protect rubbish bin bags from birds attacks United Kingdom OFFER 2010-08-05
A flexible system for cleaning water polluted by oil and fat. Norway OFFER 2010-08-05
PS - FP7 BIOREMED - Enhanced, Fast In-situ Bioremediation Hungary RESEARCH 2010-11-10
Oil Spill Recovery VesselFinland OFFER 2013-06-14
50nm true nano-emulsion cosmetic cream Korea OFFER 2010-08-09
Solutions for energy production from dried sludge and port waste Lithuania REQUEST 2010-08-04
PS EUROSTARS: Increasing the added-value of biogas residues Austria RESEARCH 2010-08-04
Innovative technologies for commercial car wash installations Belgium REQUEST 2011-08-05
Regional Water Information Management Network Italy OFFER 2010-08-03
Renewable materials to replace petroleum-derived materials Belgium REQUEST 2010-08-03
Technology for the treatment of domestic and well degradable wastewater Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-21
Earth Observation technology for precision viniculture Italy OFFER 2010-08-02
Recovery of solid waste from sewer networks Spain REQUEST 2010-08-02
Low Noise Vacuum Pumps for Small Consumer Products USA REQUEST 2010-08-02
Novel process for treating radioactive graphite waste United Kingdom OFFER 2010-08-02
Unique anti-counterfeit product safety tag system Germany OFFER 2011-02-03
Nano sized safe materials for Cosmetics and Other Industry Turkey OFFER 2012-07-02
Scrap Tire Pyrolysis System Turkey REQUEST 2012-07-27
Selective Electro Dialysis (SED) for nitrate removal from ground water- unique and proven Nitrate removal solution for potable water for municipalities Israel OFFER 2012-08-22
Process for obtaining ashes of cake of alum Romania OFFER 2012-07-26
Mobile phone & electronic waste lifecycle management methodology United Kingdom OFFER 2010-07-26
Technical expertises in nuclear energy field France OFFER 2011-12-06
PS: FPT- KBBE.1.2-05: Root signalling, growth and development under abiotic stress conditions Spain RESEARCH 2012-06-26
PS: FP7 - KBBE.1.2-07: Preserving the multifunctionality of European Mountain forests Spain RESEARCH 2012-06-26
High-speed, high-efficiency cleaning of flat surfaces United Kingdom OFFER 2012-05-30
Continuous UVC sterilization of HPLC buffer solutions United Kingdom OFFER 2010-09-28
Drowsiness warning system / dead man function for crane and machine operators Netherlands REQUEST 2010-07-23
Profitable recycling of aluminium-laminate packaging United Kingdom OFFER 2010-07-23
Atmospheric measurements based on light detection and ranging system Poland OFFER 2010-07-23
Device for limiting dust emision from disc and drum brake system Poland OFFER 2010-07-23
Wireless Magnetic Switch For Energy SavingTurkey OFFER 2013-05-29
Process for the elimination of iron and steelmaking wastes with zinc allowing metals recovering Spain OFFER 2010-12-17
Telematic network for supervision of multiple parameters in real time from a Website Spain OFFER 2012-12-07
Sustainable, low-cost packaging options that deliver a superior product experience in low-income markets Belgium REQUEST 2010-07-19
A portable compactor that crushes multiple bottles or tins in four seconds United Kingdom OFFER 2011-06-30
Know-how on applications of natural zeolite in industry Turkey OFFER 2012-12-17
NiO/Al2O3 oxygen carriers suitable for processes for obtaining synthesis gas and hydrogen with CO2 capture. Spain OFFER 2010-07-16
New safety vertical road sign system Spain OFFER 2011-02-18
Air dust filter with electrostatic precipitator (PM 10 and PM 2.5) Korea OFFER 2010-08-26
Ex-Proof Gas Measurement and Alarm System Turkey OFFER 2011-06-01
Energy Saving With Wireless Heating And Cooling Systems Turkey OFFER 2012-06-04
Dual Carbon monoxide and Gas Alarm SystemsTurkey OFFER 2013-05-21
Carbonation of alkaline paper mill waste to reduce carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere Spain OFFER 2010-07-09
Use of sequential extraction procedure for assessing the environmental impact at regional scale of mining wastes Spain OFFER 2010-07-09
Method for the risk assesment related to the possible collapse of tailings dams Spain OFFER 2010-07-09
Used Oil Elimination By An Oxidation Process With Energy Recovery Spain OFFER 2010-07-08
Technical collaboration for the development of an electric arc burner for the disposal of hydrocarbon polluted liquids Italy REQUEST 2010-07-08
Cable protector for offshore wind turbines Netherlands OFFER 2011-10-25
Fast Detection of Microbial Contamination USA REQUEST 2010-07-06
Analyzing and testing equipment for membranes in laboratoria and field application Netherlands OFFER 2011-12-08
A hydraulic flow modulation device that sustainably manages water pressure and subsequently reduces water consumption, leakage and burst pipes within water distribution networks and Commercial/Private estates United Kingdom OFFER 2010-07-05
Safety device for snowboards Italy OFFER 2010-07-02
Magnetic fields Safety System Italy OFFER 2010-07-02
Dynamics of contaminants in phosphogypsum of the fertilizer industry Spain OFFER 2010-07-02
Recognition Sensors USA REQUEST 2010-07-02
Long-lasting Antifouling Technology USA REQUEST 2010-07-01
Vertical axis turbine for micro wind engines Italy OFFER 2010-07-01
Seeking Recycling or Biogas Production Technologies for Coated Cardboard Packaging Israel REQUEST 2010-07-01
Automatic Bicycle Cleaning Machine Israel OFFER 2010-07-01
Traceability system for Sustainable Forest Management. Italy REQUEST 2010-07-01
Biological remediation method for contaminated soils Finland OFFER 2010-06-30
Catalyze of toxic chemical compound`s decomposition by Ni3Al based thin foiols Poland OFFER 2010-06-30
Wind powered system for coastal nourishment Italy OFFER 2010-06-30
Bio-remediation end point detector United Kingdom OFFER 2011-06-08
Technology to neutralize and destroy odours. Poland OFFER 2010-06-28
Olive-husk as amendment of soils polluted with naphthalene. Spain OFFER 2011-05-05
Water treatment technology for recycling parboiling rice production wastewater. Spain REQUEST 2010-07-26
Carbon footprint assessment of products, processes and/or services based on Life Cycle Analysis Spain OFFER 2011-09-13
Passive Directional Air Sampler. United Kingdom OFFER 2011-05-26
Know-how and expertise related to optimal, multipurpose use of underground levels of public facilities Bulgaria OFFER 2010-06-25
Novel Detection & Characterisation System for Buried Gamma-emitting radioactive sources United Kingdom OFFER 2011-05-25
Rapid method for detection of E. coli. Latvia OFFER 2010-06-25
An innovative technology for weir constructions. Poland OFFER 2011-07-08
A plant capable of reclaiming land from chemical and bacteriological agents. Italy OFFER 2010-06-25
Novel inline ‘green’ pressure reduction valve United Kingdom OFFER 2011-05-24
Technology For Mass Production Of Micro Ion-Selective Electrode (ISE) Arrays Turkey OFFER 2011-05-18
Technologies and machinery for recycling of different types of waste Latvia REQUEST 2010-06-23
A Land Evaluation Decision Support System for Agricultural Soil Protection Spain OFFER 2012-12-07
A new water and oil separation system. Poland OFFER 2012-01-25
An Innovative Intake Screen for Water Supply Systems Turkey OFFER 2012-07-19
Biodegradable, styrofoam lunchboxes for hot food delivery Poland REQUEST 2010-06-22
New method of producing chlorophacinone as rodenticide Germany OFFER 2012-08-01
Urgent PS: Hydroelectric Energy Project Italy REQUEST 2010-06-16
Bio- and chemical sensors for detection of disease markers, bacteria, DNA, and toxins. Sweden OFFER 2012-04-26
Technology for glass or plexiglas ready-to-assemble sets with inbuilt LED lighting and light emitting image decoration Bulgaria OFFER 2010-06-15
Partners Required to Develop Anaerobic Digestion Capability United Kingdom REQUEST 2010-06-11
Pulsed combustion burner technology Netherlands OFFER 2010-06-11
Disruptive innovation for sustainable management infrastructures made of concrete France OFFER 2010-06-11
Removal of Trace Contaminants from Water USA REQUEST 2010-06-11
Solar-powered stand-alone outdoor lighting systems Spain OFFER 2010-06-11
A vehicle arresting system Netherlands OFFER 2010-07-29
Industrial management and sustainable energetic partnership on piping, water & ICT Italy REQUEST 2012-02-02
Innovative water treatment purification technology based on capacity deionization. Italy OFFER 2010-12-20
Method for collection and refining of locally sourced used cooking oil to produce biodiesel United Kingdom OFFER 2012-01-31
Automatic post security technology Spain OFFER 2010-06-11
A Novel large dimension radiation detector United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-05-23
Technologies for sewage and waste waters United Kingdom REQUEST 2010-06-11
Ultra compact double-focusing mass spectrometer Germany OFFER 2011-10-17
Cost effective analysis and cleanup of loading and dangerous substances around hazardous good containers in just one device Germany OFFER 2011-05-18
Wastewater Recycle/Reuse System for Textile Dying Process Turkey REQUEST 2012-07-19
Portable smoke leak detector Sweden OFFER 2010-05-26
Original alarm method and electronic antitheft devices with multiple applicationsRomania OFFER 2013-04-29
Energy-efficient composting systems available directly from technology supplier with years of international experience Ireland OFFER 2010-05-21
Technology for obtaining multicomponent fertilizers Poland OFFER 2010-05-21
Exhaust and filter systems for the separation of oil and emulsion mists Germany OFFER 2012-08-17
Enhanced visco-elastic film for fast, biochemical supported monitoring of air quality Germany OFFER 2010-05-20
Innovative process of waste solvents recycling Poland OFFER 2010-05-19
Novel contamination detection and quality monitoring system potentially applicable in clean water and waste water management United Kingdom OFFER 2010-05-17
Innovative Energy Accumulator based on Gravitational Energy Use Spain OFFER 2011-02-18
Industrial Water Effluent Discharge Technologies USA REQUEST 2010-05-17
Industrial Water Filtration Systems USA REQUEST 2010-05-17
Industrial-scale Reverse Osmosis and Alternatives USA REQUEST 2010-05-17
Innovative solution for solidifying liquid hydrocarbon pollution into a dry rubber like mass United Kingdom OFFER 2012-01-31
High-performance insulation solutions for high temperature applications Belgium OFFER 2012-02-03
Grape Seed Separation Device for Grape Pulp Valorization Turkey REQUEST 2012-07-19
Unmanned rescue vehicle Poland OFFER 2010-05-12
Lime based products for flue gas cleaning Germany OFFER 2012-03-29
Technology for converting mixed plastic waste to fuel United Kingdom OFFER 2012-04-23
Innovative fluid leak detection system Poland OFFER 2011-04-19
Lead–free paints/colours for ceramic tiles and glass decoration Poland OFFER 2010-05-11
A Fleet Management solution to monitor one`s vehicle fleet Italy OFFER 2011-10-18
New methods and technologies of deodorization in industrial production, agricultural and public utilities Poland OFFER 2010-05-11
Dewatering of anaerobically stabilized sludge on reed beds Poland OFFER 2010-05-11
Technology for separating and reusing of Fe2O3, Al2O3 and TiO2 elements contained in aluminium slurries Spain REQUEST 2010-05-10
Aquaculture waste-water treatment system Italy OFFER 2010-05-10
Hydrosolubilisation of plant essential oils in water France OFFER 2011-04-22
Manufacturing of composite materials based on used coffee grounds United Kingdom REQUEST 2010-06-17
Bio-Waste treatment Italy REQUEST 2010-05-07
Cleaning technology for polluted bleed-air used for aircraft cabin pressurization Netherlands REQUEST 2010-08-04
Used tyre recycling to produce compressed tyre bales with applications in civil engineering projects United Kingdom OFFER 2011-03-21
Used coffee grounds as raw materials for biocomposites and other applications United Kingdom OFFER 2010-06-17
A method for catalysts production for environment protection by using catalytic removal of NOx and N2O emissions Poland OFFER 2011-05-04
Abrasive sludge mobile filter installation for grinding and polishing of stone or concrete floors Netherlands REQUEST 2010-05-06
Fire extinguishing shot for handling hard-to-access or inaccessible fire outbreaks Bulgaria OFFER 2010-05-06
Analysis of priority and emerging pollutants in the environment and in depuration treatments Spain OFFER 2010-05-06
Flag pole with sustainable and long life banner system Netherlands OFFER 2011-04-13
Smart Management of Industrial Waste for Co2 Sequestration Spain OFFER 2011-02-18
Recycled glass abrasive de-burring medium for surface finishing of mass produced goods United Kingdom OFFER 2011-12-01
New airborne technology to detect explosives on the ground Germany OFFER 2011-05-18
Multi construction system compatible, interconnector and panels United Kingdom OFFER 2012-01-31
Technology for production of modular system for drinking water treatment installation Bulgaria OFFER 2010-05-04
Autonomous Fiber Optic Rotational Seismograph Poland OFFER 2010-05-03
Recovery of polyphenols from olive oil mill wastewater Italy REQUEST 2010-04-30
Turnkey solutions for waste sorting and recycling installationsBelgium OFFER 2013-06-10
Biosolvents and bio-based surfactant used for production part cleaning France REQUEST 2010-04-30
High-performance system to automatically monitor and inventory fish species for preserving biodiversity Belgium OFFER 2010-04-30
Hazardous waste incinerator meeting EU emission limits Czech Republic OFFER 2012-03-19
An integrated technology tool for the management of pipelines United Kingdom OFFER 2012-01-31
New concept of waste management Croatia OFFER 2012-03-19
Distributed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) United Kingdom OFFER 2010-04-28
Improving Dispersion of Powders into Aqueous Systems USA REQUEST 2010-04-27
Flood Water Blocking Barrier System Turkey OFFER 2011-08-24
Elimination of liquid mercury inside a polymeric concrete optimum for building industry Spain OFFER 2012-01-09
Heat energy production in exothermic process of biomass utilization including sewage sediments Poland OFFER 2010-04-26
Integrated ground methods for archaeological prospections (IGMAP) Italy OFFER 2013-02-28
Satellite remote sensing for archaeologyItaly OFFER 2013-04-11
Multicomponent granular fertilizers with mineral share Poland OFFER 2010-04-26
Technical solution for the technological optimisation of the burning-off of paraffin (stearin) Germany REQUEST 2012-08-30
Crop cleaning equipment with auxiliary airflow Hungary OFFER 2012-07-04
New process for utilizing grape marc and vinasse in a two-phase composting procedure Hungary OFFER 2011-03-30
Know-how and expertise in seawater and brackish water desalination powered by renewables Germany OFFER 2010-04-26
Process to use organic rich waste water from the food industry for energy recovery purposes Germany OFFER 2010-11-02
Innovative filtration system, purifying gases, dusts and particles sourced from fossil fuels Turkey OFFER 2013-03-19
Fuel cell technology for stationary, distributed generation, waste-to-energy, mobile and maritime applications United Kingdom OFFER 2012-01-31
Highly innovative photocatalytic paints with self-cleaning properties Poland OFFER 2013-02-15
Mobile Pump for Wastewater Management Sector United Kingdom OFFER 2010-04-22
Enzymatic test kit for detection of microcystins (MCs) in water Spain OFFER 2010-04-21
Technical testing and adaptation of waste-water treatment plants Lithuania REQUEST 2010-04-21
Integrated environmental remediation of secondary lead refineries Slovenia OFFER 2010-04-21
Enhanced Wood Fuels Via Torrefaction United Kingdom OFFER 2011-04-21
A new green chemistry process for the synthesis of estersFrance OFFER 2013-06-07
Modern technology of regeneration of polluted hydraulic oil. Poland REQUEST 2012-03-13
Photovoltaic elements for big and special surfaces Romania REQUEST 2011-03-30
Method for biodiesel production from fats and oils Czech Republic OFFER 2011-10-04
Alternatives to Formaldehyde USA REQUEST 2010-04-16
Active drainage filter for efficient separation of particles from gas streams Austria OFFER 2011-11-17
Corn by-product recovery from the industrial processing technology Hungary OFFER 2013-02-18
Technologies for the reduction of fine particulate emissions from wood combustion Germany OFFER 2010-04-15
Exploitation of liquid hazardous waste which contains paraffin and its derivatives, extraction of volatile organic compounds Hungary OFFER 2013-02-18
Innovative waste water treatment plant Slovak Republic OFFER 2011-07-01
Catalyst for the reduction of nitrogen oxides in exhaust gas Italy OFFER 2011-03-08
Technology for determination of formaldehyde emissions Italy OFFER 2010-04-15
Precast mini-plant with both standard and bi-functional photovoltaic panels Italy OFFER 2010-04-15
UV air filtration and disinfection system for a hospital food production site Poland REQUEST 2010-04-14
A technology based on mobile components to measure the velocity, some depth below water surface, in rivers with non touch devices Italy REQUEST 2010-04-13
Integrated chemical sensors based on carbon nanotubes for mobile devices Russia OFFER 2013-03-04
High Pressure Fuel Pump for Common Rail type storage cell fuel systems Russia OFFER 2011-03-23
A Easy Mouldable Boron Carbide Product for Armour & Balistic Protection Applications United Kingdom OFFER 2011-04-21
New procedure for recycling industrial sludge in the vegetable oil industry Hungary OFFER 2013-01-21
Recycling Unit to recover valuable materials from 0.5 million tons of steel dust produced annually Egypt REQUEST 2010-03-26
Pyrolysis of products containing hydrocarbons Germany OFFER 2012-08-01
Technology for the treatment of mechanically, organically and/or biologically contaminated water Germany REQUEST 2010-03-26
Early Warning Detection System for the early detection of exothermic runaway reactions Belgium OFFER 2011-10-10
Innovative dosing table / suction screens - enhances safety in laboratories Denmark OFFER 2011-04-07
Frying treatment of sludge France OFFER 2011-07-29
Look-Ahead Detection of CO2 Concentration in Mine Tunnels USA REQUEST 2010-03-25
Anticipative expert maintenance systems USA REQUEST 2010-03-25
Polypropylene Cellulose Composite With Textile Fibres. Turkey OFFER 2012-01-23
Seeking new nanotechnology membrane materials to reduce membrane fouling Spain REQUEST 2010-10-26
Radioactive wastes carbonization Russia OFFER 2010-03-23
Technology for evaluation of oil spills impact on sea waters by detecting changes in the microbial biodiversity Russia OFFER 2010-10-25
Technology of bioremediation of soil contaminated with persistent organic pollutants Russia OFFER 2010-10-25
Individual protection module - anti earthquakes, anti tornadoes, anti terrorist Romania OFFER 2010-03-19
Special desk intended for students/teachers protection anti earthquakes, anti tornadoes and anti terrorist Romania OFFER 2010-03-19
Patented novel quality sorting for especially tumbled paving products Denmark OFFER 2011-04-07
Biomembranes for wastewater treatment Spain OFFER 2012-01-13
Recycling of composites (natural, glass or carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastics) into new products Germany OFFER 2010-06-25
Green Chemistry Partners USA REQUEST 2010-03-16
Automatic acquisition and conservation of liquid samples by sequential freezing in a single recipient Spain OFFER 2011-02-03
PS COST: Intensive cultivation of micro- and macro-algae for the production of bioplastics Greece RESEARCH 2010-03-15
Optimised technology for oil spill control and cleaningDenmark OFFER 2013-06-04
A new mixed treeshelter for use in forestry, agriculture and gardening Spain OFFER 2012-12-07
Technology to select adequate fitting when transporting agressive chemical components is sought Poland REQUEST 2011-09-14
Stabilisation tool for rescue efforts in vehicle accidents – Cars and heavy vehicles Sweden OFFER 2011-12-21
Audio-visual surveillance system for industrial facilities and restricted areas such as nuclear power plants, air ports etc. Sweden OFFER 2010-04-14
Non-toxic, Non-corrosive, Biodegradeable Paint and Varnish Remover United Kingdom OFFER 2010-03-09
Determining groundwater age and origin for environmental studies France OFFER 2010-03-08
Harmonic Pulse Power Supply - highly efficient, tiny substitute of switching power supplies Czech Republic OFFER 2010-03-08
Removing Carbone Dioxide from Methane Fermentation Gas Streams USA REQUEST 2010-03-08
Preventing Microbial Degradation USA REQUEST 2010-03-08
CO2 Sensors with Low Power Consumption USA REQUEST 2010-03-08
Protection system against electric discharges Spain OFFER 2013-01-04
Low cost autonomous device for plant irrigation and protection Spain OFFER 2013-01-04
Protective and life-saving ice set (version 2) Poland OFFER 2012-01-31
Intensification of biochemical transformations inside waste tip Poland OFFER 2010-03-03
Technology for the full mineralization of solid and semi - solid organic waste in pyrolysis process Poland OFFER 2013-01-24
Ammonia scrubbing technology for ammonium nitrate solutions Israel REQUEST 2011-04-17
New process on the utilization of hydrocarbon contaminated soils and organic waste Hungary OFFER 2013-01-23
Separating and utilizing methane gas from the outtake air flow of underground mines Hungary REQUEST 2011-04-04
Utilization of residual ash of biomass firing at powerplants for soil-amelioration and mineral enrichment Hungary OFFER 2011-04-04
Novel textile demineralization technology for the sustainable restoration and reconstruction of masonry in buildings Germany OFFER 2012-08-28
Energy Efficient Asphalt Plants Turkey REQUEST 2013-02-15
Hydrogen storage systems to generate electricity Turkey REQUEST 2013-02-15
A manure treatment system to produce water of drinking quality Netherlands OFFER 2010-02-24
A Biological system for the combined treatment of wastewaters and off-gases from food industries Netherlands OFFER 2010-02-24
Technology for the reduction of copper contamination by 90% in ferrous metal scrap Netherlands OFFER 2010-02-24
A methodology and a computer-aided system for designing integrated processing complexes for purification of drinking water, recycled and waste water Russia OFFER 2010-02-24
Device for inspection difficult to reach places Poland OFFER 2010-02-24
Production of substrates and organic fertilizers Spain OFFER 2012-12-26
System for the decontamination of organic residues Spain OFFER 2012-12-26
Product blocking the formation of mineral deposits for water treatment Spain OFFER 2010-02-23
Protection of workers from injury due to falling objects Ireland OFFER 2011-06-28
Ecologic solvent designed to substitute classic petrochemical solventsRomania OFFER 2013-05-16
Biological air treatment Denmark OFFER 2010-09-14
Safety and toxicity tests to textile industry Finland OFFER 2010-12-07
Mobile filter product-line with the optimisation of the content of the filtered solid material Hungary OFFER 2012-05-24
Simulation software for pedestrian flow, evacuation, and optimization of building layout Germany OFFER 2012-01-31
Modular System on pedestals for Green roofs and sky gardenBelgium OFFER 2013-05-24
Ecological process of horizontal drilling for small spaces and trenchless works France OFFER 2010-02-17
Bioresponsive Nanoparticle Aggregates with medical, environmental and security applications United Kingdom OFFER 2011-01-18
ACH – polymerized polyaluminum chloride with max. 50 ppm of iron Poland OFFER 2010-02-16
Intelligent monitoring systems based on sensor networks with defence, security and domotics applications Spain OFFER 2012-01-13
Novel hybrid-filtration technology for chemical / biological desulphurisation of biogas Germany OFFER 2011-01-17
Daylight simulator for realistic sky conditions inside model rooms Germany OFFER 2010-02-15
Automatic production of 3D Cartography of urban areas enriched by bulding heights Italy OFFER 2011-10-18
System of sorting alloyed aluminium wastes according to chemical analysis criterion Poland REQUEST 2010-02-11
Full scale Hydro-Geological evaluation software based on a novel mathematical approach to Hydraulic data from a single pumping well Israel OFFER 2011-01-23
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Generator Greece OFFER 2011-04-19
Real world arsenic detection United Kingdom OFFER 2011-01-12
Methanol Fuel Cell Power Generator Greece OFFER 2011-04-19
Integration of renewable energy within mobile water treatment plants Italy REQUEST 2010-02-08
Remote systems monitoring and tele-surveillance Italy OFFER 2010-02-08
Gas Fuel Cell Power Generator Greece OFFER 2011-04-19
Neutralisation and Disinfection Systems for Medical Wastes Turkey REQUEST 2013-02-15
Biological reactor for wastewater treatment in anaerobic system Poland OFFER 2010-02-05
Biological reactor for wastewater treatment in anaerobic - aerobic system Poland OFFER 2010-02-05
Intelligent building automation system Czech Republic OFFER 2010-02-04
Industrial company wants to find a suitable product through technology transfer Finland REQUEST 2010-04-13
Effective decontamination of catchment areas and restoration of water bodies Germany OFFER 2012-10-29
Upgrading primary treatment at sewage treatment plant with micro-flotation technology Germany OFFER 2012-10-29
The technology of production the phosphoric acid from waste liquid Poland OFFER 2010-12-23
Services for taste research, novel food development and chemical analyses Germany OFFER 2012-12-19
Intelligent traffic analysis software based on historical traffic data from GPS receivers Netherlands OFFER 2011-11-17
Sealing Device and Method for Sealing Belgium OFFER 2011-10-10
Sensory joining systems for multiple unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to obtain information Spain OFFER 2011-02-03
Desulphurization process for low medium rank coal Italy OFFER 2013-02-11
Wastewater treatment technology with biological filter method using microwave electromagnetic radiation Poland OFFER 2010-01-27
Telemetry harness for automatic and online wireless monitoring of vital signs Hungary OFFER 2010-01-27
Methodology for developing gauges, experiment and expertise for manufacturing special, rock physics laboratory instruments Hungary OFFER 2012-05-24
Chemical-free water disinfection and optimization in buildings Germany OFFER 2010-01-24
New shredding line for light mixed scrap, e.g. from electronic waste Germany OFFER 2012-10-16
Materials / glass separation for windows & doors recycling France REQUEST 2010-01-22
Cleaning technology for plastic packaging spoiled with dirty / dangerous matters France REQUEST 2010-01-22
Protective and life-saving ice set (version 1) Poland OFFER 2012-01-31
Technology of soil cleaning from oil contaminations Russia OFFER 2010-01-20
Remote environmental monitoring with wireless integrated solutions Switzerland OFFER 2010-01-20
Flood barrier system design United Kingdom OFFER 2011-12-02
Reliable fall monitoring Ireland OFFER 2011-11-17
Preventing Petroleum Leakage By Light Foam Turkey OFFER 2012-02-23
Expertise in managing biting insect pests for livestock breeders, equestrian centres and leisure/tourism facilities United Kingdom OFFER 2010-01-13
A rapid, portable system of crushing fluorescent tubes on site United Kingdom OFFER 2011-05-16
A handheld infrared thermometer that helps combat Legionnaires disease United Kingdom OFFER 2011-05-16
Fertilisation technology with soil-nutrient bacteria to intensify growth and yield results of plants Hungary OFFER 2011-06-16
Energy control integral System Spain OFFER 2012-10-03
Acoustic sound barrier system for fishes and other animals Spain OFFER 2011-09-21
Bacteriological Products as a Natural Treatment for Environmental Applications United Kingdom OFFER 2010-01-08
Biogas plant for manure and/or organic biomass conversion with nutrient recovery and water treatment Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-20
Upgrading (cryogenic) of biogas to natural gas or LNG with CO2 utilisation Netherlands OFFER 2010-01-07
Technology for plastics recovery Poland REQUEST 2010-01-07
Soil bioremediation technologies based on a preparation with plant growth promoting rhizosphere bacteria Russia OFFER 2010-10-25
Microwave system for secret remote inspection of human body in real time Russia OFFER 2010-01-07
Innovative method for measuring groundwater flow Germany OFFER 2010-01-07
System for treatment of waste cables Poland REQUEST 2010-01-05
Wireless sensor unit for monitoring strength development of young concrete Netherlands OFFER 2010-01-05
PS FP7 - Inorganic arsenic from rice products in infant diets Spain RESEARCH 2010-01-22
Innovative eco -friendly solution for complete emptying of tin paints and chemical containers Poland OFFER 2010-01-04
Automatic biomass calibration in waste water treatment plants Spain OFFER 2010-06-23
Anti-flooding removable barrage: water-based flood defense technologyFrance OFFER 2013-06-17
Anti-Hailstone System Romania OFFER 2010-01-08
Protection method to rescue helicopters in case of crash Romania OFFER 2013-01-08
Theoretical and experimental research in photon-interacting quantum devices Romania REQUEST 2011-03-17
Tsunami Early-Warning System Belgium OFFER 2011-10-10
Innovative waste water treatment technologies Belgium REQUEST 2010-04-14
Natural and innovative fibers insulation kenaf specially designed for thermal and acoustic insulation of attics, roofs, walls, floors France OFFER 2011-02-28
Electro-kinetic converter with burning in cold plasmaRomania OFFER 2013-05-16
Chemical-free water treatment device Finland OFFER 2009-12-22
Environmentally safe heat and cold generating equipment based on vortex pipes Russia OFFER 2010-11-26
Financial and technical partner for dyke construction and flood protection prototype tests Germany REQUEST 2009-12-17
Fresh water module for district heating at lowest return temperatures Germany OFFER 2010-11-19
Technology for manufacturing bactericidal and biodegradable packaging materials Russia OFFER 2010-12-01
Innovative technology and installation for complete recycling of tires and rubber waste Poland OFFER 2011-03-10
Know how sought for utilization and re-use of used tires Israel REQUEST 2009-12-15
Innovative decentral biological sewage treatment system for domestic waste water Germany OFFER 2010-11-22
Partnership in energy efficient building design and Passive House technology Estonia OFFER 2010-11-16
Waste Water Control System Italy OFFER 2009-12-09
Battery cyclones installation for gas dedusting. Poland OFFER 2011-12-12
Waste Tires Recycling Plant Lithuania OFFER 2009-12-09
The technology process of utilization phoshorian and chromian waste. Poland OFFER 2010-11-15
Environmentally friendly, non-corrosive road de-icing agent produced from biofuel production waste Poland OFFER 2009-12-09
New generation of polyester polyols for polyurethane plastics manufacturing Poland OFFER 2009-12-08
Technology of high performance polymeric composites based on polycarbonate waste, mainly compact discs Poland OFFER 2009-12-08
Ecological peroxide-based technology of natural textiles bleaching Poland OFFER 2012-07-19
Biofiltering technology to filter stink from air Hungary OFFER 2011-10-19
New “Puncture-Proofing” Formulation Ireland OFFER 2009-12-07
Biomimetic technologies for water collection in challenging environments United Kingdom OFFER 2010-10-23
Determining and assessing the carbon footprint of industrial operations, broken down to constituent parts United Kingdom OFFER 2010-10-23
An Enclosed Bumper System to Provide Bedrail Protection for Brain Damaged Patients United Kingdom OFFER 2010-10-01
Solvent-free powder painting using IR radiators and UV hardening Poland OFFER 2012-08-16
Partner sought to adapt industrial laundering solution to home laundry Israel REQUEST 2009-12-02
An industrial system for production of Eco-Green liquid Solutions, as alternative to usual detergents & chemicals, with current application for laundry process Israel OFFER 2009-12-02
High efficiency aerosol filters for air purification Russia OFFER 2011-10-26
Microwave disinfection of medical wastes Russia OFFER 2009-12-01
Portable system for safe and secure, holding and moving of heavy and sensitive objects such as gas cylinders United Kingdom OFFER 2009-11-30
Threat deflection system to stop vehicles and terrorists United Kingdom OFFER 2009-12-01
Foam For Saving Lives in Mines Turkey OFFER 2012-03-16
Threat Recognition Video Surveillance System United Kingdom REQUEST 2009-11-26
Handling LCD (liquid-crystal display) screens and plasma screensDenmark REQUEST 2013-05-23
Green technology to produce eco-friendly transportation pallets Iceland OFFER 2011-06-23
Noise barrier for railway vehicles Finland OFFER 2009-11-25
Mobile phone collecting informatics tool France OFFER 2009-12-01
Technology to erase mobile phone memory France REQUEST 2010-11-10
Passively acting temperature sensitive device Belgium OFFER 2012-04-23
Development of new biocatalysts and enzymes for industrial biotechnology applicationsFinland OFFER 2013-06-14
Active RFID for radio-location and tracking of objects and people Spain OFFER 2010-11-10
From winery by-products to added value products Spain REQUEST 2010-08-10
Anti-tipping device for sports equipment Spain OFFER 2011-10-17
Household garbage compactor Portugal OFFER 2012-01-11
Combined chemical and gas resistant barrier membrane for geotechnical engineering projects such as contaminated land remediation. United Kingdom OFFER 2009-11-24
Process for obtaining metal nanoparticles and their use in Raman spectroscopy Spain OFFER 2010-10-27
Multi-parametric water quality analyser equipment with data transmission and real-time alarms Spain OFFER 2010-10-15
Bio-hazard waste sterilization/treatment system Turkey OFFER 2013-01-31
Intelligent Microorganisms For Recycling Plastics Turkey OFFER 2012-03-16
Carbon-negative energy and carbon black generated from renewable resources United Kingdom OFFER 2010-11-11
Technology and Knowhow for the Manufacture of High Quality Topsoil from Composted Sewage Sludge United Kingdom OFFER 2009-11-19
Floating buoy for sea waste collection Italy OFFER 2013-02-13
Inertization of heavy metals into ceramic materials Italy OFFER 2012-09-28
Disinfection of water and surfaces in contact with water Italy OFFER 2009-11-18
Continuous filtration of sewage, process or ground water in an innovative sand filter without backwashing Germany OFFER 2009-11-17
Demolition Waste Recycling Unit Cyprus REQUEST 2009-11-17
Method for metering solid additives to water, beverages and food by pressurised carbon dioxide Italy OFFER 2009-11-17
Small scale Anaerobic Digester United Kingdom REQUEST 2009-11-16
Efficient Vehicular Climate Control USA REQUEST 2009-11-16
Food quality CO2 technology to dissolve lime in (hot) water without salt water drained off.Belgium OFFER 2013-05-29
Second generation biodegradable starch based bioplastic from by-products of the potato processing industry. Netherlands OFFER 2012-12-18
A process to recycle asbestos to non lethal mass for re-use as cement Netherlands OFFER 2012-05-16
Environmentally friendly water disinfection. Latvia OFFER 2009-11-11
Water Purification using a Novel Reactor with Photoactive Refill Poland OFFER 2009-11-11
Software to model realistically non-spherical particle flows in porous microstructures Austria OFFER 2009-11-16
Innovative safety net attachment system for working on construction sites United Kingdom OFFER 2009-11-10
A precision horticulture tool for growing media manufacturers United Kingdom OFFER 2010-02-01
Novel heat exchanger which requires no power and can be used for heating and cooling systems United Kingdom OFFER 2009-11-10
Mixture of plant enzymes that decontaminate sewerage and food processing plantsCzech Republic OFFER 2013-06-10
Partners required in anaerobic digestion United Kingdom REQUEST 2009-11-10
Acquisition and providing of hyperspectral aerial remote sensing images, for decision making in environmental fields France OFFER 2009-11-10
New electrochemical process to treat waste water polluted with oil derivatives Hungary OFFER 2012-10-03
Artificial sensory systems Italy OFFER 2012-12-18
Recycle of automotive catalytic converter scraps for cost-effective recovery of platinum Hungary OFFER 2010-10-15
Reducing NOx Emissions USA REQUEST 2009-11-06
Liquid Compression Hopkinson`s Bar Belgium OFFER 2011-10-10
Efficient Biodegradable mulching film/ mulching cover France REQUEST 2009-11-05
Plastic (Polyethylene) mulching film recycling process France REQUEST 2009-11-05
Comprehensive solution for a safe and efficient fuel distribution from loading rack to petrol station Austria OFFER 2010-10-28
A novel organic fertilizer from humus Latvia OFFER 2009-11-05
Water-saving mixing system for domestic taps Portugal OFFER 2012-01-11
Technologies aiming in neutralization and/or utilization of organic waste Poland REQUEST 2009-11-05
Products and Know-how in materials recycling from life rafts and lifesaving equipment Greece REQUEST 2012-12-06
PS FP7 - Quantifying the multi-scale interactions of soil with biochar to assess reliably the long-term carbon sequestration in soils (CHAR-SOIL) Greece RESEARCH 2009-11-04
Biological decomposer for fast and controlled composting with significant reduction of odours, methane and ammonia Czech Republic OFFER 2013-01-09
Compact Mist Generation USA REQUEST 2009-11-03
Innovative ultra membrane filtration systems for waste water treatment Germany OFFER 2011-02-15
Biodegradable Flexible Packaging for Consumer Needs Israel OFFER 2012-07-10
Capsule for the electronic identification of ruminants of any weight and age Belgium OFFER 2011-10-10
A new ionization technology for water disinfection and remediation of organic pollution France OFFER 2010-09-29
Folding helmet technology France OFFER 2010-09-15
Novel and patented set of equipments for surface treatment by waterFrance OFFER 2009-10-29
Anaerobic dry-fermentation technology for processing of organic wastes with transformation to electrical power and heat Poland REQUEST 2010-10-01
General Purpose GSM/GPRS Sensor Platform Spain OFFER 2011-05-04
Technologies for neutralization of unpleasant smells/odours using biofilters and chemical filters Poland REQUEST 2010-10-01
Technological mill for grinding of plastic waste and other products containing metal elements Poland REQUEST 2010-10-01
Hot wire CRT monitors separation system allowing non invasive work Poland REQUEST 2010-10-01
Equipment for fragmentation of large and small electric and electronic waste Poland REQUEST 2010-10-01
Modern ultrafiltration station for separation and concentrate particles Poland OFFER 2011-12-12
Integrated door safety mechanism (hinge guard) to avoid trapping fingers. Austria OFFER 2013-02-25
A combined DNA trace spray and sound alarm proactive anti-burglary device United Kingdom OFFER 2009-10-23
Emergency Engineering and Environmental Safety Projects Italy OFFER 2011-12-19
Phototrophic Biofilms for the Treatment of Wastewater Italy OFFER 2012-12-18
PS - FP7: Innovative solutions for water and sludge treatment and management Spain RESEARCH 2009-10-22
A mobile sodium hypochlorite production unit for water disinfection Germany OFFER 2009-10-22
Large Crash Test Simulator Belgium OFFER 2011-10-10
Modified Split Hopkinson Bar for making dynamic compression tests Belgium OFFER 2011-10-10
Inactivation of pathogens with LED Netherlands OFFER 2010-09-21
Building on water, floating foundations (platforms) Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-21
System to detect forest fires up to 5 minutes after their start Portugal OFFER 2012-10-25
Modular System for Domestic Refuse Handling United Kingdom OFFER 2009-12-14
PS - FP7 Separating eggshell and its membrane to turn eggshell waste into valuable source materials Hungary RESEARCH 2009-10-16
Anti-collision barrier for roads Italy OFFER 2009-10-16
FP7 Project seeks SME in Innovative Technologies for Municipal Waste Management United Kingdom REQUEST 2009-11-02
New technology to split oil/water – emulsions into recyclable water and oil Germany OFFER 2012-10-29
Components to be integrated in a new oil, oil/water-emulsions and oily water treatment technology Germany REQUEST 2012-10-31
Technology for the treatment of oily water / bilge water by a special membrane system Germany OFFER 2012-10-31
Innovative plant for molded wood pallet Italy OFFER 2009-10-14
Fire fighting system Italy OFFER 2011-04-11
Biotech solutions for industrial waste management, treatment and conversion into 3rd generation biofuels Bulgaria OFFER 2009-10-14
Disinfection processess for drainage wastewater from waste management plants Poland REQUEST 2010-09-23
Recycling technology for processing Plasma Display Panels from television sets and computer monitors scrap Czech Republic REQUEST 2012-08-29
Biodegradable materials and sustainable nanocomposites with improved properties for food packaging and other applications Spain OFFER 2009-11-05
Solar water purification and desalination technology Netherlands OFFER 2010-10-01
New earphone apparatus with low electromagnetic emission Italy OFFER 2009-10-13
Automatic online water quality and quantity monitoring in field conditions Finland OFFER 2009-10-13
Cost-effective condition monitoring of Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) in high-voltage switchgear United Kingdom OFFER 2011-05-23
Ultraviolet disinfectant device for hygiene safetySpain OFFER 2013-04-02
Technology for constructing eco-sustainable prefabricated houses Italy REQUEST 2009-10-09
New technology for full granulation, sterilization and dewatering of wastewater sludge Poland OFFER 2010-09-22
Waste solvents and used cooling liquids recovery (purifying) technologies Poland REQUEST 2010-09-21
Patented process to convert bio-based fats and oils into petrol-quality fuels and fuel gases Germany OFFER 2009-10-08
Mini digester for testing different compositions of substrates in biogas production Germany OFFER 2009-10-08
Specialised testing service for lubricants and fuels in terms of motor wear lifespan and motor cleanness Germany OFFER 2009-10-08
Technologies for the upgrading of glasswood and rockwood France REQUEST 2009-10-08
Technologies for polyurethane valorization France REQUEST 2009-10-08
Separation and recycling of insulating materials from plasters France REQUEST 2009-10-08
Urban Storm Water Flooding Map Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-21
Legionella prevention management system Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-21
New Installation for an economic treatment of aqueous effluents France OFFER 2009-10-08
Manufacturing know-how and expertise for the manufacturing of novel door lock gadgets Malta OFFER 2011-10-25
Partner sought for joint R&D to create a Comprehensive Innovative - Environment Management System (EMS) Israel REQUEST 2009-10-07
Transportable liquidtight composite floor suitable for vehicles (car wash/ fuel filling station) Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-21
Sustainable and powerless treatment system for domestic waste water from single houses Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-21
Request of environmental technologies in waste management and recycling systems Greece REQUEST 2009-10-07
Novel valorisation and treatment method for olive mill wastewater Turkey OFFER 2012-09-13
Advanced Wireless Data logging system for recording, managing and transmitting remote data Spain OFFER 2010-01-08
A Novel Flue Gas Treatment System Turkey OFFER 2012-07-19
The liquid product for all painting layers removal. Poland OFFER 2010-09-07
New metal recovery method from flushing water with electroplating Hungary OFFER 2010-03-16
Advanced impact protective and green tech built-in technology for apparels and accessories France OFFER 2010-08-30
Automated oxygen utilization rate (OUR) measurements Denmark OFFER 2010-09-09
PS - FP7: Decision support systems for agro-ecological evaluation concerning soil and climate change Spain RESEARCH 2009-10-02
Microturbine APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) for Automotive Applications USA REQUEST 2009-10-01
Elimination of High Frequency Noise inside an Automobile Passenger Compartment USA REQUEST 2009-10-01
Seeking Expert in Global Environmental Regulations USA REQUEST 2009-10-01
Aeroacoustics - Reduction of Low Frequency Noise in a Vehicle Passenger Compartment USA REQUEST 2009-09-30
Sustainable method for battery recycling Finland OFFER 2009-09-30
Monitoring cumulative product exposure to elevated temperatures during transit and storage United Kingdom OFFER 2009-09-30
Unique know-how, engineering and latest technology for sorting, recycling and treatment of residues Germany OFFER 2011-06-25
Wireless Sensor Network Platform for efficient remote monitoring Cyprus OFFER 2009-09-29
Chainsaw leg protection material Slovenia REQUEST 2009-09-29
Water treatment and novel semi-industrial scaled boron removal plantSpain OFFER 2013-06-10
Sustainable stand alone drinking-water production unit Netherlands OFFER 2009-09-24
Computer vision application developers sought to perform mutual development of anti collision wire and cable vision detection system for tower cranes Israel REQUEST 2009-09-24
Environmental friendly non-toxic fumigation technology for agrofood-, consumer,- and wood products Netherlands OFFER 2009-09-24
Biocompatible (Cradle to Cradle certified) industrial cleaning additive for food and beverage processing industry Netherlands OFFER 2011-06-17
Integrated heat recovery system for industrial bakery oven Netherlands REQUEST 2009-09-24
Low-Cost Solubilisation of Microorganism in Surplus Activated Sludge USA REQUEST 2009-09-24
Selective Filtering of Siloxanes in Air including VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) USA REQUEST 2009-09-24
Sound control technology for individual hearing protection Netherlands OFFER 2009-09-24
Developing Novel Ways to Remove Dry Particulates from Surfaces USA REQUEST 2009-09-24
Seeking Expertise in Green Industrial Plant Design USA REQUEST 2009-09-24
Environmental friendly, low head hydro-power technology Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-21
State of the art & low cost surface directional wave buoys Greece OFFER 2011-03-10
Treatment of gases by atmospheric plasma processes Germany OFFER 2010-12-21
A complete febrile screening system for people in transit United Kingdom OFFER 2010-09-01
Platinum Recovery from Road Dust United Kingdom OFFER 2009-09-17
Electromagnetic engine (linear reciprocating) Romania OFFER 2012-02-20
Source-specific detection and quantification of faecal pollution by real-time PCR Austria OFFER 2009-09-10
In-situ Soil and Groundwater Remediation Germany OFFER 2010-12-21
ELISA-Stick-Test - A novel method for food analysis without sample preparation Germany OFFER 2009-09-10
Polymer filtering materials produced by electrospinning Estonia OFFER 2009-09-10
Brake Light Testing Device United Kingdom OFFER 2009-11-24
Melting technology for the environmentally sound, cost-saving recovery of the zinc from used tyres. Hungary OFFER 2010-08-17
Development of sterile, disposable single-use bins made of cellulose Germany REQUEST 2009-09-03
Manufacturers required for an awning which safely secures French doors (Patio doors) when open United Kingdom OFFER 2010-02-25
Innovative ozone generator for depollution of water and air by Corona effect Romania OFFER 2010-10-05
Breaker technology avoiding oversized rock pieces into the crusher system Denmark OFFER 2009-09-01
Biological air cleanerDenmark OFFER 2013-05-23
Flexible, adjustable protective helmets technologies France OFFER 2010-07-21
Technical solution for on-site collection, selective sorting, grinding, and storage of plastic wastes France REQUEST 2009-08-31
Novel tools and technologies to model and predict crowd behaviour. United Kingdom REQUEST 2009-08-28
Access control with alarm function and data security during black out Germany OFFER 2009-08-27
New packaging equipment for explosive materials Hungary OFFER 2013-01-21
Palm Kernel Shells as renewable fuel for co-combustion with coal United Kingdom OFFER 2011-02-08
Glass Recycling Expertise for Filter Media United Kingdom OFFER 2009-08-24
Single basin wastewater treatment plant working with compressed air Austria OFFER 2011-10-18
Equipment for wastewater treatment plants based on non-metallic materials Germany OFFER 2009-08-21
New Technology to drive off bees from warehouse areas Spain REQUEST 2009-08-20
Device to produce 100% purity hydrogen Romania OFFER 2012-06-01
Removing Dissolved Silica Constituents from Water USA REQUEST 2009-08-31
A technology of plastic waste processing into components of liquid fuels. Poland OFFER 2009-12-17
Waste Management for Cotton Processing Industry Turkey REQUEST 2013-01-31
An effective first response device that prevents spillage from entering sewage United Kingdom OFFER 2011-07-05
Audio-visual surveillance system for industrial facilities and restricted areas such as nuclear power plants, air ports etc. Sweden OFFER 2009-08-14
A patented process for adsorption of heavy metals on a granulate Denmark OFFER 2010-09-14
Bladeless tidal stream turbines for more efficient, robust and ecologically sustainable hydropower generation United Kingdom OFFER 2009-08-14
Fire safety engineering for development in construction, maritime and infrastructure market segments Netherlands OFFER 2010-07-28
Development of Light-weight constructions, temporary architecture and stands made of bio-sustainable materials Spain OFFER 2010-04-19
Device for microbiological express control of aqueous media Russia OFFER 2010-08-31
Ecological, material- and energy-saving production of building material from siderurgical dross Hungary OFFER 2010-07-22
Soil remediation and dredged sludge cleanup France REQUEST 2009-08-10
Silaging of grass France REQUEST 2009-08-10
Separation of fines from industrial waste France REQUEST 2009-08-10
Plastics sorting for recycling & valorization France REQUEST 2009-08-10
Dynamic safety protection product Sweden OFFER 2009-08-10
Mobile machine to recycle ground and worksite waste in ecomaterials France OFFER 2009-08-10
Novel biological waste water treatment method and device Estonia OFFER 2010-08-02
New technology/product for mosquitoes control Italy OFFER 2012-12-05
New technology/product to reduce the environmental impact of veterinary and human drugs to acceptable values Italy OFFER 2010-07-21
Glass safebottles: an innovative way to recycle waste Italy OFFER 2011-08-22
New meat industrial waste treatment procedure Hungary OFFER 2012-07-10
Upgrading technology for biogas to natural gas quality Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-21
Biological H2S removal without chemicals Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-21
Gas desulphurisation process for medium applications Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-21
New non-filter based compact room air filtering device Hungary OFFER 2012-06-26
Modular blocks technology for the agricultural sector Netherlands OFFER 2009-08-07
Environment-friendly chemical cooling water treatment Netherlands OFFER 2009-08-07
Stable Isotope Laboratory Spain OFFER 2011-04-18
Fighting legionella and other similar bacteria to disinfect water supply pipes Slovenia REQUEST 2009-08-07
Continuous flow integrative sampler. An innovative device for time weigthed average monitoring Spain OFFER 2013-04-16
Technology for generating immediate cool or hot gas Netherlands OFFER 2011-06-17
High security border fence Spain OFFER 2009-08-06
Technologies to Improve Industrial Storm Water Cleanliness USA REQUEST 2009-08-06
Detecting Microbial Contamination USA REQUEST 2009-08-06
Energy production using animal by-products Portugal REQUEST 2010-01-27
Heavy metals and PM10 particles emissions control in big fuel combustion installations Portugal REQUEST 2010-09-05
Odours elimination in slaughterhouses and animal by-products installations Portugal REQUEST 2010-01-27
Innovative Hybrid Video Surveillance System Portugal OFFER 2012-03-02
Technology for Production of Activated Carbon and Electric Power from Olive Residues Turkey REQUEST 2010-06-15
Telemetry system for photovoltaic solar plants Spain OFFER 2012-10-03
A UV-light regenerative material for decomposition of organic pollutants Austria OFFER 2010-07-16
System to fill tank of WC with water from previous uses Italy OFFER 2009-07-30
Hermetical cable penetrations in power plants, non-destructive renovation of cable penetrations of VVER-type Russian power plants Hungary OFFER 2010-06-01
Improved Bullet-proof Vest and Trousers Italy OFFER 2009-07-30
Technology for processing already recycled paper or waste paper to fuel is sought Poland REQUEST 2009-07-29
A new concept of a biological wastewater treatment plant Luxembourg OFFER 2009-07-27
Partner search for Eurêka project ECADOS France REQUEST 2009-07-27
Patented control valve for water and air flow that is simple, precise and reliable France OFFER 2010-06-29
Wind Tunnel for low turbulence and engineering wind studies development Spain OFFER 2010-01-27
Compost Bioremediation for Contaminated Soils Reclamation Spain OFFER 2010-07-30
A novel procedure of inoculation for the removal hydrogen sulphide through biofiltration that respects the environment Spain OFFER 2012-12-07
A novel procedure which permits store and removal of carbon dioxide and others gases emitted to the atmosphere Spain OFFER 2012-12-07
Novel activation process for monolithic filters with honeycomb structure obtained from natural clay Spain OFFER 2009-07-23
A new fertilizer containing olive oil mill wastewaters for decreasing nitrates pollution Spain OFFER 2012-12-07
Exhaust and filter systems for the separation of oil and emulsion mists Germany OFFER 2009-07-23
System for controlling loss in wine ageing Spain OFFER 2009-07-23
Novel modular, ground assembled, mobile work platform Ireland OFFER 2009-07-23
Low cost, quick response CO2 sensor technology for indoor environment Netherlands REQUEST 2009-07-22
Novel Technology for Electrical Feedthroughs Exposed to High Temperature Cycling USA REQUEST 2009-07-22
Instant water cooling technology for medical and sports applications Netherlands OFFER 2009-07-22
Carbon dioxide fixation by means of algae in spiral towers Germany OFFER 2009-07-22
Time-of Flight Mass Spectrometry (TOFMS) Solutions for environmental research United Kingdom OFFER 2009-09-09
New Technology for enviromental studies and characterization of mineral raw materials Spain OFFER 2011-02-03
Adjustable Under-sink Recycling Collection Bin Italy OFFER 2009-07-17
Euroclass and internationally certified single coat, eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic fire retardants and paints for new and existing buildings United Kingdom OFFER 2011-06-02
Cryogenic sampling and concentration of volatile organic compounds and odoursSpain OFFER 2013-04-09
RTLS (Real Time Location System) with video, pictures and messages exchange features for monitoring of natural events, of public works and monuments, etc. Italy OFFER 2009-07-14
Biomass fast pyrolysis process Spain OFFER 2009-07-13
Cleaning system for refrigeration and Air Conditioning circuits. Recycling of refrigerant gases. Spain OFFER 2009-07-13
Device for monitoring of the vehicle’s position through GPS system. Poland OFFER 2012-05-07
Innovative Method for Removing/Destroying Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in Painted Surfaces USA OFFER 2009-10-07
Additives to Enable Compostability of Traditional Polymeric Materials USA REQUEST 2009-07-10
Biodegradable, Compostable Oxygen Barrier Film USA REQUEST 2009-07-10
An intelligent irrigation control system with feedback based on the dynamic control of the final depth of wetting Israel OFFER 2009-07-10
Innovative pellet boiler Poland OFFER 2010-06-07
Waste Water treatment in the food industry Denmark OFFER 2012-04-02
Joint biofuel and sawmill production plant Poland OFFER 2009-07-09
Toxicological, preclinical and risk assessment expertise and services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and chemical industries, and authorities Finland OFFER 2009-10-08
New type of light and thermal insulating concrete (beton) Czech Republic OFFER 2010-05-31
Biomass and residue derived fuel gasification plant with combined generation of electricity and heat. Czech Republic OFFER 2012-12-13
Very high flow pack WiFi from a “black” optical fiber which is cost effective and environment friendly France OFFER 2010-06-29
Light artificial aggregates from processed sludges Poland OFFER 2010-06-10
A novel Train Anti Collision Systems (TACS) – an essential platform for zero various train accidents and related disasters Israel OFFER 2010-07-18
Innovative technology of forged and welded high pressure gate valves.Poland OFFER 2013-05-16
Method and device for removal of ionic odour-producing substances Poland OFFER 2009-07-06
Autonomous Loads and Fatigue Recorder of Structures Poland OFFER 2009-07-06
Vehicular exhaust gases purification system. Italy OFFER 2009-07-01
A Safe Emergency Escape Slide Spain OFFER 2009-06-30
Integrated cost-effective concept to sanitise old landfills based on numerous proven technologies Netherlands OFFER 2009-06-30
Generation, development and exploitation of biotechnological knowledge Spain OFFER 2009-06-30
Physical-microbiological treatment of water used in the process of cataphoresis Spain OFFER 2009-08-04
Remote monitoring and control, video surveillance and access control for industrial environments Spain OFFER 2011-10-17
Matrix set of wind turbines France OFFER 2011-07-29
Sensing technology sought for the detection and follow up of gas clouds released in the atmosphere Israel REQUEST 2010-06-16
New product from the manufacture of Vermicompost France OFFER 2009-06-30
Request of odor control systems Greece REQUEST 2009-06-30
Exchange and transfer of technology for the production of thermal and acoustic isolation materials Israel OFFER 2009-12-30
Valorisation of plastics contained in Automobile Shredder Residues (A.S.R) France REQUEST 2010-09-30
Installation for preventing the capsizing of light watercrafts Romania OFFER 2010-01-12
Eco-technologies for ecological rehabilitation and reconstruction of contaminated soils near urban and industrial landfills Romania REQUEST 2011-03-17
Turbo-hydro-jet Romania OFFER 2012-06-28
Impulse Hydro-Reactor for cost-efficient treatment of municipal or industrial wastewater Germany OFFER 2009-06-26
Fast detection of living microbial contaminants for food quality control and biotechnology processes Germany OFFER 2010-05-20
Regional Model of collecting, treating and disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW) Hungary OFFER 2011-10-18
Removing dissolved organic content from industrial wastewaters with underwater plasma technologyHungary OFFER 2013-04-30
New composting procedure for the treatment of sewage sludgeHungary OFFER 2013-04-30
Method for a biological production of combustible gas from reinforced plastics. Germany OFFER 2009-07-27
Plastic protective footwear for medical, household and industrial use Slovak Republic OFFER 2012-07-13
Intermediate detergent for domestic use costs, packaging and space saving Italy OFFER 2010-06-10
Urban waste disposal system with underground container Italy OFFER 2012-04-05
Technology for the mobile phone recycling Italy REQUEST 2011-06-01
Technology and equipments for production of biodegradable bags Romania REQUEST 2009-09-23
Expert system for evaluation and service risk management in areas with landslide Romania REQUEST 2011-03-17
Microwave intruder-alarm system for safety-supervision of extended and complex facilities. Hungary OFFER 2010-09-02
System/procedures for the purification treatment of fumes, dusts, exhaust gases after combustion Italy OFFER 2010-11-18
Hydraulic tension tie for constructions Greece OFFER 2012-12-05
Additional set “Compressor + Turbine + Alternator” to convert combined wind/solar energy into electrical energy. Italy REQUEST 2009-06-23
Handheld radar localizing live persons and animals behind non-transparent barriers Czech Republic OFFER 2013-01-09
Soil Conditioning Technologies to Enhance Nitrogen Use Efficiency USA REQUEST 2009-06-22
Flexible Beverage Packaging Platform Based on Renewable Materials USA REQUEST 2009-06-22
Fine bubble aeration system for biological (waste) water treatment plants Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-21
Biological odour control system Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-21
Controlled or Sustained Release Material Technologies USA REQUEST 2009-06-22
High-quality water treatment and water desalination Germany OFFER 2012-12-19
Device for separation of oils and other hydrocarbon fluids from water surface Poland OFFER 2012-07-19
The innovative technology of vertical transport for disabled person. Poland OFFER 2012-07-19
A new technology of poultry`s feathers ultilisation Poland OFFER 2009-06-20
Development and formalisation of the underlying mathematics for the evaluation of a new creative modelling technique United Kingdom REQUEST 2010-09-28
Domestic allergen treatments United Kingdom REQUEST 2009-06-19
Novel recycling solution for end of life garage doors United Kingdom OFFER 2012-04-23
Mobile separator for plastic bottles with bi-purpose nipper Macedonia OFFER 2012-11-15
Technology for the control and distribution of ground water in sustainable urban drainage systems United Kingdom OFFER 2009-06-18
Inflatable body armour system that incorporates a life-jacket with hard and soft body armour United Kingdom OFFER 2009-06-18
Innovative technology for monitoring of places with difficult access Bulgaria OFFER 2011-09-16
Dewatering and treatment of slam and poisonous waste Sweden OFFER 2012-06-08
Transportable unit for recycling of electrical and electronic scrap Finland OFFER 2011-11-17
Hydromechanical Water Purification method Sweden OFFER 2011-03-31
Novel Non-Weld 100% Recyclable Furniture Frame System United Kingdom OFFER 2010-05-19
Portable Respirometer for the Direct Toxicity Assessment of Wastewater United Kingdom OFFER 2009-09-09
A spray-on product for high levels of fire protection for fabric and furniture United Kingdom OFFER 2012-07-30
High-performance and easy-maintenance primary shredder for the recycling industry Germany OFFER 2011-05-23
Low-wear granulators for secondary shredding in the recycling industry Germany OFFER 2011-05-23
Universal and economical technology optimizing fermentation processes in pharma, food and waste water industries Czech Republic OFFER 2012-02-24
Air pollution, contamination and odour purification by photocatalytic processing unit.France OFFER 2013-04-30
Organic waste elimination process by pyrolysisFrance OFFER 2013-04-30
Surface disinfection by a dry mist processFrance OFFER 2013-04-30
Composting diatomic earth Poland OFFER 2011-05-04
Complete service solution that calculates, reduces and offsets the CO2 emissions of service companies Belgium OFFER 2009-06-11
Automatic track scraping and defrosting facility for the use in clearing systems of wastewater treatment plants for temperatures as far as -30°C Germany OFFER 2012-08-01
Process for organic waste elimination and energy productionFrance REQUEST 2013-04-30
A system to improve the energy efficiency of buildings equipped with elevators Luxembourg OFFER 2012-09-06
Environmentaly friendly glue for outdoor wood furniture France REQUEST 2009-06-09
Non-destructive signal device to avoid accidents at railway crossings Belgium OFFER 2010-06-01
Innovative devise to help women exposed to domestic violence Sweden OFFER 2009-06-08
New procedure for composting of solid and liquid phase animal manuresHungary OFFER 2013-04-30
New nanotechnology-based sorbent for the removal of arsenic from drinking watersHungary OFFER 2013-04-30
Energy saving equipment for sewage water reservoir - automatic float sludge detection Germany OFFER 2012-08-01
An Innovative Domestic Fire Escape System Ireland OFFER 2010-11-30
Agropellets and Biochar Carbon Sequestration turning residual Biomass into Bioenergy Sweden OFFER 2011-05-17
Reduction and separation of concentrated reject and process water streams from industry and bio gas plants, by the use of evaporation with energy recovery Norway OFFER 2009-06-02
High efficient pellet burner and boiler for residential heating. Sweden OFFER 2012-04-12
High strength / high temperature adhesive bonding technology Netherlands OFFER 2009-06-02
Organic Molecules Inertization Machine Spain OFFER 2009-06-02
Municipal sewer sludge neutralization Russia OFFER 2010-11-12
Compact Vapor Generator for the calibration of gas analysers and detectors United Kingdom OFFER 2009-09-09
Non specific antiviral functionalized fibre for protection masks and other devices (surface cleaning, air filtering, diagnosis (quantitative measures), fabrication processes) France OFFER 2010-09-30
Hydromulching technology for safe waste storage Poland OFFER 2010-05-05
Novel device used for fast liquid samples screening (quality and purity control) Estonia OFFER 2011-04-25
Membrane technology for separation, concentration and regeneration processes in the agrofood industry. Poland OFFER 2009-05-27
Water decarbonation for Heat and Power Plants Poland REQUEST 2009-05-27
Technology for the use of biogas as fuel for motor vehicles. Poland REQUEST 2009-05-27
Modern technology for cleaning buses. Poland REQUEST 2011-04-04
Technology for the purification of water used in gluing and binding processes. Poland REQUEST 2011-04-04
Innovative Composite Technology for Lightweight Armours in Military VehiclesFinland OFFER 2013-06-14
Tie Rod for Structural Projects Greece OFFER 2012-12-05
Tsunami Suppression Method Greece OFFER 2009-05-25
Computer-Based Targeted Design of Chemicals Germany OFFER 2010-05-03
Telesim Spillage Control Spain OFFER 2009-05-25
An innovative method for elastic construction foundation for anti-seismic use of buildings Greece OFFER 2011-12-02
Technology of washing vehicles used in the production of concrete. Poland REQUEST 2010-05-05
Innovative and ecological cleaning technology for engine blocks and components. Poland REQUEST 2009-05-19
The acoustic wooden panels for construction technology. Poland OFFER 2011-05-16
Microwave Electrodeless Lamp Italy OFFER 2009-05-15
Ballast water management system for sea ships Netherlands OFFER 2011-03-07
X-net verhicle arrestingsystem Netherlands OFFER 2009-05-15
A technology for gypsum binder production from sludge of chemical water treatment for heat and power plants Russia OFFER 2009-05-15
Water gates for managing levels of surface and industrial waste water. Netherlands OFFER 2010-03-26
Compressible media filter system for the removal of suspended solids from (waste) water Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-21
Waste water treatment system for the removal of BOD, SS and Nitrogen Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-21
Managing risk by simulation of wireless communication of extreme scenarios Switzerland OFFER 2011-06-27
Technology for production of highly efficient home devices for multifunctional purification and biological activation of the air Russia OFFER 2009-05-15
Flood damage risk assessment for engineering structures in river Latvia OFFER 2009-05-13
Special-purpose vehicles with hydraulic drives. Poland OFFER 2009-06-18
Blood Lock technology to ensure the right patient gets the right blood United Kingdom OFFER 2010-04-19
Olive Oil separation technologies Israel REQUEST 2010-02-15
Rocket propellant stock utilization for environmental protection. Poland OFFER 2009-06-18
Economical and environmentally-friendly utilization of large amounts of milk-processing by-product Hungary OFFER 2011-10-19
Unique simulator for firefighters and emergency teams training Slovak Republic OFFER 2012-02-16
Renewable Sources of Energy United Kingdom OFFER 2010-09-29
Innovative Toilet Bowl Cleaning Solutions Required United Kingdom REQUEST 2009-05-11
Sustainability indicators for renewable energy plants Italy OFFER 2010-10-01
Constant-pulsatory flushing power pack for marine industry. Poland OFFER 2009-06-18
The innovative technology of pressure filtration with energy effective self-cleaning system. Poland OFFER 2012-07-19
Development and production of personal protective equipment Slovenia OFFER 2009-05-08
Casting and sintering of large dimension silico-aliminous products France REQUEST 2009-05-07
Phosphate removal pellets United Kingdom OFFER 2009-05-07
A system to monitor heart disease patients during and after rehabilitation Italy OFFER 2009-05-06
Innovative Hydrogen (H2) catalyst based production technology, which is Carbon Dioxide (CO2) free and lower cost (both plant and production) Israel OFFER 2009-05-06
New methods for conservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage Italy REQUEST 2009-05-06
Extraction process of organic and metallic pollutants from industrial effluents without using organic solvents France OFFER 2011-07-29
Protection of the person from adverse biological, chemical or environmental hazards United Kingdom REQUEST 2009-05-05
Software for systematic management and quality control Sweden OFFER 2010-06-23
High presurre piston with variable profile for balancing wear surfaceRomania OFFER 2013-06-05
An innovative process for “environmental friendly” waste-to-energy flameless combustion and energy recovery Italy OFFER 2010-05-26
Submicron particles filtration systems Italy REQUEST 2011-01-18
New membrane spacer for less membrane fouling and improved transport of mass Germany OFFER 2009-05-04
Waste gas recycling small power plant for recycling waste energy Hungary OFFER 2011-10-19
Innovative floor drain with odour seal Greece OFFER 2009-09-21
Additives for cellulose insulation material for fire-protection and as fungicide Austria REQUEST 2009-04-30
Novel Surface-Active Agents (Bio-Emulsifiers) from the Marine Environment United Kingdom OFFER 2009-04-29
Through-Water Radio Modem Ideal for Environmental and Marine Applications United Kingdom OFFER 2011-12-20
Green pallets, revolution in transport with environmentally friendly pallets. Iceland OFFER 2009-04-28
Machines for waste treatmet using environmental protection. Poland OFFER 2009-06-18
Preliminary cleaning of sewage coming from production of wooden doors and windows Poland OFFER 2009-04-28
Cheap method to produce hydrogen directly from synthetic and natural organics and wastes Italy OFFER 2012-04-05
Technology of dismantling cars and home equipment. Poland REQUEST 2012-03-15
Hazardous waste treatment Italy OFFER 2009-04-24
Bio-Indication – Phyto-sociological Calibration, GIS, Remote Sensing Germany OFFER 2009-05-11
Innovative incident management system for all types of emergency including multiple casualty incidents to maximise number of survivors. United Kingdom OFFER 2010-03-22
Identification of new technologies related to detection of hazardous materials. United Kingdom REQUEST 2010-02-01
Submerged Combusion Unit for Reducing Cost and CO2 Emissions of Organic Waste Treatment Processes United Kingdom OFFER 2010-04-13
Technology for water quality monitoring and risk management system Poland REQUEST 2010-03-07
New technology for water sediment treatment. Poland REQUEST 2010-04-21
New technology for inspection and monitoring of sanitation collectors. Poland REQUEST 2010-04-21
Furniture packaging technology for non-standardized furniture Egypt REQUEST 2009-04-20
Cryogenic / shot-blasting freezing technology Malta REQUEST 2011-10-25
Water-Resistant Recyclable Packaging Stock USA REQUEST 2009-04-16
A microbial fuel cell to treat effluents France OFFER 2011-07-29
A torrefaction process to extract almost all the energy potential contained in the biomass France OFFER 2009-07-06
Heat-exchanger working with poultry droppings Italy OFFER 2010-01-05
Soil sampling drilling techniqueFrance OFFER 2013-06-18
Ionic exchanger on basis of natural material for waste water treatment Germany OFFER 2012-08-30
An innovative Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solution to generate energy from fatty by-products. France OFFER 2012-12-17
A simple process to treat aqueous effluentsFrance OFFER 2013-06-10
Plasma-technology-based treatment of chemical hazardous wastes Israel OFFER 2013-02-06
Innovative and advanced gaseous filtration systems Italy REQUEST 2011-01-18
Testing of fire protective clothing Slovenia OFFER 2012-02-06
Production line for manufacturing pellets. Poland REQUEST 2009-04-10
Waste water treatment facilities. Latvia REQUEST 2009-04-09
Inspection of large underground sewers with automatic swimming device working both above and beneath the water level Germany OFFER 2010-11-17
Decentralised seawater desalination with reverse osmosis technology Germany OFFER 2009-06-05
Highly energy-efficient heat integrated distillation column Germany OFFER 2009-04-08
Technology for biodiesel production from crude or waste vegetable oils Romania OFFER 2012-07-25
Methods and equipment to re-cycle and colour borosilicate glass Finland REQUEST 2010-12-07
Computer based control system for wind power production Sweden OFFER 2013-02-18
Embedded Wireless Hazard Warning System United Kingdom OFFER 2009-10-20
Multi-mission SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) data modular system for the development of customised applications Italy OFFER 2009-04-07
Aquatic Plant Solution Technology to Reduce Eutrophication in Rivers and Lakes Spain REQUEST 2010-01-27
Telesurveillance multimedia platform Spain OFFER 2012-01-17
Intelligent early-warning fire detection technology Spain OFFER 2011-05-17
Halophile treatment of an hypersaline wastewater Spain REQUEST 2010-01-27
New 119Sn labelled Butyltin Standard and Analytical Methodology for the Determination of Butyltin Compounds in Environmental Samples Spain OFFER 2009-04-07
Quick and energy efficient battery charger Spain OFFER 2011-09-14
Advanced automation for aerial and terrestrial robots for critical applications Spain OFFER 2009-09-10
Enabling Direct Recycling of Asphalt Roofing Products USA REQUEST 2009-04-02
Sustainable flexible versatile green material as a substitute for commonly used sheet materials Germany OFFER 2011-05-25
Real time CCTV/Video streaming system for mobile devices United Kingdom OFFER 2012-05-30
Advanced Remote Sensor Telemetry System United Kingdom OFFER 2011-10-10
Innovative technology for the collection and the valorisation of the humid waste Italy OFFER 2009-03-30
Cost-effective, asphalt recycling -remix- technology for replacement and renewal of road surfaces Hungary OFFER 2009-03-30
A new process for elimination of toxic metals from waterFrance OFFER 2013-06-10
Autonomous and wireless smart particlesFrance OFFER 2013-06-10
A new biological disinfectant against LegionellaFrance OFFER 2013-06-10
Water-saving flushing device for toilets Sweden OFFER 2009-12-17
Encapsulating biocides for use in paints Sweden OFFER 2009-03-26
Combined applications of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and economic valuation of environmental damage as a methodology for modelling civil/industrial process analysis Italy OFFER 2012-12-18
Improved biodiesel processes and processing technology required United Kingdom REQUEST 2009-03-23
Comminution in controlled operative condition Italy OFFER 2012-12-18
Process of obtaining liquid aluminum sulfate Romania OFFER 2012-12-13
Dosage installation for solid, granular substances Romania OFFER 2012-06-28
Method of purifying waste water Romania OFFER 2012-06-28
Water, slurry and soil pollution treatment by targeted use of bio-fixed bacteria Belgium OFFER 2011-08-22
Preventive conservation technologies for archives, libraries and museums collections France REQUEST 2009-03-23
Innovative device to turn wind power into electric energy Poland OFFER 2011-03-10
Recycling (technology) for Duroplast Switzerland REQUEST 2009-03-19
Environmentally-friendly solution for composting of organic waste. Poland REQUEST 2010-03-07
Compact ozone generator for water and air treatment and sanitisation Italy OFFER 2012-06-18
An innovative plasma chemical surface modification method for treatment of porous materials for fire resistance Bulgaria OFFER 2009-03-17
Technology for treatment and reuse of residue labels from a bottle washing machine. Spain REQUEST 2009-03-17
Springless valve system reducing the fuel and material consumption of automobile engines Bulgaria OFFER 2009-03-16
Innovative Automatic Clutch for Cost Effective Automobile Production Bulgaria OFFER 2009-03-16
Utilisation of waste keratin from poultry industry to production of novel polymer Poland OFFER 2009-03-16
Obtaining four products from gas which is by-product of sea crude oil. Poland OFFER 2009-03-16
Production of elastomers based on used PET Poland OFFER 2009-03-16
Technology to recycle tyres in rubber granulates used to reinforce road pavement Poland OFFER 2009-03-16
Innovative system for underwater video surveillance Bulgaria OFFER 2012-09-11
Environmental electromagnetic tomography on extended geographical areas Italy OFFER 2011-03-30
Biodegradable agents for micro-organism control on fruit, vegatables and desliming of fish. Netherlands OFFER 2010-08-30
Hyaluronic acid extraction and quantify from leather waste Spain REQUEST 2010-01-27
Biogas plant based on gas vortex reactor for processing liquid organic wastes from poultry, hog breeding plants and farms Russia OFFER 2009-03-13
Heat Pump System for Waste Heat Recovery in Sewage Treatment Facilities USA REQUEST 2009-03-13
Improving Gas Barrier Properties of Polylactic Acid USA REQUEST 2009-03-13
Energy efficient buildings, thermal and acoustic insulationSpain OFFER 2013-05-16
Fire-guard alarm system service covering Europe Greece OFFER 2012-07-23
Production of agglomerate slabs or panels regardless the type of wood Portugal OFFER 2009-12-30
Delivery System to Modify the Release of an Organic Agricultural Compound United Kingdom REQUEST 2009-03-07
Compact blue flame burner based on evaporation technology for industrial and mobile heavy-duty applications Germany OFFER 2013-01-25
High-efficiency textile fixed bed system for performance improvement of wastewater treatment plants Germany OFFER 2009-03-06
New mesoporous materials to create new supports for biosensorsis Italy OFFER 2011-04-08
Radio opaque organic-inorganic hybrid comprising an inorganic oxide and a polymer Italy OFFER 2011-02-11
Innovative system for observation in emergency and rescue situations Bulgaria OFFER 2012-09-11
Modular system for a parking lot deck made by prefabricated modules with high efficiency in land use and installation Italy OFFER 2009-03-05
Application for the design, simulation and optimization of a column stability range using genetic algorithms. Poland OFFER 2009-03-05
Software Tool adapting or updating easy to EU Standards and new EU Regulations Germany OFFER 2009-03-05
Water / waste water treatment using customized membrane systems Germany OFFER 2012-12-19
Insulated Wall Cladding, Rendering and Finishing System United Kingdom OFFER 2011-03-16
Wireless vibration monitoring systems for earth work, bridge construction, energy production and manufacturing plants Finland OFFER 2009-10-08
Innovative baby sling carrier Israel OFFER 2009-03-03
Treatment of unsorted municipal solid waste using unique biological sub-systems to reduce the initial weight of waste Israel OFFER 2009-03-03
Avoiding toxic emissions and intense odours from waste water systems Germany OFFER 2012-04-13
Quantum Cascade Laser-Measurement and Control System (Q-MACS diagnostics system) Germany OFFER 2009-03-03
Expertise in healthy and ecological friendly (also prefabricised) constructions and renovation of buildings Germany OFFER 2010-03-30
Taylor-made insulation blowers for bulk insulation materials Germany OFFER 2010-11-17
Stainless steel coil filter insert for filtering liquids and gases Hungary OFFER 2010-02-16
Highly advanced flotation systems (electroflotation, dissolved air flotation) Germany OFFER 2012-12-19
Mitigation of odor caused by dimethyl sulfoxide of waste residues in sewers and waste water plants Germany OFFER 2012-08-01
Know-how in development and application of Hydrological models by means of remote sensing technologies. Italy OFFER 2010-04-06
Automatic Belay System for Wind Turbines United Kingdom OFFER 2011-01-05
Tailor-made system for installation on board vessels to reduce fuel consumption as well as reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. Norway OFFER 2012-08-20
System for the treatment of metallically loaded rinse and sewage water Germany OFFER 2012-08-01
Radicals detection for materials, food, medicine, cosmetics industry Italy OFFER 2013-01-10
Electrochemical sensor for gases toxic detection Romania OFFER 2012-02-20
Economically functioning installation of the auxiliary services found on railway engines Romania OFFER 2012-02-20
A new mobile laboratory for quick analysis of LPG Poland OFFER 2009-09-23
New system for the production of biogas through organic waste Portugal OFFER 2010-01-06
PVC-foils from recycled waste for water insulation purposes Hungary OFFER 2010-02-16
Mobile container-based sludge dehydration technology for dewatering sewage sludge of small towns Hungary OFFER 2010-02-16
Regeneration of chemical oxidants and reducers Spain OFFER 2013-01-14
Modelling of heavy metals in soil and sediments Spain REQUEST 2011-02-07
New polystyrene pellets production with use of building waste Poland OFFER 2009-02-23
NO2-optimised oxidation catalyst for diesel motors – exhaust gas after-treatment Switzerland OFFER 2009-02-20
Composite integrated Solar collectors and Solar cells Sweden OFFER 2009-02-20
New solar collector Poland OFFER 2009-02-20
System of water purifying and deposit draining Poland OFFER 2009-08-17
Alternative fuels preparation technologyPoland REQUEST 2009-02-20
Technology for industrial wastewater, sludge and oily waste treatmentPoland REQUEST 2009-02-20
System for regeneration of particle filters in diesel engines Switzerland OFFER 2009-02-20
Recovery process of energy-products of olive oil and cork Portugal OFFER 2009-11-12
Electrodialysis processes for sewage treatment Spain OFFER 2013-01-14
Total Destruction Of Toxic Wastewaters Spain OFFER 2009-02-18
Wastewater treatment by electrocoagulation Spain OFFER 2013-01-14
Solar energy use for waters potabilization by electrodialysis Spain OFFER 2013-01-14
Waste water treatment by electrochemical technology Spain OFFER 2013-01-14
Modular and detachable shade shelter to facilitate the implantation of forest species. Spain OFFER 2009-11-02
Integrated system for anti-disasters protection Romania OFFER 2010-01-12
Earthquake alarm module Romania OFFER 2010-01-12
Advanced anti-earthquake protection system Romania OFFER 2010-01-12
Eco-friendly technology for textile production with hemp fiber Sweden REQUEST 2009-02-18
New cleaning device without water use Spain OFFER 2011-01-27
Self-contained environment to protect and nurture seedlings in the early growth stage (arid or sub-tropical conditions) United Kingdom OFFER 2010-04-26
Wireless double-arm mobile teleoperator for carrying technological tooling Slovak Republic OFFER 2012-11-13
Small remote controlled electronic device for finding and investigating suspect objects especially suitable for public transport Slovak Republic OFFER 2012-11-13
Technology and equipments for surface exploitation of brown coal Romania REQUEST 2010-01-12
Know-how regarding underground rail transport for RDF Malta REQUEST 2011-11-09
New Concept Of Intelligent Lamps (Roll-Art) Spain REQUEST 2009-02-09
Air purifier technology for viruses and other nano particles Netherlands OFFER 2009-02-09
X-Ray inspection system with reduced x-ray emission Russia OFFER 2011-03-29
Intelligent air freshener based on ecologically sound essential oils Netherlands OFFER 2009-02-09
Supplier of Bag Filters That Avoid Clogging for a Long Time USA REQUEST 2009-09-01
Multimodule photocatalytic air-cleaners Russia OFFER 2009-02-09
Mobile measuring terminal for electromagnetic field measurement Russia OFFER 2009-02-09
Value Added Applications of Pork By-products USA REQUEST 2009-02-09
Sensor for Microbial Water Contamination USA REQUEST 2009-02-09
Innovative manual or robotized device for removing lead-based paint, asbestos, roughcast and all rendering containing harmful components France OFFER 2009-02-05
Security system for risks protection France OFFER 2009-02-05
Biorenewables and/or waste material as phenol replacement in binders for high pressure laminates Austria REQUEST 2009-02-05
Seeking Technology to Manufacture Briquettes for Barbeque from Olive Pit Residues Israel REQUEST 2009-06-29
Technology for completly recycling and re-using melange - a rocket fuel oxidizer Poland OFFER 2009-02-04
A new dust collector Poland OFFER 2009-02-04
Real time CCTV/Video streaming system for mobile devices United Kingdom OFFER 2010-09-29
Energy from waste Poland REQUEST 2009-02-03
Management and new opportunities for reinforcement glass waste Spain REQUEST 2009-02-03
Releasable towing attachment for a vehicle United Kingdom OFFER 2009-02-02
Humanoid and special robots Germany OFFER 2010-07-14
Water treatment preventing settlement of scale Latvia OFFER 2009-01-29
Algorithmic Method for Analysing Environmental, Work Safety and Chemical risks Latvia OFFER 2009-01-29
EEC Compliant Waste Cooking Oil Containers & Closed Loop Systems United Kingdom OFFER 2009-01-28
Development of geopolymeric materials Greece OFFER 2009-01-27
Environmental friendly technology of utilisation of the sewage sludge Poland REQUEST 2009-06-18
Family of sonar devices Estonia OFFER 2009-01-27
Incineration plant Poland REQUEST 2009-06-18
Wastewater sludge mineralising Poland OFFER 2009-01-27
Advanced Remote Sensor Telemetry System United Kingdom OFFER 2009-03-30
Device to detect and determine driver’s concentration and alertness level (prevents driving when under the influence of alcohol, drugs, fatigue) Israel OFFER 2009-09-24
A new green label Coolant and Lubricant material for high quality Metal Processing Israel OFFER 2013-04-14
A new reactor and system enable repeated use of water for the treatment in open cooling system Israel OFFER 2012-12-16
Development of a new solution for treatment of open hot water systems for consumption Israel OFFER 2012-12-16
New treatment solution of closed water systems for central heating, air conditioning and support of industrial manufacturing Israel OFFER 2012-08-22
Automated filtration system for monitoring microbiological parameters of drinking water Austria REQUEST 2009-02-02
Prevention of hydrogen leakage in alkaline batteries United Kingdom REQUEST 2009-01-26
Dewatering machine for drinking water production and dewatering of dredger masses and polluted sediments Sweden OFFER 2009-03-12
Device for treating atmospheric pollutions, in particular olfactory pollutions from industrial environment France OFFER 2010-07-21
Extraction & recycling of polycarbonate waste from CDs and DVDs France REQUEST 2009-01-20
New concept of water treatment –accelerates natural phenomena to inhibit scale and corrosion, eliminate the use of inhibitors and any additives Israel OFFER 2012-12-16
New compact, easy to use and reliable hazard alert system Germany OFFER 2009-01-20
Fire Restrictive Enclosure Spain OFFER 2011-06-17
Method for neutralization and utilization of galvanic slurries – wastes of chromium- and nickel-plating Russia OFFER 2010-09-23
Ethanol / Mixed Alcohols Production USA REQUEST 2009-01-14
Industrial partner requested to build compact drinking and waste water plants Spain REQUEST 2009-11-10
System for the assessment and monitoring of trace pollutant levels in drinking water Poland REQUEST 2009-06-18
Secure PCR: Antibody inhibiting Uracil-DNA-glycosylase inhibitor and uses thereof for decontaminating nucleic acid amplification reactions France OFFER 2009-01-12
Domestic Wood Pellet Store and Delivery System Ireland OFFER 2009-05-06
Photovoltaic Marine Signaller Italy OFFER 2013-01-16
New Plasters Hawk for Single Handed Plastering United Kingdom OFFER 2010-02-16
3D visualization shock resistant flight data recorder for small and large airplanes France OFFER 2009-01-05
Scrap Tyre Compaction System United Kingdom OFFER 2010-09-28
Biodegradable and compostable composites for packaging and building materials United Kingdom OFFER 2010-10-22
Technology to dramatically improve the operational and economic dynamics of treating waste-water and sewage sludge using anaerobic digestion United Kingdom OFFER 2010-10-22
Technology of processing waste into furnace oil Czech Republic REQUEST 2010-12-16
FP7 project INCREAST` (FP7-INCO-2009-ACCESS4EU) : partner sought to integrate a consortium France REQUEST 2008-12-19
An experimental process for porous glass production starting from Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) waste glass Italy OFFER 2012-12-18
Pellet burning technology to be integrated to fireplaces and ovens Finland OFFER 2010-11-05
Environmentally friendly coal storage solution Latvia REQUEST 2008-12-17
Innovative technology enabling lenses to construct images from thermal radiation emitted by all objects Israel OFFER 2009-02-09
Chemically or biochemically based indicators sought for integration into platform producing a visible response when exposed to pesticides Israel REQUEST 2008-12-17
Seeking very low voltage technologies for smart buildings Israel REQUEST 2009-07-26
Seeking Technology for producing electricity from Olive Oil Mill Wastewater Israel REQUEST 2008-12-17
New System base on high ozone concentration in water flow for hydrocarbon remediation Italy OFFER 2010-01-05
Oxygen production and consumption measurements Denmark OFFER 2010-09-09
Wireless gas disconnect technology Ireland OFFER 2008-12-15
Dry mass extraction from fish processing waste waters Latvia REQUEST 2008-12-11
Ozonizers for environments and sanitation surfaces Italy OFFER 2011-12-19
An innovative microbiological analysis system for food and water Italy OFFER 2012-12-18
Wastewater treatment equipment and tanks from glass reinforced plastic produced by using winding technology Lithuania OFFER 2010-01-14
Composting reactor using special microorganism. Sweden OFFER 2010-01-20
Method of disinfecting biological contamination in ship ballast waters Poland OFFER 2012-07-19
Mobile Reconditioning Service Poland OFFER 2008-12-09
On-Line Colour Detector - Device for on-line detection of the index in the colour of industrial water Italy OFFER 2011-01-18
New technology for protecting homes and communities from floods United Kingdom OFFER 2008-12-08
Ultra-sensitive device for fast soil contamination surveys with separated measurement of methane.Czech Republic OFFER 2013-06-10
Thermal and acoustic isolation materials made from Rock and Glass Wool Israel OFFER 2009-12-30
Ammonia process – a low energy method for CH4 recovery and CO2 separation using cryogenic distillation column with a side stream Israel OFFER 2009-03-19
Innovative Water Disinfection System Germany OFFER 2010-11-22
Biological Air Treatment SystemFrance OFFER 2013-04-30
Aquatic respirometry systems for oxygen consumption measurements Denmark OFFER 2012-06-06
COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) on-line measurement device Spain OFFER 2013-02-20
Technology for conversion of PET flakes, LDPE and HDPE materials to fuels or raw materials. Czech Republic REQUEST 2012-12-13
Portable detector for continuous detection of organophosphorous gases in the air Czech Republic OFFER 2011-12-12
Compact Membrane Bioreactor for Wastewater TreatmentFrance OFFER 2013-04-30
Environment-friendly fire retardant for wood, wooden products and cardboard Estonia OFFER 2008-11-28
Robust and Lightweight Enclosure Material Sought For Self-Service Devices Used in Banking and Financial Services United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-01-05
Horizontal thin film evaporator for high quality purification of liquids at low costs Austria OFFER 2008-12-02
Water saving combination valve for toilet cisterns United Kingdom OFFER 2008-11-27
Fabrication technology to produce Geiger Mode Avalanche Photodiodes as a replacement for Photomultiplier Tubes. Ireland OFFER 2008-11-27
Technical solution to avoid legionella bacteria in water supply systems Sweden OFFER 2008-11-26
Protocol for evaluating river restoration projects (APR) Spain OFFER 2009-11-10
Sludge Reduction Process in Wastewater Treatment France OFFER 2012-10-27
Gas emission monitoring cabinet for pollution control France OFFER 2011-05-23
Innovative and eco-friendly water filter France OFFER 2012-03-08
Extremely low cost Olive Oil wastewater treatment that enables added income from additional olive oil recovery Israel OFFER 2010-02-15
Effective Environmentally Friendly Ship Bulgaria OFFER 2008-11-21
Real-time fire and smoke simulations Netherlands OFFER 2008-11-19
Biological system for the combined treatment of wastewaters and off-gases from food industries Netherlands OFFER 2008-11-19
Reusable packaging for kitchen worktops United Kingdom OFFER 2008-11-19
Foundry Sand Valorisation for Use in the Construction Sector Spain OFFER 2010-02-10
Ecological climatisation system based in evaporative coolingPortugal OFFER 2013-04-12
Liquid and solid waste valorisation through dry gases cleaning Spain OFFER 2008-11-17
Improved test plant manufacturing for laboratory and pilot membrane installations Germany OFFER 2011-10-28
A mechanical instrument to recovery the glass in a washing machine Italy REQUEST 2008-11-17
Simulation Tool for Graphical Reconstruction of Car Accidents Portugal OFFER 2012-11-25
Innovative applications with ultrasonic technologiesFrance OFFER 2013-06-17
Rapid toxicity detection of waste water United Kingdom OFFER 2009-02-11
Biological innovation and expertise for leisure-water engineering projects France OFFER 2012-02-29
Fractal Flow Control Grids United Kingdom OFFER 2012-01-31
Novel cleaning process for polluted masses Sweden OFFER 2008-11-14
Better use of energy with new heat pump using environmentally friendly refrigerant. Sweden OFFER 2010-01-20
Wireless noise monitoring system manufacturer is looking for development partners Finland REQUEST 2009-10-08
Cleaning of sewage created during processing of wood Poland OFFER 2008-11-12
Integral mechanism which makes doors flood-proof, on demand. United Kingdom OFFER 2008-11-12
Innovative lightweight construction for exhaust gas mufflers and exhaust gas treatment systems Germany OFFER 2012-08-01
New more efficient water treatment technology for drinking water production as well as industrial water recycling without chemical aid Germany OFFER 2008-11-11
Biogas generating waste- and processing water treatment technology Germany OFFER 2011-03-30
Low-pressure aluminium casting machine Czech Republic OFFER 2011-08-01
Technology from chemistry or recycling of chemicalsCzech Republic REQUEST 2013-05-03
Wireless noise monitoring systems for industry, communities, military, airport, traffic, energy production and mining applications Finland OFFER 2009-10-22
Robust and reliable Biodiesel Processor Sweden OFFER 2010-09-27
Smart waste sorting Sweden OFFER 2010-09-27
Lightweight, low-cost demountable flood alleviation system United Kingdom OFFER 2008-11-07
Industrial paper shredder with integrated baler for shredding of classified documents and materials Poland REQUEST 2008-11-06
Treatment and decontamination of industrial sewage from fish processing plants Poland OFFER 2009-10-13
Technology for the Gasification/Pyrolysis of Waste Wood Ireland REQUEST 2008-11-04
Storm drain for filtering of storm water and waste water for municipal and private pipe systems Sweden OFFER 2011-11-01
A novel approach to indicate whether or not a consumer product releases harmful compounds Finland OFFER 2008-12-08
Multidune: a hydraulic separator for plastics sorting and recycling Italy OFFER 2011-12-19
Innovative products/techniques related to marine accessories and/or safety equipment Greece REQUEST 2010-08-20
Valorisation of chrome tanned leather shavings and trimmings Spain OFFER 2008-10-31
End user of defence/security applications United Kingdom REQUEST 2008-10-29
Perfumed air-diffusing technology USA REQUEST 2008-11-27
Detection and mapping of contamination with volatile organical compounds (VOC’s) in soil and groundwater. France OFFER 2012-11-12
Design and construction of high performance knife gate valves for fluid containment France OFFER 2009-07-06
High-speed non-stop train Sweden OFFER 2009-10-27
UV light crop protection system that effectively kills fungus on agricultural crops, vineyards and orchards Netherlands OFFER 2008-10-24
Natural fertiliser that enhances soil productivity while reducing watering requirements and gradually cleaning chemical soil pollution Belgium OFFER 2011-08-22
A wearable health care system based on knitted integrated sensors Italy OFFER 2008-10-23
Innovative drainage system for polluted site remediation. Italy OFFER 2008-10-22
High performance polymeric composites based on polycarbonate waste, including compact discs Poland OFFER 2009-09-11
A New Device for Purifying Cutting Fluids Emulsion Poland OFFER 2009-09-07
Automatic Station for Detection of Petroleum-Originated Pollutions in Water Poland OFFER 2009-09-07
Carbon Capture System - Post Combustion Capture (PCC) filtration system United Kingdom OFFER 2008-10-21
Waste Processing Technology United Kingdom OFFER 2008-10-21
Reprocessing of textile waste into insulation materials Lithuania REQUEST 2008-10-21
Environmentally friendly products for odour treatment Belgium OFFER 2011-08-22
Clean and cheap innovative polyvalent technology for soils and sludges remediation France OFFER 2012-10-09
Deep-sea probe analyzer Italy OFFER 2010-11-18
Portable micromonitor for water measurements Italy OFFER 2008-10-17
Nutrients Probe Analyzer Italy OFFER 2010-11-18
Innovative mobile device using wind energy for drinkable water and electrical energy product France OFFER 2012-12-03
Future panel proposals Slovenia REQUEST 2008-10-15
IT products related to energy management and consumption Greece REQUEST 2008-10-15
A new biological pre-treatment for organic solid waste management Spain OFFER 2012-12-07
In situ chemical oxidation system for contaminated aquifers Germany OFFER 2008-10-14
Know-how and technologies for wastewater treatment and groundwater remediation Germany OFFER 2008-10-14
Device for reducing bycatches in purse seine fishery Portugal OFFER 2013-01-21
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) thermal cleaning Spain OFFER 2008-10-10
Submillimeter-wave imaging through obstacles e.g. soil and clothes Finland OFFER 2012-01-03
Extremely sensitive and selective gas analysis from low sample volumes in demanding environments Finland OFFER 2012-01-03
Failure detection, isolation and recovery technology with diverse applications Finland OFFER 2012-11-16
Ammonia removal from digested substrates and production of ammonium sulphate fertilizer by using exhaust heat of CHP without addition of alkali or acids Germany OFFER 2008-10-09
Protection solutions for mobile troop operations Finland OFFER 2012-01-03
An environment friendly and versatile material for wine growers France OFFER 2011-03-04
Increased sustainability of consumer clothes washing United Kingdom REQUEST 2008-10-01
LED based light source for replacement of fluorescent tubes Denmark OFFER 2009-09-02
Image processing for global security France OFFER 2008-09-26
A microporous PVC-silica membrane with unique liquid absoprtion/desorption properties for filtration and fluid treatment/cleaning Luxembourg OFFER 2012-06-18
Stabilisation tool for rescue efforts in vehicle accidents – Cars and heavy vehicles Sweden OFFER 2009-09-08
Methods for control and monitoring of stone biodeterioration in archaeological sites Italy OFFER 2012-12-18
Utilisation of low-cost adsorbents for removal of heavy metals Greece OFFER 2009-11-26
New separator technology for liquid/liquid solids Netherlands OFFER 2010-09-21
Automatic method to disinfect drinking-water Germany OFFER 2008-09-22
Bio-electrical gas cleaner Germany OFFER 2008-09-23
State-of-the-art anaerobic digestion and composting Denmark OFFER 2009-09-02
Instant production and energy monitoring software for quarry and mining plants Italy OFFER 2010-11-09
Ceramic membranes and catalytic coatings on silicon carbide substrates Denmark OFFER 2009-09-02
Optical sensor for CO2 monitoring by means of a nanostructurated porous silicon substrate. Italy OFFER 2010-09-14
New technology for biological removal of sulphides from biogas Netherlands OFFER 2008-09-18
New technique for continuous monitoring of microbiological compositions Netherlands OFFER 2010-09-21
Technology requested for complex utilization and recycling of end-of-life vehicles (ELV) . Poland REQUEST 2008-09-18
Separation technology for oil and water emulsion. Latvia REQUEST 2008-09-18
Innovative low cost water filter for treatment at household level Netherlands OFFER 2010-09-21
A modular system for purification and treatment of waste water Italy OFFER 2010-04-15
Electro-chemical waste water treatment system Netherlands OFFER 2010-09-21
New application of optical sensor and biochemical interface technology for organic and mirco-biological contaminants Netherlands OFFER 2010-09-21
Modular blocks technology for the agricultural sector Netherlands OFFER 2008-09-16
Small scale anaerobic systems for treatment of concentrated waste and biogas production Netherlands OFFER 2010-09-21
Floating, autonomous and ecological desalination plant powered by wind energy Greece OFFER 2009-08-28
3D model reconstruction from images based on digital calibrated cameras Italy OFFER 2012-01-16
Ecological water disinfection without using chemicals, heating or UV treatment. Belgium OFFER 2009-06-12
Innovative real-time System to measure Dioxin produced in combustion process Italy REQUEST 2010-11-23
MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) membrane panels and modules based on a new Integrated Permeate Channel membrane technology Belgium REQUEST 2009-03-26
Nitrogen removal from municipal and industrial waste waters Finland OFFER 2009-10-23
Zero-waste, crystallisation technology to remove pollutants from water Netherlands OFFER 2010-09-30
Drinking water from air by innovative wind driven condensation/heat pump technology Netherlands OFFER 2010-09-21
New system for COD and N-removal from industry and domestic waste water Netherlands OFFER 2010-09-21
Water collector from Fog, Dew and Precipitation Spain OFFER 2008-09-12
aerated activated carbon filtration Belgium OFFER 2008-09-12
Recycling of surfactant from sheepskin aqueous degreasing Spain OFFER 2008-09-12
Process to obtain tannin vegetable extracts to be used as tanning extracts for hides and skins Spain OFFER 2008-09-12
Scale- and corrosion protection in water systems or pipes via chemical-free water treatment Germany OFFER 2008-09-12
Improved technology for small, decentralised wastewater treatment plants based on SBR process Germany OFFER 2008-09-12
Phytoremediation for treatment of mountain cheese factory waste water. Italy OFFER 2010-08-17
A unique microporous PVC-silica membrane for active filtration and fluid treatment/cleaning Luxembourg OFFER 2011-08-16
Method and System for the Recycling of Grey Water for Industrial and Household Use to Reduce the Demand on the Supply of Potable Water Cyprus OFFER 2009-09-18
Industrial and/or domestic wastewater treatment Spain OFFER 2008-09-09
Valorisation of fleshings coming from tannery wastes Spain